EDITORIAL: The Russians and their Spies


The Russians and their Spies

Not even the most crazed of Russosphile or Russian nationalist fanatics can deny it:  If a giant sleeper cell of American spies were discovered in Russia, seeking to secretly infiltrate every aspect of Russian society at its most intimate and basic levels, Russians would be livid with rage.  Nashi would march on the American embassy with furious anger, screaming epithets of hatred and bile, and America would be vilified as the Great Satan just as it often is in places like Iran.  We wouldn’t be surprised if the Russian Orthodox Church weighed in.

So what are Americans to make of the fact that Russians are doing it to them? How should they react? What should their response be when they learn that Russian nuclear bombers are patrolling their coastline, causing their fighter defenses to scramble?  How should they understand the fact that Russia is ruled by a proud KGB spy who is liquidating every American value at breakneck speed?

There is only one conclusion Americans can draw:  Just as in Soviet times, Russians hate Americans, despise their values, and want to see America destroyed.  Russian diplomatic efforts like the recent visit of so-called “president” Dima Medevedev are nothing but smoke and mirrors, and effort to get Americans to drop their guard so Russia can slip in a sucker punch.

How dare Russians expect anything but cold-war confrontation from the United States when they continue to treat the US like an enemy?  They have a proud KGB spy as their ruler, who is obliterating American values of democracy and human rights, they are tormenting the US with nuclear terror, and they are unleashing armies of spies.  Meanwhile, they seek to sow dissent and discord among the NATO allies, and are “shocked, shocked” when America seeks to drive a wedge between Russia and Eastern Europe.  It could not be more clear that Russians hate America and its values just as much as they ever did in Soviet times.

And make no mistake:  These are Vladimir Putin’s spies.  They were put in place during the Putin “presidency,” put in place by a “president” who is himself a proud KGB spy and former spymaster at Lubianka.  The efforts of these Keystone Spies were truly pathetic. As Alexander Golts puts it:  “Russian intelligence uses a network of undercover agents without diplomatic cover in the United States to confirm what is available to any regular Joe who knows how to do a basic Google search. In essence, Russian intelligence and the spies they hire are like soldiers who wear night-vision goggles in the daytime: They’re blind as bats and sitting ducks for U.S. counterintelligence.”

Let’s be clear about another thing: They are Russians.  They are secret citizens of Russia now being expelled back to their country, and in bizarre fashion Russia is releasing other Russian citizens from jail to compensate the United States for their freedom.  Not one American citizen arrested in Russia for spying is being being released in exchange for these Russian citizens caught spying in the United States.

Finally, just because these spies are, like Putin himself, laughably incompetent (and quintessentially Russian — the lead female spy’s current beau was soon revealed to be facing rape charges while her ex-husband was selling kinky nude photos of her to the tabloids for quick cash) does nothing to ameliorate their intentions, which were to destroy America by any means possible.  That the USSR ultimately failed to achieve this same goal likewise does nothing to moderate Soviet hatred for the USA, and Vladimir Putin is part and parcel of that malignant system.

It is, of course, a confrontation Russia can no more win than could the USSR.  American power is vastly greater than Russia’s, and the only hope Russia has is that America will be blighted by weak leadership, such as it is getting now from Barack Obama.  But such leadership only delays the day of Russia’s ultimate collapse, Obama can no  more hand Russia victory than could the weakling Jimmy Carter.

Meanwhile, it goes without saying that the greatest punishment for these spies themselves will be forced repatriation to Russia. The shock they will receive upon arrival is something we’d pay to witness.

56 responses to “EDITORIAL: The Russians and their Spies

  1. @Not even the most crazed of Russosphile or Russian nationalist fanatics can deny it

    Actually, they tried! Which makes it really funny. For example:

    “That’s a joke-:)))) What kind of “spies” are that if you need to remind them about their mission?!”

    The answer is: Russian spies! I wonder how this guy feels now, when it turns out the current generation of the SVR “spymasters” are really as stupid as if it was a comedy. The “Russophiles” would also try and deny that the spies were secretly Russians, then that the Russians were spies (they were “paid lobbyist illegal immigrants”), etc.

