EDITORIAL: Barack Obama, Traitor


Barack Obama, Traitor

In today’s issue we republish an op-ed piece by David J. Kramer, a former Bush administration State Department official in Eastern Europe.  Kramer’s scathing condemnation of Barack Obama’s cowardly betrayal of American allies in the region is required reading for anyone who is concerned about Russian imperialist aggression.

In a second piece, from the Huffington Post of all places, Ken Blackwell documents how, at every geopolitical turn, Obama’s “foreign policy” has been naive, misguided and ended in failure.

In an original column, scholar Ethan Burger points out the folly of allowing Russia to join the WTO without embracing the WTO’s core values, making Russia a fox in the proverbial hen house.

Finally, in our lead editorial, we show how Russia is rapidly becoming a world-leading pipeline of dangerous offensive weapons to rogue terrorist states like Syria and venal terrorist groups like Hezbollah.

It all adds up to just one thing:  Obama is, willfully or not, undeniably a traitor to American values and the nation that elected him to lead it.

We feel we have been lied to.  We endorsed John McCain for president for the very reason that we felt exactly this sort of atrocity would result from an Obama administration that knew absolutely nothing about foreign policy and was instead obsessed with installing the mechanisms of socialism in the domestic political system.  We were told by Obama’s advocates that he would fight for the principles he espoused and would set a new standard of expectations for places like Russia, and would defend American values and security interests vigorously.

How can we but conclude that those advocates lied to us?  The evidence is irrefutable and abundant that Obama never had any such intentions, much less capacities.  Now, the world and those who love freedom in Russia must look elsewhere for leadership, and indeed must condemn as we do the treacherous policies of the Obama administration which have brought a new level of horror to neo-Soviet Russia, encouraging the malignant Putin regime to become ever more aggressive and dangerous in pursuit of its evil, totalitarian goals.

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  1. ” … for anyone who is concerned about Russian imperialist aggression.”

    You’re in denial.

    The only imperialist aggressor is you-know-who.

    • Obviously, you have not spoken to many Georgians or Ukrainians lately.

      • And you have not spoken to many Iraqis, Afghans, Pakistanis, Greeks, Serbians, Vietnamese, Laotians, Cambodians, Koreans, Grenadians, Panamanians, Somalians, Iranians, and most importantly, YOURSELF.

        • America invaded Japan. Is it now part of the American empire, you banana chewing ape?

          Iraq just held elections and Americans ARE LEAVING you baboon.

          Pakistan? Are you joking?

          Why, pray tell, would America want anything to do with Afghanistan? It is simply quelling terror.

          Serbia was attacked BY NATO with UN BLESSING, you cretin.

          You are babbling nonsense.

          • First, spare me your fourth-grade insults.

            All of the nationalities listed above have been attacked by Americans, with American equipment, with American blessing.

            Serbia was attacked by the US air force, with American pilots launching payload after payload.

            Pakistan is under endless drone bombardment.

            Americans are not leaving Iraq anytime soon, and you know that.

            Japan is still being held hostage by the US with its 70,000 armed US goons.

            The US is not quelling terror. It IS terror. And, as of this writing, it is the worst terrorist state in the world.

            • You insult our blog by violating our rules.

              This is a blog about RUSSIA, not AMERICA. We could not care less what America is doing, we care about what RUSSIA is doing.

              But you can’t defend what Russia is doing so, just as in Soviet times, you point to what other countries are doing. It’s boring, and its offensive to us. So we’ll insult you all we like and if you keep it up, we’ll just ban you.

              There’s an old Soviet joke: An American confronts a Russian hotel clerk about the shockingly bad service. The clerk replies: “Yes, but you lynch blacks.”

              It’s sad how you can’t learn from Soviet mistakes, you witless gorilla.

              And your remarks about Japan are fully insane, demented, hallucinatory and ridiculous.

              • Because you are NOT Russian, you have no right or business to criticize and condemn Russian actions and Russian policy.

                You ARE American, and should, by default, condemn the crimes of your own nation and not those of others.

                • Russia threatens America every day, it buzzes our shores with nuclear weapons. You may as well say Russia had no right to criticize Nazi Germany.

                  Your hysterical ravings only show how deadly accurate our analysis really is.

                  • Again, YOU ARE AMERICAN!!!

                    Criticize and condemn the crimes of the US and not those of others.

                    Russia is not encircling the US with military bases and anti-missile silos. It is the reverse.

                    Russia does NOT threaten America every day. Those are merely your wild masturbatory fantasies.

                    Again, you are an American, so criticize America and Americans, and don’t be so pathologically obsessed with other nations.

                    • larussophobe

                      This post DOES criticize America, you imbecile. Did you even read it? It says the country has a TRAITOR for a president and its foreign policy is a failure.

                • Wait a minute, it’s her blog, not yours. She has a right whatever she wants with her own property. If you feel she is unfair, etc., you don’t have to visit, nobody forced you to. You are just a guest like the rest of us, so follow her rules. You have a right to boycott this blog or to start your own or both.

                  • Dima

                    Don’t prove beyond reasonable doubt that you are a true dimwit! you don’t like this bog? then sink to your usual low level and haunt “Pravda.Ru” instead.

                    I am sure that you will get a big reception there, by like minded bloggers that think in your mentality. Remember no one is forcing you to blog here. You don’t like it then get the hell out!

                    Besides you have no right to force your crazy views on LR! as here it is a free world and not one ruled over by the demented “voszd” in Moscow/St Petersburg.

                    Moreover, just because you are not meeting your quota to the satisfaction of your FSB handlers, does not give you the God damn right to demand that LR bends to your sick wishes.

                    Take a hint and beat it goon.

            • Actually Dima, I don’t recall the Greeks being attacked by the US ever….

              As for Laotians, Cambodians, Vietnamese and the like, well, they were all attacked by Russian trained and equipped communist murderers too.

              Ask the Cambodians who they prefer, the US or Russia, and most will say the US, because the US tried to keep Pol Pot out of government while the Russians supported him.

              Serbia was attacked by NATO after repeated genocidal campaigns, which were carried out by Russian supplied military forces, and assisted by Russian volunteers, the final straw was the attempt at genocide/ethnic cleansing in Kosovo, which was supported by Russia.

              As for saying that those who are not Russian have no right to criticise Russia, well more typical 2 year old style Russian debating skills there Dima.

