EDITORIAL: Russia, Melting


Russia, Melting

As Russia swelters under a heat wave, we are watching the very fabric of the nation unravel before our eyes.

More than one thousand people, including many children, have drowned as reckless Russians drink and swim.

The nation’s wheat crop is collapsing.

Its airports are shutting down.

And Russia’s roads are literally melting.

If Russia is undone by a little hot weather (far less hot, by the way, than many other areas of the world are currently experiencing), what would happen if NATO armies were marching across its borders, we can’t help but wonder . . .

The world saw what happened to Putin’s Russia when the world’s economic winds began to blow ill:  The Putin economy collapsed sensationally.  Four-fifths of the value of the Russian stock market was quickly shed, and foreign investment disappeared.  Now the Russian market, a shadow of its former self, blows this way and that like prairie grass as the price of oil changes, having utterly lost any sense of identity or value separate from crude.

Yet the Putin regime still arrogantly preens and struts before the world, as if Russia were a force to be reckoned with.  In its stupidity, its detachment from reality, its barbaric violence and its bleak ignorance, this is a fully neo-Soviet regime, which now relies on nothing but brute force to keep itself in power, just as the Politburo always did in Soviet times.

52 responses to “EDITORIAL: Russia, Melting

  1. Well, probably something like this:

  2. About 900 trucks have been pouring cold water on the roads two to three times a day ever since temperatures climbed above 25 C three weeks ago in an effort to prevent the city’s 88 million square meters of asphalt from melting, Marina Orlova, spokeswoman for City Hall’s communal services department, said in an interview.

    But road workers are still immersed in emergency repairs, replacing melting regular asphalt with a hastily developed brand that can withstand higher temperatures, Zvezda television reported.

    It is the 21st century and russia has not developed asphalt?

  3. What I find breathtaking is that heat is not unknown in Russia. Sure, “General Winter” was the great strategist who won all her wars, but I well remember being told by a veteran of WWII that weather in Russia as he had known it was “six months’ winter and three months’ Hell.” He said that in July it got hotter than Sicily. So – asphalt that melts at 25 degrees? That’s ridiculous.


    It’s not ridiculous . . . it’s Russia!

  4. So much pain and Russia can still withstand it. Don’t listen to this, welcome to the Russian climate, up to -50 degrees in winter and 36 degrees in summer works it’s magic. While people of the western democracies press a button, a fridge opens, they eat snickers, press a button, TV turns on, press a button, they get a glass of milk, press a button and take a condom, press a button and watch porn.

    • Actually, Russians like watching porn, they are too lazy to do it properly, thats why their women prefer Caucasians, and western Europeans.

    • Andrew wrote: “Actually, Russians like watching porn, they are too lazy to do it properly, thats why their women prefer Caucasians, and western Europeans.

      That’s a lie to cover up the Georgian proclivity for rap*ng everything that moves, including little boys:


      Two Georgians raped 13 boys

      In Georgia, police arrested two pedophiles. Irakli Chholariya and Levan Biblaya are accused of rap*ng 13 boys. All the crimes were committed in the village of Medani, located near the city Tsalenjikha.


      A Georgian Man Rap*d a Boy in Tomsk, Siberia

      An entrepreneur from sunny Georgia going by the name of Dzhandzhuliya rap*d a Russian boy…There is a big cultural difference between Siberia and sunny Georgia. In Siberia, it is not acceptable for temperamental “djigits” to rap* little boys.

      Eight-year Sasha woke up because Dzhandzhuliya, being completely naked, was taking off his underpants. And then he began to rap* him, holding his hands over his stomach.


      Footballer Raped a Fan

      Alexander Amisulashvili – defender of “Spartak” Nalchik – tried to rap* a Russian woman.


      Georgian Politician Threatens to “Rap* Donetsk in the Unnatural Way”

      Ukrainian Party of Regions representatives claim that the Chairman of the Georgian Parliamentary Committee on Defence and Security Givi Targamadze threatened to “rap* Donetsk by unnatural means. “This was stated during the parliamentary session today, January 19”, says Ukrainian deputy Vladimir Sivkovych.

      • In case you hadn’t noticed Ostap the Bender, in Georgia it is most certainly not culturally acceptable to rape young boys (unlike Russia), and in your own example, the men were arrested.

