EDITORIAL: Russia, Nation of Drunken Murderers


Russia, Nation of Drunken Murderers

Last week on the Sea of Azov (Russian-language source), six young campers drowned after being allowed to swim in a prohibited area and being sucked under by dangerous riptides, while three drunken teachers were supposed to be supervising scratched themselves like apes on the beach.  Three other children were hospitalized, one in critical condition.

It is no stereotype, no prejudice, just simple undeniable fact:  Russia is a land of drunken murderers.  Russians pay no more attention to the election of their leaders than they do to the care of their children; instead, they pay attention to the best way of laying hands on vodka.

Russia has one of the highest homicide rates in the world.

It has one of the highest suicide rates in the world.

One Russian woman is murdered by her own husband every half an hour in Russia.

Russia is an unspeakably violent society, where individual human life has no value at all.  The government teaches the population that lesson each and every single day, and they show their knowledge to each other on a routine basis.

Vodka flows like water in Russia, the nation spends a vast amount of its energy and creativity marketing and consuming the stuff. Since Soviet times, even the government itself has been forced to acknowledge the dire threat to the nation’s survival this represents.

Yet nothing changes, because the government simultaneously goes on fueling the flames of racism and xenophobia, encouraging people to to think that non-Russians are far more dangerous than Russians to the nation’s security.

But the facts clearly and undeniably show that’s just not true.

2 responses to “EDITORIAL: Russia, Nation of Drunken Murderers

  1. Do russians even like russian children? Oh. I forgot. The uncivilized pagan barbarians in the in the kremlin have a propensity for killing children – for centuries.

    Last week six children drowned in the Sea of Azov in southern Russia because the summer camp employees who were minding them were drunk.

    Read more: http://www.kyivpost.com/news/russia/detail/73569/#ixzz0tg8fjhVX

  2. Ублюдки, смотрите не захлебнитесь в собственной желчи.
    Твари позорные. Тупорылые свиньи с не менее тупорылыми стереотипами о России. Вы – куски большого дерьма. Ваш тупой мозг способен только переваривать “медведей”, “балалайку”, “водку” и т.д. Ублюдочные шавки, вы свое еще получите, уроды, не сомневайтесь. Мудаки.

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