    All of this makes it even more hilarious. And check out this stuff:


    I don’t about Russia but no Internet access in for the captured spies in the US, I’m afraid. The poor idiots are now writing to the persons who can not read it, and it’s what goes as the “Cold War support” (Reuters) nowadays.

    This stuff is just slapstick, Like this:

    The “soldat” in question (anonymous in the pictures carried by a bunch of idiots) turned out to be a deserter. He defected to Georgia, and gave interviews while munching a burger in Tbilisi McDonald’s. (What’s up with these Russians and their love of the American junk food?)

    In this crowd of brainless Nashi chicks there is also a token guy, I guess this is how a RTR (Russian Typical Retard) looks like.

  2. @their intentions, which were to destroy America by any means possible.

    Actually their mission appears to be not as sinister as just really stupid. Golts wrote about thisin MT.

    There ARE however real Russian terrorists operating worldwide – like Kadyrov’s infamous personal assassins (Kadyrov soon to be indicted by Austria), GRU car-bombers convicted in Dubai, and of course Litvinenko radioactive murder affair involving the “former” KGB Lugovoi (who is now a Duma deputy and high-ranking “security” official),

    Also I think at least some of them lost entusiasm for their job, that’s why “The Center” had to remind them they’re not on vacation (but on a really stupid mission they were sent on just because of Colonel Putin’s paranoia).

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  5. Can you please post a photo of Anna Chapman, I would like people to honour her beauty, even if her mission failed, she still just looks too good and you can’t deny this LR. Picking out unsuccessful shots of famous Russian women won’t help you lower your cholesterol levels, it’s only gonna make you feel better for a while!!!

    • So you don’t mind if Russia fails spectacularly, as long as it looks good doing it?

      That’s pretty sick, dude.

      • Infact I do mind, that’s why I asked you to at least upload her photo to chase away your previous illusions that Russian women are ugly and only good at one thing – prostitution.

    • Konastantin, shut up,stupid backward sexist /misogynist !

      Russians are backward people, who still lives in middle-age,,They never heard about gender equality..
      Today in 2010 they still judge women after their looks. not of what they did

  6. Алё, это Валерия Новодворская? ААа ну тепер всё понятно, ладненько. Только учти, плевали они на свободу русского народа, когда добьются своего и расточат русский народ, на тебя тоже плюнут, тогда ты поймешь, какую ошибку ты совершила, хотя понимать там будет нечего уже.

    • Хотелось бы верить, ведь сама суть ненависти к путину понятна, но зачем мелить такую чепуху по поводу злобной и империалистической русской культуры, набитой русскими шпионами что только и могут пить, бить и кричать на соседей.

      • kostia, dimasha,
        na etoy storonye my govorim po angliyskie – ruskiy, k sazaleniu eto ‘dead language’ tolko spoken v gulagakh na lubanka, i v obosranyky ruskiy ubornyk – poniatno ili net towariszczy????

        • Иди ты на хуй чтоб нам тут мозги пудрить, не нравится язык, иди и учи украинский. Че за продажный дурак, ну и иди тогда, без тебя обойдемся.

          • Well done Konstantin, you obviously have trouble conversing in English, so you naturally slip into your normal foul mouthed Russian.

            Yep! ‘Russkie nyet Kultura’!!! Back to the pig sty where you belong.

            At least the Ukrainians are not as foul mouthed as your kind.

          • kostia,
            kakaya eto prelest, smotreth na rossiyu, kotoraya toniet v sobstvennym govnie. kakoy protivnyi konets etoi ‘imperii’

      • Просто понимаешь, Россия всегда мешала подняться маленьким местным фюрерам. В Грузии, в Молдавии, в Украине, в Прибалтике. И это всегда вызывало ужасную ненависть со стороны тех людей в этих странах, у которых не получалось помаршировать в рядах собственного СС.

  7. Ok, this is very unrelated to the topic, but completely related to the Russians.

    When I was living on a kibbutz in Israel, there were many recent Russian immigrants there — in fact, they were quite the majority.

    I always heard them using the word “pidar” and “pidaras” and didn’t know what it meant. They told me it means “faggot” and they use it freely, but there was a Russian fellow there who was gay and they kept hurling these two words at him behind his back.

    Another recent immigrant was a young black Brazilian girl and the Russians referred to her as “shokoladka” — chocolate.

    Why are Russians so homophobic and racist?

