EDITORIAL: Another Nauseating new Low for Russia


Another Nauseating new Low for Russia

You may think the photograph above is just another imagine of Vladimir Putin’s goons assaulting one of the “Solidarity” opposition movement’s members at a peaceful rally in Moscow.  But if you think that, you’re very much mistaken.

This photograph was taken last week in the Kemerovo region, in the town of Mezhdurechensk.  A large group of peaceful people had gathered there holding candles of remembrance for the more than five dozen miners who lost their lives in a mine explosion days earlier. The group wanted to call attention to the horrific plight of the miners and to demand better wages and working conditions. They were outraged, for instance, by the fact that mine officials, closely connected to the Russian government, had been taking actions such as blocking off the receptors on methane gas detectors so as to allow work to continue in order to meet production targets while risking worker lives.  A local labor leader stated: “When people are kept in the dark, when their questions are not answered, when they are left alone, when every day there are dozens of funerals and the authorities do not want to talk, a situation arises where people are displeased.”

And the government’s response was to send in the goons and arrest more than two dozen of those gathered, including the poor hapless fellow shown above.  Soon after that, a huge army of OMON goons was shipped in to seize control of the city and silence any further civic action immediately.

Now we ask you, dear reader:  How was the Kremlin’s behavior during this incident any different from that of the USSR?

Putin ordered the director of the mine to resign. That’s nice. But our question is this:  When does Putin resign?  Putin’s job is not to assign blame after disasters take place, it’s to prevent disasters from happening in the first place. Where were Putin’s mine safety policies before the blast?  Nowhere to be seen, just like his policies to stop nightclub fires from killing dozens, or terrorist attacks, or smoking, or drinking.  Putin says and does nothing about these problems because to address them would cost precious money, and due to Putin’s mismanagement of the economy Putin has none to spare. He needs every ruble to send nuclear technology to rogue states like Iran and Syria, to buzz the US coastline with nuclear bombers, to attack neighbors like Georgia and Ukraine, and to crack down on domestic dissent.

He can’t afford, literally, to think about the lives of Russian miners.

54 responses to “EDITORIAL: Another Nauseating new Low for Russia

  1. Francis Smyth-Beresford

    Little bit of mission creep there, wouldn’t you say? Typical, I guess. First it’s a few fighter planes and some armoured vehicles that Russia is selling to Syria, and suddenly, it’s “nuclear technology”. Which are nuclear, the fighters or the armoured vehicles? This is exciting – nobody else has a nuclear fighter plane yet! Would you mind posting a link that shows information about these transfers, because your previous editorial didn’t mention anything about nukes.

    Similarly, the loopy claim that Russia is “buzzing the US coastline with nuclear bombers”. Really? Call me a skeptic; I’m afraid I’d like to see some evidence of that. Provided it’s not classified, of course – I’m sure you have privileged access.

    The TU-160 and TU-22 aircraft that sporadically patrol in the vicinity of the U.S. coastline do not carry nuclear weapons – to do so would be a deliberate provocation which could rapidly escalate out of control, and Russia would not risk it. The TU-95, which sees the lion’s share of patrol duties, is not designed to carry missiles. Anything that has a large enough bomb bay could technically carry a nuclear bomb, including a 747 if you wanted to roll one out the cargo door, but I’m afraid I’ll take a bit of convincing that the Russians are flying nuclear missions off the U.S. coast.

    • Your statement is hilariously dishonest and inaccurate.


      The planes in question are NUCLEAR BOMBERS. Whether they actually have nuclear bombs on board is TOTALLY IRRELEVANT, the point is they COULD have, and the are meant as a direct provocation. They were ESCORTED AWAY by ARMED US FIGHTER JETS and this has happened MANY TIMES. How would ANYONE know for sure whether these nuclear bombers actually have nuclear bombs on board or not? If you think you do, you are a raving psychopath.

