Lies and the Lying Russian Employers who Tell Them

May 26, 2010

“Russia’s Lying Employers”

by Igor Bakharev

From Johnson’s Russia List

(Hat Tip: SWP reader “Mossy”)

Eighty-four percent of Russia’s workers have been deceived by their employers during recruitment. For drivers and vendors, this indicator reaches 95%, learned (a recruitment agency). In fact, during job interviews, job seekers often hear something different than what they were told by a recruiter, and perceive possibilities as promises.

Deceit during the hiring process is a norm in Russia, HeadHunter analysts have learned, after surveying more than 4,000 Russians from all of the country’s regions. Two thirds of respondents said that they were misinformed about their pay rate. Most frequently, employers indicated that bonuses will be a part of the pay structure. In reality, however, they are virtually impossible to obtain. Others, after being presented a certain pay range, were compensated on the lowest level or even less than what was indicated. Often, employers conceal the fact that the promised salary is the sum before taxes are reduced.

More than 60% of respondents were misinformed regarding their working conditions or the job-related tasks. Often, the amount of responsibility is much greater than what was initially suggested. Head of the “Rabota@Mail.Ru” project Alla Seregina says that many other “hidden agendas” exist. For example, paycheck deductions are given out for disciplinary violations, such as tardiness and fines for customer complaints. Some companies deduct wages for corporate events (to which attendance is mandatory) and insurance.

People are often offered to work without filing any paperwork; while those who do manage to sign a contract find that it specifies a salary that is inconsistent with the actual pay rate.

A total of 84% of respondents complained to researchers about deceit on the part of their employer. At the request of Gazeta.Ru, HeadHunter determined in which field this problem arises most frequently. Most complaints come from people working in the retail sector. Almost 95% of them say they have been lied to by their employer. Almost as many drivers and shipping agents (94%) complain about deceit on the part of their employer. Nine out of ten wholesale experts, waiters and waitresses, and business trainers have also come across dishonesty in the recruiting process at least once in their lifetime. Medical professionals (82%) and IT specialists (73%) were somewhat luckier. “Bonuses are often underpaid to sales people, drivers are not compensated for gas and car maintenance, and the salaries offered to waiters and waitresses include tips,” said Seregina.

Moreover, low-skilled workers are not the only ones who are exposed to misleading information on behalf of their employer: translators, copywriters, and commercial specialists often find themselves in a similar situation. They are offered to complete large-scale test projects; and, in the hope of obtaining the job, people translate dozens of pages, write texts, and design ad campaigns, after which they are told that they did not pass. Meanwhile, the fruit of their labor remains with the “employer”. Moreover, a person could accept a lower pay rate for the duration of the probationary period, after which the employer terminates his employment, which he explains by saying that the trainee did not pass, added Seregina.

For employees, such work experience results in serious psychological trauma. “People who are in a transitional phase in their life are especially vulnerable to deceit. And change of job is one such transitional step,” says president of HeadHunter Yury Virovets. But such an attitude toward employees also negatively affects the employer. When asked what they did after they learned the actual terms of employment, one of the most popular responses was “left for another job”, although there were other answers such as: “blacklisted the employer”; “began sabotaging ‘additional’ tasks”‘ and even “got pregnant and went on maternity leave.” However, there are those who said that they “accepted the situation.”

According to the statistics of SuperJob, misleading information regarding pay scale or working conditions, has led to 20% of newly hired staff to quit their job.

Often, HR managers deliberately exaggerate the conditions which the company guarantees to its employees in the hope of finding the best man for the job, say analysts. However, job seekers, who felt that they had been deceived, often perceive the possibilities outlined during their interviews as fact, says head of the research center Natalya Golovanova: “Therefore, we are always telling job seekers that these things need to be very carefully clarified during the interview.” Such a high percentage rate of deceived employees is mostly explained by the subjective perceptions of each party during the hiring process, agreed Timur Sokolov, managing partner of Club Consult Development. “One should also consider that each person has his own unique perception of the world. For example, for a job seeker, an irregular working schedule consists of nine hours, while for an HR manager it is up to 14 working hours,” adds Sokolov.

