EDITORIAL: Bloody, Violent, Horrifying Russia


Bloody, Violent, Horrifying Russia

Last year, Russia ranked a shocking #136 out of 144 nations in the world on the Global Peace Index. Only eight countries on the planet were viewed as being more horrifyingly prone to violence than Russia.

Amazingly, this year things got even worse. Russia now ranks #143 out of 149 countries, dropping a stunning seven places so that now, even with five countries added to the list, only seven nations on the planet, not eight, are more barbaric than Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

Sitting in the bottom ten, Russia is keeping company with the likes of Chad, Afganistan, Pakistan and Sudan.  Once again, the people of Russia stand exposed and humiliated before the world.

Nobody who read the translation we published in our last issue regarding the harvesting of organs from conscript soldiers after they commit suicide following brutal, barbaric dedovshchina hazing can be surprised by these findings.  Before these solidiers even get the chance to commit bloodthirsty war crimes in the Caucasus (Russia has been convicted over and over and over again for state-sponsored kidnapping, torture and murder in the Caucasus), the are themselves victimized by animalistic violence within their own barracks by their own comrades.

Russia has shown itself again and again, from the slaying of Galina Starovoitova to that of Anna Politkovskaya, to be a country capable of the worst atrocities imaginable, and then some.  It’s also clear that Russia is very much eager to inflict all manner of violence outside its borders, as the world clearly saw when Russian tanks rolled into Georgia inflicting massive civilian casualties.

The response of the Russophile rabble to this study is predictable. Since it slams Russia, it is not to be believed.  Its motives are suspect, it’s methodology questionable, it is the result of an evil Russophobic conspiracy of foreign spies.  No matter how many studies rank Russia at the bottom, from no matter how large a range of sources and nations, the Russophiles simply will never accept the obvious fact that Russia is a failed state.

But when one reviews other types of data, for example data regarding life expectency and per capita GDP, one also finds Russia lagging far behind the world.  Russia doesn’t rank in the top 100 nations of the world for lifespan, and if it weren’t for Russia’s oil resources the Russian economy would be easily rivaled by that of primative African or South American states.  As we’ve previously reported, Russia’s oil is running out fast.

But none of that matters to the Putin apologists.  They go merrily on denying reality, pretending that Russia is a peaceful country beloved by its neighbors and burdened only by the evil that is the USA, from which is stuggles mightily to save the world.  They cannot see that this is exactly the same narrative lie spun in the times of the USSR, a nation which promised to bury the USA but which was instead itself buried.

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  1. Of course, a “very peaceful” country like USA participating in two big wars and being the country that most frequently attacks other countries, has only 83th place. The question is: why funds this “Global Peach Index”? The answer is: USA!

  2. If you had ever been to America you would know that its murder rate is FAR lower than Russia’s, and its society is FAR safer. Americans live MUCH longer than Russians, which is why MILLIONS of immigrants are lined up to enter the country. THE GPI factors in domestic peacefulness as well as international.

    Moreover, you UTTER MORON, if the index were corrupt America would be in the TOP TEN, not #83. Did you get your brain from K-mart or something?

    Finally, it’s not an American project:

    The study is the brainchild of Australian entrepreneur Steve Killelea and is endorsed by individuals such as Kofi Annan, the Dalai Lama, archbishop Desmond Tutu, former President Martti Ahtisaari, Muhammad Yunus, economist Jeffrey Sachs, former president of Ireland Mary Robinson and former US president Jimmy Carter.


    • Voice of Reason

      While USA has a lower murder rate than Russia, it has the greatest number of criminals in the World, even per capita:


      Crime Statistics > Prisoners > Per capita (most recent) by country

      Rank Countries Amount per 100,000 people
      # 1 United States: 715
      # 2 Russia: 584
      # 3 Belarus: 554
      # 8 Ukraine: 416


      So you’re saying you’re just fine with Russia being #2 in the world and destroying itself, as long as America is even worse? What did Russians ever do to you to make you hate them that much?

      The topic of this post is VIOLENCE, not crime, you freakishly stupid and mendacious little worm. Please stop trying to change the subject ore we’ll have to ban you. AGAIN. Do you really think people can’t see through such childish, ridiculous responses to the facts we are citing?

      • Thats because the US justice system actually prosecutes people for crimes, even the rich and powerful, unlike Russia where even common petty criminals can buy off the cops, and are in fact encouraged to do so.

      • That’s the worst version of the Russian mentality for you, I’m fine as long as my neighbour is even worse than me.

  3. The fact that the US is only No. 83 and not in the bottom of the list is a total insult to the people of US-occupied Iraq, Afghanistan, and occupied Palestine, not to the mention the people of Central America ravaged by US-Reaganite terror in the 1980s, and then the four million people killed by US terror in Indochina.

    • Spoken like a person who has never been to Chechnya!

      • Your response merits no comment.

        To illustrate, the people of Iran need not fear further retaliation in the form of massive ordnance bombs dropping on their heads from the US for refusing to follow orders that emanate from Washington, D.C.

        A small, defenseless nation like Panama somewhere on the other side of the ocean need not fear any threats of bombardment or criminal sanctions for disobeying orders from Washington, D.C.

      • Russians didn’t start the fight in Chechnya. ;-)

        • Who did? Again America?

          • The hotheaded Caucasians for the most part with their Arab allies.

            • @The hotheaded Caucasians for the most part with their Arab allies.

              Chechen war could have been avoided – general

              MOSCOW. July 7 (Interfax-AVN) – The counter-terrorist operation in Northern Caucasus is unlikely to end in the near future, head of the Armed Forces department for combat training Lt. Gen. Vladimir Shamanov said.


              The Chechen war could have been avoided, if first president of the so-called republic of Ichkeria Gen. Dzhokhar Dudayev was treated “wisely and delicately,” the general said.

              “We acted arrogantly and from a position of force and intimidation. We dictated uncompromising conditions. We pushed Dudayev into the corner. We did not take into consideration the hot Caucasian temperament. It was then possible to agree and find a solution that would have been acceptable and wise for both us and he,” he said.

              The Kremlin’s main mistake was “thoughtless attitude to Dudayev, rough work with him and his team. Various demands were put forward, and the process was not controlled,” Shamanov said.

        • leos wrote;

          Russians didn’t start the fight in Chechnya. ;-)


          leos, leos, leos,
          Try to think, Chechnia wants to be free and independent -thi s will happen sooner rather than later.. In case you didn’t notice, russia is fighting following wars in Georgia, Chechnia, Indushetia, Dagestan, Ukrain and a magnificent addition to this barbaric list – Kyrgyzstan – do you think that russia can win all the conflicts??

  4. I think rusophilles could ask personaly the creator of the index why usa is so high.

    • Voice of Reason

      Because this “index”, like many other “rankings” that we see, is pure Western propaganda: USA is ranked as “peaceful” while countries, devastated by peaceful USA, are ranked as “warlike”. The usual blaming the victims for the perpetrator’s crimes.

  5. You keep deleting people’s comments.

    Your blog is sure to sink to the bottom of the dirtiest barrel on Alexa.

    • We have posted comment publication rules and we enforce them. Your suggestion that anyone has a right to write whatever they want on our blog is so utterly idiotic that it could only come from a hopelessly insignficant moron who has no blog and could not build one one if his life depended on it.