        Of course, great Russian cultural figures love a little bit of boy rape:

        Russian conductor Mikhail Pletnev accused of raping boy, 14, in Thailand

        BANGKOK — Grammy award-winning Russian conductor Mikhail Pletnev has been charged in Thailand with raping a 14-year-old boy, a crime that carries a penalty of up to 20 years in jail, police said Wednesday.

        Pletnev, artistic director of the acclaimed Russian National Orchestra, was released Tuesday after he posted 300,000 baht ($9,300 USD) bail following his arrest in the Thai resort of Pattaya.

        “He was initially charged with raping a boy under 15 which carries a jail term of four to 20 years,” Lieutenant Colonel Omsin Sukkanka told AFP.

        He said police were also considering whether to file charges against Pletnev of illegal detention of a juvenile.

        Of course, Russian men are so morally and culturally depraved, that judges rule that sexual harassment and rape are OK:

        Sexual harassment okay as it ensures humans breed, Russian judge rules

        A Russian advertising executive who sued her boss for sexual harassment lost her case after a judge ruled that employers were obliged to make passes at female staff to ensure the survival of the human race.

        The unnamed executive, a 22-year-old from St Petersburg, had been hoping to become only the third woman in Russia’s history to bring a successful sexual harassment action against a male employer.
        She alleged she had been locked out of her office after she refused to have intimate relations with her 47-year-old boss.

        “He always demanded that female workers signalled to him with their eyes that they desperately wanted to be laid on the boardroom table as soon as he gave the word,” she earlier told the court. “I didn’t realise at first that he wasn’t speaking metaphorically.”
        The judge said he threw out the case not through lack of evidence but because the employer had acted gallantly rather than criminally.
        “If we had no sexual harassment we would have no children,” the judge ruled.
        Since Soviet times, sexual harassment in Russia has become an accepted part of life in the office, work place and university lecture room.
        According to a recent survey, 100 per cent of female professionals said they had been subjected to sexual harassment by their bosses, 32 per cent said they had had intercourse with them at least once and another seven per cent claimed to have been raped.
        Eighty per cent of those who participated in the survey said they did not believe it possible to win promotion without engaging in sexual relations with their male superiors.
        Women also report that it is common to be browbeaten into sex during job interviews, while female students regularly complain that university professors trade high marks for sexual favours.
        Only two women have won sexual harassment cases since the collapse of the Soviet Union, one in 1993 and the other in 1997.
        Human rights activists say that Russian women remain second-class citizens and are subjected to some of the highest levels of domestic abuse in the world.


      • In December 2008 an elite riot police squad (OMON) in the Republic of Bashkiria went on the rampage, assaulting locals in the cities of Blagoveshchenk, Salavat, Chishmy and some nearby villages. According to the media and human rights activists, in Blagoveshchenk alone up to 1,500 males (2.5 percent of the entire population) were detained and brutally beaten. Officials indicated that 342 were detained, with 197 registered as seriously injured by beatings. The Moscow-based bi-weekly Novaya Gazeta alleged that the riot police had carried out mass rape. “I have seen a lot, but I wept as I listened to this tape,” commented Novaya Gazeta’s correspondent Marat Hairullin, as he quoted testimony from a rape victim: “There were three of us…He was wearing a mask…They said either this, or you will be charged with crime…they made me lie on a desk…It really hurt…” (Novaya Gazeta, January 14, 2005).

  5. The Moscow mafia is sitting there, selling Russian energy cheap and buying western and American materials many times more expensive, because they are too lazy to build own factories, strengthening dollar and feeding Americans, this has to be stopped soon.

  6. Factbox: The effects of Russia’s drought
    Today at 17:08 | Reuters July 20 (Reuters) – Russia’s worst drought in 130 years has destroyed crops in an area the size of Portugal, forced up wheat prices and led to the intervention of Russia’s leaders.

    Following are details of the drought’s effects on markets, Russia’s macro-economic outlook, policy and official forecasts for how long the high temperatures may last.

    The drought has raised fears that Russian inflation forecast at between 6 and 7 percent for 2010 may have to be revised.

    “The drought may add 1.5-2 percentage points to the current inflation level,” Grain Union chief Arkady Zlochevsky said on Monday.