55 responses to “Lies and the Lying Russian Employers who Tell Them

  1. Well, lying is a central part of Russian culture.

    Just look at Voice Of Reason for a good example.

    • There’s no culture in Georgia, so lying is a part of your life. It is not surprising that most of criminals come to Russia from Georgia.

  2. Voice of Reason

    Andrew // September 13, 2009 at 11:47 am
    Stalin is despised here (they have removed the statue from Gori)

    That was a lie, Andrew, wasn’t it. This 6-meter statue is still there as always.

    Last weekend, Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili decorated the Georgian rugby squad as national heroes for winning a rugby game. President Saakashvili awarded on Sunday each member of Georgia’s rugby team with Order of Honor after beating Russia.
    Andrew // March 24, 2010 at 9:04 am
    The Presidential award was the same as that given the last time the Georgians won it, and the time before that.

    That was a lie, Andrew.

    Andrew // March 25, 2010 at 5:10 am
    Georgia only lost to Ireland by 1 point at the last world cup, and were ahead on tries.

    That was a lie, Andrew.

    Andrew // September 14, 2009 at 8:23 am
    My father in law got a scolarship to Moscow University in 1960.

    That was a lie, Andrew. You are a pathological liar.

    Andrew // September 14, 2009 at 8:23 am
    He also finished his engineering course top of the class, and was the no.1 engineering student of his graduation year in the USSR.

    That was another lie, Andrew. You are a pathological liar.

    Andrew // May 31, 2010 at 5:15 am
    Well, lying is a central part of Russian culture. Just look at Voice Of Reason for a good example.

    That was yet another lie, Andrew. How many examples of my lies can you give?

    • Your life is the best example of your lies and hypocrisy. You claim to be a Jew and yet associate with anti-Semites on this blog. You claim to love your precious motherland Russia and yet stay in America, while hating America and Americans.

      Pithy enough?

      • Voice of Reason

        RV, you are grossly distorting my political positions and are making unreferenced false accusations. My only “guilt” here is that I am very critical of the Bush administration’s foreign policies.

        Your are unable to tolerate free speech. If we were to apply your logic to Russia, then all those Russian dissidents like Valeria Novodvorskata, Yulia Latynina and Boris Nemtsov, who love USA but hate the current Russian government, are “liars” and “hypocrites” because they continue to live in Russia. You sound exactly like the KGB people who threw Solzhenitsyn out of USSR in 1973 for “lying” about GULAGs.

        If you and your ilk ever come to power in USA, tens of millions of Americans will perish in concentration camps. Since it is you who hates free speech, maybe it is you who should move to a like-minded country like Saudi Arabia.

        • But VOR, you accuse Solzhenitsyn of lying about the Gulags.

          You also called him “despicable”, and a “pseudo-scientist”.

          Your intolerance of free speech, and also the right to life of non Russian ethnic groups in the USSR is disgusting, as is your hypocrisy.

        • Voice of Reason

          So, Andrew, you don’t even try to deny that you are a compulsive liar. The best you can manage is the feeble “But VOR, you called Solzhenitsyn a “pseudo-scientist”!”.

          And I didn’t even call him that. This was a quote from a famous demographer from Harvard University. Don’t you think that a decent person can justifiably call Solzhenitsyn even stronger names like “fraud” and “nationalist” and “traitor to democracy”? Don’t you think that in many ways he retained a Soviet mind-set? Anyone who disagreed with him was not merely wrong but evil. Solzhenitsyn was constitutionally incapable of tolerating dissent.

          • No VOR, you called him a liar and despicable.

            Not surprising given your constant attempt to downplay the horrific crimes of the Russian state, be it Tsarist, Communist, or Neo-Fascist.

            Then there is your denial that Georgians lived in Abkhazia or South Ossetia prior to the 19th century, a view that is totally contradicted by real historians.

            Not to mention your claims that Georgia is “far more corrupt than Russia” a view totally at odds with Freedom House, the IMF, the World Bank, and anyone who has ever done business in either country.

            As for Solzhenitsyn’s mind set, it was not Soviet, but typically Russian.

            After all, look at how you describe any person who disagrees with you as a “nazi” or “fascist” or “Neo-con nut” etc.

            You are a pathological liar VOR, at least when I make a mistake, I apologise.

