July 7, 2010 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  In Putin’s Russia, a Perfect Zero out of Ten

(2)  Putvedev and its Core Instability

(3)  It’s Army useless, Russia must rely on Nukes

(4)  The end of Democracy in Putin’s Russia

(5)  Backwards, Oppressive, Horrifying Russia


NOTE:  In honor of Independence Day in the USA, no issue was published on July 5, 2010.  We warmly congratulate the citizens of the USA on 234 years since the publishing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, and 221 years since the adoption of the U.S. Constitution, by far the oldest on the face of this or any other planet.  The stability and prosperity that American democracy have brought to American shores since then is surely the envy of the civilized world, and rightfully the pride of every American.  Meanwhile, Russia has been a basket case of upheaval, violence, repression and squalor.  If only Russians could take a lesson from this brilliant day of human celebration!

20 responses to “July 7, 2010 — Contents

  1. My hearty AMEN! to your statement here.
    But, I fear that the nukes…. will…. fly. It is only a matter of time, and just how desperate the criminal gang in Moscow will get, to hang on to their power, or go out in a ‘blaze of…glory’.
    Perhaps, like Hitler, just before his suicide, Putin as his swan song, will say, ‘Well, the Russian people deserve what happens to them, as they were never worthy of me!’, as he orders the missiles to fly.

  2. A friend sent me a poem that he wrote today:



    They’re rewriting America’s history

    So it just don’t make no sense;

    They want us to believe

    “We, the People” is past tense.

    Trying to make irrelevant

    The Founding Fathers’ original intent,

    Acting as if our Constitution

    Was no longer worth two cents!


    Our thoughful Founding Fathers

    Sought their wisdom from above;

    Understanding that in mens’ hearts

    There is no divine true love.

    The One the Founders called ‘True Master’

    Our enemies would remove,

    They try to convince us without God

    Our lives would surely improve!


    They alone have all the answers,

    According to the way they tell;

    Why, they’re so much smarter

    Than us and everybody else —

    It’s plain see the desire for power

    That makes their proud hearts swell;

    They demand to be without restrictions,

    Unfettered — a law unto themselves!


    Our battle with their tyranny

    Has only just begun;

    Remember what Mao Tse-Tung said:

    “Power comes from the barrel of gun.”

    Our Founders knew to fight oppression,

    Every man had to have a gun;

    If we let them take our guns away,

    Then they’ve already won!


    Our Founding Founders knew very well

    That freedom was not a commodity;

    Freedom’s not free when patriots and oppressors

    Must shed their own blood for the liberty tree;

    But it seems to me now, we need to examine ourselves:

    And ask how much do we love security,

    If it requires of us to make the choice

    Of surrendering our precious liberty?


    Yes, the forces of oppression,

    Are threatening our lives again —

    They want to take our freedom,

    And turn us into drones instead of men!

    We can keep on ignoring the signs around us,

    Continue living in a world of pretend;

    Or will we stand up for ourselves,

    And refuse to accept our Nation’s end?


    • не складушки не ладушки, поешь говен из кадушки, Тарас Шевченко

    • LES // July 1, 2010 at 11:41 pm
      A friend sent me a poem that he wrote today:
      They’re rewriting America’s history
      So it just don’t make no sense;

      Your friend is not good with English grammar, is he? He “don’t make no sense”. He must be a Republican from a red state. Is his daughter also his niece?

      • Thats OK V(oice) of R(etardation), your wife is also your mother, and your girlfriend is also your sister.

        Though I hear thats pretty normal where your family comes from, “keep it in the family” is a Russian tradition….

        • A nice joke, but you know what’s worse, that in Georgia many people marry their cousins, and what’s even more horiffic, it’s not a joke, it happens for real, and then people like you come and fart here.

          • No, it does not happen in Georgia.

            The Georgian Church forbids it, and Georgian law forbids it.

            Marriage to any cousin, no matter how far removed is not acceptable in Georgian culture.

            Meanwhile, incest is common in Russia, as is child molestation, rape, and abuse of women.

            BTW Konstantin, I know you are an idiot, but I’m not Georgian.