  6. “If you had ever been to America you would know that its murder rate is FAR lower than Russia’s, and its society is FAR safer.”

    Only in rural areas. Major cities like Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago are some of the most dangerous places on earth rife with crime.

    Remember Rodney King and those cops that got off scott free after beating him half to death?


    Or Vincent Chin the Detroit guy that was beaten to death?


    Or the fact that 40k die and 250k injured in car accidents every year?

    Hillary Clinton is safe because she has state troopers and/or secret police with weapons escorting her 24/7/365 everywhere including within American borders.


    You’re simply lying, Don.

    The murder rate in American cities has been falling for years now. New York’s murder rate is FAR lower than Moscow’s. Moscow’s murder rate is FAR higher than Russia’s obscene national average.

    Please stop lying, Don. If you can’t tell the truth, we can’t publish your comments.

    You’re a liar, Don.

    • @Major cities like Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago are some of the most dangerous places on earth

      26 November 2005

      “We have made Chechnya the safest place in Russia, soon it’ll be the safest place in the world – people will be coming here on holiday.


      @Remember Rodney King and those cops that got off scott free after beating him half to death?

      Remember thousands of people in Chechnya (“the safest place in Russia”) and those cops who got promoted and awarded after beating/stabbing/shooting/burning them to death?

      Seriously now, Don. Do you?

      @ Or Vincent Chin the Detroit guy that was beaten to death? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vincent_Chin

      What are you talking about? Chin was not killed by state agents. So, what about, say, Lula Luluyeva the Grozny woman that was kidnapped by the “special forces”, beaten to death (along with the other women), and dumped into a mass grave?


      @Or the fact that 40k die and 250k injured in car accidents every year?

      Try how many die in Russia (with more than 2 times smaller population). And then compare the statistics on alcohol poisonings, suicide, AIDS, TB, lung cancer, etc.

  7. As evidence of Taziyev’s possible cooperation, the report pointed to an operation in Chechnya on Wednesday that killed six militants, including an Arab mercenary named Yasir. The operation used chemical-warfare gases, the report said.


    Nikolai Rogozhkin, commander of the Interior Troops with the Interior Ministry, said Thursday that 2,984 of his troops have been killed since the start of the first conflict in Chechnya in 1994. He said nearly 9,000 others have been injured, Interfax reported. This is the first time that the Interior Troops has revealed the death toll.

  8. patchouli oil

    Letter from a comrade:

    I have a theory regarding the behavior of the US both at home and abroad.

    First, according to all reliable statistics, the US constitutes 4% of the world’s population, yet produces 80-85% of the world’s known and documented serial killers.

    Many of these serial killers are clearly psychopathic, conscienceless individuals, and who also engage in regular categorical denial of their crimes.

    The same can be said of the countless US officials, starting with garbage like Henry Kissinger, who cannot get enough of US criminality, and that disgusting woman named Madeleine Albright, who bragged on television that half a million dead Iraqi children is “worth the price.”

    She was also the woman who was hidden by a Serbian family during the war, only later to bomb the same village where she was protected from the Nazis and ultimately her death. The same man who had lived in the village wrote her a letter pleading with her to stop the criminal US bombing of Yugoslavia. She didn’t even bother to respond. That is the worst kind of psychopathic behavior, akin to the Nazis.

    Also, Clinton in 1993 stated that he had “lost no sleep” when he learned that over a dozen cruise missiles which he had ordered to be launched on Baghdad killed a leading artist, Layla al-Attar, along with her husband and other innocent civilians.

    Colin Powell joked that he “had run out of countries to bomb.” And now he states that sanctions on Iran are not effective and reveals himself sadistically when he states that “I don’t see that this causes sufficient pain.” Clearly the target of the US sadistic sanctions are again, innocent civilians.

    Bush was another epitome of such psychopathic behavior. You remember well him joking about not being able to find weapons of mass destruction while looking underneath a table. And the audience laughed it up, much to the surprise of the rest of the civilized world. He also unequivocally stated that he had lost no sleep over so many human beings slaughtered by US violence.

    Cheney was another ugly reptile. His response to Raddaz’s revelation that “Seventy percent of Americans don’t think it’s worth it [to occupy Iraq].” He immediately responded with “So?” But it wasn’t a typical “so” — it was one with a mixture of the most vile contempt for human beings and a total disregard for the truth.

    The same can also be applied to the hundreds of thousands of willing executors of US terror, the US military men who hoot and howl like hysterical hyenas when they slaughter human beings from helicopters and jet fighters, and engage in the most vile acts of sodomy, torture, and sadism in chambers like Abu Ghraib.

    If you look carefully at the faces of American war criminals — Bush, Cheney, Clinton, Rumsfeld, Albright, Powell — they have nothing but hatred and contempt written all over them. And if you juxtapose their faces with those of American serial killers, you’ll notice that there is not much difference.

    I don’t know of any contemporary society where such criminally insane psychopathic behavior exists. It is definitely unique only to the United States. And I think that there is a connection between the very high incidence (80-85%) of serial killing and the serial killing committed by US officials in suits and ties.

    They simply cannot do enough killing, and like their serial killing counterparts, they enjoy every minute of it.

    • Tell “a comrade”:

      @The same can be said of the countless US officials, starting with garbage like Henry Kissinger, who cannot get enough of US criminality,

      For his part, Mr. Putin praised his guest’s legacy and influence on the Russo-American dialogue. “Relations between our two countries are developing successfully on the foundation that you laid in your time as Secretary of State,” Mr. Putin said, according to most daily newspapers. Tuesday’s meeting was Mr. Putin’s sixth tête-à-tête with Dr. Kissinger since he became President.


      Ask “a comrade” what he thinks about it.

      • patchouli oil

        You are probably an aged American man who cannot comprehend simple sentences.

        • Voice siome Reason

          No, he isn’t. He is not an American, and his problems with English are due to the fact that it’s not his native tongue. Nothing to be ashamed of.

        • So this is what “a comrade” said about Putin-Kissinger partnership and friendship?

          Kissinger’s Nixon Center is the most “Russophile” (and even more, pro-Beijing) think tank in the United States.

    • Regardless whether all or any of this is true or not, what does it have to do with Russia? Do you remember the topic of this blog? You are free to post “I hate America” messages, but not here. There are blogs where people discuss flowers, sports, ballet, science, medicine, chess, law, education, etc. On those blogs they don’t post messages about Russia or America because such messages would be irrelevant there. The same applies here.

      There are plenty of places where you could express your feelings with respect to the United States. Go there.

      • Dear RV,

        The 80%-85% is just some kremlin spin-doctor DISINFORMATION.

        Russia is the world’s #1 for premeditated murders – 21.5 per 100,000 people. Nearly 75% of premeditated murders, about 80% of acts of hooliganism, and up to 75% of rapes take place between 6pm and midnight.

        In 2005, the police registered 30,800 murders and attempted murders; 18,000 people died in this way. 14,000 left this world thanks to criminal driving offences, 15,000 died in fires, 20,000 disappeared without trace, and more than 40,000 unidentified bodies were found.