      Apparently, you think that these planes being armed with “only” conventional bombs that could kill thousands of women and children is a matter Americans should not care about. We disagree, and it is IMPOSSIBLE for Russians to know how Americans feel BECAUSE AMERICANS ARE NOT DOING THIS TO RUSSIA.

      You have the intelligence and morals of a prune.

      • what do you mean Americans are not doing this to Russia?

        Who is encircling Russia with military bases and arming its neighbors (e.g., Georgia) to then provoke and instigate a conflict in the Caucasus?

        Who is trying to drag Ukraine and Georgia into NATO, in violation of the promise made to Gorbachev in 1991 that NATO would not extend one inch to the east of a unified Germany?

        Don’t you know that the US is a permanent warfare state?

        It is you who has the intelligence and morals of a prune.


        You must have received an education in Russia, only that could account for your dishonesty and ignorance.

        Russia is establishing military outposts in Venezuela and Cuba, it is sending dangerous weapons to Syria and Hezbollah and Iran. THAT IS A DIFFERENT SUBJECT.


        • Voice of Reason

          Russia is establishing military outposts in Venezuela and Cuba

          If they ever come into existence, these Russian “outposts” will be miniscule compared to US outposts all over the World, including Baltics, Poland, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and other countries right next to Russia. Moreover, you also want US to place its missile defense facilities in Poland and Czech R and to make Ukraine and Georgia part of NATO.

      • Francis Smyth-Beresford

        “How would ANYONE know for sure whether these nuclear bombers actually have nuclear bombs on board or not…Apparently, you think that these planes being armed with “only” conventional bombs that could kill thousands of women and children is a matter Americans should not care about.”

        Actually, I never said that. Anyway, guess you must have really run a load through your drawers when this happened, then.


  2. Keep up your propaganda, as its relevancy leaves a lot to be desired. And another thing you omitted to tell us about is the price of the eggs that the heroic soviet pilots eat or the brand of Vodka they drink while flying on those highly dangerous “peace” missions of the coast of the United States of America.

  3. in response to LaRussophobe:

    Establishing and established are two different things.

    In fact, as of this writing, there are no Russian military bases in either Cuba or Venezuela. And Venezuela is nowhere near the US frontier.

    On the other hand, there are numerous US bases in Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Kyrgyzstan (in fact a drug transit center for the Americans).

    And the US sends dangerous weapons to Israel, one out of many rogue nations, to attack and destroy Palestinian livelihood.

    You must have received your education at the street corner in a slum in Detroit.

  4. Alright, guys, when has Russia EVER been honest, open and forthright in its dealings with anyone? Give me an example.
    Russia schemes to get what it wants. It always has.
    The photograph accompanying this article is telling of what I would strongly suggest many xenophobic and in denial Russians would do to dissenters.
    Moving on….

    • Francis Smyth-Beresford

      Really? I’ve never been any good at photo interpretation myself, and it’s very impressive the way you can just read it like a book. Did you also intuit that the protesters pictured were blocking the railway, did not respond to police instructions to move and apparently had no intention of doing so unless they were moved? I wonder how many would have been supportive of protesters in the West Virginia mine disaster last month if they had decided to block the Interstate.

      If you looked up incidents of police from any country, “goons” or otherwise, who arrested and removed people for blocking public thoroughfares, do you imagine you’d find them? I could save you the trouble, but you know, give a man a fish….

      Did your photointuition mention how many of these goon-victimized protesters had to receive medical attention afterward? I will save you the trouble there. None.

      • The miners from West Virginia don’t have to block a highway. They have a court of law to go to (and they do)

  5. Industrial towns, like coal-mining centre Mezhdurechensk, have swallowed up many of the original villages, but 90 small settlements remain where over half the residents are Shors.

    The natural resources that once defined the Shors were also responsible for their downfall. Stalin flooded the region with other nationalities to exploit rich iron ore and coal seams for the steel mills that still dominate the city of Novokuznetsk.

    “There was an entire period of Russification,” said Gennady Kostochakov, a lecturer at the Shor language faculty in Novokuznetsk’s teaching academy.