              Russia is the new Nazi Germany.

              • because the US tried to keep Pol Pot out of government while the Russians supported him.

                A called the wrong person a duffer.

                • I instead of A

                • Russia did support Pol Pot, just as they supported Mao originally.

                  H\Just as they support the President of Sudan in his campaign of genocide in Sudan, just as Russia supports the President Of Sri Lanka in that countries murderous rampage against the Tamils, just as Russia has traditionally armed terrorist groups around the world.

              • And what about Iranians? It’s been over 30 years and I still remember those 400 hostages and those Ted Koppel’s riveting broadcasts night after night after night. According to his logic, it’s Americans who seized the Iranian Embassy in Washington, DC. He is truly blind with hatred.

                • Dear, your government voted to keep the UN seat to Pol Pot, and against a much more moderate Vietnam-supported Cambodian government.

                  As to Iran, yes, you’ve supported good old Saddam with all you had.

                  BTW, ever wondered why Iranians that came to power in 1979 hatedUS so much? Or do you believe it is just natural for all of them towel heads?

                  • Actually the largest supplier of weapons to Iraq both before, during and after the Iran-Iraq war was Russia/the USSR.

                    During the Iran–Iraq War, the Soviet Union sold or gave the greatest amount of military equipment and supplies to Iraq,[1] as well as providing military advisers. Their public position, especially in the early phases of the war, was officially neutral to both sides, although they clandestinely provided a smaller amount of support to Iran. Later in the war, they more visibly supported Iraq, but still maintained an official position of neutrality.
                    France was the second greatest supplier to Iraq, and tended to supply higher-technology equipment than the Soviets.[2] This does not mean that many other nations did not either provide materials or encourage client states to do so, or that there was not a brisk business by private arms traders.


                  • The US supported all opposition to the continued Vietnamese occupation of Cambodia.

                    The U.S. opposed the Vietnamese military occupation of Cambodia, and in the mid-1980s supported insurgents opposed to the regime of Heng Samrin, approving $5 million in aid to the Khmer People’s National Liberation Front of former prime minister Son Sann and the pro-Sihanouk ANS in 1985. Regardless of this, Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge remained the best-trained and most capable of the three insurgent groups who, despite sharply divergent ideologies, had formed the Coalition Government of Democratic Kampuchea (CGDK) alliance three years earlier. China continued to funnel extensive military aid to the Khmer Rouge, and critics of U.S. foreign policy claimed that the U.S. was indirectly sponsoring the Khmer Rouge due to U.S. assistance given the CGDK in keeping control of the United Nations “seat” of Cambodia.[20][21][22] The U.S. refused to recognize the Cambodian government installed by the army of Vietnam or to recognize any Cambodian government operating while Cambodia was under the military occupation of Vietnam.

                    However, Pol Pot was supported during his murderous reign (aka The Killing Fields) by both Russia and China.

                    Then there are the other Russian sponsored mass murderers in places like Ethiopia, where Russian backed Mengitsu murdered hundreds of thousands of people with the assistance of Russian and Cuban advisors, in addition the disastrous famine of the mid 80’s was a direct result of Russian “advice”


                  • This person Dima accuses the United States of having committed terrorist acts against Iranians. See his message above. So, I wonder, who seized whose Embassy?

                    • Voice of Reason

                      What I wonder is: who illegally sneaked into whose territorial waters and then brutally and cruelly shot down whose civilian airliners with 290 civilians on board. earning medals for this holocaust:


                      Iran Air Flight 655

                      Iran Air Flight 655, also known as IR655, was a civilian airliner shot down by US missiles on Sunday 3 July 1988, over the Strait of Hormuz, toward the end of the Iran–Iraq War.

                      The aircraft was destroyed by the U.S. Navy’s guided missile cruiser USS Vincennes, killing all 290 passengers and crew aboard, including 66 children,[1] ranking it the seventh among the deadliest airliner fatalities.[2] It was the highest death toll of any aviation incident in the Indian Ocean and the highest death toll of any incident involving an Airbus A300 anywhere in the world. Vincennes was traversing the Straits of Hormuz, inside Iranian territorial waters, at the time of the attack IR655 was within Iranian airspace.[3]

                      The United States has never admitted responsibility, nor apologized to Iran.[7]


                      The ship’s crew did not efficiently consult commercial airliner schedules due to confusion over which time zone the schedules referred to. [as you recall, the precision-bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade that killed 3 Chinese journalists was blamed on the inability of US experts to read road maps]

                      The error was initially attributed to operator error, but later some experts attributed the incident to the poor design of the Aegis user interface. [when the Ukrainian forces shot down an Israeli-Russia civilian aircraft, President Kuchma — speaking in his native tongue: Russian — blamed it on the fact that the missile manuals were in a foreign language that nobody in Ukraine knows: in Russian.]

                      The crew of the Vincennes Combat Information Center (CIC) confusingly reported the plane as ascending and descending at the same time (there were two “camps”).

                      Iran expressed skepticism about claims of mis-identification, noting that the Vincennes had advanced Aegis radar that correctly tracked the flight and its Mode III beacon; two other U.S. warships in the area, Sides and Montgomery, identified the aircraft as civilian; and the flight was well within a recognized international air corridor. It also noted that the crew of the Vincennes was trained to handle simultaneous attacks by hundreds of enemy aircraft. (ibid. §4.50) Iran found it more plausible that the Vincennes “hankered for an opportunity to show its stuff”. (§4.52)

                      National Geographic Channel broadcast a documentary on this incident titled “Mistaken Identity; the documentary confirmed that the airliner was transmitting an Identification friend or foe code for a civilian aircraft, but Captain William C. Rogers III in an interview insisted that he believed the code alone did not mean the aircraft was non-hostile.

                      ohn Barry and Roger Charles of Newsweek wrote that Captain William C. Rogers III acted recklessly and without due care in their 13 July 1992 article.[24]

                      They also accused the U.S. government of a cover-up. An analysis of the events by the International Strategic Studies Association described the deployment of an Aegis cruiser in the zone as irresponsible and felt that the expense of the ship had played a major part in the setting of a low threshold for opening fire.[26] The Vincennes had been nicknamed ‘Robocruiser’ by crew members and other US Navy ships, both in reference to its Aegis system, and to the supposed aggressive tendencies of its captain.[5]

                      Three years after the incident, Admiral William J. Crowe admitted on American television show Nightline that the Vincennes was inside Iranian territorial waters when it launched the missiles.[28] This contradicted earlier Navy statements that were misleading if not incorrect.