        Total: 137,800. In 2006, the police recorded 140,000 criminal deaths. You can add 58,000 suicides to this.

        Because 20,000 disappeared without trace, and more than 40,000 unidentified bodies were found, this means that russia has more serial killers in one year then the combined countries on the rest of this planet. In the USA, they document, arrest and convict serial killers; in russia, they do not care about russian sheeple.



        • @20,000 disappeared without trace, and more than 40,000 unidentified bodies were found.

          Every year they find many people who disappeared earlier in the Russian violence, like mass graves of execution victims or the battlefields remains (you must remember the millions of dead Soviet soldiers still remain “missing” according to the civilized standards, that is the location of their remains is unknown).

          But only private groups of enthusiasts are looking for the skeletons, with no governement interest at all:


          The title is misleading: “Russia” is not searching, the individual Russians are searching.

          You may compare it with the civilized world, like when the US paid North Korea 2 million dollars to return a few skeletons, or how the Israelis are willing to exchange many captured live enemies for the remains of just one soldier.

        • Exactly, but let’s say we have many serial killers (I don’t think it’s very common, and the media grossly exaggerates this to make a buck). So, how the fact that there are problems in America make Russia safer?

          It’s the favorite tool of all this Kremlin propagandists here (paid and unpaid ones, I suppose). You say they have widespread poverty, and they respond by pointing out to O.J. Simpson, or a race riot in Los Angeles. As if this rate riot refutes the fact that they are a very poor country

          • @So, how the fact that there are problems in America make Russia safer?

            The pot calling the kettle black.

        • patchouli oil

          The 80-85% figure is real and document, according to the FBI.

          None of what you write is even partially true.

          Everything that my friend wrote regarding American serial killers and their American serial killing counterparts in suits and ties is true.

          • @The 80-85% figure is real and document, according to the FBI.

            OK. Please show me this “real and document”, and I’ll see and tell you what what you didn’t understood (or pretended to not understand).

            • Hi Robert,

              You are dealing with a brainwashed clueless teenager who believes his kremlin press releases.

              The kremlin is the only government that ORGANIZED 112,000 PAID serial killers, in a few weeks. {AKA GENOCIDE – AKA HOLODOMOR}

              In 1932 Ukraine had an average grain harvest of 146.6 million centers (15.5 million centers more than in 1928), and there was no climatic danger of famine. Yet, because of onerous forced grain requisition quotas that the kremlin imposed upon the Ukrainian rural population, the peasants already experienced hunger in the spring of 1932.

              The grain collections were brutally carried out by 112,000 special kremlin agents sent to Ukraine to extract grain by using terror against both collectivized and independent farmers.

              {They also confiscated or destroyed potatoes, beets, cabbage, pickles, and ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that they could find, that was normally edible.}

              Consequently mass starvation and disease became rampant, resulting in millions of deaths


              Lemkin’s {In 1943 he coined the term “genocide”} notion of genocide was much broader than the definition of that crime retained by the UN Convention. In particular, Lemkin’s victims of genocide included groups targeted because of their social and/or political identities. However, the Genocide Convention recognized only four groups of victims:

              national, ethnic, religious and racial.

              Ukraine is highly susceptible to racial murder by select parts and so the Communist tactics there have not followed the pattern taken by the German attacks against the Jews. The nation is too populous to be exterminated completely with any efficiency. However, its leadership, religious, intellectual, political, its select and determining parts, are quite small and therefore easily eliminated, and so it is upon these groups particularly that the full force of the Soviet axe has fallen, with its familiar tools of mass murder, deportation and forced labor, exile and starvation.


              • You know, I’m just interested to see this “document”.

                If this is indeed “real”, I guess it’s about the serial killers who have killed the US citiziens or something.

                I wonder if Russia even has a legal definition of a serial killer (remember we’re talking about country where even cannibalism isn’t officially outlawed). But I know for sure they sure don’t care to punish them if they only kill the Unteremenschen:


                Russia’s most sensational skinhead trial ended
                The gang, which had been led by Artur Ryno and Pavel Skachevsky, both students then aged 17, picked on non-Russian workers living in Moscow. The victims were selected randomly and stabbed to death.

                Police had no clue about the pair’s prolific racist killing spree until April 2007 when the teenagers attacked Karen Abramian, 46, an Armenian businessman, who they stabbed as he entered his Moscow apartment block. Police captured Ryno and Skachevsky as they fled, finding them with blood-soaked clothes and carrying 25cm (10in) knives.

                In custody the pair boasted of their numerous victims, claims police treated with skepticism. Later it was established the gang had murdered 20 people, including Tajik labourers, Chinese migrants and a Russian grandmaster of chess.


                Ryno and Skachevsky, now 19, were both jailed for 10 years yesterday.

                Five other defendants got sentences of six to 20 years and two were acquitted.

                • Btw, the article called this “lenghty sentences”. Maybe the sentences of only 6-20 years in prison for systematically and brutally murdering 20 completely random innocent people (and injuring and attempting to murder many more) is “lenghty” in Russia, I don’t know.

    • Dear patchouli oil,

      You are a genuine useful idiot. Most cheka, and their successors, were TRAINED and PAID serial killers. My Father told me that Dzerzhinsky and Lenin recruited their “staff” with their friends from the prisons, with whom they had spent hard time with, after they opened the prisons – murderers, rapists, etc. Then they went to butcher stores and slaughter houses for further recruits for the cheka – because the sight or smell of blood did not bother them.

      • “… On one side, millions of starving peasants, their bodies often swollen from lack of food; on the other, soldiers, members of the GPU carrying out the instructions of the dictatorship of the proletariat. They had gone over the country like a swarm of locusts and taken away everything edible; they had shot or exiled thousands of peasants, sometimes whole villages; they had reduced some of the most fertile land in the world to a melancholy desert.”

      Malcolm Muggeridge – British foreign correspondent, “War on the Peasants”, Fortnightly Review, 1 May, 1933

      {It is difficult to understand that the uncivilized savage pagan barbarians in the kremlin created an army of serial killers to kill tens of millions (10,000,000’s) of human beings. But, this is, and has been standard operating procedure for the uncivilized savage pagan barbarians in the kremlin, for centuries. }

      Kartashev, an OGPU investigator, willingly spoke of his part in persecuting kulaks: “By my personal count, I shot thirty-seven people and sent many more to the camps. I know how to kill quietly. Here’s the secret: I tell them to open their mouth, and I shoot them close up. It sprays me with warm blood, like eau de cologne, and there’s no sound. I know how to do this job — to kill.”

      {Your delusional definition of “morality” may mean over 37?}

      For more than fifty years, Soviet children were taught to keep a sharp eye out for enemies of the people, even among their neighbors and family members. A young Komsomol leader, A. Ksoarev, wrote in Pravda, “We do not share a common morality with the rest of mankind… For us, morality is that which builds Socialism.”

      Moved by this kind of “morality,” the kremlin, and their government, easily converted millions of living people into corpses.

      But in the case Pavlik Morozov, a corpse was converted into a living symbol. Through the power of this legend, the kremlin raised an army of Morozov imitators, and the myth became an everyday reality of Soviet life.



