May 31, 2010 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Reading, Writing and Reckless Ruin in Russia

(2)  Just Plain Crazy:  Russia’s Moronic “Students” Unmasked

(3)  Now, Putin’s Goons just start Kidnapping

(4)  Internal Inertia eats away at Putin’s Russia

(5)  PHOTOS:  A Russian and her Pretzels

NOTE:  Today is Memorial Day, the day America celebrates her army of patriots who fearlessly, selflessly laid down their lives for the cause of liberty and democracy.  We salute these heroes, who serve as a beacon light of hope for all the peoples of the world who struggle under the oppressive yoke of dictatorship, not least of which are the people of Russia.  If only one day Russians could learn to fight for freedom, Russia might become a great nation.

32 responses to “May 31, 2010 — Contents

  1. K-B is becoming the fourth “Chechnya” now.

    Last week:

    May 21: Deputy prosecutor of the Baksan district has been killed in Kabardino-Balkaria

    May 22: Three employees of women’s colony [prison camp] shot dead in Kabardino-Balkaria

    May24: Bomb triggered in Nalchik, a militiaman wounded

    May 25: Militia dog handler injured in new explosions in Kabardino-Balkaria


    There are around 700 militants and their accomplices in Kabardino-Balkaria, [the republic’s chief investigator Valery] Ustov said.

    • And this is how the month started there:

      On May 1, an explosion shook Nalchik, the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria. A home-made explosive device estimated at equaling 3-5 kilograms of TNT went off at the time as current and former republican top officials were entering a tribune set aside for them at the Nalchik hippodrome. One elderly WWII veteran was reportedly killed in the attack while the republic’s former Interior Minister, Khachim Shogenov, and current Culture Minister, Ruslan Firov, were wounded along with 27 other people. The President of Kabardino-Balkaria, Arsen Kanokov, was also expected to attend the event, but changed his work schedule at the last minute (, May 4).

      Investigators stated that the attackers may have targeted Kanokov or Shogenov. The militant underground insurgency in Kabardino-Balkaria was declared the primary suspect in the bombing (Kommersant, May 4). Shogenov was known for his brutal practices in dealing with not-officially-approved Islamic youth groups while he was interior minister. Many observers believed that the intolerance and cruelty police displayed toward Islamic groups it did not control led to the mass revolt in October 2005. Over 100 people died in the armed uprising, most of those killed being among the rebels. Indirect evidence of this is that Shogenov was replaced for his “mistakes” soon after Kanokov was sworn in as the republic’s new president.

      Sergei Markedonov, a noted Russian commentator on North Caucasus affairs, stated that the May 1 attack may have been two-pronged –aimed, on the one hand, at avenging police operations against the militant insurgency in the past year and, on the other hand, at generally destabilizing the situation in the republic (, May 3). Ivan Sukhov of the Moscow-based newspaper Vremya Novostei, who is a regular visitor to the North Caucasus, said in an interview that the attack may have had a political dimension, as President Kanokov was nearing the end of his first presidential term and his opponents may have been tempted to undermine his authority by destabilizing Kabardino-Balkaria (, May 4).

      The Kavkazsky Uzel (Caucasian Knot) website, which focuses on events in the North Caucasus, noted that the attacks were mounting in Kabardino-Balkaria even prior to the latest explosion. On April 29, two policemen and two civilians were wounded in an explosion in Nalchik. On April 28, one policeman was killed and another was wounded when unknown assailers attacked a police car.

      • One elderly war veteran was 104, Ingush, and outlived the Hitler’s concentration camp.

        Definitely a legitimate target for any freedom fighter.

        Here’s the picture of him with one of his grandsons.

        And here’s the composite scetch of freedom fighters.

  2. Amnesty International EU Office Press Release

    EU-Russia Summit: Dare the EU speak out against human rights abuses in Russia?