                      Craig, Morales & Oliver, in a slide presentation published in M.I.T.’s Spring 2004 Aeronautics & Astronautics, as the “USS Vincennes Incident,” commented that Captain Rogers had “an undeniable and unequivocal tendency towards what I call ‘picking a fight.'” On his own initiative, Rogers moved the Vincennes 50 miles (80 km) northeast to join the USS Montgomery. An angry Captain McKenna ordered Rogers back to Abu Musa, but the Vincennes helicopter pilot, Lt Mark Collier, followed the Iranian speedboats as they retreated north, eventually taking some fire:
                      “ …the Vincennes jumps back into the fray. Heading towards the majority of the speedboats, he is unable to get a clear target. Also, the speedboats are now just slowly milling about in their own territorial waters. Despite clear information to the contrary, Rogers informs command that the gunboats are gathering speed and showing hostile intent and gains approval to fire upon them at 0939. Finally, in another fateful decision, he crosses the 12-mile (19 km) limit off the coast and enters illegally into Iranian waters.[30]

                      Throughout its final flight IR655 was in radio contact with various air traffic control services using standard civil aviation frequencies, and had spoken in English to Bandar Abbas Approach Control seconds before the Vincennes launched its missiles. According to the U.S. Navy investigation the Vincennes at that time had no equipment suitable for monitoring civil aviation frequencies, other than the International Air Distress frequency.

                      The U.S. government issued notes of regret for the loss of innocent human life. The government never admitted wrongdoing, and did not accept responsibility nor submit an apology to the Iranian government.[7]

                      Medals awarded

                      The men of the Vincennes were all awarded Combat Action Ribbons for completion of their tours in a combat zone. Lustig, the air-warfare coordinator, received the Navy Commendation Medal, often given for acts of heroism or meritorious service. According to the History Channel, the medal citation noted his ability to “quickly and precisely complete the firing procedure.”[34] In 1990, Rogers was awarded the Legion of Merit “for exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding service as commanding officer … from April 1987 to May 1989.”

                    • Voice of Treason: the Vincennes was in a war zone and under obvious danger. Your heroes who murdered hundreds of Koreans and one American congressman in cold blood in 1983 were not.

                    • Voice of Reason


                      What was it doing in a “war zone” inside the Iranian territorial waters? Helping America’s beloved puppet Saddam fight Iranians?

                      Yes, Iran was at war with Iraq. But that doesn’t give USA any right to invade Iranian territorial waters and start shooting down Iranian civilian planes. USA was not at war with Iran, was it? And even if it were, what right did they have to shoot down civilian planes?

                      Just imagine that Georgia and Russia were fighting a war, and a Chinese ship sailed into Georgian territorial water and started shooting down Georgian civilian airplanes. Wouldn’t this cause outrage?

                      Do you remember how a Korean airliner entered the Soviet territory (by accident or because its pilots were spying), and the Soviets shot it down? Do you remember the international outrage?

                      So, why is it terrible for Soviets to shoot down an airplane inside their own territory, while it is perfectly normal for USA to invade Iran’s territorial waters and to start shooting down the civilian planes there? Do you think that if Americans kept their ships, airplanes, missiles, troops and all other weapons away form other people’s lands, the World would be a much safer place? Nazi Germany’s conquests all over the World lasted 6 years or so, until the Red Army defeated them. Americans seem to be at it for many decades, and there seems to be no end to new and new invasions. And no Red Army is around to defend the World.

        • NON of those countries have been annexed! NON of those countries have been enslaved!

          You Russian Pederation Bidloid.

          • Voice of Reason

            Yes, the Palestinian territories, occupied in 1967, will be returned to Arabs in less than 100000 years!

            • The US does not occupy those territories Voice Of Retardation.

              I also seem to remember that you support the occupation of the said territories by Israel…..

  2. These “revelations” about the muslim have been known from the beginning. The silver lining is that the actions of the “traitor” are having a huge impact on the US electorate. Also I do not think a foreigner. who is an enemy, can actually be called a traitor.

  3. Also when Reagan, with Gorby’s help, knocked off the evil empire and freed Europe, Obama was horrified. Obama is not just muslim. He is and always has been an advocate of Russian imperialism. Anytime you elect a long term member of a radical black church, you are bound to get something weird.

  4. Also geopolitical factors such as energy are helping slow up Obama’s efforts.


  5. With Russia so weak and it’s plants so run down we will probably survive the situation.

    The shale gas technology came along at a good time (see link above).

    The situation is NOT good. There is serious risk.

    But with luck we should get through inspite of the fact that we have an 80 IQ, delusional muslim, running the executive branch.

    The good part is that the American people grow more angry by the minute. I see a huge change coming over America, which transcends party lines, such as I have never seen in a long lifetime.

    The republican old guard is doomed. The democrats are doomed. A new order probably leading to the re-establishment of the original republic is happening right now.

    LR should be commended for this series of posts.

    • Osama Solomonovich Rabinovich

      “The shale gas technology came along at a good time (see link above).”

      Also try other projects, say to get gas from farting republicans. Having those 3D nano-technologies, each american patriot-idiot can provide enough gas for himself.

      “But with luck we should get through inspite of the fact that we have an 80 IQ, delusional muslim, running the executive branch.”

      Hopefully Obama will do what his 40 IQ christian moron predecessor couldn’t accomplish.

      “The republican old guard is doomed. The democrats are doomed.”

      And the whole country is doomed as well…

      • Now it looks we have a bohdan-type artillery on our own side. Can’t say I’m too happy about it.

        • Osama Solomonovich Rabinovich

          I’m not on your side, kid.

          • OSR

            You’ll have to excuse Dimwit DimiTry (DDT), he has a really big problem with reality and truth.

            His other big fault is that he is an inveterate liar. And I definitely cannot “say I’m too happy about it”.

