EDITORIAL: Fewer and Fewer Russians


Fewer and Fewer Russians

“Every year there are fewer and fewer Russians, alcoholism, smoking, traffic accidents, the lack of availability of many medical technologies, and environmental problems take millions of lives. And the emerging rise in births has not compensated for our declining population.”

That’s one of our favorite Russophobes, raging.  Anyone can see from his remarks his unbridled contempt for Russia and the people of Russia, and most of all for Russian ruler Vladimir Putin, who after more than a decade in unrestricted power has left his nation on the verge of extinction.  He’s a real Russia-hating bastard for sure, this animal.  He ought to be jailed in Siberia right next to Khodorkovsky.  You know the one we’re talking about, right?

Sure.  Dima Medvedev.

It’s odd, of course, that though he wields the power to fire Putin and replace him with a leader who might actually be capable of doing something about the crisis he acknowledges, or at least of speaking as openly and honestly about it as Medvedev himself, no such thing has occurred. To the contrary, Medvedev continues to allow Putin to upstage him at will, and indeed to make a mockery of the Russian “presidency.”

In issuing his statement, Medvedev was merely agreeing with former first deputy prime minister Boris Nemtsov, who has been beating this drum for years now.  Little surprise, then, that Putin moved rapidly to confiscate tens of thousands of copies of Nemtsov’s latest installment in his “white paper” series, which contained a direct attack on the prime minister on demographic grounds in its second chapter (which we published in an original translation earlier this week, having fully translated all of the prior white paper efforts).

And Nemtsov himself was doing nothing more than continuing the work of expert demographer Murry Feshbach, who has been tirelessly recording Russia’s downward demographic spiral for years now.  In fact, as we report in today’s issue, many Russians other than Nemtsov and Medvedev, including many respected scholars, openly acknowledge Russia’s demographic crisis and reject Putin’s efforts to cover them up.

Yet Putin and his blind sycophants, like the infamous “Emperor” with his “new clothes,” stubbornly go on with those effforts. And why should they not, knowing that Medvedev will do nothing to inhibit them?

It would be awful, of course, if Medevedev were of the same mind as Putin and his horde of Russophile scum.  But maybe it’s worst that Medvedev, openly acknowledging the crisis, chooses to allow Putin and that horde to continue their outrages uninhibited.  We think it is.  The little burps of truth that sometimes escape the lips of Russia’s puppet president make it perfectly clear he knows full well that what he’s doing is wrong, yet because of weakness or corruption he chooses to go right on doing it.

16 responses to “EDITORIAL: Fewer and Fewer Russians

  1. “Sloppy, factually inaccurate and not true.” These are the words Mark Adomanis uses to describe at least much of what appears about Russian demographics in the Western media. You can read his description in his interview with LR. It’s right at the end of the interview. It was interesting to note how much more respectful LR was to this Harvard man than the rest of us when he expressed these and similar views, than the person(s)? who generate the responses under her name here.

    • Mr. Adomanis was being INTERVIEWED on this blog, you blazing ignoramus. Perhaps you should wait until he COMMENTS here, or we editorialize about him, before you draw any conclusions. If he makes a comment as utterly vapid and absurd as yours, he’ll get exactly what anyone else would get. What’s more, we’ve posted SEVERAL harsh criticisms of Adomanis on True/Slant. You are way out of touch with reality, dimwit.

      Are you saying Adomanis was calling the president of Russia “sloppy, factually inaccurate and not true”? You do realize that’s who we’re quoting here in support of our thesis, right imbecile?

      Are you saying Adomanis has ANY demographer credentials of ANY kind?

      Have you READ the shockingly disrespectful, childish and abusive rhetoric Adomanis dispenses on his blog? His writing quality has been castigated across the blogosphere.

      Are you aware Adomanis was forced to apologize to a fellow True/Slant blogger for a gross factual error on his blog?

      And BTW, your own comment is TOTALLY devoid of ANY substance whatsoever. Likewise, Adomanis cited ZERO authority in support of his answers to our questions.

      Dude, try to get a freakin’ clue.


    The source for that chart, you ridiculous idiot, IS THE RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT ITSELF, and a person who is anonymous and not credentialed in ANY way. Please stop spamming our blog with absurd misinformation.

    Meanwhile, YOU (and your “source”) IS CONTRADICTING THE PRESIDENT OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION. Are you wrong, or is he a barbarically stupid moron?

    • Dmitry Kaganovitz

      Barbarically stupid moron is closer to the point. A puppet isolated from reality, to be more precise. Since when you started trusting what THE RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT ITSELF says to the word?