    • How many paid and TRAINED RUSSIAN SERIAL KILLERS participated at this event (?) :

      Mass grave of Stalin’s victims unearthed near Ivano-Frankivske


      JERSEY CITY, N.J. – Yet another mass grave of victims of the Stalin terror in Ukraine has been found in the republic — this time in western Ukraine in the Ivano-Frankivske area.

      According to the September 30 issue of Komsomolskyi Prapor, official newspaper of the Ivano-Frankivske Oblast Komsomol (Communist Youth League), on September 21, in Demianiv Laz, a nature preserve near Pasichna, south of Ivano-Frankivske, a mass gravesite was unearthed.

      Found along with the bodies — some 500 exhumed thus far – were documents proving that these were victims of the NKVD, executed in 1941. Many of the dead were prisoners in the secret police’s prison in Stanislav, now Ivano-Frankivske.

      “The truth about Demianiv Laz, as well as the nearby Pavlivsky Forest and the nameless graves near Nadvirna, was to have been heard at the meeting in Ivano-Frankivske on January 29. However, the invited witnesses to the mass shootings and secret nighttime burials did not appear. We will not reproach the grandfathers of the Pavlivsky Forest and Pasichna for their fear,” the newspaper said.

      On that day, according to a Radio Liberty report published in The Weekly in March, an informal historical-cultural society had wanted to organize a public meeting to commemorate the victims of Stalinism. Local officials, reported RL, tried to transform the gathering into a meeting to honor “the victims of the Banderite movement.”

      Komsomolskyi Prapor reports that Memorial has begun the difficult task of collecting eyewitness accounts of the massacre, using both audio and videotapes. The most difficult aspect of this work, Mr. Krutsyk told the newspaper, is to overcome the fear of local residents.”

      The Komsomol newspaper described the scene as the mass grave was found after several unsuccessful attempts on September 27:

      “A pile of wet, half-rotted clothing, out of which fall human bones. The old villagers of Pasichna cry. There is horror and pain in the eyes of those present. A toothbrush. An aluminum quart-container. They, obviously, were told that they were to be transported (out of the агеа). A leg bone sticks out of a shoe. Buttons. Death. The military field engineers have fallen deathly still. And the excavator is digging a new trench. On its shovel — clothing, bones. The videocamera records our return to history…”

      “The seventh day of exhumation. The remains of 212 persons have been found. Examining the clothing, shoes, one can say with certainty: the absolute majority of the victims arevillagers. There are very many women. There are also invalids – a glass eye is found, as are dark eyeglasses of the type worn by the blind…

      “The mind refuses to accept this horrible scene. And thus far, only one grave has beeh exhumed…” Thus begins the story of yet another Katyn, or Kuropaty, or Bykiynia-type grave of the countless victims of Stalin’s reign of terror.

    • How many paid and TRAINED PROFESSIONAL RUSSIAN SERIAL KILLERS participated at this event (?) :

      The Katyn Massacre

      Although the kremlin was brutal towards everybody, they seem to have reserved a particular hatred for the peoples of Poland. In a long period of crimes against humanity it is difficult to select one that is any more terrible than the others, but the Crime of Katyn does stand out as one of the worst.

      On September 17, 1939, the kremlin, in defiance of all pledges and agreements and without previous declaration of war, ordered the Red Army to cross the Polish frontier. At four o’clock in the morning soviet troops, consisting of a considerable number of infantry divisions, several armored brigades and motorized corps with some cavalry formations, invaded Polish territory. At this time, twenty five Polish divisions were still fighting the Germans. Some Polish units resisted the Soviet advance while others welcomed them, thinking that they had come to help them to fight the Germans. Evidence of Soviet aggression comes directly from Soviet sources. In an article written in 1940 for the People’s Commissariat for the Defense of the Soviet Union appeared the following:…

      A year has elapsed since the historic day on which detachments of the Red Army, on orders from the Soviet Government, crossed the frontier. The victories of Grodno and Lviv, the powerful thrust into and smashing of the fortified center at Sarny and the attacks against the enemy at Baranowicze, Dubno, Tarnopol and many other places will be recorded for ever in the annals of the Red Army. The armored troops were like an avalanche advancing irresistibly, supported by aircraft, artillery and motorized infantry …

      It was at this time too that collaboration with the Nazis really began. On September 12, German troops approached the town of Lviv and tried in vain to capture it. An in-effective siege followed and repeated attacks against the town were repulsed. When Soviet troops entered Polish territory and approached Lviv from the other side, they made an agreement with the Germans for joint military action. By September 21, it was clear that any further resistance was useless. In order to save lives and to preserve the town from useless destruction, the Commander surrendered.

      The Polish soldiers were promised that if they surrendered they would be allowed to go home, or to Hungary, or to Rumania, but the majority of Polish officers were arrested and deported to the Soviet Union.

      It was worse in some sectors. There some officers were immediately shot, while others were beaten before being deported. Altogether the Soviets arrest 250,000 Polish soldiers. Then the NKVD moved into Poland. Using their usual methods, an estimated 1,500,000 Poles were deported, and within two years 270,000 were dead.

      In western Poland Hitler had given instructions to Himmler that whatever could be found in the shape of an upper class was to be liquidated. By September 8th, the SS was able to boast that they were killing 200 Poles a day, and by the end of September tens of thousands of Poles had been murdered.

      Then, the SS and the NKVD started their collaboration. Germany and the Soviet Union had agreed in a treaty of September 28, to combine in suppressing Polish opposition to their joint rule. German Marxists living in Moscow were handed over to the Gestapo. Jews trying to escape from the Germans were shot by the N K V D.


    • How many moscali that were paid and TRAINED PROFESSIONAL SERIAL KILLERS participated at this event (?) :

      Many people talk about Katyn, and few people know about Bykivnia – and they are related.

      Up to 1,000% more victims {Ukrainian and Polish Intelligentsia} of sinful genocide were buried in Bykivnia than in Katyn.

      Bykivnia (Ukrainian: Биківня, Russian: Быковня, Polish: Bykownia) is a former small village on the outskirts of Kiev, Ukraine, that was incorporated into the city in 1923.

      During the Stalinist period in the Soviet Union, it was one of the sites where the NKVD had buried thousands of executed, real or alleged enemies of the Soviet power. The number of bodies buried there varies from source to source between “several dozen thousand,”[1] 30,000,[2] 100,000[3] and 120,000,[4] though some estimates place the number as high as 200,000[5][6] or even 225,000.[4]

      From the early 1920s until late 1940s through the Stalinist purges, the Soviet government hauled the bodies of tortured and killed political prisoners to the pine forests outside the village of Bykivnia and buried them in a grave that spanned 161,500 square feet (15,000 m2). So far 210 mass graves have been identified by Polish and Ukrainian archaeologists working at the site. During the Soviet retreat in the early stages of the Operation Barbarossa, the retreating Soviet troops leveled the village to the ground. The mass grave site was discovered by the Germans along with many other such sites throughout Ukraine.

