June 30, 2010 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Annals of Russian Betrayal

(2)  TRANSLATION:  Nemtsov Volume III, Part 3

(3)  Why Putin’s Russia is Doomed to Fail

(4)  What’s wrong with Cisco Systems?

(5)  The Code of the Muscovite Idea

(6)  The Neo-Soviet Crackdown on Art Continues

NOTE:  Several months ago we noted the 2,000,000th visit to this blog, as measured by the counter on our previous Blogger-hosted blog and the one on our current WordPress installation.  Last Saturday, the counter on our current blog rolled past the 2,000,000 visit mark all by itself.  We have now welcomed over 2.3 million visits to our blog, far more than has ever been displayed on the public counter of any other English-language Russia politics blog.  We are also soon to publish our 50,000th comment, many times more than any other English-language Russia politics blog has ever received.

12 responses to “June 30, 2010 — Contents

  1. I had no idea that LR was so massive!!

  2. WASHINGTON — They have American names like Cynthia Murphy, but the U.S. says 10 people facing charges are actually Russian secret agents whose “deep cover” stretched back 20 years and included scenes from a bad spy novel — including corny code words and document exchanges at public areas like New York’s Central Park.

    The Justice Department announced the charges Monday, alleging the suspects were tasked with penetrating U.S. policymaking circles and hiding “all connections between themselves and Russia” by posing as civilians.


    • Excellent news. While the idiot Obama is busy sharing a happy meal with a Russian mafia underboss, the FBI are doing their job. I wonder who they did recruit in “U.S. policymaking circles”?

  3. Earlier this year in Poland – another deep-cover busted:


    Details about the identity of the man are sketchy. He has lived in Poland for ten years. He ran a small company, selling sights for hunting rifles. He had a permanent resident card and could speak Polish very well. According to the newspaper’s informants close to the government, the Russian embassy in Poland did not know about his activity because he reported directly to GRU.

    Polish security officers, who have been awarded for their work, also found signaling equipment in his flat.

    “It’s the first case since 1989 when a Russian spy was detected,” says an employee of the Chancellery of the President, explaining why the officers were rewarded by the head of state.

    In March last year, the Russian spy was detained in Poland. In April, President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev dismissed the head of GRU General Valentin Korabelniko, who had been in charge of the agency for twelve years. Polish media are suggesting the two events are not unconnected.

    • Robert,
      Polish authority estimated that about 30,000 Russian spies are active in Poland alone [not only Russians but also ex-communist Poles]. In every ex-communist country Russians infiltrated totally each and every level of all ex- com. countries’ societies. Remember the sudden ‘collapse’ of Czech’s government during Czech EU presidency – a master stroke – just to tell the world that Czechs cannot govern themselves, let alone run the EU. Wait until Hungarian and Polish presidency in 2011, respectively; and watch what internal problems will suddenly appear… Watch for disruptions in shale gas exploration, combined with political acts e.g., saving environment, eco-system etc. IT WILL BE ALL ORCHESTRATED BY RUSSIA.

      • @about 30,000 Russian spies are active in Poland alone

        I don’t think it’s true. Maybe you read about pre-war Poland (basically all of the Polish Communist Party, naturally) or something.

  4. The Economist:

    Russia’s empty empire

    Today at 19:00

    So much for Russia’s “zone of privileged interests” and the West’s worries about it. The phrase was coined by Dmitry Medvedev, Russia’s president, in the aftermath of the 2008 war with Georgia, when Russian rhetoric reached shrill levels. The events of the past two weeks in Belarus and Kyrgyzstan have provided a humble reality check and exposed the hollowness of Russia’s neo-imperialist ambitions among the states that once made up the Soviet Union. Read the story here.

    Read more: http://www.kyivpost.com/news/russia/detail/71319/20/page/1/#comments#ixzz0sGZ2wIHX

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