EDITORIAL: Putin steps in, Russophiles Exposed


Putin steps in, Russophiles Exposed

We must say that our greatest pleasure here on this blog comes in watching the malignant lies of the braying Russophiles and slobbering Russian nationalists exposed and decimated for all to see.

This happened with particular deliciousness last week in regard to one of their central mendacious narratives, namely that Vladimir Putin cannot be blamed for the actions of local government wiping out civil liberties because he is incapable of addressing such concerns.

Oh really?  Well what happened last week when, in yet another display of typically farcical Russian incompetence, a bridge was shut down in Moscow that prevented residents from reaching the international airport, causing hundreds to miss their flights?  What happened was that suddenly Mr. Putin was in the local bridge business.  “If passengers can’t fly out of Sheremetyevo, then this is a problem,” Putin said at a meeting of the presidium.  Then he set about making policy concerning the bridge.

If Putin is capable of personally defending a bridge in Moscow, then he’s capable of defending a blogger or reporter.  He’s capable of demanding and obtaining justice for people like Anna Politkovskaya and Sergei Magnitsky and capable of releasing thousands of copies of Boris Nemtsov’s manuscript.  And when these things don’t happen, it’s because he chooses not to do so, not because he can’t.

And what’s more, if Putin is capable of defending a bridge, he’s also capable of blowing one up.  And in the same way, he’s capable of ordering Politkovskaya murdered, Magnitsky tortured and Nemtsov censored and confiscated.

He’s capable, too, of ordering the neo-Soviet crackdown on artists and journalists that we document in today’s lead editorial.

And he must be held responsible, as must all the people of Russia who favor him with their support or look the other way as he carries out his barbaric obliteration of civil society and freedom in their country.

7 responses to “EDITORIAL: Putin steps in, Russophiles Exposed

  1. Thank you LR for another excellent, factual to the crux of the matter/point and hard hitting blog about the evil’s of that miniature Stalinist by the name of Putin.

  2. A bridge is an inanimate object.

    A sovok like Putler can love a bridge – because a bridge can’t criticize him, or point out his fallacies.

    For 6 years now, starting with the Orange Revolution, I have seen and witnessed the devastating effects of what the sovok union did to people.

    They created, or tried to create, homo sovieticus.

    It is a brutal, dehumanizing process which can only be best described as creating inanimate objects – bridges – out of people.

    It is hideous, it is pervasive – and the likes of Putler still count on it.

    The worst crimes one could commit in the sovok “paradise” were to think and speak.

    Still true under Putler.

    • Not true!

      A bridge could collapse on him or he might be pushed from it!

      Sovok solution: build high railings and post guards every 5 meters with machine-guns and attack dogs.

      Ahhhhh… All safe now!

  3. Excuse me but I don’t necessarily support him, hope you’re not banging your fists on the keyboard there shouting kill that Russian, kill him (i would be laughing if you do), and kill 80% of the whole nation who supported him in 2007, that’s a little extreme, and then you blame someone for being extreme with their policies in Russia. Double standards?

    A number of bad moves by Putin but there has been an improvement in one thing over the past week, curiously, Khodorkovsky has been testifed innocent by the former prime minister of Russia, who was finally granted the entry into the court.

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  5. Will this RUSSIAN LADY become a Russophile or a Russophobe?

  6. More from the annals of Russian “culture”

    Russian pianist Mikhail Pletnev on Thai rape charge

    Police in the Thai resort town of Pattaya have charged the renowned Russian pianist Mikhail Pletnev with raping a boy.

    The musician, who conducts the Russian National Orchestra (RNO), was bailed and later received permission to leave Thailand temporarily.

    Mr Pletnev, who owns homes and businesses in Thailand, called the case a “misunderstanding”.

    His orchestra is due to begin a tour of Europe and the US this week.

    A senior police officer told the BBC that Mr Pletnev had been charged with raping a boy and that photographs had been collected from one of his properties.

    Police are making other checks after a Thai tenant in one property he owns was arrested on suspicion of paedophilia.

    The tenant was among several Thais being questioned over alleged involvement in a child sex ring. They reportedly informed on Mr Pletnev.

    “We received a tip-off from a detained Thai man who is involved in a prostitution ring,” said Lt Col Omsin Sukkanka, from the children’s and women’s protection centre of the Pattaya police.

    “And we received more information from the child’s parents, the child himself and other witnesses.”


    Mr Pletnev is an internationally famous musician – a virtuoso pianist, composer and conductor – and a friend of former Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev.

    He won a Grammy in 2005 for an arrangement of Prokofiev’s Cinderella.

    He holds the highest award given to artists in Russia, that of People’s Artist, and is a member of the president’s advisory committee on culture.”


    Seems to be a fairly common theme amongst hero’s of Russia, be they cultural or military.

    Look at the Russian army officers who received medals for raping Chechen kids……

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