    “The incoming urban population was all Russian-speaking, even though they were of different nationalities.”

    But the Shor language, outlawed by Stalin, is making a comeback. Kostochakov, wearing a pinstriped blazer over a Puma sweater, has 15 first-year students in his class. About 140 people have graduated from his faculty in the last 20 years.

    “This was once purely a Shor village. My grandmother didn’t even speak any Russian,” Aponkin, a retired engineer dressed in a brown blazer, said inside his snowbound wooden cottage.

    “They started teaching only in Russian and banned use of the Shor language.

    Urban Shors have launched a monthly newsletter to inform villagers, many of whom live without television or the internet, of events in the wider world. It’s in Russian, because printing costs were too high for an edition in the Shor language.

    The Shors, without a republic of their own, have less autonomy than other Siberian ethnic groups. Neighbouring Altai and Khakassia each have their own republics.


    • Francis Smyth-Beresford

      “The subject now is NUCLEAR BOMBERS BUZZING THE COASTLINE, you idiotic ape.”

      I hope you know I wouldn’t personally be so rude, but that IS a direct quote from your hostess.

  6. May 14 at 22:47 | Associated Press MOSCOW (AP) — A respected Russian radio station says police have violently broken up a miners’ protest over salary and conditions at the coal mine where explosions killed at least 66 people.

    The independent-leaning Ekho Moskvy says hundreds of miners and their supporters blocked traffic at a train station in western Siberia. They were dragged away by riot police early Saturday, the station said.

    The station says the protesters are angry over misleading national television reports that they are well paid and work in a safe environment.

  7. Were there any police crushing demonstrators protesting the dangerous conditions in West Virginia? You are an idiot, FSB.

    • Francis Smyth-Beresford

      Why, thank you, LesvoroBeyGeorg; I’m always grateful for the opinion of a professional. I’m afraid you missed the point – which, in fairness, I could hardly have expected you to grasp, since it contained several words of more than one syllable and was not decorated with bright ribbons.

      There were no police, because there were no protesters. The situation was hypothetical (that means not real, but intended to be illustrative), and asked how many Russophobes would have been supportive of a miners’ protest in West Virginia IF protesters had blocked the Interstate. Protesters in the original story blocked the railway, which was not mentioned, although you did point it out while speaking as one of your other personalities.

    • Vorobey, your quote on FSB is 100% correct! but sadly he “lacks nows’ (British slang for lack of brains), to realize this big point.

      Hence one has to make a lot of allowances in this superb lunatic case!

      • Francis Smyth-Beresford

        Oh, Hello, Bohdan; did Simpleton Camp let out early? You must be getting your British slang from Aussie films, because, “lacks nows” doesn’t mean anything in English.

        You certainly seem obsessed with the human brain; I’m happy to renew my previous offer – post your CV (Cirriculum Vitae), and I’ll do the same. Do we have a deal?

        • Listen lying jerk I got that saying from Englishmen that had migrated to Australia! one of whom was ex RAF, one an ex Buckingham Palace Guard, and the last a military soldier who served in the SAS! and hence I would believe these honest guys much more then the inveterate liar that you are.

          And believe me there are a lot of English immigrants who have settled in this beautiful country.

          Keep it up! at what you are best at you cheap liar!!

          Don’t keep on lying moron, as I’m definitely not a Doctor or Specialist – as my father had wanted me to follow in his footsteps but I chose another and different profession – hence I don’t have an obsession with the human brain.

          Although I do have a dislike for brain dead maggots like you that cannot realistically fathom the real damage that your heroic mass murderers like J Stalin and to a lesser extend V Putin carried/carry out on the long suffering Russian citizen. In this sense I always like to quote “show me a communist and I’ll show you a lying imbecile”. When oh when will you get that simple point straight, you simpleton?

          Me! post out my CV (and yes I do have a honest one) to a pathological liar like you? you must think I’m a bigger idiot then you are. Impossible!!!