            When have you ever apologised for your deliberate falsifications?

        • Are you kidding me? For Novodvorskaya, Latynina and others you mention, Russia is THEIR native country and they have every leagal and moral right to live there and criticize the revolting system they have.

          You, on the other hand, came to the United States as an immigrant, I suppose, and yet you foam at the mouth talking how great your former beloved motherland is and how awful your new country is. You do owe us a little bit of duty of loyalty, if not legally, then ethically and morally.

          I am quite tolerant of free speech and you do have a right to say all you want. But I have a right to expose you as a lier and a despicable prevaricator that you are. If Russia is so great, go live there. Nobody is forcing you to stay in the country you hate so much.

          In this respect you are much worse than other Russophiles here. Dmitry, for example, an anti-American zealot that he is, is at least honest and consistent. He says he loves Russia, and he stays there

          It’s one thing to criticize Bush’s foreign policy (with which I disagree too). It’s quite another thing to constantly call the United States the world-wide terror regime which had manufactured the 9/11 events and is manipulated by Zionists, oil companies and weapons merchants; to constantly call all Americans stupid, lazy, uncultured, illiterate, moronic, fat, not having any cuisine, only interested in French fries and hip-hop, and on and on non-stop. And you either said all these things yourself or supported those who did.

          As I said you have a right to say all these awful things. While supporting your right to this hate-filled speech, I reserve my right to despise you for that

    • RTR // March 16, 2010 at 12:06 pm | Reply


      You are lying again. That was not an ode to Stalin.

      That was a lie wasn’t it VOR?

      Funny how you go on about one statue in Georgia, that is over 50 years old, when Russia has over 200 monuments to Stalin, around a dozen of them put up in Putins time.

      • Voice of Reason

        Are you referring to me not learning in time that the Moscow mayor Luzhkov recently added a line about Stalin from some old Soviet song to the ceiling of some metro station? Yes, I hadn’t read about it yet. You were the first who told me.

        So, the best evidence of my “lying” you can find is my not being current on the latest Moscow subway news? How pathetic. And how telling.

        • Considering that you had been aware of this item in the Moscow metro for some time, as we had previously discussed it, once again you are lying.

    • Another RTR/VOR lie:

      RTR // March 23, 2010 at 11:38 pm | Reply

      A hidden irony here is that Kasparov’s mother is Armenian, and Saakashvili persecutes Armenians for everything, the way Stalin persecuted Jews in his last years of life

      Considering the Armenian president recently gave Saakashvili the highest Armenian state award recently, once again you are a liar.

      • Voice of Reason

        I wrote this as a commentary on the following hews:


        October 1, 2006

        By: Zaal Anjaparidze

        In fact, most of the Georgian citizens under arrest are ethnic Armenians.

        You are a piece of racist scum, Andrew. To you, nobody is an Armenophobe, because being a Saakashvili-style nationalist, you yourself harbor racist hatred towards Armenians:

        Andrew // April 10, 2010
        I mean you are obviously pretty stupid, possibly an Armenian etc.

        Andrew // April 10, 2010
        Armenians are the most racist people in the entire Caucasus, they have “successfully cleansed” Armenia of pretty much all ethnic minorities, be they Georgians, Azeri’s, Persians, Turks etc.

        • You are the racist Voice Of Retardation, after all, you applaud ethnic cleansing against Georgians, Bosnians, Croats etc.

          My dislike of Armenian nationalism is because of fact that they have created (with considerable Russian assistance) a mono ethnic state through ethnic cleansing.

          Needless to say, you seem to share their attitude in this case.

          Besides, your logic is failing again, how can condemning Armenians for their blatant racism make me a racist?

          • Voice of Reason

            Andrew // April 10, 2010
            “I mean you are obviously pretty stupid, possibly an Armenian etc.

            You can’t even see that this is racism, can you, Andrew?

  3. Voice of Reason

    Andrew wrote: “ Andrew // May 31, 2010 at 11:38 am No VOR, you called Solzehnitsyn a liar and despicable.

    Andrew, you are a moronic psychopathic liar. I am about done arguing with you.