    • Francis Smyth-Beresford

      Yes, it’s called the Tea Party. Won’t it be great? Men will be able to wear tricorn hats in the street again with those neato swallowtail coats, and carry muskets, just like they do at the rallies. Women will lose the vote, of course, because that’s the way it was back in those patriotic glory days, and life expectancy will naturally have to go down a little. But the air will be a lot cleaner with everybody riding horses instead of driving cars. No medicare, so it might suck a bit to be old, but hey! a loaf of bread will only be a nickel!

      Can you gimme hallelujah?

  6. By the way, have any of you turkeys forgotten that 9/11 might indeed have been an inside job?

    • Osama Solomonovich Rabinovich

      At least in the sense that Bin Laden was supported and trained as a professional terrorist by the US in early days.

      Не плюй в колодец, как говорится.

  7. Who Knew?
    Doesn’t Michelle look dashing in her new gown?
    Did you hear the party crashers want an apology? Like that’s happening.
    Iran’s got nukes courtesy of Russia. sniggle sniggle
    Hezbollah’s got nukes courtesy of Iran.
    Israel just got nuked courtesy of Hezbollah.
    Palenstinian ? solved.
    Obama’s so brilliant.
    No more twittering from White House kitchen.

  8. What are you dudes going to do for a living if the Russian people decide they want your laws to apply to everybody??? You will be out of a job!! However soon you will have a better job making more money than ever before.

  9. RV,

    The US has been torturing Iran starting in the year 1953 when they overthrew the democratically elected Mossadegh, because he dared to claim the natural resources of his country as his own.

    It then proceeded to arm and train the SAVAK, and when the Shah regime fell, they afterward armed Iraq and supported Iraq at the peak of Saddam’s atrocities, because he was convenient at the time in their proxy war against Iran.

    Yes, they also shot down the Iranian Airliner in 1988, killing 290 on board, coming home to the US to cheers and applause in the most Nazi-like fashion.

    The Soviets never stooped so low when they accidentally shot down the Korean airliner in 1983.

    The US has been torturing and killing the people of Iraq since 1990, when Saddam was no longer convenient for them, and had imposed murderous sanctions in the years 1991-2003, which the ugly hag Madeleine Albright conceded that half a million Iraqi children was “worth the price” and also with intermittent bombing runs, acknowledged in 1999 to run up to 10,000 criminal sorties over Iraqi airspace.

    They have waged a brutal colonial-style war against Iraq since 2003, with no end in sight, and with upwards of one million corpses.

    The facts presented above are common knowledge and only Americans like yourself who constantly deny them and only condemn the crimes of others are the true hypocrites.

    What nation in this world travels 10,000 kilometers out of its way just to slaughter innocent human beings?

    There is only one. Yours.

    • RV,

      Sometimes you just don’t realize how badly most of the world would like the US to meet the same fate as the Soviet Union did in 1991.

      It would usher in a great diminishing of US terrorism and violence.

      • Also, on the subject of Albright, this is the woman whose family and her were sheltered and hidden by a Serbian family from the Nazis in a small village, years later which would be bombed by her deliberately in a sign of the ultimate Jewish backstabbing.

        The same man who sheltered her wrote her a letter pleading her to stop the bombing.

        She didn’t even bother to respond.

        There really is no other designation for this piece of human excrement except the word that starts with ‘k’ and ends with ‘e’ and it rhymes with the word ‘bike.’

        • And here comes a piece of open anti-Semitism. Finally. You couldn’t conceal it for too long, could you?

          • No need for you to play the anti-Semitic card.

            Her atrocities speak volumes, and I’m sure the Serbians and Iraqis do not think otherwise.

            • Your attack against Mrs. Albright was set in clear anti-Semitic terms and I have been around long enough to see that. Well, considering that you are a Russian, no surprise for me. Still, how is she responsible for Iraq. She was not in office during either the first or second Iraq war.

              By the way, how could someone hide her in Serbia when her father and the family spent the war with the Czechoslovakian government in exile in London?

              • Because you are unable to understand simple facts, evident by the previous question I posed regarding Chomsky’s standards, which you never were able to answer adequately, I direct you to the following video clip so that you will be able to fathom on a deeper level:

                Pay close attention her eyes and facial expressions. They are pure evil.

                • Dima, you are a lier

                  Early life
                  Albright was born Marie Jana Korbelová (Czech pronunciation: [ˈmarɪjɛ ˈjana ˈkorbɛlovaː]) in the Smíchov district of Prague, Czechoslovakia. At the time of her birth, Czechoslovakia had been independent for fewer than twenty years, having gained independence from Austria after World War I. Her father, Josef Korbel, was a Jewish Czech diplomat and supporter of the early Czech democrats, Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk and Edvard Beneš.[4] She was his first child with his Jewish wife, Anna (née Spieglová), who later also had another daughter Katherine (a schoolteacher) and son John (an economist).
                  At the time of Albright’s birth, her father was serving as press-attaché at the Czechoslovak Embassy in Belgrade. However, the signing of the Munich Agreement in March 1938 and the disintegration of Czechoslovakia at the hands of Adolf Hitler forced the family into exile because of their links with Beneš.[5] Prior to their flight, Albright’s parents had converted from Judaism to Roman Catholicism.[6] Albright spent the war years in England, while her father worked for Benes’s Czechoslovak government-in-exile. They first lived on Kensington Park Road in Notting Hill, London, where they endured the worst of The Blitz, but later moved to Beaconsfield, then Walton-on-Thames, on the outskirts of London.[7] While in England, a young Albright appeared as a refugee child in a film designed to promote sympathy for all war refugees in London.[8]


                  Of course, your lying ways are not unusual for Putinists such as yourself, just look at VOR for details.

                  If only more people in Russia were like Igor, it would be an admired country, not the neo-soviet imperialist hell hole that is is.

          • Karen Grobowski-Blassberg

            besides, the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, and many other nations do not really care whether the torturers and murderers of their countries are jews or christians;

            they know one thing, the murderers and torturers of their countries are AMERICANS

            • You think they don’t care? Well maybe, but Mr. Dima does care, and out comes anti-Semitic invective. You would agree that calling a former Secretary of State that word is an anti-Semitic slur. Nothing unexpected to me though.

              • What do you call a Jew who after being hid by a family from the Nazis, returns the favor four decades later by bombing them?

                • You are a liar Dima, a lying little lick-spittle of a man, not to mention a typical representation of the brain dead antisemitic Russian public.