          • Like another nasty form of Russian behavior (Cannibalism), incest is not illegal in Russia:


            In Russia, consensual sex between adults, including incest, is not a crime.[15] However, under the Family Code of Russia, persons who are related lineally, siblings, half-siblings, and a stepparent and a stepchild may not marry.


            • We had a women from Georgia come to our school in Brussels in an international meeting informing us on the problems of Georgia, and cousin marriage as well as women abuse was very widespread she said, I trust people who officially represent the institutions of their country, not people who shout at others like you.

              Look at the source of your documentation, it was published back in 2003, laws change fast in Russia.

              • Abuse of women is far more common in Russia.

                In fact, a woman is four times as likely to be abused in Russia than in any European country.

                Georgia has problems too, but nowhere near the scale of Russia.

                As for marriage between cousins, well some documentary evidence would be nice, rather than the usual lies that come from Russians.

                Meanwhile from the lips of Alexandra Delemenchuk, of the Womens Information Centre, Tbilisi:

                In their marriages Georgians follow strict exogamy, marriages are forbidden between the relatives including cousins (7-8 generations), between people that shared the same family name, or between “named” relatives”

              • By the way Konstantin, first cousin marriage is legal in Russia…….

                • It’s legal, but so that we don’t prosecute the rights for the old customs of Caucasian people. And as for Russia, it has a population larger than any European country, no wounder more cases happen.

            • Hi Andrew,

              Thank you for the link on incest.

              When a friend from the ex-USSR told me that russians “do” their whole family, I found it hard to believe; but, now I understand why – the savage uncivilized barbarians in the kremlin condoned it. He also stated that they may “do” sheep/goats before they marry, so that they are not virgins before they marry. Could this be another reason why they call moscali KATZAP?

              PS Please note that the kremlinoid stated, “laws change fast in Russia.”, but the kremlinoid did not state that the law was changed to make them “appear” more civilized; meanwhile, most of the laws published by the kremlin are for the sheeple to have toilet paper. Do they call them sheeple because they “do” sheep also?

              • @He also stated that they may “do” sheep/goats before they marry

                turn this question to your Georgian friends, they are famous of sexually abusing goats in their mountains.

                @most of the laws published by the kremlin are for the sheeple

                You are the true sheeple aka “ukros”, as your laws allow Russia and other countries to take away your territories and put your country in a complete economic slavery; though you love to be slaves all over your history, a tribe of sheeple.

  3. Happy Independence Day, everybody!

    Let us all take a minute to give thanks to the country of France, whose army and navy – with the help of many American volunteers – defeated the British and gave independence to America:


    By July 1781 Cornwallis was in Yorktown, which in August he began to fortify. American and French forces marched to confront him, General Washington marching south from New York. The French fleet gathered off the York River. The British fleet under Admiral Graves had sailed further south.

    On 19th October 1781 Cornwallis capitulated to General Washington and the French commander, de Rochambeau. The war was over and the American colonies had won their independence.

    Grand mercy, France! In your honor, the American Congress has renamed “french fries” into “freedom fries” so that nobody would know they are french!


    Americans openly acknowledge their debt to France. Too bad Russians can’t admit that without American help they’d be speaking German now. And too bad Russia has no friends bearing gifts like the Statue of Liberty, isn’t it?

    • I agree, pre-revolutionary Russia also supported them with Russia’s navy as Russia was rivalring with Britain in central asia at that time.

      • Thanks for your interesting source material backing up your claim, you contribute no end of additional value to this blog and as such are a valued commenter.

        • No material is necessary as it is pure logic that Imperial Russian army opposed the British at that time.

          I don’t have sources at my fingertips as I am not an all-remembering computer, I think I got this from one of the programmes on the radio “Echo of Moscow”, by the way check this radiostation out, it is the most critical, analytical and non-biased radio in Russia, if not the whole world, it’s really interesting with all the people they invite to interview.


          Uh, excuse US Mr. Baboon, but who’s blog do you think this is? WE make the decisions about what is and is not necessary, doofus.

          • No, the Russian Navy and Army did not take part in the American war of independence.

            Russia’s rivalry with Britain in central asia did not take place until the mid to late 19th century, and centred on who was to have influence over Afghanistan.

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