July 2, 2010 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Obama  in Freefall

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Another Black Eye for Russia

(3)  The Putin Paradox:  Less Evil is More

(4)  Neo-Soviet Russia and her Western Henchmen

(5)  Russia’s Secret Life

NOTE:  Oleg Kozlovsky continues taking the West by storm, with a recent trip to Washington DC including visits with the House Foreign Affairs Committee, the Helsinki Commission, Foreign Affairs magazine and the State Department.

NOTE:  The friends of Sergei Magnitsky offer a new video about the brutality surrounding his barbaric murder.

6 responses to “July 2, 2010 — Contents

  1. Possibly the worst thing about horror is how much of this is just NORMAL AVERAGE Russian prison conditions. When they placed him in an overcrowded freezing cells there were other people with him you know.

    • Russian militiamen no longer feel they have to deny they use torture

      Paul Goble

      It is bad enough when officials violate the laws of their country but try to hide what they are doing from public view, but it is far worse when they conclude that they can act with impunity and therefore no longer deny what they are doing. And that is exactly what some Russian interior ministry officials have concluded regarding the militia’s use of torture.

      In an article in the issue of the Russian edition of “Newsweek” released yesterday, Elizaveta Mayetnaya and Pavel Sedakov note that while some militiamen have been charged with using torture, most of those suspected of doing so have escaped responsibility because of the interconnectedness of the militia and investigators (www.runewsweek.ru/country/34871/).

      This pattern was highlighted over the weekend when Russian anti-torture activists like their colleagues around the world marked the International Day for the Support of Victims of Torture, a day Mayetnaya and Sedakov say, presents especial difficulties for Russia which “consistently ranks in the top five countries where torture is most often employed.”

      At one commemoration, Oleg Khabibrakhmanov of the Nizhny Novgorod Committee Against Torture told the journalists that “earlier when [the militia] beat subjects, [the officers] tried not to leave traces.” Now, he continued, “no one makes that effort,” confident that prosecutors will not bring charges against them.

      Read more: http://www.kyivpost.com/news/opinion/op_ed/detail/71314/#ixzz0sJ684yYp

  2. Memorial has opened a “Virtual Museum of the Gulag” website.

    Well worth a look.


  3. The “hero of Russia” and notorious gangster and international terrorist Ramzan A.K. (soon to be wanted by Austria, and by Interpol like his cousin AD) has a LJ now:


    Bloggers have started a so-called “trolling” campaign, swamping the blog with deliberately offensive and disdainful messages, and someone on Sunday opened a Nyet, Ya Kadyrov, or “No, I Am Kadyrov,” LiveJournal blog with the same content and user picture as Kadyrov’s blog.

    One blogger doubted Kadyrov’s actual involvement in the blog, writing, “Ramzan, who writes texts for you?”

    The doubt was not entirely unwarranted, given that a response to a scornful comment posted on the blog referred to Kadyrov in the third person despite being posted from the Ya Kadyrov account.

    This could have happened if the editor of Kadyrov’s blog wanted to reply from a different account but forgot to log off from the presidential blog.

    The now-deleted reply praised Kadyrov for his achievements and blasted critics as “scoundrels” and “loafers who are only capable of expressing disappointment.”


  4. Apparently Medvedev has complained to Steve Jobs about the lack of Dima Bilan songs on iTunes!

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