    “It is not acceptable to have two separate processes that relegate human rights issues to an inferior arena. Respect for freedom of expression, the lawful work of human rights defenders, the right to a fair trial and the protection from death threats cannot be compromised and should never be subordinated to any other policy areas,” says Nicolas Beger, the director of Amnesty International’s EU office.

    Another main concern that EU leaders should address at the summit are the widespread human rights violations in the North Caucasus. Small-scale counter-terrorism operations continue to be conducted frequently in places like Chechnya, Ingushetia and Dagestan resulting in arbitrary detentions, ill-treatment and unlawful killings. Members of NGOs and journalists working in the region are also facing multiple threats and intimidation.

    “Ongoing violations in the North Caucasus show that human rights abuses in Russia must be scrutinized internationally and the European Union must address these abuses in a consistent manner at every opportunity. There are indications that the situation in the country is getting worse rather than better for human rights defenders and civil society activists,” concludes Beger

  3. @”Today is Memorial Day, the day America celebrates her army of patriots who fearlessly, selflessly laid down their lives for the cause of liberty and democracy”…….by rushing to those irresistable memorial day sales and stocking up on those irresistable consumer goods. What better way to honor those who died than to finally get that 32 inch LCD TV you’ve been dreaming about for so long, or get that other Ford pickup that you don’t nees for heck. Hey, the annual percentage rate is great – gotta jump on it ! haha.

    We salute these heroes, who serve as a beacon light of hope for all the peoples of the world who struggle under the oppressive yoke of dictatorship…while your saluting heros, don’t forget to salute the CIA deathsquads who put millions to death in South and Central America, the brave thugs who propped up the Shah of Iran, Ferdinand Marcos, Fulgencio Batista, Manuel Noriega and other exceedingly reputable characters.

    If you were in the business of celebrating heroes, then you might have set aside a moment or two to celebrate the catholic nuns who were slaughtered like dogs by CIA trained cutthoats in the 80s, or Bishop Romero, who was sprayed with M-16s while delivering a mass. Who know, you might even honor the millions of Red Army soldiers who died on the battlefields of Europe while the “free world” sat on the other side of the English channel and watched.

    Don’t give me any of your pseudo-patriotic Fox news-tinged codswallop.

    • @Who know, you might even honor the millions of Red Army soldiers who died on the battlefields of Europe while the “free world” sat on the other side of the English channel and watched.

      …in 1940. Look at them, the silly Brits and their Battle of England, so-called “Finest Hour”. Some boring dogfights against then still-peaceful Third German Reich, while Red Army just finished dying on the real battlefields while trying to destroy the real threat to to humanity, the great and invicible Republic of Finland. And using Polish officers as fighter pilots against the Nazis? ( ) Like if the glorious Soviet Union just didnt show them the proper way – it’s the non-agression and alliance with the Nazis and extermination of Polish officers!


    In the end, Russki will be forced to beg the Yank for the help and protection again.

    Tom Clancy has beautifully taken on that subject in his fantastic book “The Bear And The Dragon.”

    Looks like Putin and Medvedev will be looking into Sarah Palin’s eyes very intensely to see her real soul…


    Medvedev: I’ve looked deep into President Palin’d eyes and I saw her soul… He, he, he…


    Alexei, nothing can change the historic fact that your beloved KGB is the most notorious, sinister, genocidal, destructive terrorist organisation of all time with the blood of more than twenty million people on its claws.

    Ever heard of VASILIJ BLOKHIN?

    He was a chef executioner of Polish officers at Katyn and the biggest and most effective killer in history.

    By his own addmission, he has personally killed more than fifty thousand people.

    A true hero of the USSR!

    in comparison with the KGB Al Qaida is like a bunch of good, brave scouts…

    You are displaying the typical subservience of a battered slave in love with his master and tormentor.