    Here is the deal: if you cite my post in which I say that Alexander Isaevich Solzhenitsyn is “a liar” and “despicable” – I will admit that I am a liar. But if you can’t – then you must agree that you are a hallucinating deceitful psychopath, who is incapable of temporal reasoning, as usual.

    • Voice of Reason // May 28, 2010 at 10:25 am |

      Yeh, right. In 1976 Sozehnitsyn repeated Kurganov’s lies, and then pretends that he doesn’t understand why Chalidze and Sakharov associate Solzhenitsyn with Kurganov.

      Solzehnitsyn was a scumball, wasn’t he?

      Well, I guess that covers your opinion of Solzhenitsyn.


      • Voice of Reason

        Yes, Andrew, Solzhenitsyn was a scumball and a fraud, and Kurganov’s “computations” were indeed lies. But “scumball” is not a synonym of “despicable”, and “repeating somebody else’s lies” is not a synonym to “liar”. I do feel that Solzenitsyn often behaved like a “scumball”, but “despicable” would be totally inappropriate to characterize him, because he was a man of strong convictions and courage. Maybe we can all agree with what LR and Richard Pipes said about him:

        Pipes on Solzhenitsyn, Traitor to Democracy

        Writing in the Moscow Times Russia scholar Richard Pipes exposes the fraud that was Alexander Solzhenitsyn:

        “Although Solzhenitsyn vehemently rejected communism, in many ways he retained a Soviet mind-set. Anyone who disagreed with him was not merely wrong but evil. He was constitutionally incapable of tolerating dissent.”

        So, I am still awaiting from you to show me where I called him “a liar” “despicable”. However, given that I am not a fan of Solzhenitsyn anyway, a more important thing that I am awaiting is your answer to my question about your libel against my relatives. Do you want me to refresh your memory?

  4. Voice of Reason


    Your insane hysteria extends beyond mere pathological lies. It enters the area of personal libel and slander against others, including my relatives:

    Andrew // May 23, 2010 at 6:23 am
    Leninist and Stalininst secret police were dominated by your relatives

    Andrew // May 28, 2010 at 9:43 am
    But lets not forget what Solzhenitsyn had to say about the perpetrators, your relatives.

    Whom exactly among my relatives are you accusing?

    Whom exactly among my relatives did Solzhenitsyn mention, and what did he say about this relative of mine?


    Insane hysteria? Takes one to know one, creep.

  5. Off subject: Not about your relatives:

    Some Americans believe clean, safe shale gas can be manufactured. That there is not some finite limit under the ground.

  6. mirabile visu

    Staying on the subject of the blog post:

    Well, I have been deceived and lied to by my American employers while in the US on a constant basis.

    As the old expression goes, “White man speaks with forked tongue.”

    If you don’t believe me , just take a gander at

    There are at least 400 reviews that contain the words “backstabbing,” “conniving,” “phoney” and other adjectives that describe the dreadful American workplace.

    While on the job, Americans smile in your face and quietly stab you in the back.

  7. I have been in business for 40 years, have made 1,000 payrolls, two times a month for the 40 years and I know very little more than when I started.

    The ground is always shifting under your feet. When I was young and had the energy I would acquire a competitor, bring in the new business and make some money for a period of time.

    Life was difficult for me and also hard on the employees.

    If employees have too much power they will destroy the company and even a city (Detroit is an example). The answer is constant reorganization in order to avoid static situations.

    One organization I knew moved their headquarters every five years in order to leave the deadwood behind. Countries also need constant renewal via elections. [ Putin — Will you go away please and stop kidnapping children]

    Life is not easy and wears us all down.

  8. MV

    Not really. Just a comment about complex circumstances.

    • mirabile visu

      Well, as an American, you should be concerned about the fact that Americans are so deceitful and backstabbing on the job.

    • mirabile visu

      I’ll give you an example.

      I just got off the phone with the manager of a hotel who lied to me during the interview.

      I asked him, “Why did you lie to me about the job position during the interview?”

      He became very nervous and blurted out the typical American response: “Have a nice day, Mr. so and so” and then hung up.

      This happens all the time. You Americans are wonderful liars and should look at yourself in the mirror before you start criticizing Russia or any other country for that matter.

  9. MV

    Some American employers are that way at least from the viewpoint of some employees. But turnover is not good for most businesses and so your view is basically not correct.