    • Because you’ll virtually never see black people in Russia, and you know that it makes you curious to see those people and the first instinct that comes characteristical for all humans is making physical judgments, much like the colonial powers did during colonisation of Africa. I understand we are not talking completely about black people here but you get the point I hope. Also I know a Russian who always hangs out with the two of his friends, one is African and one is Japanese, and they get along fine.

      • You think it’s normal to make a first judgment to kill a black person on sight even though you don’t know anything about them and have never seen one before?

        Dude, you are a truly deranged invididual. Thanks for offering readers some real insight into the Rusian psyche. Or should we say psycho.

        • LIAR, I never said it is normal to make this first judgement, I said what humans as species have tendency to behave like.

        • How ignorant, you choose to ignore any explanation I give except for one where you can possibly make false statements about my identity, you twist things too much. When did I say it’s normal to kill another person?

        • Hope you saw this everyone, this is a provocation to fuel national hate. I said you instinctively choose to be with a person who is more like you, in my case a white person, during the first few seconds you see the person. However, it is possible that once you get to know a black person, he can be your best friend. It’s called human instincts.

      • What about in regards to gay people? Why is there such a strong homophobic attitude amongst Russians?

        • For example, why does the mayor of Moscow, Luzhkov, characterize gay people as “satanic?”

          • There is no pronounced homophobic attitude among the younger generation. Yet there is among the less educated, and older people.

            The Church believes sodomy is a sin, as elsewhere. The federal government takes neutral position, as any other federal official does.

            The political and cultural elites rather take a pro-gay stance.

        • homophobia in russia exist because nowadays russia is very backward state..We live in 2010, but they still living in 50s

          This is why we North Europeans call Russians Northern Talibans

      • Konstantin

        “Also I know a Russian who always hangs out with the two of his friends, one is African and one is Japanese, and they get along fine.”

        Thanks, that is really reassuring.

    • TO answer your question on Russians is that a Russian person you see today, is a person whose ancestors suffered through many occasion in the history of their country. There isn’t any other big country that suffered so much repression as Russia did, with a possible exception of China.

      Today there is a phenomena of the great Russian recession, whereby the nation is desperate for positive changes that not only bring more income, but enrich the society and make everyone feel at home. As the Russian person begins to have more opportunities to travel and explore other cultures (unlike they could during USSR), he becomes more tolerant and insightful into the traditions of the “far world”.

      Also people’s attitudes and depression starts to get cured by positive economic and political trends, they start to feel more open. An analogy would be a man who was raised with violence in his family, of course this man is much more likely to be aggressive to other people, especially people who look most against him.

      I hope this answers things, please refer to the wider picture, don’t just get locked on Russia and get false impressions about it’s people, people are same just about anywhere around the world, provided same economic, political and environmental factors are present.

      • “Possible”? I see you have no idea. China got it much, MUCH worse than Russia. It’s some unbelievably extreme stuff. Let’s just say one of their civil wars (the An Shi Rebellion) killed most people in China and well over 1/10 of the global population. Of the world. It’s much more than from WWII, which was worldwide (including 30 million or so in China).

        • I’m talking about 20th century, this whole blog is about modern history.

          • You talked about how “ancestors suffered through many occasion in the history of their country”. But okay, never mind.

            • Ok sorry, I am not very good at English, I meant 2-3 generations old, like our grand and grand-grand parents, by the way where are you from?

            • Roman Abramospaz has no idea there is a boy pissing on one of his yachts right this very moment :)

        • What does that have to do with my main message? It’s sidetracking, they both suffered a great deal and you can’t say someone has no, when talking about subjective arguments.

    • Oh. Mike. But you’re talking about a kibuts in Israel, and it’s inhabbitants. Do you seriously think they are representative to make any general judgements about Russians?