    Read more: http://www.kyivpost.com/news/russia/detail/74527/#ixzz0uEXlgQnX

    • This is a national tragedy, you rejoice at it and then get surprised when the attitude towards your countries deteriorate.


      The only tragedy is that Russians, like witless sheep, have handed power to a KGB regime that is spending all its resources on cold war aggression rather than social services to prepare for heat waves.

      • What do you mean “national tragedy?” A hot summer is a tragedy? How come there is never a crop failure in Kansas or Nebraska or Iowa, not since 1930s? You think there are no 100+ degree days in the summer there? And somehow the farmers manage, without the benefit of a valuable advice from the Kremlin

        • The real tragedy is not kremlin, it’s what is going to happen to our planet in the near future and we can’t escape it.

          • No, the Kremlin is a real tragedy.

            By the way, if you are making allusions to global warming, well, your Kremlin idiots seem to think that either it does not exist or will be good for Russia……

  7. Too bad Europe is also suffering from the heat wave.


    But their streets are not melting, their airports not shutting down, the crops not failing. And they are more southerly, therefore hotter.

    • What do you propose we do, you only criticize, everyone can do that, but do you have any practical advice?

      • Yes, stop voting for idiots like Putin, stop invading your neighbors, stop being imperialists, stop doing all the things that make your neighbors hate you, apologise for your past crimes, and then get on with building a democratic, peaceful, and law abiding state that will be welcomed by its neighbors instead of shunned and hated.

        • Not accepted, with one exception no one invaded any neighbours, if you think Chechnya is an independent country then tough luck.

          • Well, the Moldovians might disagree there.

            Nice to see Russian hypocrisy rearing its ugly head (as usual one might add), so its OK for Russia to foment ethnic separatism in neighboring countries, and then to give military aid to the same separatists, to engage in massive ethnic cleansing that sort of thing, but it’s not OK for others to support Chechen independance?

            Also, you don’t want your country to be a peaceful democratic, corruption free country respected and welcomed by its neighbors?

            No wonder the Finns, Poles, Latvians, Lithuanians, Estonians, Georgians, Ukrainians, Chechens, Daghesh, Ingush, Azeris, Crimean Tartars, and a whole host of other hate you.

      • Oh, and stop being corrupt, stop using substandard materials because the majority of the money was stolen leaving only enough to purchase rubbish, that sort of thing.

        • Give birth to standard material then, get rich now, off you go.

          Maybe you are the deadbead, who escaped the country with a fortune, and ordinary people suffer because of this, they have to work in farms where food is burnt, they have to scrape everything there is still in the country apart from raw materials and swim in fountains as the only cure to sun heat.

          • Ah well, actually standard materials are already available, ever heard of ISO standards my retarded RuSSian troll boy?

            As for working in farms where food is burnt, well most cultures have learnt to cook by now, its not anybody elses fault you are too primitive to work out when to turn the heat down on the frying pan old boy.

            And to the “swim in fountains as the only cure to sun heat” come on, its only 33 in Moscow, get hard little boy, try Dehli, or Brisbane, or Cairo, or many other places in the world where 33 is considered a cool day. As far as I can see it’s just another excuse for you lazy pigs to get drunk.

            Of course most seem to be too stupid to work out that drinking and swimming is even more stupid than drinking and driving, another great Russian pastime.

            • You are a looser. Come out and see what alcohol and drugs do to your mind, it’s a dependence for people whose life is of a bad standard, oh wait maybe you are already a druggie, well then, I can see why you’re so aggressive about the rest of them – you were dreaming how everything could have been different, I understand :(

          • We keep hearing from Russophiles and other Russia’s apologists and fellow travelers that it is just like the West, and it’s rich, and has everything aplenty, and best restaurants and hotels in the world are in Moscow and on and on ad infinitum.

            If so, why don’t Muscovites all buy air conditioners and live happily ever after. Perhaps, Russia is a poor country after all?

            • Are you an idiot, RV? Russian per capita income is several times lower than American. Pray tell me what sane russophile told you that Russians are as wealthy as Americans?

              • Really Ostap, are you so stupid as to be unable to understand RV’s post?

                Remedial reading classes are definitely in order for you ReTaRd.

