July 23, 2010 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  In Tuapse, a Rising

(2)  Preobrazhenskiy on Chechnya

(3)  Shevchuk as the Anti-Putin

(4)  Russia is not a Country

(5)  The Full Nemtsov White Paper

NOTE:  A Facebook group devoted to supporting persecuted and prosecuted art curators Yuri Samodurov & Andrei Yerofeev already has over 2,000 members.

NOTE:  Today we release the full version of the latest white paper exposing the fraud and failure of the Putin regime by Boris Nemtsov and Vladimir Milov in HTML.

2 responses to “July 23, 2010 — Contents

  1. A daring terrorist attack on a hydropower station in the southern republic of Kabardino-Balkaria on Wednesday killed two police guards and stirred fears that Islamist militants, emboldened by a first success, might start pursuing other economic targets.

    The attack, which saw three to five gunmen break into the 25-megawatt station and plant five bombs on the premises, marks a milestone for Islamist militants, who have threatened to attack economic targets across Russia since at least 2009 but never before succeeded.


    • This “never before succeeded” is not completely true. Communication relay stations in KB and elsewhere and transport trains in Dagestan and such are being blown up quite often (they are even using armored trains to patrol railways in Dagestan now).

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