EDITORIAL: Clinton and Saakashvili

Clinton and Saakashvili in Tbilisi last week


Clinton and Saakashvili

Russians were appalled and terrified last week to see U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Tbilisi drinking a toast with the Kremlin’s public enemy #1, Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili.

They denied it, of course.  Just the same way that, a few days earlier, they had denied the spies arrested in the United States were Russian.  Soon, however, they were forced to admit their denials were pathetic lies, and that the spies were in fact Russian citizens. Soon, they were bartering for the release of those spies they said did not exist.

We can imagine the thoughts racing through the rodent-like “minds” of the KGB spies who rule the Kremlin, the same spies whose pathetic plans were exposed in the United States, when viewing the photograph at the head of this column.

They were apoplectic, we know, when they then heard Clinton declare that Russia was guilty of an “invasion and ongoing occupation” of Georgian territory in Ossetia and Abkhazia, and to hear her condemn their government as making the U.S. “wary of the steel vise in which many governments are slowly crushing civil society and the human spirit.”  That’s brutal, unflinching language delivered from America’s highest-ranking diplomat regardless of where it was said.  Issued from Georgian soil, of all places, it can be seen as nothing short of a direct provocation.

However Russians scurried and mumbled and tried to cover their shock and pain, the world understood the meaning of the words Clinton uttered and no amount of neo-Soviet propaganda can change that obvious reality. And soon, the Russians were showing they understood it too, issuing bizarre neo-Soviet denials, just as they had originally denied that the spies were Russian.

What Clinton’s remarks reveal, however, rather than any steely resolve on the part of the Obama administration, is just the opposite.  His poll numbers in freefall and the economy on the precipice of a double-dip recession, Obama knows that he cannot afford to inflame the right wing of his party or the Republicans, so he must back away from his outrageous appeasement of the Kremlin.  It shows not strength on the part of Obama, in other words, but profound weakness.  Weakness that will be Russia’s undoing.

But the greatest weakness is clearly Russia’s.  The pathetic “work” being undertaken by the spy clan, fully neo-Soviet in character, proved Russia has not grown or developed in the last two decades, but still languishes under a proud KGB ruler in a dark Soviet backwater.  And watching the U.S. Secretary of State drink a toast with the man Putin said he would hang by his private parts in a public square, the caveman-like denizens of the Kremlin can only pull out their hair and scream as they watch their utter failure displayed before the world.

28 responses to “EDITORIAL: Clinton and Saakashvili

  1. Clinton should apply her “invasion and ongoing occupation” universally.

  2. Saakashvilli loves eating his tie publicly more than he likes eating hachapuri.


    And Putin loves eating children . . . in public! Who would you rather be governed by?

    • Kostya,

      Ne trogai govno, vanyat’ ne budet!

    • kostia wrote;

      Saakashvilli loves eating his tie publicly more than he likes eating hachapuri.


      Putain loves raping little boys publicly more than he likes drinking contaminated samogon.

  3. haven’t seen that to be honest, must be some myth. he is not the man of public traditions.

    It was a very quick step for Russia to partition Georgia and probably not a wise one, becaus ethe west feels sympathy for Saakashvilli now. However, if Russia wouldn’t have partitioned Georgia, the West would most likely feel the sympathy for the Osetian and Abkhasian civilians who died as a result of a sudden Georgian artillery attack, as well as some casualties amongst Russian peacekeeping troops. Please don’t go again saying it was Russia who started it all, it didn’t start the bombardment, i’ve been on CNN, BBC, and Russian news agencies and Echo of Moscow and they all pretty much agree that overall, Georgia is initiated the attack.


    Look for yourself. Have you been living in a hole for the past decade?

    • Whoever initiated the attack or whatever it was, at this time Russia does occupy a portion of an independent country and has set up two puppet regimes there. This is undeniable and this is an outrage.

      • So are the US occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, and the US-Israeli occupation of Palestine

        • In fact, those occupations are incomparably worse than the occupations of Abkhazia and S Ossetia.


          In fact, you’re lying.

          The US is currently WITHDRAWING from Iraq. When will Russia with draw from Ossetia?

          The US had VAST INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT for Afghanistan, including FROM RUSSIA. Who supported Russia’s move into Abkhazia?

          You simply don’t think at all before you comment on our blog, and that’s insulting. In fact, you think so little that you can’t even get your whole “thought” into a single comment, you need to post TWO. You act like an impulsive, emotional child, not a thinking adult who should be taken seriously.

          • No, you’re lying.

            Even a US general has stated recently that the US plans to stay in Iraq and Afghanistan for decades.

            Iraq and Afghanistan, are in fact, utterly devastated by years of US aggression, so it is you that needs to get your facts straight.


