June 11, 2010 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  The Legalization of the Neo-Soviet State

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Yanukovich to Putin — Drop Dead!

(3)  Putin & Medvedev Muttering Neo-Soviet Lies

(4)  Letter to Obama:  Don’t Repeal Jackson-Vanick

(5)  One word for Investing in Russia:  Insanity

NOTE:  First Oleg Kozlovsky hooked up with Barack Obama, and now he’s tight with his predecessor as well.  Quite a fellow, our Mr. Kozlovsky.

8 responses to “June 11, 2010 — Contents

  1. Russia nabs Ingushetia rebel leader


    Magas was linked to several major militant strikes in the Northern Caucasus, including an assassination attempt that severely wounded Ingush leader Yunus-Bek Yevkurov in June 2009, Bortnikov said.

    The FSB said in a statement, cited by Russian news agencies, that Taziyev was one of the leaders of the main Caucasus militant group called The Caucasus Emirate.

    It said he stood accused of “organising and participating in an armed rebellion with the goal of overthrowing the Russian regime.”

    The militant, whose full name is Ali Taziyev, was one of the masterminds of a 2004 attack on Ingushetia that killed around 70 people and wounded another 100, according to police.

    Madina Khadziyeva, a spokeswoman for Ingushetia’s interior ministry, said Taziyev was a local policeman in late 1990s until he suddenly disappeared from view.

    “He disappeared under unclear circumstances, was kidnapped,” she said. “Since then, he had been considered missing.”

    Khadziyeva said Taziyev was born in 1974, without specifying his age. “He used to live in Nazran (Ingushetia’s biggest city) and was an ordinary guy,” she added.

  2. @ NOTE: First Oleg Kozlovsky hooked up with Barack Obama, and now he’s tight with his predecessor as well. Quite a fellow, our Mr. Kozlovsky.

    А, удалось таки лизнуть? Ну я ж говорил, не зря парень 9 часов в автозаке отсидел и на Триумфальной фотографировался. Карьера блин!

    • In other words you COULD meet with one U.S. president and get another to send you a personal letter, really you COULD, but you choose not to, right?!

      • Of course, I met quite a few and got several letters from presidents, prime ministers, etc. Booooring to meet presidents, they look at you and forget you in a minute.


        You wouldn’t care to prove that as Oleg has done would you, you lying sack of excrement? Do you have any idea how utterly ridiculous your unsubstantiated lies make you look?

        • Shut up, fat old stupid whore. Kozlovsky is exactly a sack of excrement together with you ugly cellulite-ass lady, as he is a cheap populist. As it was already mentioned in our discussion, he was arrested and photographed just to make his lousy cheap career of “dissident fighting with Putler”.

      • BTW, are you really proud that Kozlowsky met a person you call bastard in your previous editorial? Says a lot of you.

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