Doing God’s Work, Building the Orthodox Power Vertical

Paul Goble reports:

In its drive to build a tight power vertical in the Russian Orthodox Church, the Moscow Patriarchate has crossed another and dangerous line, employing for the first time the language it has traditionally used for religious sectarians to describe a Russian Orthodox prelate whose only “crime” is his refusal to subordinate himself and his flock to Moscow.

A press release from the Odessa bishopric of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate, described the Orthodox community of the Synod led by Metropolitan Agafangel, who has broken with the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia now that the latter has established ties with Moscow in truly ugly ways.

The release said that “the assembly in Odessa [under Agafangel] has the very same relationship to the Orthodox Church Abroad as darkness has to light and as the devil has to Christ.” Indeed, it added, his services recall “Woland’s satanic ball in Bulgakov’s ‘Master and Margarita.’”

In its report on this May 2nd development, the portal notes that this comment is more typical of the ways that the Moscow Patriarchate describes “cult” groups than the way it has typically described Russian Orthodox groups that have so far refused to accept its supremacy. Until now, the report says, “toward the activity of such groups, the Moscow Patriarchate and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church” which is subordinate to it “had not launched an anti-religious campaign in relation to other religious communities and even more to Orthodox organizations of other jurisdictions.”

Metropolitan Agafangel’s Russian Orthodox Church Abroad “includes the community of Orthodox believers and priests who refused in October 2006 to accept the Act on Canonical Communion with the Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate as signed later by Metropolitan Lavrov.” Agafangel said at the time that “we have not separated from the Synod led by Metropolitan Lavrov” but that he and many other Orthodox believers abroad could not accept communion with the Moscow Patriarchate. That was too much for Lavrov whose supporters accused Agafangel of links to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.

Metropolitan Agafangel and his supporters subsequently formed a Provisional Higher Church Administration of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, which currently is supported by approximately a third of the priests and bishops of the so-called “émigré” church and which seeks to convene a fifth “all-abroad assembly” to define the future. Agafangel has expressed concerns in messages to his flock that he may be subject to physical attack from the Moscow Patriarchate because of his leadership role in this movement. The vicious commentary from the Odessa bishopric this week suggests that his fears may be all too justified.

15 responses to “Doing God’s Work, Building the Orthodox Power Vertical

  1. Yes, again thanks to Paul Goble, and now to La Russophobe, for exposing this Kremlin inspired persecution of dissident Russian Orthodox believers, who REFUSE to submit or be part of that EVIL pretend-‘church’, the Moscow Patriarcate, founded by Joseph Stalin in 1943. My bishop, Vladyka Metropolitan Agafangel (Pashkovsky) of Odessa, Ukraine, is valiantly guiding and building up our ‘Russian Church Abroad’, all around the world, including within the Russian Federation. But, dear KGB agent, Kyrill-Gundaev (‘Patriarch Kyrill’) and his organization, is more and more (disregarding the Russian Constitution, which quarantees religious freedom to all), using the civil authorities and OMON to persecute any and all, who will not submit to them. And this is clearly the work of V. Putin, who is acting as, ‘The Orthodox Protector of The Church and Nation’ (the former role of Czars). What a cruel joke that is!
    Thus, any who name themselves as Orthodox, but who are depicted as rebels from the (current) State Church, the KGB infested and subservient MP, are to be CRUSHED and exterminated, one way or the other!
    Their churches are being confiscated, their clergy hauled away, and their believers punished in various ways, JUST LIKE THE GOOD OLD DAYS, of the official Soviet-Union.
    Thus, my brave bishop, Metropolitan Agafangel (whose family were starved and died during Stalin’s planned famine in the Ukraine), has recently warned the world, “If I mysteriously die or suddenly dissappear, put the blame on Patriarch Kyrill and his Moscow Patriarcate!”.
    This, is the current state of ‘religious freedom’ within Putin’s Russian Federation, and their KGB tenacles reach, easily, into Ukraine also.

  2. The official web-site for Vladyka Agafangel’s church is: and his blog (‘Forum’) is: http// , where he personally answers many questions, from hither and yon, often from critics. It is mostly, in Russian, of course.
    If you first get google: , and then command it to translate from Russian into English, you can read his sites, in google-English.

    • Yes baby, the FSB has invisible bullets.

      These invisible bullets leave invisible wounds.

      That’s why Poles didn’t find them upon the return of bodies to Poland.

      Or perhaps, those killers were Poles from Agencja Bezpieczenstwa Wewnetrznego? And Tusk organized the crash? How do you like such a conspiracy theory?