            No, YOU’RE lying.

            The quote you give is ONE DECADE, not “decades,” liar. And the general merely said there will be instability in Iraq, not that American occupation forces will be fighting it.

            The President of the USA makes the decision about withdrawal, not a general.

            And you completely ignored the point about about international support.

            Oh, and, by the way — are you confirming that since Russia invaded Ossetia, the US has every right to invade wherever it pleases? Ukraine, for instance?

            • Aspen, Colorado (CNN) – The United States may still be in the Afghanistan and Iraq region for another ten years, according to Gen. George Casey.

              “The types of conflict that we are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, and I think are likely to be fighting here for a decade or so, are focused on the people,” Casey, the army’s Chief of Staff, said Friday night at the Aspen Institute’s Ideas Festival.

              “We are not going to succeed in either place by military means alone. You are only going to succeed when the people perceive there is a government represented by their interests, when there is an economy that can give them a job to support their families, when there are educational systems that can educate their family. All those things are essential to the long term success of the military operation.”

              Regarding the larger war against “a global extremist network,” Casey also said America has another “decade or so of persistent conflict.”


              Please don’t be an ignorant monkey, and post the link to any source material you cite. If not, it’s plagiarism and totally meaningless.

              • FYI, you witless gorilla, the topic of this post is WHETHER IT’S GOOD OR BAD FOR RUSSIA THAT CLINTON TOASTED SAAKASHVILI, not whether Russia did a good or bad thing in Ossetia.

                Trying to change the subject makes you looked like a rude, ignorant neo-Soviet goon. Is that what you are?

                • Remember Serbia and Kosovo, Kosovo used to be the historical part of Serbia.

                  • Remember the Serbian ethnic cleansing campaigns of terror in Croatia, Bosnia, and Kosovo, and also the Russian led ethnic cleansing campaigns against ethnic Georgians in Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

                    As the IFFC report stated, there was no evidence of Georgian crimes against humanity in South Ossetia, in fact all Russian/Separatist claims were simply lies intended to incite anti-Georgian feelings, but there was plenty of evidence of separatist and Russian crimes against humanity in South Ossetia, including rape, mass murder and ethnic cleansing, destruction of entire villages, destruction of Georgian Churches and graveyards which predate the recent (17th century) arrival of the Ossetians and so on.

                    As for who started the war, as the report clearly stated, Georgia had been subject to several years of Russian provocations and Russian actions which breached international law, including the supply of weapons which were used to shell Georgian villages and kill Georgian (including pro Georgian Ossetians) civilians in the months leading up to the main fighting breaking out.

                • The visit of Clinton was mainly to pacify some pet allies of the US (like Georgia) who felt being “thrown under the bus”. Of course, now they are happy to lick the hand of their master again.

                  “We can walk and chew gum at the same time”, said Clinton. But she forget to mention that at some time, they will spit the gum and walk further.

        • @So are the US occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan,

          Somehow the Iraqi and Afghan governmnents are not protesting. Unless you happen to believe the spokesmen of the Taliban and the Islamic State of Iraq (aka al-Qaeda in Iraq) to be representatives of the more legal governments or something.

          @and the US-Israeli occupation of Palestine

          And now show me a picture of any US soldier in Palestine ever since the end of WWII.

          @Iraq and Afghanistan, are in fact, utterly devastated by years of US aggression, so it is you that needs to get your facts straight.

          Afghanistan was in fact utterly devastated by the years of USSR aggresion and the civil war. The period since 2001 is the reconstuction after this destruction. You may compare pictures or videos of the streets of (for example) Kabul in 2000 and now, go on.

          @Remember Serbia and Kosovo, Kosovo used to be the historical part of Serbia.

          And would be still if Milosevic didn’t attempt to “ethnically cleanse” off the Albanian ethnic majority (following his previous attempts and defeats in Croatia and Bosnia).

          Now, the Russian soldiers in Abkhazia and “South Ossetia” are nearly two years late to go back to “their initial positions” (in Russia), as their government agreed to in the French-brokered ceasefire deal.

          • And so this is Kabul before (1995) and after (2009) being “utterly devastated by years of US aggression”:

            They don’t show you this in Russia, eh?

    • @Osetian and Abkhasian civilians who died as a result of a sudden Georgian artillery attack

      There were no “sudden Georgian artillery attack” in “Abkhasia” (Abkhazia).

      But tell me what about the thousands of the Chechen and Russian and other civilians who actually died as a result of a sudden Russian artillery (missile, aerial) attacks?

      I wonder about your opinion here, maybe (maybe) you’re actually not as much of RTR as I think you are.