                  At the time of Albright’s birth, her father was serving as press-attaché at the Czechoslovak Embassy in Belgrade. However, the signing of the Munich Agreement in March 1938 and the disintegration of Czechoslovakia at the hands of Adolf Hitler forced the family into exile because of their links with Beneš.[5] Prior to their flight, Albright’s parents had converted from Judaism to Roman Catholicism.[6] Albright spent the war years in England, while her father worked for Benes’s Czechoslovak government-in-exile. They first lived on Kensington Park Road in Notting Hill, London, where they endured the worst of The Blitz, but later moved to Beaconsfield, then Walton-on-Thames, on the outskirts of London.[7] While in England, a young Albright appeared as a refugee child in a film designed to promote sympathy for all war refugees in London.

                  • Watch and see for yourself:

                    • And do not call anyone a liar unless you are able to completely prove them wrong.

                      You are desperate to try and defend a war criminal like Albright, the ugliest American hag.

                    • Excuse me Mr. Liar, that does not prove anything.

                      More Russo/Serbian BS.

                      However, she is actually documented as being in the UK from 1939 onwards, where her father is actually documented as working in London for the Czechoslovak government-in-exile.

                      Considering that the Germans did not invade Yugoslavia until 1941, I find it interesting how morons like you can think that she left Czechoslovakia to go to the UK as a child, then her father sent her to Yugoslavia so she could be “sheltered from the Nazis”.

                      Really Dima dumbass, I guess you still believe it was the Nazis that did all the killing at Katyn too eh?

                      Meanwhile, her entry to the UK is documented.

                      B 3 (c) : Britain

                      B 3 (c) (i) : BCRC/CRTF Case List

                      Refugees reaching Britain were interviewed by the BCRC/CRTF and registered sometime between a few days to a few weeks after their arrival.. Each single refugee or head of family was assigned a case number. Each member of a family other than the head (unless a baby) was assigned a letter under the case number to refer to the individual. Females are often not given the feminine ending for their surnames in the list. The case numbers from 1 to 8434 represent those refugees reaching Britain between the annexation of the ‘Sudetenland’ in September 1938 and the start of the Second World War in September 1939. Numbers from 9000 upwards represent post-war refugee cases.

                      In the numerical index of cases there is an entry at 7320 for a Richard Slánský, born in 1904. At 7320a is an entry for a Waltraut Slánský (a woman’s first name but with the masculine version of the surname), born 1902. Presumably this was his wife or possibly sister. The fact that the second entry was typed in the list rather than written in later indicates that the woman arrived at the same time, rather than marrying him later and being added to the list. Both are shown as having returned to Czechoslovakia (ČSR) on 11th October 1945. Having looked through all the entries in the index of pre-war refugees, these are the only two with the surname Slánský.

                      Click here to see the BCRC/CRTF Case List entry for Slánský (133KB)

                      There are several other interesting entries on the same page as the Slánskýs. Leading communist Václav Nosek is at 7329 (alone) while Bohuslav Laštovička is at 7327 (with a family member, Marie, at 7327a). At 7316 is Josef Koerbel (or Körbel), with his wife Anna (7316a) and baby “Madlena”. This child is better known as Madeleine Albright, the American politician.

                      Concerning Slánský’s entry in the case list at 7320, and whether he went to Britain at the same time as Hodinová, Mikulíček and Vojta Beneš, there is an entry in the case list at 6449 for an Anežka Spurná-Hodinová (born 1895), with at 6449a Jindřich Spurný (born 1906). This is Anna Hodinová with her husband. At 7126 is Vítěslav Mikuliček (born 1882) accompanied by Marie Mikuliček (born 1895) at 7126a. I have not found an entry for Vojta Beneš, even though he states that he received money from the BCRC/CRTF through Patzak after his arrival in London.


                    • Voice of Reason

                      Both of you are right. After the Brits forced the French to agree to give Czechoslovakia to England’s best friend Hitler as a birthday present in 1938, Albright’s Jewish parents first escaped to Serbia (where her father had previously worked as the Czech ambassador), where they kind Serb people gave them refuge, and later in 1939 they moved to London. Just listen to the video.

                    • Oh, another flaw in this piece of Serbo Russian BS is that Madeline Albright was born in 1937, and would be far to young to be the girl in those photos which are said to be 1939, as she was only (at most) 2 years old at the time.

                      Besides which, she is registered as arriving in Britain in 1938.

                      So Dima, you are a typical Russian liar….

                    • No VOR, you are wrong as usual.

                      Her father posted to the Belgrade embassy in 1937, they did not “flee there to avoid the Nazis” and when the Munich treaty was signed in 1938, they fled to London where they were given shelter by the kindly British people.

                      Albright’s father, Josef Korbel, was a foreign-service officer in the liberal interwar Czechoslovakian government. Just after she was born in 1937, he was posted to the Czech embassy in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. But he was recalled two years later, when the Munich Pact essentially made Czechoslovakia a German province. Instead of going home, Korbel moved his family to London to join the Czech government-in-exile.
                      After the war, the family returned to Prague and learned, Albright says, that her three living grandparents had died. Korbel was briefly the postwar government’s ambassador to Yugoslavia, but when Communists ousted the government in 1948, the family fled to the United States.


                      Many say the experience of fleeing her country not once, but twice helped to mold Madeleine Albright’s foreign policy philosophy. “She watched her world fall apart, and ever since, she has dedicated her life to spreading to the rest of the world the freedom and tolerance her family found here in America,” said former U.S President, Bill Clinton, as he named Albright the first female secretary of state in U.S. history.
                      Thomas Blood, author of “Madam Secretary, The Biography of Madeleine Albright also identifies Albright’s “uncanny ability to triumph over adversity, as one of the factors that shaped her life.

                      Born Marie Jana Korbelová in 1937, in Prague, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic) Madeleine was the French version of “Madlenka”, a Czech nickname given by her grandmother. Her family fled to London after Bohemia and Moravia were annexed by Germany in 1939. After World War II, the Korbel family moved back to Belgrade, where her father Josef Korbel served as Czechoslovakia’s ambassador to Yugoslavia.
                      She and her parents fled again when the Communists assumed power over Czechoslovakia
                      . The future U. S. Secretary of State arrived America in 1948 at the age of 11. Her father, became the founding dean of the Graduate School of International Studies at the University of Denver where she taught another future Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice.