      It was widely believed that, apart from the Soviet victims of the Great Terror, the site might be the final resting place of 3,435 Polish officers captured by the Soviets during the German and Soviet invasion of Poland of 1939, and executed in the spring of 1940 in the Katyn massacre, among over 20,000 Polish officers and intellectuals.[1]

      Since 2006 Polish researchers have found a number of bodies of Poles, prisoners killed in spring 1940 during the Katyn massacre. Apart from bodies, Polish researchers found everyday use things, such as a comb, on which the owner, an unknown Polish officer, carved several names, such as Franciszek Strzelecki, Ludwik Dworak and Szczyrad… (this potentially might be referring to Colonel Bronislaw Mikolaj Szczyradlowski, deputy of commandant of Lviv’s defense in September 1939). Also, a dog tag belonging to Sergeant Jozef Naglik, soldier of the Skalat Battalion of the Border Defence Corps, was found on the spot. All the names belong to the “Ukrainian list” of Katyn massacre victims and serve as proof that Bykivnya is connected to the Katyn crime.[1]

    • How many of the moscali that were sent to this event, by the uncivilized pagan barbarians in the kremlin, were paid and TRAINED PROFESSIONAL SERIAL KILLERS that participated at this event (?) :

      The Vinnytsia massacre was a mass execution of (mostly ethnic Ukrainian) people in the Ukrainian town of Vinnytsia by the Soviet secret police NKVD during Joseph Stalin’s Great Purge in 1937–1938. Mass graves in Vinnytsia were discovered during the German occupation of Ukraine in 1943. [1] The investigation of this site coincided with the discovery of a similar mass murder site of Poles in Katyn.

      A monument was also erected to the “Victims of Stalinist Terror”. Later the Soviet authorities rededicated the monument to the “Victims of Nazi Terror”, finally completely removing it and creating an entertainment park in its place.[4] During Soviet times, information about the massacre was disseminated and investigated by the Ukrainian diaspora in the West. The mass murder in Vinnytsia was an officially forgotten topic in Ukraine until 1988.[1]

      The thousands upon thousands in these graves were found with their hands bound behind their backs, their bodies riddled with bullets.

      In Vinnytsia alone, the graves yielded close to 10 thousand victims. Vinnytsia stands as a symbol of the millions who were murdered.

      Mass graves had been unearthed at three sites along L itynsky Street: at the so-called “Park of Culture and Recreation.” at the old cemetery, and, somewhat further on.

      In an orchard, decomposed corpses, with hands still bound behind backs, and bulletriddled skulls, were exhumed by the hundreds and thousands.

      Later, additional mass graves were uncovered. An awful stench permeated the whole clty. – and along wlth it, all of Ukralne.

      people whose family members or relatives had been arrested by the NKVD before the war, and were never heard from again. As they approached the mass graves, they gathered the wild grass that grew by the wayside, holding it close to their noses, breathing in its strong scent, to cover the other, awful smell. There were those who, not yet having reached the site, simply broke down and wept. Others sat down In the ditches along the road, uncertain as to whether to go on or turn back. It was a scene of retchedness and abysmal despair.

      Those who found the strength to come to the site of the mass graves approached with trembling hands and weak knees. After their long, tense, arduous journey, there it was, the dreaded spot.

      A group of people approached the heap of corpses. Suddenly, an elderlv woman, separating herself from the group and tossing aside.her bundle, shrieked and threw herself down on a nearby corpse. It disintegrated under her.

      The year 1933, the year of the Great Famine, was still fresh in the memory of millions of people in Ukraine. Vivid images of swollen bellies and skin drawn taut over a skeletal frame were not easily forgotten. That year gravediggers found it hard to keep up the demand for their services. It was said that they would take along with them the badly swollen bodies of any members of the family who, although still alive, were clearly on the verge of succumbing to the ravages of hunger. One knew that once the body started to swell there simply was no hope. How could there be any hope for villagers who were already driven to eating bark off the trees? …

      All this was indelibly etched in the memory of the Ukrainian people, when in the years 1936, 1937 and 1938, they suffered the onslaught of the kremlin’s terror. People now lived in dread of the day when a “black raven” (as the NKVD car commonly referred to) would pull up their home and take someone away, never to be seen again. Millions of people disappeared in this way.

      The “black raven’ usually came at night; the NKVD agents would search the house, or sometimes, without even bothering to conduct a search. Simply ordered the person they came for to get ready. This was the last time that the family would see of him. All those arrests were made on the grounds that those arrested were “enemies of the people”. In Stalin’s time , when “suspects” numbered in the tens of millions, a card from a relative be it from Poland or some other country.

      Or, the possession of a crucifix or prayerbook, constituted sufficient incriminating evidence to warrant immediate arrest. In many cases, arrests were made soley on the basis of groundless and purely malicious reports by informers.

      There was hardly a family left in Ukraine that was not affected by this terrible wave of arrests that lasted until the outbreak of World War II.

      Prisons were filled with people sentenced without trial, simply because a group of blood-thirsty tyrants in the Kremlin, with the depraved Stalin at their head, had, in effect, condemned the whole nation as “an enemy of the people.”

      Those who were arrested were not guilty of anything – nor, in fact, could they be guilty vis-a-vis such a barbaric regime.

      Click to access vin-bw-300dpi.pdf

    • How many of the moscali that were sent to this event, by the savage uncivilized pagan barbarians in the kremlin, were paid and TRAINED PROFESSIONAL SERIAL KILLERS that participated at this event (?) :

      Kurapaty (Belarusian: Курапаты) is a wooded area on the outskirts of Minsk, Belarus, in which a vast number of people were executed between 1937 and 1941 by the kremlin’s secret police, the NKVD.

      In a special report to The New York Times, Bill Keller discusses the mass graves in Bykovnia forests near Kyiv which are “the latest focus of a grisly search for the undiscovered or unacknowledged burial grounds of the millions killed by the kremlin’s repression.”(3) The mass graves in the Bykovnia forests, similar to the recently discovered graves at Kuropaty near Minsk in the Byelorussian SSR where the NKVD murdered over 100,000 Byelorussians, (4) reveal the staggering dimension of GENOCIDE committed by the kremlin’s killing machine, especially in the Ukrainian and Byelorussian republics.

      (3) ‘Bill Keller, “Mystery of Ukraine Graves: Whose Victims Were They?” The New

      York Times, vol. 138, no. 47,801 (March 6, 1989), p. 1.

      According to the Associated Press, estimates of the buried victims in Bykovnia

      vary from 6,000 to 300,000. Ukrainian villagers “broke five decades of terrified silence

      to accuse the krenlin’s secret police after the Ukrainian government erected a monument

      in May 1988 blaming Nazi occupiers for the crime. The villagers forced Ukrainian

      authorities in December to establish the commission, saying three previous investigations

      had covered up the truth.” See “Soviet commission says ’30s massacre committed

      by the kremlin’s police, not Nazis,” The Denver Post, (March 25, 1989). According to

      the Associated Press, the TASS agency stated that an examination of archival records

      confirmed that victims in Bykovnia were the so-called “people’s enemies,” accused

      in the 1930s with counter revolutionary activities.

      It is important to note that on May 7, 1989, representatives of the Ukrainian

      Society Memorial and thousands of Ukrainian residents of Kyiv held a mass meeting

      at Bykovnia in order to commemorate the mass murders committed by the NKVD.