          Remember I take pride in my honesty, and I certainly do not include liars in any of my acquaintances, pride and decency precludes me from this shallow step.

          Ta, ta, FSB (chuckle, chuckle).

          • Voice of Reason

            Bohdan: Me! post out my CV (and yes I do have a honest one)

            Looks like you have a separate CV for every occasion. Good for you.

            • Voice of UNBELIEVABLY STUPID Reason, they let you out again to spread your ridiculous propaganda. You must be delirious in your happiness.

              Putin’s Russian must indeed be in dire straights to sink this low.

              Yes dodo I have trillions of CV’s. Now do you believe me?

              • The most important thing is not if we believe you or not.

                The most important thing for you is to study well.

        • Francis, you are obviously an ignoramus. “Nous” is a Greek word meaning intelligence, insight, which has entered the language of many English folks as meaning brains. I am not surprised you never heard of it, since the people who use it usually have some pretence at education. BTW, the Greek word ought to be read as noos, but the English normally mispronounce it as nowz.

          F minus. Donkey.

          • Francis Smyth-Beresford

            Yes, and in the ancient Hittite dialect, it meant, “my pyjamas are full of yogurt”. Everyone knows the English are a deep race, and fond of sprinkling their daily conversation with bon mots from ancient Greece, not to mention Hittite – you’d only have to spend an hour in a British pub following a Man United loss to know that. Hey, in French it means “we” or “us”, but to Englishmen speaking French, “We” means yes when you say it, although not when you spell it.

            Perhaps Bohdan learning to spell would help, but I doubt it. “Lacks nows” does not mean anything in English.

            But now that we have two psychiatrists on site, yourself (with a minor in ancient languages, yet) and Dr. Bohdan, no doubt everyone’s speech will improve.

            • That you never heard an English person using “lack of nous” as a synonym for “lack of brains” proves you are ignorant. That you react to being corrected by throwing around insults and making lame attempts at humour proves that you are an idiot.

              F minus minus. Ignorant idiot.

              • Voice of Reason


                You should learn how to read. Bohdan didn’t write ““lacks nous”. He wrote “lacks nows”.

                • Ah, well, this may be a dreadfully difficult concept to explain, and perhaps it will take a while, but the thing is – Bohdan was right and Francis was wrong. There is such an expression in spoken English, and it is pronounced just as Bohdan heard it. Francis denied that such an expression exists. Bohdan made one slight spelling mistake based on the way he heard the expression. Francis took it on himself to state categorically that no such expression existed in British English. It did. (Google delivers “about 815” results: http://www.google.co.uk/#hl=en&source=hp&q=%22lack+nous%22&btnG=Google+Search&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=&fp=ee974751864a5271 ). Francis is an arrogant, ignorant twit. Now, I expect you to find that very difficult to understand, but alas, it is the truth.

                  • Fabio! my sincere thanks for your explanation of the word ‘nous’, its correct spelling and its meaning.

                    But believe me you are wasting your intelligence on these two soviet communist, professional liars! to whom their shady end always justifies the means.

                  • Well said Fabio.

                    The problem is that VOR is your typical lying Russian, incapable of either honesty, or simple logical thought.

              • Francis Smyth-Beresford

                Gosh; after being called “ignoramus” and “donkey”, why would anyone be motivated to throw around insults, you Italian scallion?

                What if I were not an Englishman? That’s merely an assumption on your part. However, if the crown of King of Colloquialisms means so much to you, you can have it, and welcome to it. I was wrong, such an expression exists, and apparently Bohdan used it correctly even if he has to spell phonetically. You and Bohdan are both geniuses.


                • Oh. wow. That sounds almost as though FBS admitted to being wrong on something. Unbelievable. Well, keep trying. You’ll see, next time it won’t be as hard. And soon you will find that actually being able to admit you are wrong will free you of so many pieces of intellectual dead weight and enable you to debate like an adult.

                  Meanwhile, C plus.