  7. Stavropol Bombing – A Case of Russian Nationalists Targeting Chechens?

    Publication: Eurasia Daily Monitor Volume: 7 Issue: 104
    May 28, 2010 06:11 PM Age: 15 hrs

    Today (May 28) was an official day of mourning in Stavropol Krai for seven people killed in the May 26 bomb blast in the city of Stavropol. A bomb packed with steel pellets hidden in a juice carton detonated near the city’s Palace of Culture, where some 150 people had come to see a performance of the Vainakh dance troupe from Chechnya. In addition to the seven people killed – among them a 12-year-old Chechen girl – more than 40 people were injured, 22 of them critically.

    Several people were reportedly being investigated for possible involvement in the bombing, and the head of the Stavropol Krai branch of the Federal Security Service (FSB), Yevgeny Nazarov, said the perpetrators could have been either Islamic militants, Russian nationalists, or people involved in a business dispute between the owners of the Palace of Culture and a café next door. The Russian presidential envoy the North Caucasus Federal District, Alekasandr Khloponin, implied that the violence was related to a business conflict, stating yesterday that the North Caucasus was experiencing “redistributions of property under the guise of ethnic conflicts and terrorism” (, May 28; Moscow News, AFP, May 27).

    However, the head of the Union of Slavic Communities of Stavropol, Vladimir Nesterov, said the bombing was probably the work of local Russian nationalists. He said that ethnic tensions in the area had long been simmering and that performances in Stavropol of “national dances” by Caucasian groups like Vainakh were deemed unacceptable by the region’s ethnic Russian population (Kommersant, May 28). As some observers noted, the Vainakh dance ensemble enjoys the sponsorship of pro-Moscow Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov (Christian Science Monitor, May 27).

    In June 2007, two ethnic Russian students were stabbed to death in Stavropol less than two weeks after a Chechen student was killed in the city (Chechnya Weekly, June 14 and May 31, 2007).

  8. This would be nothing new. russians kill people and then blame non-russians – the kremlin does that repeatedly.

  9. Russian singer slams Putin in rare public attack

    Today at 21:41 | Reuters

    “Do you have a plan for serious, sincere, honest liberalisation and democratisation of our country, so that state organisations do not strangle, so that we stop being afraid of the policemen on the streets?” Shevchuk asked Putin.

    Shevchuk, who rose to fame in the 1980s with the group DDT and has used songs to criticise the system, said he had been called by a Putin aide and asked not to pose sharp questions.

    Putin, a former KGB spy who has a black belt in judo and public approval ratings around 80 percent, and rarely faces overt, public criticism, dismissed Shevchuk’s broadside as “provocation”.

    The singer, whose lines include “When the oil runs out our president will die”, has complained that radio stations are unwilling to play his songs because of political pressure, although some say the cause could be changed public tastes.

    • @“When the oil runs out our president will die”

      At a concert Sunday at Moscow’s Olympic Hall, veteran rocker Yury Shevchuk, front man for the band DDT, lit into Russia’s rulers. In a four-minute monologue between songs, Shevchuk ranted furiously (albeit poetically) about the corruption, impunity, and brutality at the heart of the regime Vladimir Putin built over the past decade:

      The system that has been built in our country is brutal, cruel, and inhumane. People are suffering, not only in prisons and camps, but in orphanages and hospitals as well. So many bastards are feeding themselves on power. With epaulettes on their shoulders and with flashing lights in their heads, they are robbing us, running us over on the road, and shooting us in stores. And nobody is being held accountable.

      Judging from the loud cheers Shevchuk received, he had a receptive audience.

  10. mirabile visu

    I will be memorializing and thanking the heavens when the US ceases to exist.

    Now that will be one hell of a memorial day!

  11. US may cease to exist, but in meantime we will soon be providing Europe with cheap, clean energy from our infinite resources. Soon Europe including the UK will be able to export energy at favorable prices around the world from their own infinite resources.

    Russia’s gangster leadership will need to think of a new way to make a living. The only way left for them will be to make it possible for the Russian people to work and earn a decent living making products for export.

    As the famous economist Friedman said, “You cannot make a living taking in each others laundry.”