    Americans at least have laws. In Russia the government rules by power rather than by law. Therefore the people will be poor because corruption creams off way too much money. Corruption is a drag on the people because no work or value is given for the payoff.

    America is not perfect at all, but respect for law makes a huge difference for the people.

    Another unfortunate fact is that many Russians dream of conquest which is extremely expensive.
    Again the people pay the price. Democratic countries almost never engage in conquest because the people do not want to pay for it.

    • mirabile visu


      Either you are in denial about the most elementary facts, or you’re just another American who thinks his country is the greatest thing on Earth.

    • mirabile visu

      As for your “laws” — your country violates international laws and its own US laws on a daily basis, with regard to its crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan, occupied Palestine, etc.

    • mirabile visu

      You wrote:

      “Some American employers are that way at least from the viewpoint of some employees.”

      No, most American employers are that way from the viewpoint of many employees.”

      Do yourself a favor and read the reviews on Search for the words “backstabbing,” “lying,” “deceitful,” and then come back and post your American propaganda on here.

    • mirabile visu

      You are not even close to a nation of laws.

      You are an international outlaw bandit regime that extends its global jurisdiction (i.e., international terrorism) globally and slaughters upwards of a million human beings in faraway places, in violation of ALL INTERNATIONAL LAWS!!!!

    • mirabile visu

      You write:

      “Democratic countries almost never engage in conquest because the people do not want to pay for it.”

      Again, more categorical denial from your primitive, feeble-minded American mind.

      The US engages in terror and conquest on a regular basis, although it has never conquered anyone in the last fifty years; not Korea, not Vietnam, not Iraq, and certainly not Afghanistan.

  10. At least you admit that US’s efforts at subjugating other peoples has not been very successful. We are just not very good at it.

    • mirabile visu

      You’re not good at subjugating other peoples but are very good at leaving behind a trail of death and destruction, a trail that eventually leads back home to destinations like 9/11.

    • mirabile visu

      I don’t think you Americans have felt the full throttle of the karmic boomerang that will be heading your way, hopefully in our lifetimes!

      • I ask you the same question I asked Mr. Voice. Since you are referring to Americans in the second person, I assume you are not an American. If America is so bad (according to you, an outlaw regime, terrorist state and so on), why did you come here to seek a job in an American hotel?

        • Voice of Reason

          You are wrong: America is not bad, RV.

          And my parents came to America because they were anti-Soviet dissidents and were forced to emigrate.

          • Must be bad — how could the worst murderer terrorist regime in history be otherwise? Those are not your words, I have noticed, but whenever this type of trash is vomited on this blog, I have never heard you say a word of objection. Why not?

            I did not ask how you got here or anything about your family. I am asking how come you, as an adult, having such an admiration for Russia, nonetheless don’t go live there permanently. I have never heard an answer to that.

            Is it very “xenophobic” of me too ask you if think you should have just a little bit of gratitude to a country that gave your family refuge when they needed it? My great grand parents and grandparents were Jewish refugees too if you care to know, so the fact that a person like you could be (or at least come across as) such an ingrate really bothers me.

            • Voice of Reason

              Must be bad — how could the worst murderer terrorist regime in history be otherwise? Those are not your words, I have noticed, but whenever this type of trash is vomited on this blog, I have never heard you say a word of objection. Why not?

              Primarily because I can’t commit my entire life to responding to outright idiocies. The same reason why I seldom if ever respond to Bohdan’s posts.

              The other reason is because I am a contrarian. Growing up in a dissident family, I got the habit of always arguing a minority view.

              Until the Russian ultra-nationalist newspaper Zavtra closed its forum (probably due to a pressure from the authorities), I used to go there and argue with its regulars, most of whom were Stalin-loving Jew-blaming America-haters. And all the arguments I did there were pro-democracy, anti-judophobia and anti-stalinism.

              But here, the majority thinks that USA is good and Russia is bad. So, being a contrarian, I take the opposite position.

              When somebody posts some anti-semitic trash or unjustified anti-American trash, so many others respond to that post that I see no need to add my voice there. But when I see idiotic anti-semitic or anti-american views go unchallenged, then I respond.

