EDITORIAL: Mr. Putin and his “Extremists”

"Chimera, mystery of the Russian Soul" by Lena Hades


Mr. Putin and his “Extremists”

We’re guilty, and we admit it.  If Vladimir Putin has any guts at all, he’ll indict us.  We’ll be happy to pay our own way to Moscow to face his charges of “extremism.”  In fact, in just today’s issue, we’re guilty of at least two different acts of extremism.  Take us away!

Today in this issue we publish our own original translation of an article that appeared in the Russian newspaper Vedomosti, the Russian equivalent of the Wall Street Journal, this past April, authored by Maya Kucherskaya.  Two months later, the Putin regime declared it to be “extremism” and forced the paper to remove the article from its website.  One more such designation and Vedemosti is subject to being shut down by the Kremlin.

Kucherskaya is a highly trained scholar and writer and the recipient of two of Russia’s most prestigious awards for writing.  But not in the eyes of the Kremlin, she’s not. Because she dared to analyze the recent spate of terrorist acts against Russia critically, in the Kremlin’s eyes she’s no different than Shamil Basayev and one of Russia’s most respected newspapers is on the verge of closure.

She’s not alone.

Painter (and blogger) Lena Hades is on the verge of being thrown in jail for painting the image that appears above, depicting the Russian two-headed eagle as drunk, anti-Semetic and racist, pathetically obsessed with its Soviet past and brutally violent.  In the Kremlin’s view, such notions are also dangerously “extremist” and, in fact, just as “criminal” as the acts of Basayev.

Let’s be clear:  Ms. Hades is on the brink of going to prison for painting the image that appears at the head of this column.  The Kremlin believes she is a criminal.  It’s exactly the same scenario, in other words, that held sway in Soviet times.

As in Soviet times, the Putin regime is so pathetically weak that it fears it can be brought down by paintings and op-ed columns. And you know what? The Putin regime is right!  Vladimir Putin is just that illegitimate, just that lacking in real public mandate, and just that unable to wield power by making policy successes.

By republishing the text and the image, this blog is also, of course, guilty of extremism.  By this standard, we’re guilty of extremism in every issue we release.  So, if he has the guts, Mr. Putin should indict us.  We’re obviously criminals, and our text may well lead the ridiculously fragile and weak edifice of the Putin regime to topple and collapse. We must be stopped!

But we don’t think Putin has the guts to face us in a court of law, not even a rigged Russia court.  Doing that would expose Putin to ridicule, derision and international contempt the same way facing the likes of Anna Politkovskaya in court would have done. Vladimir Putin doesn’t have that kind of courage, and he showed that in the manner he dealt with Politkovskaya.

Any civilized, thinking person must be appalled by these revelations.  Any such person must stand up and demand that the democracies of the West fight back against the return of Soviet government to Russia, especially given its nuclear fangs.  And yet, what we see instead coming from the Obama administration in Washington DC is shocking cowardice, appeasement, and duplicity.  Instead of confronting Russian “president” Dima Medvedev over these atrocities, Obama is munching cheeseburgers with him.

16 responses to “EDITORIAL: Mr. Putin and his “Extremists”

  1. Putin had much more guts that any of us, he is a clever manipulator, overly paranoid though, which makes him behave with a sadistic spin.

    And the leader of what country would exactly approve of these sort of critical drawings? Another thing is that the artists should not be persecuted as long as they present those within a limited audience, like on their website, not on the news it’s wouldn’t be acceptable.

    • Well, actually let them present it anywhere, people will judge, after all we still know it’s only a matter of opinion, you can’t except more when a whole nation is portrayed as some sort of terrorising demon.

  2. “But we don’t think Putin has the guts to face us in a court of law, not even a rigged Russia court.”

    HAAAAAAAAAA, YOU WISH!!!! Putin would spit in your direction, and go to sleep, that’s how much of a public threat you are to him, with the few idiotic readers, who dwell on this blog.

    • So you admit that Putin uses judicial process against his political enemies, and focuses on those who threaten him most? Thanks! And, don’t you find that rather horrifying?

      Actually, this blog has more readers than almost any other English-language Russia forum on the face of the earth (as per our public counter) and we’ve published far more comments than any other English-language Russia blog in world history (try comparing us to Russia Blog or Robert Amsterdam on that score).

      We do admit that there are any number of idiots among them, as there are in the general population and to an even greater extent in Russia itself.

      We can do nothing else, since observing the vapid, rude, childish content of YOUR comment, any reader can see there are idiots present here.

      • I find it horrifying, but you aren’t attractive either. You mean you are top among political hate blogs, I don’t doubt that, but somebody was right earlier on, you are no match by popularity for englishrussia.com

      • I mean I find other Russian and Ukrainian girls more attractive than you :) I live a more or less healthy life, don’t get drunk much, don’t smoke, , don’t eat much junk food, study, I’m a good representative of my nation, I’ve seen people get wasted in England, going around smoking things in each other’s microwaves at 3 am to set off fire alarms and keep all others frustrated about sleep. :)

        • It’s a well known fact of life (especially so for Russian russophiles) that self portraits are always well colored. So ‘K’ it’s not what you think about yourself but of utmost importance what others think of/about you!

          Personally I know that you are a blind and brain damaged Russophile buffoon – PERIOD!!!

          • ‘K’ if that lame excuse is yours is an answer to my post, then Putin is definitely scraping the pits to use people of your caliber.

    • Why post your comment here, rather than reply to the supposed comment elsewhere?

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  4. Oh, come on Kirov, if you cannot came up with anything better than this load of utter crap, then you are a classic example of Putin’s superior ‘Nashi’ etc Russophiles? No wonder your beloved ruSSia is in such a mess – Heil Putler!!!.

    Hint!, before you open your mouth, do spend some time and study the real history and facts of life in that country before putting pen to paper and thus making an utter Russian fool of yourself, (that you really are). I mean what next? Russian pigs can fly?

  5. Shamil Basayev was a great freedom-warrior,Beslan was his single mistake.The chechen people will always remember him as a hero,who gave his life to liberate Chechnya from the incredible bloody russian occupation-terror!!!!! Let´s pray,that Dokka Umarov will finish the job successfully!!!

  6. Ну ты лох из ЦРУ, никто из журналистов не ведет себя так отвратительно, как ты. Думаешь такая умная удалять мои комментарии, в которых между прочем я задавал тебе неоднократно вопрос о твоей ненависти ко всему народу и культуре, че, боишься критики? Ты демократический кукольный клоун.

    Засела бабка какая-то и только может, что унижать теннисисток и футболистов, еще обвини их в причастности к ФСБ раз ты такая умная. Руки у тебя не от туда растут.

  7. putin is clueless:

    During their meeting, Putin looked concerned as he told Yevkurov that the price rise for a bride did not correspond to Russian inflation.

    Putin added he was not sure if the practice, widespread in the Caucasus and Central Asia, was Muslim in its nature.

    Read more: http://www.kyivpost.com/news/russia/detail/72485/#ixzz0t0ggvOXe

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