    • Science fiction:-) If you are right, why the Americans have concentrated so much military force in the Persian Golf region? Why are they so scared of the strait of Hormuz blockade? Go ahead, switch to new “infinite” energy sources, and don’t fight for the Middle East oil resources then.

  12. Some family members of victims of the Smolensk air crash in which the Polish president died just founded the public commitee “10 April” to independently investigate the tragedy, since the Tusk governmnent is not really interested and blindly believes the Putin’s investigation.

    • Now I hope they’ll achieve at least as much as the Mothers of Beslan did.

      Who proved flamethrowers and tank cannons were used in the attack on the school, and their case is awaiting its turn in the ECHR.

      (As is the case of the 2002 Moscow gas attack, in which the FSB forces poisoned hundreds of civilians from Russia and abroad including more than 100 fatalities.)

  13. Georgia leader’s party sweeps local vote-exit poll

  14. Pele: US has important, if temporary. interests in the region. This is why we have substantial military resources on site. It is a thankless, expensive job and we would much rather go home

    The US has almost zero leadership at this time, but that will soon change. Also it takes time to develop energy resources.

    Even now, with no leadership, we are not doing that bad. In only 3 or 4 years we have discontinued importing natural gas. This is a phenominal achievement. The LNG terminal in Texas stands unused. It can quickly be turned around for export and we can start earning rather than spending. The quantity of shale gas that we (and the world) have available is huge. Energy will not be a problem for very long..

    Dippy Obama will soon be gone and we can start start energy development on a large scale.

  15. http:/

    India catching on fast to shale gas. About to cancel a pipeline.

  16. “Iran, Qatar and other Gulf countries are aghast at the emergence of shale gas as a rival”.

    Hey Putin!! If this keeps up you will need to kidnap and kill children by the score just to hold on to your job.

  17. Update: Georgia leader’s party wins first post-war vote
    Yesterday at 21:56 | Reuters TBILISI, May 30 (Reuters) – Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili’s party swept to victory in dozens of municipal votes on Sunday in the first electoral test for the pro-West leader since he lost a 2008 war to Russia, exit polls showed.

    Saakashvili’s party won at least 60 percent of the vote in a series of municipal council elections, beating a fragmented opposition that has struggled to capitalise on public anger over the war and the recession that followed.


    Nu molodets, Mishenka!

    • Voice of Reason

      That’s what happens when the ruler controls almost all major TV networks, stealing TV stations from the opposition.

      • Are you describing Russia?

        There are opposition TV stations in Georgia, Caucasus, Maestro, and a couple of others.

        Meanwhile, in Russia, no opposition TV stations at all

        Really Voice Of Retardation, you should stop judging everybody by the low standards of your homeland.

        BTW, the opposition is seen as traitors by many, if not most, Georgians because they cosy up to Putin, particularly Noghiadeli and Burjanadze.

        • Voice of Reason

          What happened to Imedi TV that used to belong to Rupert Murdoch and the opposition leader Badri P.?

          • Oh yes, Imedi was shut down in 2007, then reopened in 2008.

            However, it was broadcasting “attack the police” messages in Nov 2007.

            Not really acceptable in any democratic society.

            But never the less VOR, you are lying as usual.

            There are several pro-opposition TV stations, and many pro opposition Newspapers and Radio stations in Georgia.

            In addition, the Georgian government has appointed opposition members to the board of control of the public broadcasters, Mze and GPB.

            Compare this to Russia, where the opposition is banned from all Russian TV stations, and especially state broadcasters.

            VOR, but can you please stop lying.

  18. Voice of Reason

    Andrew // May 31, 2010 at 6:08 am
    However, it was broadcasting “attack the police” messages in Nov 2007.

    Really? Please give trustworthy references for this.

    Andrew // May 3, 2010 at 9:33 am
    Yes moron, in 2007, when the tv station in question was calling for the violent overthrow of the democratically elected government.

    Really? Please give trustworthy references for this too.

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