                      The Serbians never gave the family “shelter from the Nazis”, this is just another antisemitic Russo-Serbian lie.

            • Hi KGB, are you buy any chance married to FSB?

              • Voice of Reason


                Are you “buy any chance” taking English classes from Bohdan?

                • LOL, no, just not enough tea this morning….

                • ReTarRd, alias Voice of (unbelievably stupid) Reason.

                  To answer your “unbelievably stupid” question! Andrew does not need to take English classes from me! his command of the language is superb! not like yours, which leaves a lot to be desired – dah retard.

                  For your information, anyone with half a brain would have realized that as the letter ‘u’ is right next to the letter ‘y’ on the key board, then this was a genuine ‘typo’ error on Andrew’s part in that his finger hit the two buttons simultaneously.

                  Thank you for confirming, once again, or better still ad nauseam, that you don’t even have half a brain to work the above out, and that you are very petty indeed.

    • There is no exception in the international law considering the territory of an Embassy a foreign soil. Whatever the U.S. Government did in the 50’s ain’t justification. Of course, if one is set on repeating the Holocaust, then no law would stand in his way, and you would cheer and applaud that I suppose

      • Sunshine, there’s no uprising that respects international laws.

        Those Iranians were not sponsored by Soros, they were not “the good guys” (shah the usurper was), and had no intention to respect the embassy of their greatest enemy.

        • I don’t know what any of this has to do with Soros, but those persons were clearly sponsored by the new government of Iran and the chief Ayatollah. Enemy or not, embassies and diplomats should remain untouchable. Even Hitler and Stalin respected that.

          Well, if you are saying that the seizure of the embassy was a right thing to do, then I think there is no longer any point in continuing this discussion.

          • The hostage taking was an act of revenge, rightfully or wrongfully, that is for honest historians to debate — Iranians had had enough of US meddling in their affairs.

            As reprehensible as the action was, did the Iranians kill any of the hostages?

            No. They were released within a year, unlike the thousands of human beings being held in US-occupied Abu Ghraib (not to mention the disgusting torture), Guantanamo (on US militarily occupied Cuban territory), other CIA black sites all violating international law, and thousands of Palestinians rotting in Israeli jails, many not charged formally with any crime at all, many of the prisoners children, all courtesy of the US taxpayer.

            How many civilians have died as a result of US imperialism and terrorist violence?

            An enormous amount.

            Iran is probably the only nation in the world that has forcefully and stupendously stood up to the world’s leading terrorist state — they won’t take s— from the Americans and the president is one of the few in the world that tells US officials to go f— themselves.

            • You can think that seizure of diplomats could be done rightfully? Oh yes, they were American diplomats, so that makes it OK I guess. I bet there was a lot of singing and dancing on the streets of Moscow that day.

              I am sure that the fact that their President calls for annihilation of all the Jews and destruction of Israel, makes this lovely country even more attractive to you.

              FYI, Guantanamo is not an occupied territory. It is leased from Cuba.

              • Unless you rise to the level of elementary morality, there is no need for further discussion.

                He has never called for the annihilation of the Jews and Israel, and you know it.

                He has stated, translated from the original Farsi, that he wishes that the “that this regime occupying Jerusalem (een rezhim-e eshghalgar-e qods) must [vanish from] the page of time (bayad az safheh-ye ruzgar mahv shavad).

                That is referring to the terrorist government which is in place in occupied Palestine, and not the seven million inhabitants of the country itself.

                • Dima: you are a liar. Ahmedinajad called for the annihilation of Israel, which incidentally brought about a series of popular protests in Italy. You are so pickled in lies that you are literally incapable of recognizing reality.

                • I do not read “original Farsi” but am not surprised that you do. Iran called for annihilation of Israel and all the Jews many times, and organized Holocaust-denying “conferences.”

                  This is my last response to you. I do not wish to carry any discourse with anti-Semites.

                  • How many times have you and andrew used the word “anti-semite” on this blog?

                    That trick doesn’t work anymore.

                    Complain about my antisemitism to Bernard Madoff and Bill Kristol.

                    As for Albright, she was born a Jew, and the fact that she converted does not diminish one iota the fact that she is a cold-blooded venomous war criminal.

              • RV,

                Have you ever wondered why it was the US that suffered the devastating terrorist attack of 9/11 and not the former Soviet Union or the UK, or France, or China, or North Korea for that matter?

                Is it because the US is so wonderful and magical?

          • well if you think we can judge iranian revolution or any other revolution using the words “lawful” and “lawless” – I see absolutely no need to discuss this any further too.

            the only questions applicable to this revolution is “why” and “with what result”.

            • Agreed. Revolutions don’t recognize laws. Fine. We had a Revolutionary war of our own. However, after that revolution, Iran had a functioning government which held foreign diplomats hostage. That is an act of war, don’t you think? It would be different if they expelled the diplomats.

              Well, now you see why Americans and others see Iran as a criminal regime. Not just terrorist but criminal.

  10. Francis Smyth-Beresford

    Contrast these two snapshots, from January 2007


    and April 2010.


    Global views of the United States improved, while those of others such as Canada, the U.K and the European Union declined. More to the point, Russia’s view of the United States improved from 7% positive to 25%.

    Your article says more about you than it does about Obama. You prefer the United States to be hated, because (to you) hate equals fear, and fear equals respect. Therefore, when the United States was universally loathed (except by Israel) under the Bush administration, for you the country was at its zenith. Now that it’s not a swaggering international bully, it has fewer enemies, but of course that doesn’t suit you. Any suggestion that the United States is returning to popularity and influence on the world stage will be met with howls of, “Of COURSE they like us now – we’re WEAK, and that’s how they like us!!!”

    You are decidedly in the minority, even in your own country. Barack Obama could receive no more ringing endorsement than your hatred.


    So let’s see if we understand: If America approves of Russia’s leader, then Russians should support him. Right? By that logic, you gorilla, GARY KASPAROV SHOULD BE PRESIDENT OF RUSSIA. Are you prepared to call for that? We just published an editorial showing that Russia is HATED THROUGHOUT THE WORLD. So that means it’s government must resign, right?

    Your ignorance is breathtaking in its dimensions.

    • Karen Grobowski-Blassberg

      I concur!