  8. Les wrote: “In a few months, the russians will be drinking oil and eating gas?

    Wow, Les, you have a lot of reasons to gloat: a weird heat wave that hit Russia, hated by you, while missing your beloved USA and Ukraine… Or did it?

    Your link says: “http://www.kyivpost.com/news/russia/detail/73966/#ixzz0trDjE0EF

    MOSCOW, July 16 (Reuters) – Saturday could see temperatures in Moscow hit 37 Celsius (98.6 Fahrenheit), which would break the previous record of 36.6C. set in 1936.”

    Only 98.6 Fahrenheit? Wow. For us, Americans, this looks like a very cold temperature:


    A severe heat wave has been scorching the nation all week with above 100 degree temperatures from New York to Los Angeles.


    Triple-digit heat wave sends many to pools, beaches, seeking relief from the late-breaking sunshine

    The above-normal heat – as much as 10 degrees in some areas – is expected to peak Friday and last through Sunday. Temperatures could soar to 105 degrees in the San Fernando Valley and 109 in the Antelope Valley.
    In a few months, the russians will be drinking oil and eating gas?”

    Will Americans be drinking oil? Well, thanks to BP, we already are.

    How about your beloved Ukraine?


    In Kiev today, record heat. All of Europe is suffering from the heat.

    Today in Kyiv weather forecasters predict a record-breaking heat – plus 37 degrees Celcius (98.6 Fahrenheit). The same heat is all over Ukraine.


    In a few months, the russians will be drinking oil and eating gas?”

    At least the Russians have oil and gas. Ukrainians don’t have even that. Russia will sell gas and use the revenue to buy grains. But what will Ukraine be able to sell to avoid hunger? Pierogi? Salo in chocolate?

    • But the difference is that in the US they are not getting drunk and drowning themselves.

      In addition US crops are not failing, due to the farmers actually having a clue about how to farm.

      • You fail to recognise the cultural background of Russia, a country where vodka was used as a cure for extremely cold temperatures. Blaming Russians they can’t take hot weather? What about winters, everyone ignores the warm Russian winters for some reason. European countries consume roughly the same amount of alcohol per head per year, the difference is that it’s low alcohol drinks and good quality. Russia needs to improve the quality of it’s alcohol production. I heard recently that the tax for vodka and cigarettes has been increased further, now it needs to concentrate on building clinics for help with drug and smoking addiction with the use of modern methods of fighting addiction.

  9. LR wrote: “If Russia is undone by a little hot weather (far less hot, by the way, than many other areas of the world are currently experiencing), what would happen if NATO armies were marching across its borders, we can’t help but wonder . . .

    What is there to wonder about? If NATO tried to accomplish what Hitler couldn’t – conquer Russia – it would end up the same way as Nazi Germany did: destroyed.

    That’s why only insane morons like yourself entertain the idea of starting World War Three and surviving it.

    • @what Hitler couldn’t

      And what the Mongols could. (Glory to Nevsky, Russia’s beloved traitor-saint.)

      • Yep, and the Huns conquered Rome.

        But in terms of modern times, I think we, Americans, should have learned from our defeat to North Viet Nam in 1973 that war doesn’t pay….

        OK, OK, it pays great if you own a weapons-building company or are a politician on the payroll of such. But to average American soldiers and taxpayers, war brings only death and ruin.

        • @Yep, and the Huns conquered Rome.

          Nope, and the Huns did not conquer Rome. You retard. Also if there was a Roman traitor to the Goths (slaughtering fellow Romans for the Goths) he is not a saint-patron of Roma and the most popular historical figure in modern Italy (and so is not Mussolini).

          @we, Americans, should have learned from our defeat to North Viet Nam in 1973

          “You, Americans,” won against North Vietnam in 1973. After the devastating bombing campaigns and defeat of their 1972 general offensive, Hanoi was forced to negotiate and to sign a peace treaty.

  10. Also if there was a Roman traitor to the Goths (slaughtering fellow Romans for the Goths) he is not a saint-patron of Roma and the most popular historical figure in modern Italy (and so is not Mussolini).

    A lot of people and even saints are not “saint-patrons of Roma and the most popular historical figures in modern Italy (and so is not Mussolini)”. What’s you point? (not that I care much)

    “You, Americans,” won against North Vietnam in 1973.

