EDITORIAL: Russia is a Sick, Diseased Country


Russia is a Sick, Diseased Country

A few weeks ago we wrote about how the Putin Kremlin (in the person of insider Arkady Dvorkovich) was lobbying to help an insane maniac named Kirsan Ilyumzhinov (who believes he was kidnapped by space aliens) continue to rule the international chess federation.

Now, the Putin regime’s conduct in the matter has gone from the outrageous to the truly nauseating.

When the Kremlin’s bully tactics failed to induce the Russian Chess Federation to abandon its decision to support grandmaster Anatoly Karpov over Ilyumzhinov, Putin’s goons simply upped the ante.  Armed men swooped down on the RCF’s headquarters in Moscow and literally shut it down.

Once sees in these sordid proceedings all the fundamental failings of Putin’s Russia, failings of systemic corruption and vulgar violence that make Russia’s government seem much more like a criminal mafia than an institution of laws.  And the system’s greatest failing is, of course that it is presided over by a shameless operative of the Soviet secret police, Putin himself.

11 responses to “EDITORIAL: Russia is a Sick, Diseased Country

  1. Karpov was a highly respected, world class chess master. This kind of cheap, low class gangster action permanently stains Russia’s reputation.

    Like Kruschev’s beating his desk with his shoe at the UN, it will never be forgotten. Poor Russia has everything required to be a success except a decent government. Putin is a huge setback for post USSR Russia.

  2. And in Rasha you have pigs that can fly . Right ?
    You pathetic moskal sovok .

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