  8. Please read the recent interview with former KGB agent, Konstantin Preobrazhensky, entitled, ‘Spies Like Putin’, which clearly tells what the facts are.
    The cold war is still on-going in the Kremlin’s mind, it never really ”ended’ as we in the west have been lead to believe (so foolishly).
    Also, since Moscow in 2007 was able to seduce the greater part of the formerly free formerly anti-Kremlin ‘White Russian Exile Church’, (which is long & well established here in America) to come UNDER it’s KGB controled Moscow Patriarchy (founded in 1943 by Joseph Salin), now, Moscow sends it’s ‘priests’ to ‘help’ this exile church HERE in America, and for money-laundering purposes.
    We know that most if not all these Moscow ‘clergy’ are total KGB agents and spies.
    These recent 11 or 12 caught Putin spies, are but A DROP IN THE BUCKET! There are many thousands more of them, already here, already at work, in many circles of American life.
    Thus, this captive-church, on the KGB ‘religious-front’ called now, ‘The Russian Orthodox Church Abroad-Moscow Patriarchate’ under ‘Metropolitan Hilarion-Kapral’, here in America, is now a handy conduit for neo-soviet, anti-American, Putin espionage and information gathering and for other traitorous activities, aimed at weakening America, all under the protection of, our American, ‘freedom of religion’, and all done, ‘to help the Russian Motherland’.

  9. Смотри, пока ты тут тормозил, она уже удалила Димин комментарий, а ты тут всасываешь ее херню, она штурман который умеет прокладывать дорогу только по суши. Посмотри что за каприз, паранойя блин. По этому и удаляет, потому что она знает, что она несёт ахинею.

  10. I’ve been reading this blog for a while and I have to commend LR for exposing the ridiculous ideals of another oppressive regime in Russia.
    HOWEVER, I have noticed that commenting on this blog has been rather abusive. LR, I absolutely agree with you on the issues you talk about but if you resort to slandering any other commenter like they slander you, the credibility of this blog will diminish.
    Just food for thought, this has become a characteristic for most internet discussions.

    About people of ‘color’ in Russia, Konstantin is right. Russians have a very different history from most of the world and sociologically speaking, they have developed a very different and mistrusting view of the world. It’s almost genetic now! I was in Russia last year, as a student studying abroad for a semester, and I can tell you a lot about my experiences. In short, I had to always try to look like a tourist just to save myself from criticism and judgement, even though I was there to live the life and get some positive experience. Even though I did not feel threatened in Petersburg (the most ‘European’ of all cities, a characteristic which in my view is only architectural at this point), I could never feel like I was accepted even as a student. I lived with a wonderfully inviting Russian family and dated a great Russian guy. BUT, I never felt comfortable in the buses and I was petrified of taking the metro alone. I felt that the color of my skin was always a burden no matter where I was in Russia.
    I hope Russia and Russians someday outwardly become more tolerant and welcoming of guests in the future as they are on the inside (some exceptions are always there, I would never want to be near a skinhead). At least I hope it does, because I plan to go to Siberia next year.

  11. A friendly note to Konstantin,

    Though I realize that you are not fluent in English, ( which is no crime), yet you must know, that many who read this, basically, English-language site, have little or no understanding of what you are trying to say, in Russian.
    Your interesting…..thoughts, are thus, a mystery to a lot of us.
    Sorry to say this.
    Can’t you use a machine translation of your Russian, into English?

  12. To an idiot , Konstantin. You are so stupid…. When you write in English you try and fail to be “reasonable and balanced” but your garbage in russian expose you for what you are: typical russian bydlo, sovok and a kgb stooge. LOL.

  13. Konstantin,

    Now you sound like my 87 year old grandmother (rest her soul)!

    Obviously the lack of variety, state control, hypersexual and misogynistic nature of Russian TV is better suited to you.

  14. KGB found a “new” place to recruit KGB “priests” for the kremlin’s moscow (MP) “church”.

    Monday, July 12, 2010

    Window on Eurasia: Butyrka Prison Now Helping to Spread Russian Orthodoxy

    Paul Goble

    But today, thanks to the efforts of the ten Orthodox priests whom the late Patriarch Aleksii II appointed, the jail has become “a forge of cadres” for the Church, with many of the prisoners there become advocates for opening new Orthodox congregations in other parts of the Russian penitentiary system

    ( http://www.pravmir.ru/tyurma-novomuchenikov/ ).

  15. “a Russian person you see today, is a person whose ancestors suffered through many occasion in the history of their country”

    Konstantin, do you intend to say that the Russians suffered a lot from black people in the past and that is why they make them pay now for their previous crimes? Did Africans occupy Russia?