                  • So, er, as a non-native speaker, may I ask, if this was the word from Greek English, or Italian one, or French English after all?:)

  8. The rooshan reaction is just so typically bass-ackwards sovok – don’t fix the mines, don’t implement mine safety, just beat up the protesters who are protesting lethal mine conditions, or low wages, or really bad working conditions.

    Don’t treat the miners like human being, don’t talk to the miners – just beat them up.

    The only thing I didn’t see is one of the sovok’s favorite words – “hooligans.”

    People who stood up for themselves and their rights against sovoks were “hooligans.”

    Why does only Putler have rights in roosha?

    Why don’t the miners have rights?

    Are they not human beings also?

    • Voice of Reason

      elmer wrote:” The rooshan reaction is just so typically bass-ackwards sovok

      “Bass-ackwards”? LOL.

  9. This was an incident. But I should remind you that=

    1.) Control of OMON is not directed straight from Putin or Medvedev, especially in such a small town, it was not their decision to stop the riot, rather that of the police chief. And I’m sure he’ll be punished, if investigations don’t justify his decision.

    2.) Russia already has taken measures to stop Night Club fires, IE= inspections and forced repair/renovation. It has taken much grander measures to stop alcoholism and drug abuse lately even alcohol related deaths reduced to 1/2 of what it was in 2005 by 2009. Terrorist attacks can’t be stopped, but all out rebellions like Ingushetia and Dagestan have totally disappeared and the death toll has been much lower lately due to heavy military and police action. I’ll remind you that Russia has a very large Muslim minority and it’ll be a while before they forget the actual atrocities that happened and the propaganda you feed them of other atrocities.

    3.) While the deaths of the miners was a tragedy it was nothing the government controlled or could have stopped. Saftey measures for mines have to be adopted by the company and enforced by the government. I’ll admit the government’s decisions have not been totally correct and come too little too late but with the modernization of Russia’s economy and infrastructure, which will be complete in several years, such instances should disappear. BTW, these things happen everywhere, and it has been exposed to the media, so don’t give me crap about censorship.

    • Who told you you are here to explain anything? People here have their beliefs, much more credible than any explanations:)

      • Which shows that you do not understand the purpose of talking, of blogs, and indeed of language. It is also self-contradictory: if your beliefs are so convincing, why do you react so defensively to those of others?

  10. What the Russian people seem unable to do is undertstand the importance of rule of law. Democracy is a separete ideal, but only with people who can exercise restraint. A people cannot live decent lives without rule of law.

  11. http://www.nlcnet.org/reports?id=0034#comp

    One of those links that can open a new world for you.

    • Dmitry,

      I agree. Let’s bring back the USSR where we can all equally live in sh*t and not know any better as sites such as http://www.nlcnet.org would be blocked by the government.

      You are a complete Sherman tanker.

      • Dear Walmart,

        The site that Dmitry directed you to is a clear example of US capitalism at work — slave labor easily extracted so that you can enjoy your iPod at ease.

        • Lenin pioneered the slave labor camp, but Stalin expanded it literally a hundredfold. Under Lenin, the inmates numbered fewer than 100,000. By 1930, they numbered 1,000,000.

          By 1940, the Gulag Archipelago housed fully 10,000,000 pitiful souls. The death rate was extraordinary: 10-30% per year, for the prisoners performed demanding labor such as mining and timber-cutting with minimal food and clothing in freezing temperatures. The slaves were ruled by an elite of secret police, now known as the NKVD.

          • Yes, that was decades ago, as opposed to the contemporary and still-running US-imposed slave labor sweatshops all over the Third World.

            • The problem is, of course neither Lenin, nor Stalin invented labour camps. One need to read any Dickens’ novel to see slave labour – in the climax of power of the British empire.

