EDITORIAL: Caucasus Rebels, getting Bolder by the Minute


Caucasus Rebels, getting Bolder by the Minute

They are getting bolder by the minute.  Why, it’s almost like Shamil Basayev were still calling the shots.

Last week a bomb ripped through a security cordon outside a theater in Grozny, Chechnya.  Inside was the regional dictator and homicidal lunatic Ramzan Kadyrov himself, watching a show.  Next time, the local rebels were obviously saying, the bomb will be inside the theater and Kadyrov (and his cadres) will be dead.

So much for Kadyrov having pacified the Caucasus rebels.

Instead, on a daily basis we read reports about more and more insurgent violence rising throughout the region, and the acts of retaliation are getting bolder and bolder.  First the rebels lashed out at Moscow itself, bombing a subway system, and now they have targeted the locus of Russian power in the Caucasus itself, in the person of Kadyrov.

Meanwhile, it isn’t even clear that killing Kadyrov would make things worse for Moscow, they’re that bad already.  The dictator Vladimir Putin has allowed Kadyrov to achieve what so many Russian soliders gave their lives to prevent, namely the creation of a fully independent Islamic fiefdom in Chechnya.  It’s far from clear that the Kremlin has the power to remove Kadyrov if it wanted to, and there is no telling what madness this lunatic might be capable of as his power grows and his dependence on Moscow vanishes.

But one thing is absolutely clear:  Putin’s policy in Chechnya has resulted in total disaster for Russia.  Tens of thousands of Russian lives have been sacrificed and Chechnya has still won its de facto independence. Revolution is spreading throughout the the entire Caucaus region, fueled by the precedent of Ossetia and Abkhazia winning freedom from Georgia, and Chechnya itself could explode at any moment.

10 responses to “EDITORIAL: Caucasus Rebels, getting Bolder by the Minute

  1. Rudolph Carrera

    Beautifully stated, Kim. It’s bad enough that Chechnya didn’t gain independence during the Soviet crackup, but the Chechens were probably ready to wrestle with that. That Putin placed a psychopath in charge of the region is unconscionable, but the Russian government commits unconscionable acts at such a fast clip that people become almost numb to it.

  2. Or Ramzan has just staged an assassination attempt on himself. Again, it wouldn’t be the first time. The most revealing was when Kadyrov TV showed the body of a “suicide bomber shot by a sniper” in the head – too bad the guy had torture marks on his body, and both of his legs were broken.

  3. @Meanwhile, it isn’t even clear that killing Kadyrov would make things worse for Moscow, they’re that bad already.

    Actually, it’s quite possible they will just “retire” him, like they did with his father. (Ramzan himself says the daddy was killed by the Yamadayevs – and they worked for GRU special forces.)

    @First the rebels lashed out at Moscow itself, bombing a subway system,

    Or they didn’t.

  4. i am a big fan of the rebels,but unfortunately the reality is a little bit different.This summer is unusually calm so far,compared to former years.Between 2000-2004 or 2005 we had numerous clashes in Chechnya every day.Today there are 1-2 clashes in Chechyna within a week.And in Dagestan and Ingushetia the situation is also calmed than in 2009.Only in Kabardino-Balkaria the rebel-attacks are escalating since april.

    • Unusually “sascha” is right here. As he mentioned, KB is becoming an another “new Chechnya” now as the rest of the region calmed down a bit. The feds also scored some major blows this year with the deaths of Buryatski and Astemirov, and maybe especially the capture of Magas.

      The biggest attack during the last week was this:
      http://en.rian.ru/russia/20100705/159688670.html (“police spokesman” talks about a “motorized military convoy … with policemen”, so I guess they shot up some VV ). The Kavkaz federal highway from Rostov to Baku through Chechnya and Ingushetia is pretty much a highway of death, thousands of people were killed on this road in all kinds of violent incidents including in attacks on refugee convoys when the war was really hot. It is also where Estemirova was found dead on the roadside.

  5. Pseudo-Expert Robert in action,LOL

  6. Rudolph Carrera

    Where does Robert show off his pseudo-expertise? His comments seem rather reasonable to me, Sascha. Yours did as well until this comment you made ruined it.

  7. Policeman killed in Russia’s Dagestan

    Associated Press MAKHACHKALA, Russia (AP) — Officials in Russia’s violence-plagued Dagestan say gunmen have killed a policeman who earlier had lost his father, mother and sister to attackers.

    Read more: http://www.kyivpost.com/news/russia/detail/73304/#ixzz0tZ0tRwkY

  8. If they were bold, they would invest in some matches. Easier than bombs.

    There is also a danger of peat bog fires in the forests around Moscow, said Roshydromet’s Lukyanov. In the past, Moscow’s huge residential districts have suffered from suffocating smoke and low visibility during such fires.

    Read more: http://www.kyivpost.com/news/russia/detail/73341/#ixzz0taZsREe6

    • @If they were bold, they would invest in some matches. Easier than bombs.


      I remember how in the early 2000s Basayev took responsibility for some Moscow fires (Ostankino tower, Kremlin fire etc). But it was all accidents.

      (Which would also make you think about all the other things he took responsibility for, such as several alleged public-place “suicide bombings” of the Palestinian style that made no sense and only served the Kremlin’s interests.)

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