EDITORIAL: Medvedev and Hamas

Russia shakes hands with Syria and Hezbollah


Medvedev and Hamas

Éminence grise Russia blogger David McDuff is back in form, publishing a devastating and carefully researched condemnation of Russia’s recent diplomacy in regard to Hamas.

Just as Russia is aggressively supporting the Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon by funneling weapons to them through Syria, it is equally aggressively reaching out to the lunatics of Hamas in Palestine, terrorists who are actively supported by the other leading rogue regime in the Middle East, Iran, to which Russia is channeling nuclear technology.

Russia’s hypocrisy here is truly breathtaking, as McDuff makes clear:

Russia’s overtures to Hamas come despite Israel’s support for Russian counterterrorism operations against Chechen separatist groups.  Expressing disappointment over Russia’s behavior, Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said, “Just as Israel unconditionally supported Russia in her struggle against Chechen terror, we expect equal treatment in our struggle against Hamas. Chechen terrorists share some of the basic jihadist goals and characteristics of their Palestinian counterparts such as Hamas. For years, Chechnya-based terrorist groups have attacked Russian civilian and military targets, killing thousands. Similarly, Hamas and other Iran-backed Palestinian organizations launched a years-long campaign of bombings and rocket and missile attacks against Israelis. Carrying out suicide bombings against civilians is also a tactic common to both groups.

How can Russia justify this hypocrisy?  How dare Russia complain about being “victimized” by Chechen terrorists and at the same time deliver dangerous weapons and other forms of support to terrorist groups who are doing exactly the same thing to the innocent people of other countries?

And more importantly, how is it possible that the NATO countries cannot understand the obvious menace posed by this outrageous Russian aggression?

12 responses to “EDITORIAL: Medvedev and Hamas

  1. “Russia shakes hands with Syria and Hezbollah” Before that, Condoleezza (Гондолиза) Rice visited Syria and shacked the same hands. And, quite honestly, as everybody knows, the Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon are quite innocent if you compare them with the REAL terrorists from the US administration.

  2. @Chechen separatist groups.
    @Chechen terror
    @Chechen terrorists
    @Chechnya-based terrorist groups

    Because “Chechens” are everyone in North Cacuasus and North Cacasus in Chechnya. (For some.)

    Putin Peace, May 25:

    Drug control service official killed in Ingushetia

    3 injured in Kabardino-Balkaria explosions [2 “militia” cops and a civ]

    Two [Internal Troops] servicemen injured in bomb blast in Chechnya

    Bomb triggered in Nalchik, a militiaman wounded

    Or a day like everyday. (One in real Chechnya, and 3 in, um, “greater Chechnya” I guess?)

    • A small correction, the Nalchik blast was on the previous day. Anyway, you’ve got the picture.

      And Mr.McDuff is rather half-assed “Éminence grise Russia blogger”. Also there he’s speaking about “a 1999 Chechen attack on a Moscow apartment building”, among other things. And this means he’s just ignorant.

      (I’d like very much to hear from here the names of those “Chechens”, even according to the Russian government official version, in which they were Karachays working for an Arab.)

      • Sunshine, is L.A., Ca, USA at war right now?

      • Well, so something happaned yesterday in Nalchik, anyway:

        Major explosion occurs close to Nalchik centerhttp://www.itar-tass.com/eng/level2.html?NewsID=15162426&PageNum=0

        Of course not Chechnya (“Chechen”, “Chechnya-based”) too.

  3. Russia will do business with anyone . Hamas and its Ilk though they may have won an election are none the less bad for the world and the Palestinians . They shoot rockets at Israel that 90% are dud or hit no men women or children yet each time Israel gets more and more upset its like tugging at a dogs tail till it bites and you get what you deserve but in this case they use Palestinians as human shields then when the Palestinians get hurt or killed they scream about it till the cows come home and Hezballah is no different . So if the Lebanese and Palestinians are there constituencies why hurt them because Iran is the constituency of Hamas and Hezballah and Palestinians be damned to poverty and suffering. People matter little to Hamas or Russia so it’s a partnership made in hell!

    • It’s better to see once than hear a thousand times:D

      • Another super-set:)

        And the bestest friends with Abdullah:

        Oh. And our favorite.

        Say, “do business with anyone” again, please?


        So your point is that you have no problem being robbed because lots of people are robbed? You wouldn’t ask the police to try to catch the criminals because lots of criminals get away?

        You babble like a drunk in the gutter.

  4. Russian empire is beying destroyed by the afgan heroin.

  5. I hope Iran and Israel will nuce both each other ant one missile will hit Moscow. The happy end. Three problems would be solved at once.

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