      (4) Zenon Poznyak, “Kuropaty. A National Tragedy That Everyone Should Know
      About,” Moscow News, no. 41, 1988. According to Poznyak, Kuropaty “was a place
      where people were shot on a mass scale. It was a ‘murder place’ which operated every
      day from 1937 to June 1941.”

      Click to access kamenetsky-full.pdf

      Kurapaty case: 20 years later
      21.06.2008 , 13:35 Society

      Igor Kuznetsov , BelGazeta
      20 years have passed since then , both in Belarus and in many countries around the world know what a “Kurapaty , and 9 years to the day when , in April 1999 finished fourth investigation into the discovery of mass graves in a wooded area Kurapaty. But so far his results in full and not made public .

      APPROACHING THE Kurapaty

      June 3, 1988 in the newspaper Litaratura i Art ” , published an article Zyanon Paznyak and Eugene Shmygaleva ” Kurapaty – Daroga smertsi . The authors described how in the early 70 ‘s. in the village of Green Meadow they have heard from old-timers about the shooting of people in the near woods.

      Since 1937 to 1941 , they said, every day and night, there was brought in cars and people killed. All around was an old pine forest , named it Brod , stretched around the woods with tiny bits of arable land. A small section of boron, 10-15 ha, accounted for the picturesque sloping hill , which for some reason was called Kurapaty , although the birds there were few , but the spring bloom luxuriantly soft white anemones , buttercups . The site was surrounded by a high , not less than 3 m , a wooden fence , on top of which stretched barbed wire . Beyond the fence was security with dogs.

      People brought along the gravel road that led from the Logoysky tract to Zaslavl . This way the locals call “The Road of Death ” . The authors interviewed while many villagers from the Green Meadows and other villages .


    • How many of the moscali that were sent to this event, by the savage uncivilized pagan barbarians in the kremlin, were paid and TRAINED PROFESSIONAL SERIAL KILLERS that participated at this event (?) :

      Russia Far East grave held victims of Stalin purges

      VLADIVOSTOK, Russia, July 15 (Reuters) –

      Bones uncovered on the outskirts of Russia’s Pacific port of Vladivostok belong to hundreds of victims of Stalinist purges executed by the NKVD secret police, municipal officials and experts said on Thursday, July 15.

      City authorities said last month that at least 495 skeletons — many with head gunshot wounds — and 3.5 tonnes of bones had been unearthed from the mass grave by workmen building a road.

      Read more: http://www.kyivpost.com/news/russia/detail/73691/#ixzz0wOG5LX00

    • How many of the moscali that were sent to this event, by the savage uncivilized pagan barbarians in the kremlin, were paid and TRAINED PROFESSIONAL SERIAL KILLERS and participated at this event (?) :

      Donetsk, Rutchenkovo field.

      Bottles of alcohol – NKVD man who drank during the brutal murders.

      Nobody knows the exact number buried here, but Vladislav said that at least 70-80 thousand … And almost everyone of them has descendants and, most likely in this city.


    • How many paid {by the savage uncivilized pagan barbarians in the kremlin!}and TRAINED PROFESSIONAL RUSSIAN SERIAL KILLERS participated at this event (?) :

      The Silent Steppe:

      The Story of a Kazakh Nomad under Stalin is a vivid, personal story of courage and hope in the face of persecution and terror. It breathes new life into a neglected chapter of European history, and should prove useful for Cold War research and socio-cultural anthropology studies. Famine, conscription into the Red Army, the defense of Stalingrad . . . author Mukhamet Shayakhmetov is a remarkable survivor, bolstered by a strong faith. He is now in his eighties. His straightforward and detailed account of the destruction of a centuries-old nomadic way of life on the vast steppes of Kazakhstan, as a direct consequence of the collectivization policies of the Kremlin, makes for restless nights.

      48% of the livestock in Kazakhstan was destroyed in the winter of 1931. Those nomadic stockbreeders who did not flee to China invariably ended up working as slave labor in collective farms or factories.

      Shayakhmetov writes: “Simple villagers could not grasp why their neighbors, who were simple workers like themselves, were being classified enemies of the state, and having everything they owned confiscated; nor why the people in question should have to be persecuted and shut away from society. But our administrative aul council did not stop at imprisoning householders it considered to be kulaks: once it had dealt with them, it went on to prosecute their wives and widows, on the same pretext as always-that they had failed to pay the extortionate taxes demanded from them.”

      The author was nine years old when his father was blacklisted as a kulak and deported to work in a coal mine, where he died. His twenty-three year old sister was sent to work in a gold mine, where she died. The boy, his mother, and his other siblings had to move from aul to aul (a nomadic clan living in a temporary dwelling of yurts), in search of food and shelter. The traditional hospitality and goodwill of relatives and friends soured as famine took hold.

      The boy was sent off on increasingly long journeys across frozen rivers, and a depopulated silent steppe, to find food. He contracted malaria, and years of malnutrition stunted his growth, so that at thirteen he was the size of a ten year old. “The ring of famine was growing ever tighter around us.

      Everywhere you looked, you could see starving people with swollen faces wandering about or, worst still, living skeletons, all skin and bone, in tattered clothing. There were corpses lying in the streets, the steppe, and the roads, and the sight of them even touched the hearts of the people on the verge of starvation themselves who could feel virtually nothing any more except pangs of hunger.” By the end of the great famine of 1932-34, 1.2 million people had died of starvation

      Read more: http://wordswithoutborders.org/book-review/the-silent-steppe-by-mukhamet-shayakhmetov/#ixzz0zlKw0pV5

      • Typo error :

        How many paid {by the savage uncivilized pagan barbarians in the kremlin!}and TRAINED PROFESSIONAL RUSSIAN SERIAL KILLERS participated at this GENOCIDE (?) :

        PS Read the new book by the courageous Jewish scholar Norman M. Naimark “STALIN’S GENOCIDES” (Princeton University Press, 2010).

        Regarding the Kazakh famine genocide:”There is NO doubt that the deliberate starvation of the Kazakh people, coupled with the purges of Kazakh intellectuals and cultural leaders, makes this a clear case of genocide.” The same applies to Ukraine “judged to be genocide because the aim was to attack the whole nation by destroying part of it…”

        • 1868-1916 – Thousands of Ukrainian peasants are brought in to settle Kazakh lands; first industrial enterprises set up.

          The kremlin relocated many Ukrainians to Kazakhstan – the kremlin begins to orchestrate another GENOCIDE on the territory of Kazakhstan in 1929. By 1932, the kremlin is extremely successful in their Genocide and about 80% {?} of the non-russians in the territory of Kazakhstan are exterminated and some villages did not have any living children.

          A Tragedy Kazakhstan Must Never Forget

          Cattle confiscation began in 1929. By 1932, Kazakhs had been stripped of their primary means of survival, and famine started.

          That summer of 1952, my father learned how his own father, who in 1932 had just gained certification as a teacher, was assigned to a village but couldn’t find any children there to teach because all of them had died.

          The kremlin’s newspapers covered up the famine, back then and later. And unlike Ukraine, no Western journalists were allowed into Kazakhstan during this period. But some people nevertheless documented the horror on their own.

          “It was a terrible winter for us, but most of all for the local population,” she wrote. “I hope the current generation of Kazakhs will not forget about the people, the children, the elderly who died of hunger; about the villages that were deserted and died out; about the sick and those who died in the steppe….”