              That is the difference between you and me: you find comfort in being part of the crowd, while I am an individualist.

              Bulat Okudzhava wrote:

              Дураки любят собираться в стаю…
              А умный в одиночестве гуляет кругами,
              он ценит одиночество превыше всего.
              И его так просто взять голыми руками,
              скоро их повыловят всех до одного.

              Fools like to gather into crowds. An intelligent man values solitude. That’s why it is so easy to hunt him down, and soon intelligent people will become extinct.

            • Voice of Reason

              Let me ask you a similar question, RV. Do you agree with everything that is being said by the russophobes and right-wing bigots here? If not – how often do you object?

              • Yes, I agree with russophobes. In some instances, the tone may be a little harsh and rhetorics a little excessive. But essentially the russophobes are right. Russia is an underdeveloped third world country, with aggressive ambitions and unjustifiable demands that the world admire her. It is also a menace and threat to world peace. I agree with that.

                • mirabile visu

                  The US is a first-world country, rapidly degenerating into a nation with third-world characteristics, with aggressive ambitions and unjustifiable demands that the world admire her. It is an even greater menace and a greater threat to world peace.

                  I agree with that.

  11. mirabile visu

    Read my posts above.

    My mother immigrated here when I was six years old — too young to make any decision. I curse the day that she dragged me here.

    I am leaving the US soon, so your concern is highly irrelevant.

    • When you do leave, please formally appear before a U.S. consular officer abroad and formally renounce your citizenship. You do have it, foisted on you against you will, right? You already don’t want to be an American (your refer to Americans as if you were not one), so let’s have that formalized.

      Despite your fanatical anti-Americanism I do have some respect to you. At least you are honest and leave us soon. I wish all other enemies of America like Mr. Voice follow you, but I am afraid we’ll never get rid of him

      • Voice of Reason

        And I wish that xenophobic bigots like you left America for good, RV. But the best I can hope is that as time progresses, the number of ignorant xenophobes will keep decreasing and the number of educated, cosmopolitan modern people will continue to increase.

      • mirabile visu

        RV: Let’s make a deal:

        if I leave as an occupant of the US, would you please make all of your fellow US occupants in Iraq, Afghanistan and the two dozen other nations which they occupy leave as well?

        • You are not an “occupant.” I now doubt if you really came at age 6. No English speaker would use the word “occupant” when he means “occupier.” Those two words mean completely different things. Little details like that give people away.

          Be it as may be, i am not saying you should leave the U.S., and i don’t say this to me enemy Mr. Voice. Everybody in the U.S. has a right to say and think what they want, and you have this right as does Mr. Voice. But you volunteered to leave, right? Because you curse the day when you mother brought you here, right? So, why do you need preconditions? Wouldn’t that be in your interests to go?

          By the way, how can I make my fellow “occupants” leave Iraq etc. I am flattered you think I have this power, but I am not the President.

          What are those “two dozen nations” occupied by the United States? You think if we have a base in Italy, then Italy is occupied? We certainly have permission from the government of Italy, and probably pay them rent too. So, please name a few such occupied countries, do enlighten us all.

          • mirabile visu

            I am an occupant. The US goons occupying Iraq and Afghanistan, conducting a point-of-the-gun military occupation are occupiers.

            • mirabile visu

              And the correct expression is “be that as it may” and not “be it as may be.”

              • mirabile visu

                Here is an actual conversation I had with an American at a hotel where I had worked:

                Me: What gives the US the right to militarily occupy Iraq?

                Mr. American: We’re not occupying Iraq.


                Such statements highlight the strong streak of categorical denial in US culture.

              • Yes, my fault

      • mirabile visu


        Ask the Iraqis or Afghans about “fanatical anti-Americanism.”

  12. Since this section is on employment just a bit of advise. Show up on time, be of good humor and say little, do your job, do not ask for more money which you probably do not deserve and if you cannot stand to come to work keep looking for a better situation. Also remember that the big boss is off in some corner worrying about some numbers that are getting worse not better. A business has a natural lifetime so be thinking of stepping on to a bigger ice flow before this one goes under.

    • mirabile visu


      Now I know you or someone in your family didn’t get to do enough killing in Indochina, but please stay on the subject, dildo!

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