      • Oh-oh-oh… hopefully the source of your charts is the Marsians – they sure have more information on Russia than the Russian statistics service:)

        Oh, I forgot, you must be sure the RFE/RL, and the US government in general has more information on birth rates of Russians, from their own Russian statistics office:) That explains this all:)))

        However, please tell me, where does the data on Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine, the one you deleted, comes from? From the fascist Russia too?:)

        You’re laughable:D

    • BTW, WTF happened to another wonderful democracy?

      The data prepared by the Putinist goons from the CIA:)

    • voce della ragione


      The graph on Estonia shows that under the Russian rule, Estonian demographics were blossoming but the divorce from Russia in 1991 turned into a demographic catastrophe for Estonia, with the last 2 or 3 years being the most tragic.

      Can you please re-post the data on Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine? Did they also peak in 1991 and then come crashing down?

      • Ahem, the simple fact is, voice of retardation, that Estonians were being swamped with Russian settlers, in an attempt to Russify the country, something that funnily enough they are more than happy to have stopped.

        Face it retard, you and your ilk are loathed by your former imperial victims.

  3. Moldava wants to help russia to increase the # of russians living in russia:

    Moldova orders Russia to withdraw its troops

    CHISINAU, Moldova (AP) — Moldova has ordered Russia to withdraw 1,500 troops stationed in a separatist eastern region for the past two decades.

    Interim President Mihai Ghimpu on Thursday told Moscow to “unconditionally, urgently and transparently,” take the troops out of Trans-Dniester.

    It is the first time a Moldovan leader has directly urged Russia to remove its troops. Troops were moved there in 1991 when the Soviet Union collapsed.

    Trans-Dniester — which broke away over fears Moldova would reunite with neighboring Romania — fought a war with Moldovan forces in 1992 that left 1,500 people dead.

    • Russia does not even bother what the marionette “president” Gimpu squeakes. Mass media basically ignored this issue, as the future of Pridnestrovie will be anyways determined by the major players like Russia, EU, and US, but no way by Moldova. The Russian troops will stay in Moldova to protect Pridnestrovje as long as they need, and anyways longer than Gimpu will be a “president”.

      • Ah yes, the Russian tradition of ethnic cleansing and genocide as part of divide and rule policy is continuing as normal.

        Really Amigo, you are vermin.

    • voce della ragione

      Mihai Ghimpu should visit Serbia and Kosovo to learn how to deal with the loss of territory.

      • Putvedev should visit Vladivostok and start learning how to speak Chinese.

        Then they should visit the Caucasus, enter a mosque, get down on their knees and pray to Allah.

      • voce della ragione

        There are very few Chinese people in Vladivostok:

        In the entire Russian Far East, there are around 200 000 Chinese people.

        However, last week Medvedev recently visited my own part of the World – Silicon Valley in California- and saw a city populated by millions of Chinese and Asian people.

        Medvedev was here at Stanford to learn how how USA is so great at high-tech, the field where the majority of engineers are Chinese. I also hope that he has been to one of the thousands of great Chinese restaurants and supermarkets here. So, he now knows how great it is to have lots of Chinese people.

        As far as learning Chinese goes, there is no need for it here, because the main language here in California is Spanish.

        • What you, in your mendacity and ignorance do not realize, is that America is relatively speaking a country that happily assimilates diversity and draws millions of immigrants from around the globe, while Russia is a nation of racist pigs who hate and kill foreigners on sight. Russia cannot do in the Far East what America is doing in California, and anyone who suggests otherwise is a liar or a fool

          The question isn’t how many Chinese there are TODAY, but how many there will be in a few years as the population of Siberia dwindles to zero (California is growing rapidly) and the Chinese move in to fill the vacuum and take Russia’s oil supplies, which they crucially need. This process is already well underway and Russia can’t stop it.

          Your blind denial of obvious problems that are destroying Russia at the foundations is pathetic, and characteristic of the same blindness exhibited by the Soviet leaders as they similarly fiddled while Russia burned.

  4. Another blow to “russian” demographics. Ouch.

    Siberians hope to use Russian census to assert identity and demands

    Yesterday at 14:21 | Paul Goble

    Nonetheless, the Real Siberians are pushing ahead via their own virtual community and through sympathetic websites, and arguing that as many as 24.5 million people could declare themselves to be Siberians by nationality.

    Read more: http://www.kyivpost.com/news/opinion/op_ed/detail/81574/#ixzz0z2GyVXWK

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