      • Frances and Karen the brain-dead: public opinion approved of Munich. One year later the world was at war, and the war did not stop until the blood of sixty million people had been shed. Public opinion is stupid; public opinion as expressed by polls is both stupid and irresponsible. Which is an accurate description of you both.

        • Well said.

        • Voice of Reason


          But not all the public opinions supported the Munich Pact. The public in USSR was against it. In fact, USSR insisted that France and USSR together defend Czechoslovakia form the Nazis, Hungarians and Poles, as their mutual alliance agreement proscribed. And the public opinion in France was against this Pact.

          Of course, the public opinion in your own Italy was ecstatic, but that was because you were the fascists. And the public opinion in UK also approved because they saw the sellout of Czechoslovakia as insurance that Hitler would direct his war efforts eastward, towards USSR.

          • Surprisingly, no answer.

            • It is funny to speak about “public opinion” in the U.S.S.R. in 1938, as if any existed outside the official Stalinist line. The only public concern then was not to get shot, and to be openly for or against something differing from that line was a sure way to die quickly.

        • Francis Smyth-Beresford

          Hush, Fabio. The adults are talking.

        • Francis Smyth-Beresford

          My, yes; and now the reference quoted shows Germany once again in top spot for international popularity! People sure are gullible, aren’t they? Does that mean the Fourth Reich is about to be launched?

    • Francis Smyth-Beresford

      “So let’s see if we understand…”

      We may as well stop right there, because it’s painfully apparent you don’t. Once again, you can’t see beyond the end of your American nose, and what America thinks is all that’s important to you. If the world approved (and surely even you must concede there are a few smart people to be found outside the United States) of the Russian leader, then there might be good reason for Russians to support him. One reason might be international consensus-building on a variety of issues, which is much easier when other nations are confident you are making smart decisions.

      It’s a matter of record that this was getting difficult under the G.W. Bush administration, even among traditional allies. The Coalition of the Willing in the Second Gulf War had to include states which supplied nothing except a willingness to shake their pompoms and shout “Go USA”; such international heavyweights as Tonga, the Solomon Islands and Angola. The USA was the only North American country that supported the invasion of Iraq, and the only Middle Eastern nation was Kuwait. Remember this?

      “George Bush is just about everything that is repellent in politics… You have got this super-patriotic hawk who was a coward when his country was actually involved in a war and has the most venal and corrupt administration since President Harding in the 20’s. He is not a legitimate president… This really is a completely unsupportable government and I look forward to it being overthrown as much as I looked forward to Saddam Hussein being overthrown.”

      That’s Ken Livingstone in May 2003; Lord Mayor of London, capital city of your staunchest military ally.

      Contrast that anemic cooperation with participation in Operation Desert Storm, which included traditional North American ally Canada and massive Middle Eastern support from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Oman, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. And the second invasion of Iraq occurred after broad and overwhelming sympathy for the USA following a vicious terrorist attack. There can be little doubt international cooperation relies heavily on world opinion of the nation’s leader. This extends to trade agreements and support for fiscal policies as well. I notice you are not opposed to shouting popular opinion to the skies when it is supportive of the U.S., such as who has the best restaurants. However, when world opinion is negative or does not suit your narrative, naturally it’s meaningless.

      Garry Kasparov (if you’re planning to become his champion, you probably should learn to spell his name) is certainly not the best example to argue your case, since he is low in popularity in Russia. G.W. Bush was the opposite – popular with dull-witted and pedestrian American voters who thought he might be a great guy to have a beer with, but hated almost everywhere else. Garry Kasparov is a brilliant chess player with no management or foreign policy experience, who has pursued politics more or less as a hobby for less than 5 years.

      I don’t know what reference you cited that suggests Russia is HATED THROUGHOUT THE WORLD, but the one above illustrates Russia is considerably more popular than Israel. I must have missed your editorial calling for the overthrow of the Israeli government.

  11. Voice of Reason

    LA RUSSOPHOBE RESPONDS: “So let’s see if we understand: If America approves of Russia’s leader, then Russians should support him. Right? By that logic, you gorilla, GARY KASPAROV SHOULD BE PRESIDENT OF RUSSIA. Are you prepared to call for that?

    Well, I for one would be happy to see Kasparov as President of Russia.

    Now my question to you, LR: Since you think that Russia must elect a pro-American president like Kasparov, does it mean that you agree that USA should elect a pro-Russian president? “

    • We’re glad to know you support making Kasparov president of Russia! In that case, we find your comments defending the Putin regime rather inexplicable, to say the least.

      You’ve misread our comment. We did not say we thought foreigners should decide for Russia who governs their country, we said foreigners should NOT decide for America who governs us. But they are free, of course, to give us their opinions. We’d appreciate it if you read our statements with more attention and good faith.

      If you’re asking whether we’d accept or endorse a pro-Russian president of the USA if Russians accepted or endorsed a pro-US leader like Kasparov, the answer is: YES!!

      You may have noticed that America has ALREADY empowered a pro-Russian leader. Pity that Russians have not seen fit to do the same, and indeed are still ruled by a lifelong KGB spy who hates America like poison. Perhaps even a troll like you can see the irony there?

      • duffer, since 2001 you’re flying over russian soil here and there moving us equipment and bodies to and from the us, to make sure your boys in afghan would be able to grow even more opium next year.

        what other proof of support from russia do you need? should lavrov send flowers and start flirting with hillary?

  12. I see the Putin regime fundamentally weakening Russia. Considering Russian history this is favorable for eastern Europe prospects.

    Obama’s support for the regime is not good, but will not do that much harm over time. The reason is that Obama is an idiot. He could not even deal with Honduras. Photo ops will not do the job for this administration.

    Putin also has not the slightest idea of how give the people the confidence to do the hard work necessary for building infrastructure.

    • if putin weakens russia and it’s good for europe, why do you want putin gone? are you anti-european? are you a hater of the west?

  13. sascha_hero Germany

    La russophobe-idiots,you will never see me again here,you naive dumbasses.You are ignorant,fight for your so-called russian democrats,who are criminals themselves,sooner or later you all will see,that only the armed chechen-caucasian mujahideen will bring this empire to collapse.But you hateful anti-islamic jerks are not able to understand this.Goodbye

  14. Sorry sascha, but killing leads to killing and does not work. It just makes everyone, including yourself, miserable.

    • ohm ron, but don’t you support people killing citizens of an evil empire? it’s policemen? it’s soldiers? it’s government officials? the weaker russia is, the better for the freedom, isn’t it?