          When Kazakhstan gained independence in 1991, an initiative was launched to erect a monument to the famine victims. By 1992, under pressure from Kazakh intellectuals, the government provided a site; 16 years later, however, the monument is still nowhere to be seen.

          But memories of the famine live on, memories that are much stronger than stone. One just has to be old enough to be told these stories. I heard them when I turned 17. My children are too young now, but they, too, will hear about the famine when they grow up. The question now is: When will the Kazakh government be mature enough to embrace this legacy?


    • How many moscali that were paid and TRAINED PROFESSIONAL SERIAL KILLERS participated at these systemic and intentional GENOCIDES of the UKRAINIAN intelligentsia (?) :

      In 1928, the SVU (Union for the Freedom of Ukraine) process was initiated and court sessions were staged in the Kharkiv Opera (now the Philharmonia) building. Hundreds of Ukrainian intellectuals were arrested and deported.

      In the early 1930s, the Holodomor famine drove many people off the land into the cities, and to Kharkiv in particular, in search of food. Many people died and were secretly buried in mass graves in the cemeteries surrounding the city.

      Monument to the persecuted kobzars in Kharkiv

      In 1934 hundreds of Ukrainian writers, intellectuals and cultural workers were arrested and executed in the attempt to eradicate all vestiges of Ukrainian nationalism in Art. The purges continued into 1938. Blind Ukrainian street musicians were also gathered in Kharkiv and murdered by the NKVD.[6] In January 1935 the capital of the Ukrainian SSR was moved from Kharkiv to Kiev.

      Memorial to the thousands of Ukrainian intellectuals murdered by the NKVD in 1937–38

      Memorial to the thousands of Polish officers slaughtered by the NKVD in Kharkiv as part of the Katyn massacre During April and May 1940 about 3,800 Polish prisoners of Starobelsk camp were executed in the Kharkiv NKVD building, later secretly buried on the grounds of an NKVD pansionat in Pyatykhatky forest (part of the Katyn massacre) on the outskirts of Kharkiv.[7] The site also contains the numerous bodies of Ukrainian cultural workers who were arrested and shot in the 1937–38 Kremlin purges.

  9. Francis Smyth-Beresford

    “Last year, Russia ranked a shocking #136 out of 144 nations in the world on the Global Peace Index”

    With the number of times you’ve quoted statistics on Russia – shockingly low on the peace index, shockingly low life expectancy, shockingly violent and barbaric, so on and so on, one would think you would have lost the capacity to be shocked. I suppose it’s a measure of your sensitive nature that you’re still so easily flabbergasted.

    Here’s a statistic that will probably shock you: third richest country – in terms of cash reserves in international currency – on the planet, after China and Japan. Where’s the U.S.? Eighteenth. The U.K.? Nineteenth.


    • The topic of this post is VIOLENCE. Why do you want to change it to bank accounts? Do you really think our readers can’t see through your PATHETIC effort at propaganda?? Are you aware you’re VIOLATING OUR COMMENT RULES by trying to change the subject? If you can’t respect our blog’s rules, please don’t comment here.

      Why do think American failure makes it OK for Russia to fail? What did Russia ever do to you to make you hate Russians and want to watch them get destroyed?

      Cash reserves??? Russia has money in the bank while it people starve and die??? THEY DON’T RANK IN THE TOP 100 COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD FOR LIFE EXPECTANCY AND THE KREMLIN IS HOARDING CASH??? And you’re PROUD of that??? Are you psychotic?

      • Francis Smyth-Beresford

        “But when one reviews other types of data, for example data regarding life expectency and per capita GDP…”

        Oh, I’m sorry; wasn’t that you who introduced other topics? Whoever is hacking your posts and injecting irrelevant material should learn to spell “expectancy”, not to mention “hordes”. Tell you what – I’ll investigate, by searching for those same misspellings in previous posts. I’ll let you know what I find out.

        • OH SHI–!

          Looks like the duffer’s account was hacked all this time and someone wrote all this garbage, while the real duffer might well had brains instead!

          Will the real duffer please stand up? :)

  10. Civilian casualties (and casualties in general) in the short Georgia war were actually limited, on both sides. Which is naturally a good thing.

    Russia of course is capable of causing truly “massive” civilian losses, and the today’s article in The Guardian is also about this – and about the people who escaped the Russian violence to Europe (like more than 100,000 of them, out of the nation of only 1,5 million worldwide including those who were deported by the Tsarist and Soviet Russia):

    Asylum seekers’ flight from fear

    Thousands of people seek asylum in Britain each year. To mark Refugee Week, we meet three families who have built new lives here after escaping persecution

    * Juliet Rix
    * The Guardian, Saturday 12 June 2010


    The Dzhavatkhanovs

    Within minutes of arriving at the Dzhavatkhanovs’ council house in east London, I have three kittens on my lap, tea, cake and four friendly people sitting round me: parents Tamara and Zelim, Kheda – a lively 11-year-old girl who wants to be an actor – and her brother, Hamzat, 17. Another brother, Zaurbek, 21, is busy upstairs. Over the next couple of hours we laugh a lot – despite the tale they have to tell.

    The family is from Grozny, capital of Chechnya. Hamzat recalls “broken buildings, holes in the ground and bombing nearly every night”. They lived in a five-storey building, but the top three floors had been blown off. The Dzhavatkhanovs spent each night in the rat-infested basement. There was no running water, gas or electricity and Tamara had to cook on a makeshift fireplace she built outside.

    Russian soldiers would come knocking (“or kicking”) at any time of day or night, Tamara says. Zelim had served two years in the Russian army but when one of the intruders spotted his old uniform hanging up, he accused Zelim of having killed a Russian soldier. “Every Chechen male aged 12 to 65 was considered a [likely] terrorist,” says Zelim.

    “I was tortured and kept in a hole for three weeks.”

    “It was just war, war – 13 years just crossed out of your life,” says Tamara.

    On a sunny April day in 2001, just as they thought things might be calming down, Hamzat, then seven, was walking to school with two friends when he stepped on a landmine. His friends were killed and he had to have a leg amputated below the knee. Hamzat was still in hospital when the Russians attacked it. Tamara says: “I carried him and hid in a fireplace, covering him with my body. It was ping-ping – bullets flying everywhere.” Back at home, Hamzat was out on his crutches when a stranger approached. She was from Unicef, the United Nations Children’s Fund, and wanted to help Hamzat get a prosthetic leg. It was a three-day journey each way to the fittings and the first leg’s leather strap rubbed terribly and created painful blisters and friction burns. When he put the leg on to go to school, his mother says, “he groaned like an old man”. Well, says Hamzat indignantly, “think what I was going through!” He grins.

    The charity Ccharm (Children of Chechnya Action Relief Mission) offered to take Hamzat to Britain for a proper artificial leg. At first Tamara was horrified – her little boy, going all that way. But soon Hamzat and his father were in London. When Hamzat’s treatment ended, Zelim applied for asylum. It took a year to get leave to remain and another year to bring the others over. It was hard for Tamara to leave: “I was torn. My mother was sick, but she said, ‘Go!'” Tamara arrived in Britain with no English and had to rely on Hamzat to translate. At first she was homesick, but when her mother died in 2008 and she went back for the funeral, she says: “I was so surprised – after two weeks I started to miss this country.”