    No, we didn’t. You moron. We couldn’t win the war against a bunch of Vietnamese peasants turned soldiers . Thus, we finally decided to withdraw our troops and even forced forced our South Vietnamese to sign a Paris “peace treaty” in 1973 and to withdraw our troops, thus giving the green light to the North Vietnamese to conquer South Vietnam, destroying the lives of millions of South Vietnamese people whose only mistake was to trust that the Americans were capable and willing to defend them against North Vietnam and Vietkong. We betrayed them. The moral: we shouldn’t have gotten in there in the first place. Just as we shall regret getting into Iraq and Afghanistan, which will turn out to be even bigger disasters.

    However, we won a war against Grenada with population of over 100,000 people, which does prove that we should stick to what we do best: invading tiny peaceful Caribbean islands (preferably mellow, dope-smoking rastafarians) and harassing Latin American people.

    Throwing peaceful citizens in jail for smoking pot is also another thing the Federal government does very well, although we Californians will put an end to that this November.


    You’re violating our published comment rules by (1) attacking a fellow commenter personally and (2) publishing material that has NOTHING to do with the content of this post.

    Please stop. You’re rude, ignorant and have no right to comment here if you cannot follow our simple rules. Do we need to ban you AGAIN, you crude, violent little thug?

    • Actually Ostap, Michael, whatever, the US won every single major action of the Vietnam war.

      The reason for the withdrawal from Vietnam in 1973-74 was because of vermin such as yourself who were not prepared to support the South Vietnamese people and sold them down the river to the Communists.

      People like you betrayed your own troops and the South Vietnamese, just as today you betray the US troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    • The point is Nevsky should be one of the most hated figures in Russian history, like Quisling is in Norway. Or at least ambivalent, like Vlasov.

      The point is also you have no knowledge of Russia (beyond the official propaganda), the world and history whatsoever, and by saying “Yep, and the Huns conquered Rome” you only showed it once again.

      Nice spelling, “Vietkong”. You just showed how much you’re really an “American” again, Comrade X.

      There was no any real Vietcong in 1975, what remained were mostly North Vietnamese irregulars, and after the Northern victory and subsequent purges and “reunification” many of the former real VC were sent to “reeductation camps” for their trouble (should I even mention the “land reform” turned out to not be exactly what the peasants were told it would be?).

      There was no “war against Grenada with population of over 100,000 people”. There was a war against an unpopular Grenadian military junta and a battalion of Cuban “workers”.

      • Robert wrote: “There was no “war against Grenada. There was a war against an unpopular Grenadian military junta and a battalion of Cuban “workers”.”

        You are an idiot. Saying the above is like saying “Hitler didn’t attack Poland. He attacked a horrible Polish government under the rule of the dictator Pilsudsky”

        I may have mistakenly said “Huns conquered Rome” instead of “Huns defeated the Roman Empire and forced them to pay tribute and may have misspelled “Vietcong” because the Vietnam war was before I came to America, but you are so ignorant that you think that USA won the Viet Nam war.

        The fact is that Wikipedia (which you loved to quote to others until somebody else did it to you) even uses the US defeat in the Vietnam war as a canonical example of the term “defeat”:

        Dictionary: de·feat (dĭ-fēt’)

        US Military History Companion:

        American defeat in Vietnam, though, forced Americans to confront their assumptions of invincibility. A few Americans, including some political leaders, at times claimed that the United States had never really been defeated on the field of battle. But this time the mythmaking seemed to fail; most Americans accepted the reality of what they saw as America’s first defeat in war. Others, especially those in the military, searched for the cause of this defeat.

        Or you can read these books and articles that have “defeat” in their titles:


        The Dynamics Of Defeat: The Vietnam War In Hau Nghia Province [Paperback]
        Eric M Bergerud (Author)


        Gaines M. Foster, Coming to Terms with Defeat: Post‐Vietnam America and the Post–Civil War South, Virginia Quarterly Review, 66 (Winter 1990), pp. 17–35

        How old are you, Robert, not to know how the Vietnam war ended, Robert, and not to know that North Vietnam/Vietcong won there?

        • @You are an idiot. Saying the above is like saying “Hitler didn’t attack Poland. He attacked a horrible Polish government under the rule of the dictator Pilsudsky”

          Damn, we all know you’re retarded perfectly well, stop reminding us constantly. In 1939 “Pilsudsky” (Pilsudski) was dead for years. I mean, just how stupid are you? Seriously? Come on and tell us once and for all.