  15. Also sascha thanks to former president Bush, Islam is in ferment. The Islamic peoples, just like everyone else, want to live free.

    The Iraq democracy is doing well, at least better than Chicago. They are arguing with each other over the results of a close election. Arguing, not shooting.

    Islam can reform and so can the Russians.

    • islam is not “ferment”, this state is called “crusades”. going to see it in france in 20-30 years. the are banning burqas now there, and in 20 years burkas would ban them.

  16. Europe is sniviling and cowering right now, but that will not last too long. Soon Islam will be sent packing.

  17. The Original National Socialists
    James F. Davis, May 19, 2010

    One of the most disturbing things about our children and grandchildren’s education is they are getting a revisionist version of history. This keeps them from learning the lessons of history.

    But it is not the only place we get revisionist history. I just took a course at Young Harris College Institute for Continuing Learning (ICL) on “Living & Dying under the Third Reich.” In the first class the teacher asserted that right-wing conservatives supported Hitler and brought him and the Nazis to power. I asked who exactly was she referring to, since ‘Nazi’ is an acronym for the German National Socialist Workers Party, a decidedly left-wing group. She refused to answer the question, so I asked for her definition of right-wing conservative. No reply.

    I explained that conservatives believe in limited government, personal responsibility, free enterprise, a stable rule of law, private property rights and that the government derives its power from individuals.

    Nazis believed the opposite. Nazis believed in government control over just about everything. They promised to “take care” of the people. They directed the economy. They changed laws to meet their agenda, and the people’s rights were subordinate to the government.

    This is what defines parties of the left. Government leaders think they know better how to run your life that you do. I was later admonished by the President of ICL for being “rude”for asking questions. I asked, “How so?” No answer. I then asked why the teacher was allowed to give her left wing political opinions, clearly inaccurate, but I was not allowed to ask for evidence. No reply.

    Why have Nazis been called right-wing? Most history books were written by sympathizers of their fellow leftist rivals for power in 1930’s GermanyCommunists and other Socialists. Because of the atrocities committed by the Nazis in the name of Socialist Darwinism, the left says Nazis were conservative right wingers, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

    The Nazis, Socialists and Communist were and are leftist. The principle difference was that the Communists wanted to take ownership control of the means of production. The more Fascist Nazis and Socialists just wanted to control the means for production because they were already very aware of the disastrous failure of the Soviet Communist takeover of private enterprise.

    Nazis looked at the Communist (KPD) and Socialist (SPD) as their main obstacles to consolidating power, since they all expressed varying degrees of leftist socialist ideology.

    That is why the Nazis imprisoned their competitors for power.

    Leftists all use the democratic process to gain power by promising a strong central government, jobs, taking care of people, social order and safety. These are the typical Liberal/Socialist promises that have been repeated since the 1930s until today. The Nazis’ strongest supporters were unions, government workers, and teachers. Do you see any parallels to what is going on in Europe and the USA today?

    Conservatives, that is self-reliant free enterprise oriented people, loathed the Nazis. Nazi philosophy was not conservative, i.e., they did not believe in individual liberty or that individual rights came from God rather than the government. Actually they tried to replace religion with the Fuehrer.

    Limited government, checks and balances on power, free enterprise, and the rule of law were not things they believed in. These are the core beliefs of Conservatives and the right. So many of those on the Liberal left have myopia when looking at Nazis and Socialists. They do not want to see that the philosophical differences between the two are less than the similarities.

    They want so badly to believe that their philosophy of more government control will not lead to despotism and reducing the quality of life of citizens despite all the historical evidence to the contrary.

    Most Liberals in the USA say they are not Socialist, even though they espouse Socialist ideas. If it looks like a pig, acts like a pig, it is a pig even if you call it swine, and you can’t put lipstick on it.

    Our children get almost no history on the horrors in the 20th century brought on by Socialism. 40 million died in the USSR. 10 million Ukrainians were starved to death in just one winter, 1932-33. Perhaps a 100 million people died in China as they were forced into Mao’s socialism. Did you or your kids know that? So for more than 65 years, leftist historians have told us that the Nazis were right wing. Any person with a basic knowledge of political philosophies and history knows that is not true.

    One of the invited speakers to this ICL class, B.F. Malac, a Czech survivor of both the World War II Nazi forced labor camps and the Communist takeover of Czechoslovakia after WWII, was asked, “What were the differences between Nazis and Communists?” He succinctly relied, “There wasn’t a spits worth of difference between the two.” In the USA today, socialist call themselves Liberals and Democrats. They try to seduce voters by saying they care and by promising many of the same things that the Nazis did. Know your history and do not get hoodwinked. James F. Davis is the President of Accuracy in Academia.


  18. Good post Les.

    Nazi means National Socialist. The real right wing is conservative. The left has been successful at labeling the nazi as right wing which they never were. Nazi were always left, but with a sightly different approach called fascism.

    It was the Republicans that freed the slaves. It was the democrats who supported the ku klus klan.

    Whenever some nasty, dishonast activity was afoot it was historically the democrats that were involved.

    FDR resurrected the democrats and deepened the depression at the same time. He succesfully convinced the people that he was saving them from hard times.

    Obama is trying to be an FDR, but lacks the brains to pull it off. Obama was a huge mistake by the left. The left believed their own propaganda. Big mistake as it inflamed the peoples passions against the left’s thieving ways.

    • Most people do not realize the NAZI =

      same BS as the uncivilized pagan barbarians in the kremlin!

    • Oh my yes, I’m sure the Republican right-wing invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan had no resemblance to the Nazi bombing of Guernica either

  19. Were it not RuSSians who started the whole thing by invading Afghanistan and destroying the country????!!! All the wars of the 20th century were this or that way connected with the imperialist barbarians-ruSSians. And it still goes on…. Damned country….

  20. The U.S. has nothing to fear except of course their leader Obama himself.

  21. I never believed Obama! All one has to do is look at who supported him. Starting with George Soros, NOW, Andy Stern, down to Bill Ayers and his brother, it was clear that this Indonesian/Hawaiian raised son of a flower child had no interest in continuing American worldwide superiority. He saw such a position as perverse and is now working to replace it with a Switzerlandized version of America that bows and curtseys to all other nations, impotent or evil.

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