    She is now doing a catering course and Zelim has retrained as an electrician. Kheda is getting top grades, Zaurbek is at business college and Hamzat is doing AS levels. They feel now that out of Hamzat’s misfortune has come good luck for them all.

    So where do they consider home? “I don’t know,” says Hamzat. “I don’t think I would fit in back home anymore so it can’t really be home.”

    Tamara says it’s “60:40 – 60 here. I am very thankful for this country.”

    And Zelim? “Here, of course,” he says with a grin. “I’m a Hackney boy.”

    Mohammed, Hamzat and Gervelie’s stories are told in the Refugee Diary series for children by Anthony Robinson and Annemarie Young, published by Frances Lincoln, £6.99. Refugee Week runs from 14-20 June. More information at: refugeeweek.org.uk

  11. @Russia has been convicted over and over and over again for state-sponsored kidnapping, torture and murder in the Caucasus

    European Court of Human Rights Finds Russia Responsible for 8 Enforced Disappearances in Chechnya

    Thursday, June 10, 2010


    Four days later, on 19 March 2001, the spokesperson for the Federal Security Service officially confirmed that 5 men had been arrested at Duba-Yurt. Approximately two months following the detention, on 14 May 2001, the Russian state-owned television channel RTR broadcast a video recording of the operation during which the applicants’ relatives were detained.

    On 2 April 2005, three months after the applicants appealed to the European Court, a group of soldiers abducted Shamsudi Vakayev, the husband of one of the applicants and the father of disappeared Shamil and Shamkhan Vakayev. The applicant discovered that a similar group of armed men had that same night detained members of the Elmurzaev family, also residents of Duba-Yurt and applicants in the case Bitiyeva and others v Russia, decided on 23 April 2009.

    Although the domestic investigation into the disappearances produced no tangible results, the European Court noted that domestic prosecutorial and investigative bodies on several occasions indicated the high probability that state officials bore responsibility for the crimes, notably the regional FSB.

    • The court about the FSB publicily broadcasting evidence their own crimes via the regime TV:

      15. On 19 March 2001 a spokesman for the Federal Security Service (“FSB”) stated on the local television channel that five persons had been arrested in the village of Duba-Yurt and named the applicants’ missing relatives.

      16. On 14 May 2001 RTR television, a State-owned channel, aired a programme produced by Mr S., which contained a video recording of the abduction of the five applicants’ relatives.

      17. The applicants obtained a one-minute extract of Mr S.’s programme, which shows the journalist commenting on a special operation carried out by the FSB servicemen to detain an insurgent commander named Vakayev.


      71. The investigators requested the head of RTR Channel to provide the complete footage of the special operation in the Chechen Republic that had been broadcast in the news programme “Vesti” on 14 May 2001. It followed from the reply received that on 14 May 2001 the RTR Channel had broadcast a documentary film “Chechnya: Worries and Hopes” by Mr D.S., which had contained images filmed by the Vesti news programme crew and others provided by the public relations centre of the Russian FSB. The RTR Channel had not kept a copy of the footage in question as such material was normally stored for one year only.

      72. On an unspecified date Mr D.S. was questioned. He stated that he had not witnessed the arrests in Duba-Yurt on 15 March 2001 and had no information about the special operation carried out at that time or on the identities of the servicemen in charge of it. The footage of the special operation had been sent to the RTR Channel via the official channels for the exchange of video material.


      130. The Court takes note of the applicants’ submission that the first applicant recognised her son in the one-minute extract of the RTR programme that they had obtained. It observes in this respect that the Government did not dispute the fact that the RTR television channel broadcast a programme concerning the Chechen Republic showing a certain special operation (see paragraph 71 above). As follows from the letter of 6 July 2002 from the military prosecutor’s office, the district prosecutor’s office had the tape with the footage in question at their disposal (see paragraph 32 above). However, the Government stated that the investigation was unable to obtain a copy of the recording (see paragraph 71 above). In any event, the Court does not deem it necessary to establish whether the footage showed the first applicant’s son being arrested since it is satisfied that the applicants have made a prima facie case that their five relatives were arrested by State agents.


      • I can think of only one adequate rebuttal to all these 5-screeners :)

        Robert, you’re a dick!

        Before we get you started:

        1) Stop writing 5-screeners. Insert links.
        2) Stop being an asshole – discuss rather than post.
        3) Understand this simple point – nobody here trusts you enough for you to become our 24/7 news channel.

        • Well Dima, you are a sad, pathetic, and brainless little smurf.

          Your opinions are worthless.

          Your comments are worthless.

          You are worthless.

  12. violent hazing in russian army

  13. Russian skinheads attack concertgoers

    Associated Press

    MOSCOW — Scores of bare-chested skinheads attacked a crowd of about 3,000 people at a rock concert in central Russia on Sunday, beating them with clubs, media reports said.

    Dozens of people were left bloodied and dazed in the attack, television and news agencies reported, and state news channel Rossiya-24 said a 14-year-old girl was killed at the concert in Miass, 900 miles (1,400 kilometers) east of Moscow.

    Russia has an ingrained neo-Nazi skinhead movement. Attacks on dark-skinned foreigners in Moscow and St. Petersburg have been relatively common in recent years. The January 2009 murder of lawyer Stanislav Markelov and journalist Anastasiya Baburova prompted a Kremlin crackdown on ultranationalists, who were blamed for the killings.

    Neo-Nazi and other ultranationalist groups mushroomed in Russia after the 1991 Soviet collapse. The influx of immigrant workers and two wars with Chechen separatists triggered xenophobia and a surge in hate crimes.

    Racially motivated attacks, often targeting people from Caucasus and Central Asia, peaked in 2008, when 110 were killed and 487 wounded, an independent watchdog, Sova, said. The Moscow Bureau for Human Rights estimated that some 70,000 neo-Nazis were active in Russia — compared with a just few thousand in the early 1990s.

    Read more: http://www.kyivpost.com/news/russia/detail/80305/#ixzz0y25soh7m

  14. Putin belittles Russia’s political opposition

    Yesterday at 15:51

    MOSCOW (AP) — Prime Minister Vladimir Putin disparaged Russian dissidents in crude street language in an interview Monday and said they would keep getting beaten if they kept holding unauthorized rallies.

    Read more: http://www.kyivpost.com/news/russia/detail/80401/#ixzz0yCFhWzU6

  15. Ukraine and Russia as neo-Soviet mafia states

    Yesterday at 16:45 | Taras Kuzio

    The new book on Russia by The Guardian’s Moscow correspondent, Luke Harding, is entitled “Mafia State.” It draws on U.S. diplomatic cables provided by WikiLeaks describing Russia as a “virtual mafia state.”

    A 2006 cable released by WikiLeaks described Ukraine’s Party of Regions as “long a haven for Donetsk-based mobsters and oligarchs…” Harding discusses 10 criteria that make Russia a mafia state. All 10 apply to Ukraine. Hence, Ukraine is also a neo-Soviet mafia state.

    Read more:


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