              • With this loathsome comment, Dmitry, you have hit bottom. It is false in fac t (if you want scary descriptions of industrial labour, you have to go to Mayhew, not to Dickens, whose poorest characters, like Jo in Bleak House, are not industrial workers) and in proportion (there is absolutely no comparison between even the worst Victorian “sweaters” and Lenin and Stalin’s labour camps, most of which had nothing to do with industry and whose death rate was ordinarily 20% a year. Even the fierce Old Bolshevik Muenzenberg, Lenin and Stalin’s most committed foreign propagandist, was horrified at what he saw in the BAltic-White Sea Canal, and compared it with ancient slavery. Muenzneberg was one of the few Old Bolsheviks who really came from the working classes, and he knew what industrial labour was like. He knew that what he saw in Stalin’s death camps was nothing like it. (Eventually he moved away from Stalin, and Stalin had him murdered, but that came later.)

                • Dear Italian sunshine, that was about who invented labour camps, and who operates them nowadays. Not about the mortality rates.

                  But yes, we lynch negroes. Daily.

  12. Voice of Reason


    These bombers were not carrying any nuclear weapons. As far as American violations of territorial waters of Russia and other countries go, they cause enormous disasters:


    The Submarine Incident off Kildin island was a collision between the US Navy nuclear submarine USS Baton Rouge and the Russian nuclear submarine K-276 Kostroma near the Russian naval base of Severomorsk, on 11 February 1992. The incident took place when the US unit was working in an undercover mission, apparently aimed at intercepting Russian military communications.

    Political consequences
    Kostroma at anchor, showing a crest with a big one on the front of her sail, a “kill marking” which commemorates the collision[3]

    The incident produced intense embarrassment in Washington.[9] Russian diplomacy complained, and the Pentagon quickly acknowledged that a collision had happened, contrary to the official policy until then. A meeting between Secretary of State James Baker and Russian president Boris Yeltsin was arranged immediately. The Russian navy accused the United States of continuing intelligence operations around Russia’s home waters, despite the end of the cold war. All this flurry of reactions prompted the US navy to stop some specific submarine activities off Russian bases, such as tapping underwater cables or intercepting wireless communications.[15] This measure, however, didn’t prevent a later incident in March 1993, when USS Grayling rammed Delta class submarine K-407 Novomoskovsk.[16]


    After Kursk sank, the exercise was canceled and two American Los Angeles-class submarines — USS Memphis (SSN-691) and USS Toledo (SSN-769) — put in at European ports. These two vessels, plus the Royal Navy submarine HMS Splendid, were monitoring the activities of the war games.[9]

    French filmmaker Jean-Michel Carré, in Kursk: a Submarine in Troubled Waters,[10][11][12] which aired on 7 January 2005 on French TV channel France 2, alleged that Kursk sank because of a sequence of events triggered by a collision with the US submarine USS Toledo. According to Carré, Kursk was performing tests with Shkval torpedoes and the tests were being observed by two US submarines on duty in the region, USS Toledo and USS Memphis. US Secretary of Defence Cohen stated that neither USS Toledo nor USS Memphis were damaged in the explosion but refused to allow Russian investigators to inspect them.[8]


    Iran Air Flight 655, also known as IR655, was a civilian airliner shot down by US missiles on Sunday 3 July 1988, over the Strait of Hormuz, toward the end of the Iran–Iraq War.

    The aircraft was flying from Bandar Abbas, Iran, to Dubai, UAE, when it was destroyed by the U.S. Navy’s guided missile cruiser USS Vincennes, killing all 290 passengers and crew aboard, including 66 children,[1] ranking it the seventh among the deadliest airliner fatalities.[2]

    Three years after the incident, Admiral William J. Crowe admitted on American television show Nightline that the Vincennes was inside Iranian territorial waters when it launched the missiles.

    Medals awarded

    The men of the Vincennes were all awarded Combat Action Ribbons for completion of their tours in a combat zone. Lustig, the air-warfare coordinator, received the Navy Commendation Medal, often given for acts of heroism or meritorious service. According to the History Channel, the medal citation noted his ability to “quickly and precisely complete the firing procedure.”[34]

    • Excuse me ReTaRd, what did the USN & RN have to do with the Kursk incident?