          @How old are you, Robert, not to know how the Vietnam war ended, Robert, and not to know that North Vietnam/Vietcong won there?

          The US involvement in Vietnam ended in victory. In 1973. With a peace treaty ending the war. The end. There was no real Vietcong as a fighting force by 1973 and further, unless you mean the cosplaying North Vietnamese and the locals they were forcibly conscripting, and some deluded National Libration Front exiles in Hanoi who were cut-off from the real situation and were merely unknowing puppets. The real VC were either eliminated or even changed sides (which more than 100,000 did already by 1969).

      • It is amazing how some idiots like Ostap don’t even know the most trivial fact that America won in Vietnam, and the communists lost.

        Let us all pray that America continues to have exactly the same success that it had in Vietnam in all its new wars, especially after it invades Russia; and let us hope that Eastern Europe and Georgia will end up exactly the same way after this American “help” as South Vietnam ended up after America “helped” it.

        You are very intelligent, Robert. Your parents should be very proud.

        • Good job Comarade X. Keep inventing new names for yourself and posting in your favor. Including on your own blogs. After all Gen. Kadyrov does it, and he’s the celebrated Hero of Russia of worldwide fame and a billionaire (from rags to riches, it’s the Russian Way of Life). Maybe one day you’ll be too.

          • Btw the myth goes this way: “the Americans won all battles and lost the war”. It’s all false. They did lost some battles, like http://www.warbirdforum.com/ongthanh.htm and for example, but won their war. The South Vietnamese lost theirs.

            South Vietnamese were not Americans, just like the North Vietnamese were not Soviets and not Chinese.

        • And you are filth ReTaRd.

          As for hoping that Georgia and eastern Europe end up crushed once again by the vile cesspit that is Russia, well what else can we expect from a yagodaphile like yourself?

          Besides, Robert is correct, US forces were gone from South Vietnam for nearly 2 years before the collapse.

          This was a result of public whining from sub standard scum such as yourself.

          • The American war ended in 1973, not in 1975. They won, achieving their goals: defending the RVN from collapse (and the feared “domino effect” aftermath) and forcing the other side into ceasation of hostilities and peace deal. Which officially ended the war. Earning a Nobel Peace Prize for Kissinger and Tho, of all people. Which could be only compared to the absurd prize for Obama for nothing at all.

            And when the hostilities were resumed, the Americans didn’t lost because they were not taking part in this new war. But if not the US political crisis, they would, and South Vietnam would win again thanks to the US air support just like 1972. But there was no US involvement besides the evactuation, which succeded its limited goals too, but it was not combat and was not supposed to win anything. You can’t win or lose a war when you’re not taking part in this war. It’s like saying the Soviets or Chinese defeated South Vietnam. They didn’t. It’s stupid. In 1974-75 the Vietnamese defeated the other Vietnamese, this collapse was sudden and even Hanoi was surprised. They had all foreign indirect support, and that’s it. Then the Vietnamese even soon fought against the Chinese, and they fought for real (and won).

            There’s much more of such stupidity in the popular understanding of this war. Maybe the most notorious case was the Vietcong urban commando unit assault on the US embassy in Saigon during Tet 68. They were all killed and captured at the wall and in the garden, they didn’t even enter or seriously damage any building in the compound, and they only killed 5 soldiers some of whom were only armed with revolvers (the total score of 19:5, the biggest damage they did was made a small hole in the outer wall and a burned MP jeep). The media idiots then made this small VC defeat into a a huge propaganda victory for them, and a turning point for the American public at home.

            And no, Comrade X, “Pilsudsky” didn’t lose in Vietnam to the Hitler’s Huns too.