      • Actually I wanted to show you this one:

        So, how angry were you on this day (October 21 1999) when hundreds of innocent Russian citizens (including newborn babies and pregnant women at a materninity hospital) were either killed or badly injured in a sudden attack without any warning (they couldn’t even hear the incoming missiles)?

    • Kostia,

      While Russia is ‘partitioning Georgia’ the Russians failed to noticed that basically, Siberia is gone, all Central Asian stans are gone, Tatarstan is pratically an independent state, Yanukovich – supposedly staunchest Russia’s ally has his own independent policies, all regional bosses nominated by Kremlin have no control over the regions combined with upcoming femine in Russia because of draught, etc.. By the way, Russia is celebrating the off-shore spill in the Golf of Mexico, thinking that the giant gas companies e.g., Chevron, BG, Shell Oil, etc, will now concentrated on Russia’s resources. WRONG!!! BP is ALREADY working with Libya – ouch!!!

  4. This Georgia thing is turning into even more of a disaster for the Kremlin. Maybe they should try to be a democracy again. It would be easier on their emotions.

  5. Meanwhile violence is completely escalating in the Nort Caucasus.Here you can read a summary from the last 24 hours,the world media are not reporting about it,because most media are more or less pro-russian! These news are good for Georgia,because the Kremlin is in serious trouble in the six republics of the North Caucasus.

    – a judge shot dead
    -one policeman killed,one wounded
    -two policemen wounded in another attack
    -a shootout between police and rebels in a forest
    -a train is blasted
    -criminal police chief attacked in his car
    -high-ranking attorney attacked and heavily wounded in his car


    -policeman shot dead
    -media station attacked in the mountains


    -7 media stations attacked in different parts of the republic
    -one night club burned down
    -car bomb-explosion
    -two assassination attempts against high-ranking police-chiefs


    -one policemen found dead on a market with numerous gunshot wounds

    • Actually all of this was reported one way or another. Mostly by RIAN and Itar-tass and such.

      “World media” are not reporting it WIDELY, because hardly anyone is that interested in the daily violence in the war-torn “southern Russia” (Russian colonies, if something explodes in Moscow it’s the news “of course”). Hell, even ethnic Russians are not really interested, and even when the troops sent from Russia proper die (they don’t care for variety of reasons, including being used to and seldom being informed of the ethnicity of casualties, if informed at all). It’s not in the EU or elsewhere in the developed world, it’s not Palestine and the Americans are not involved neither, so the foreign public doesn’t care, and the apathic and largely racist Russian society is not told by their so-called “government” and state-controlled media to act outraged (like it was with their mass hysteria during the war with Georgia, when suddenly the Caucasian “Russian citizens” became allegedly very important). So for most people it’s like violence in Congo or something.

  6. sorry for OT !

    Artusts Samodurov and Yerofeev can get 3 years in prison for ‘anti-christian’ art


    Religious persons were persecuted durin the USSR times,,
    In nowadays russia atheists are persecuted

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  9. Georgia follows the example of Moldova where acting president Mihai Ghimpu declared June 28 the Day of Soviet Occupation last month.

    Read more: http://www.kyivpost.com/news/russia/detail/74749/#ixzz0uLnUOkf8

  10. Thanks, LR, for providing an interesting link:


    NATO expansion?

    Expansion of NATO into the ex-Soviet republics of Ukraine and Georgia appears increasingly unlikely after the 2008 war between Russia and Georgia and the sharp pro-Moscow turn in Ukraine’s leadership. Yet Clinton made a point of telling both Ukrainians and Georgians during her five-nation tour that “the door to NATO remains open.”

    Kremlin shows restraint

    Experts say the Kremlin has been a model of restraint in the face of all this because it believes the Obama administration is going through the motions of reiterating Bush-era rhetorical positions, while going ahead full-steam to improve relations with Moscow.

    “In every capital she visited, Clinton herself repeated that the US is committed to the reset of ties with Russia,” says Fyodor Lukyanov, editor of Russia in Global Affairs, a leading Moscow-based foreign policy journal.

    “In Moscow they see the Clinton visit [to Russia’s fringes] as a way of responding to domestic conservative criticism, to show that Obama doesn’t have a Russia-only policy,” he says. “So these words of Clinton’s are met with understanding here. Russian leaders believe Obama is the best possible counterpart to have in Washington, and they don’t want to do anything to undermine him.”

  11. While russia burns like hell because the kremlin created hell on on earth for 100,000,000’s of God’s children for centuries, they still continue their imperialistic policies!

    Moscow vows support for breakaway Georgian regions

    MOSCOW — Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has pledged to provide further support to breakaway Georgian regions on the anniversary of the Russian-Georgian war.

    Medvedev said in televised remarks that Moscow’s decision to start the August 2008 war with Georgia over separatist South Ossetia was “uneasy, but right.”

    Read more:


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