      The Submarine was destroyed by the usual Russian incompetence at engineering, military or otherwise, when they tried to use a propellant system already rejected as incredibly dangerous by far more technically competent navies.

      On the morning of 12 August 2000, as part of a naval exercise, Kursk was to fire two dummy torpedoes at a Kirov-class battlecruiser, Pyotr Velikiy, the flagship of the Northern Fleet. At 11:29 local time (07:29:50 UTC),[1] the VA-111 Shkval torpedo was loaded into the torpedo tube number 4. High test peroxide (HTP), a form of highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide used as propellant for the torpedo rocket engine, leaked through bad welds in the tubing into the torpedo and catalytically decomposed on the metals and oxides present there, yielding steam and oxygen. The resulting overpressure ruptured the kerosene tank, resulting in a chemical explosion, causing a weak seismic signature detected hundreds of kilometers away.[4] A similar incident was responsible for the loss of HMS Sidon in 1955.
      Recovered remains of the torpedo later allowed pinpointing the first explosion into the middle part of the torpedo. According to the maintenance records, the dummy torpedoes, manufactured in 1990s, never had their welds checked; it was considered unnecessary as they did not carry a warhead.
      The explosive reaction of 1.5 tons of concentrated hydrogen peroxide and 500 kg of kerosene blew off the torpedo tube cover and the internal tube door. (The torpedo tube cover was later found on the seabed and its position relative to the rest of the submarine served as evidence of this version of the event.) The tube door, which should be capable of resisting such explosion, was not properly closed; the electrical connectors between the torpedoes and the tube doors were unreliable and often required repeated reclosing of the door before a contact was established, so it is likely that at the moment of explosion the door was not fully closed. The blast entered the front compartment, probably killing all seven men there. The bulkhead should have arrested the blast wave, but it was penetrated by a light air conditioning channel which allowed passage of the blast wave, fire and toxic smoke into the second and perhaps third and fourth compartments, injuring or disorienting the 36 men in the command post located in the second compartment and preventing initiating the emergency blowout and resurfacing the submarine. Additionally, an emergency buoy, designed to release from a submarine automatically when emergency conditions such as rapidly changing pressure or fire are detected and intended to help rescuers locate the stricken vessel, did not deploy. The previous summer, in a Mediterranean mission, fears of the buoy accidentally deploying, and thereby revealing the submarine’s position to the U.S. fleet, had led to the buoy being disabled.
      Two minutes and fifteen seconds after the initial eruption, a much larger explosion ripped through the submarine. Seismic data from stations across Northern Europe show that the explosion occurred at the same depth as the sea bed, suggesting that the submarine had collided with the sea floor which, combined with rising temperatures due to the initial explosion, had caused other torpedoes to explode. The second explosion was equivalent to 2-3 tons of TNT, or about 5-7 torpedo warheads, and measured 4.2 on the Richter scale. Acoustic data from Pyotr Veliky indicated an explosion of about 7 torpedo warheads in a rapid succession.[1]


      Nice try ReTaRd, but your usual lies and stupidity are becoming a little boring.

    • @”Iran Air Flight 655, also known as IR655, was a civilian airliner shot down by US missiles
      destroyed by the … USS Vincennes, killing all 290 passengers and crew aboard, including 66 children

      &”The men of the Vincennes were all awarded Combat Action Ribbons for completion of their tours in a combat zone. Lustig, the air-warfare coordinator, received the Navy Commendation Medal

      I say: WOW! I wonder what do you need to do to get a Medal of Congress!

  13. Conflict is rising in Russia, just now one cares about that. I’m sure, that the imperialistic politics of “great players” will “hit back” in nearest future. It’s upcoming and I’m not sure who will be “winner” in this “war of giants” … Here’s link about that event http://www.rferl.org/content/Black_Hole_Russian_Mining_Tragedy_Stirs_Old_Questions_Of_Class_Privilege/2049339.html

    • Sunshine, you want truth on Russian affairs, you don’t go to the US Congress for it.

      Remember this next time you quote RFE/RL anywhere.

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