        • I totally agree with you, Robert: Americans soundly defeated Communist North Vietnam in 1973, celebrated a victory by holding a huge parade in conquered Hanoi, and went home, while the American media and the public also celebrated a victory in 1973. The Nobel Committee even awarded the Peace Prize to Henry Kissinger for negotiating Communists’ unconditional surrender. Here what the Nobel Prize web site says:

          Click to access Henry_Kissinger.pdf

          Nixon and Kissinger are now infamous for their foreign policy enacted during their “reign.” Resolving the war in Vietnam was highest on their list of priorities together. By 1972, strategies that included handing over the war to the Vietnamese to fight (“Vietnamization”), trying to enlist the help of the Chinese and Soviets to quell the North Vietnamese, holding secret negotiations with the North Vietnamese that no one else in the government was privy to, as well as the secret bombing of the North Vietnamese and the Cambodians, each had had little effect on establishing peace in Vietnam. In 1973, the North Vietnamese, South Vietnamese, and the United States (represented by Kissinger) met in Paris an reached a long-fought compromise to end the fighting. North Vietnamese troops, according to the treaty, would be allowed to stay in South Vietnam – a piece of the agreement that many saw as Kissinger’s betrayal of the South Vietnamese. In the treaty, the U.S. agreed to withdrawal, which had a devastating effect on the morale of the people of South Vietnam. The terms of the agreement were very unpopular with Le Duc Tho (or Thieu), leader of the South Vietnamese, but forced upon him by Nixon and Kissinger. Later in 1973, Kissinger and Tho were both awarded the Peace Prize. Tho rejected the award and Kissinger accepted.

          So, according to this Peace Treaty, the Americans had to withdraw form Vietnam, while the North Vietnamese troops were allowed to stay in South Vietnam. And this peace treaty was a betrayal and had a devastating effect on the morale of the people of South Vietnam. If that is not a clear proof of American victory and North Vietnamese defeat to your brilliant mind – what is, Robert? I almost believe you myself. It is as believable as anything else you utter. You are such an intellectual giant.

          But since the Nobel Committee’s article doesn’t quite convince me that USA won in Vietnam, could you please give me a quote or two from other serious historians who would claim that the Paris Peace Accords of 1973 was a victory for USA and a defeat for the Communists? Or did you invent this idea yourself? If so – have you considered taking out a patent on it? You never know if some mentally challenged person may want to repeat it, say, 200 years from now.

          You can start by looking for such victorious quotes through the following aptly named books and articles:

          “No Peace, No Honor: Nixon, Kissinger, and Betrayal in Vietnam” [Paperback] by Larry Berman

          “The Dynamics Of Defeat: The Vietnam War In Hau Nghia Province” [Paperback] by Eric M Bergerud (Author)

          “Coming to Terms with Defeat: Post‐Vietnam America and the Post–Civil War South” by Gaines M. Foster, Virginia Quarterly Review, 66 (Winter 1990), pp. 17–35

          • @celebrated a victory by holding a huge parade in conquered Hanoi

            Comrade Retard,

            Capturing Hanoi was never an objective. It was a lesson from Korea: limit yourself to defend the South until you forced the enemy into a ceasefire, and do not invade North or the things may happen like the red Chinese swarming you with the “volunteers”.

            And Kissinger is an old bastard. He’s also a chief American ally of Putin now, and a long-time Beijing lobbyist. Anyway by 1973 almost all of the US and other allied troops (Australians, South Koreans, etc) were out of Vietnam already. In 1972, when the American AIRCRAFT and the South Vietnamese ground forces defeated the North Vietnamese, there were more than TWENTY TIMES less US forces in Vietnam than in 1968 (when there was over half million). If America entered the war again when it resumed in 1974-75, massively bombing targets in South and North and Cambodia again (Nixon would do it), the effect would be just the same – the Northern general offensive beaten back once again (after 68 and 72). But they didn’t, because of the political crisis, sparked by the Watergate Scandal. And so they were not defeated. Because they did not fight.

            It’s just like if they did not enter a new Korean War sometime after 1950, that would not mean they lost the Korean War they fought in from the UN intervention until the final ceasefire (which was a ceasefire only, and not a peace deal, so technically the Korean War continues still to this day, but anyway).

            And unlike the Soviet defeat in Afghanistan, which did not end in a peace deal, and not even an official ceasefire. The whole Soviet war was was lost already by the early 1980s anyway, because it was supposed to be just a quick puppet regime change operation to murder Amin and replace him with karmal and they did not plan or except any real war at all. They had no conventional, ground war since WWII (Hungary was too short). It was just one real war (and much smaller than Vietnam), and the Soviet Union not only lost it but soon collapsed altogether. Actually even before the Kabul regime – congratulations!

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