  16. Can not beleive tt somebody takes this hollywood “spies tale” seriously. It’s a kind of… top rated stupidity.


    So you feel the Kremlin was “stupid” to give up four people it considered wanted criminals to get back these non-spies?

    And you have no problem with a group of ten American citizens pretending to be Russians to learn Russian secrets and harm Russia with the results?

  17. About “Russian spies” and Osama’s Chef


    A cop who killed a civilian is looking at “between 2 and 4 years for criminal negligence” while a chef who cooked meals for a “bad guy” is facing life imprisonment.

    But first things first.

    And the first is how they turned Anna Chapman into a spy.

    “Anna never used any false names,” Robert Baum, Chapman’s lawyer was recorded saying. “She never met with any individual of the Russian Federation. She never accepted money. She never did any transfers. In fact, the only time that she was ever asked to do anything – by an undercover FBI agent – she refused to do it.”

    You know what? It seem that prosecutors never even alleged otherwise.

    It looks like, at least when in comes to Chapman, the whole case was a dud from the very start.

    But she pleaded guilty, did she not? And so would you given a choice between quick deportation – and freedom – or months in solitary confinement.

    While the world was busy devouring increasingly raunchy details about the “Russian Spies” ( how many of you even heard of “nipple clamps” before?) …

    ….a Sudanese man by the name Ibrahim Ahmed Mahmoud al Qosi surrendered to the might of US law enforcement, securing the Obama administration’s first terrorism conviction.

    Al Qosi pleaded guilty to conspiring with al-Qaeda and providing material support for terrorism, no less.

    By being Osama Bin Laden’ s chef.

    That’s right – the man cooked Osama’s kebabs and baked his na’an.

    And for that – and that only – he already spent 8 years in Guantanamo. And now faces life imprisonment.

    To be fair, Al Qosi was initially accused of being Osama’s bodyguard and almost a gunner of a mortar crew.

    But those charges did not stand. What stood is kebabs and na’an.

    Shouldn’t he be set free with apologies and offered the chance to go back to the kitchen (not Osama’s)?

    Fat chance.

    A Defense Department announcement of Al Qosi’s plea reads. “He knew al Qaeda engaged in acts of terrorism”.

    And one of us saw Mullah Omar once.

    Far away.

    In the crowd.

    Back in 1998.

    He was a known bad guy even then. What sort of punishment can we expect?

    Meanwhile, Johannes Mehserle, a white police officer who shot Oscar Grant, an unarmed black man, as he was lying down on the ground at a station in Oakland, California, in plain view of horrified commuters, is convicted of Involuntary Manslaughter.

    It’s not even “go figure”.
    It’s a full bodied “what the F!@# is wrong with this world?

    • WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. has detained a 12th person in connection with the Russian spy ring, but the man is not being charged with a crime, four federal law enforcement officials said Tuesday.

      Read more: http://www.kyivpost.com/news/russia/detail/73353/#ixzz0taED617c

    • @Meanwhile, Johannes Mehserle, a white police officer who shot Oscar Grant, an unarmed black man, as he was lying down on the ground at a station in Oakland, California, in plain view of horrified commuters, is convicted of Involuntary Manslaughter.

      Meanwhile, the St Pete OMON “police officers” who systematically shot and grenaded to death over 60-80 unarmed white people pleading for their lives (mostly elderly, but also a baby and a pregnant woman) in Novye Aldi, Chechnya, in plain view of their horrified family members and neighbours, remain not convicted of anything.

      More than 10 years later.

      @It’s not even “go figure”. It’s a full bodied “what the F!@# is wrong with this world?

      It’s not even “go figure”. It’s a full bodied “this is Russia” (aka “hell on Earth”).

    • @Al Qosi pleaded guilty to conspiring with al-Qaeda and providing material support for terrorism, no less. By being Osama Bin Laden’ s chef. That’s right – the man cooked Osama’s kebabs and baked his na’an. And for that – and that only – he already spent 8 years in Guantanamo. And now faces life imprisonment.

      In another operation, Andrei’s unit stumbled across dozens of wounded fighters in a cellar being used as a field hospital. Some were being tended by female relatives. “The fighters who were well enough to be interrogated were taken away. We executed the others, together with some of the women,” he recalled. “That’s the only way to deal with terrorists.”


  18. why… you said these words …well the post on blog about Russian culture is too good…

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