      What a silly world this is…

  3. Dear ‘Dmitry’,
    ‘What a silly world this is……’-???

    Better, what a silly pro-Putin propagandist YOU are, ‘Dmitry’., or whatever is your real name (God alone knows!)
    Your KGB/FSB is nothing BUT endless REAL conspiracies and assasinations, and silencing of critics.
    The Kremlin line of bull, when called out for it’s crimes is, an automatic, ‘Ridiculous!’, or ‘Absurd!’.
    Thanks for the change, using, your, ‘silly’ instead.
    It’s refreshing to see something new.
    ‘Variety is the spice of life’, no?

  4. An interesting news has been reported from the US.

    According to the American edition National Review referring to the US State Department report, “the structure of the Caucasian State, the Islamic Emirate of the Caucasus, will not be included on the annual replenished US government list of foreign terrorist organizations (FTO)”.

    It is to be mentioned that recently the Russian media outlets have widely been reporting a statement by a member of one of the many formal Commissions in the US Congress, who urged the US authorities “to include the Caucasus Emirate on the list of terrorist organizations”.

    The American edition meanwhile points –

    “To be classified as an FTO, a group must

    (1) be foreign,

    (2) engage in terrorist activity,

    (3) threaten the security of US nationals or the national security… of the United States, where national security includes defense, economic, and foreign-policy interests”.

    The third requirement is critical to a group’s potential designation, since the first two conditions apply just about any group of thugs.

    Next National Review writes –

    “The Islamic Emirate of the Caucasus is essentially local, representing a response to regional tensions and long-simmering conflicts between Chechens (and other ethnicities in the Caucasus) and the Russian government.

    The conflict in the region does date back hundreds of years, and includes such events as Imam Shamil’s insurgency against the Russian empire in the 1830s and Stalin’s deportation of Chechens in the 1940s.

    Modern-day grievances, including those arising from the autocratic reign of pro-Moscow Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov (whom reports recently connected to the murder of a Chechen human-rights activist), also figure into this perception of the FTO”. End quote.

    It is to be mentioned that the list of US State Department is crucial for the countries of the world democracy. Those countries that do not adhere to this list, doing gag, such as Russia, where the totalitarian, anti-democratic regime of the KGB running and which included the Caucasus Emirate in its native, self-styled “list of terrorist organizations”.

  5. And, closing the article quoted, follows the fragment of the Doku Umarov’s proclamation of the Emirate (and which Boris omits, wonder why):

    . . . after expelling the kuffar [infidels] we must reconquer all historical lands of Muslims, and these borders are beyond the boundaries of Caucasus . . . Today in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Palestine our brothers are fighting. Those who have attacked Muslims, wherever they are, are our enemies, common enemies. Our enemy is not Rusnya [Russia] only, but also America, England, Israel, and anyone who wages war against Islam and Muslims. And they are our enemies because they are the enemies of Allah.

    Who could call these guys terrorists? Definitely not the USA.

    Bobby, you’ll be interested to, see part concerning Palestine.

    • To Whomever the Shoe Fits: Trolling Goon Folks:

      You Putler internet trolling goons always change the subject, (which we are not supposed to do) when the lead article, is too offensive, too-cutting to Putin and his gang.
      And, you phonies always: never admit to ANY wrongs of your gangster Kremlin government, but you always, instead, divert people’s attention to, alledged wrongs done by America.
      What a tiresome old sour ditty.
      Thus, reading your words, gains us nothing.
      Current Moscow government/MP sponsoring of growing persecution of Russian Orthodox believers, who will not in good conscience submit to your ‘Patriarch’ KGB actor, is becoming more and more known to the west, not only knowledge of your persecution of Russian Protestants or Roman Catholics, or Moslems, or…etc.
      Putler and gang, are moving Russia into a new Stalinist neo-soviet mindset & reality, thus preparing the world, for WWIII.
      Because, the rest of us, cannot tolerate another Imperial-Soviet-Russia, constantly threatening our countries and our freedoms and our fortunes.
      We are all sick and tired of a communist controlled Russia.
      But, thanks trolling goons, you are good for a laugh or two. You are SO predictable, aren’t you?

  6. “always change the subject”

    By quoting that very article you proposed?

    But let’s go back to the original message posted by our beloved duffer.

    It became quite fashionable here lately to quote Bible. So please check Mathew 12:25.

    And then, I almost started to write a serious responce, but then I reread your above answer, and saw it would be too much of Mathew 7:6.

    • ‘Dmitry’:

      And who are you calling, ‘our beloved duffer’?
      Is that supposed to be, Paul Goble? or La Russophobe? or who?
      Do you mean, Putler? (If so, yes, he IS a ‘duffer’, but not ‘beloved’ by me, anyway!).
      And, I did not ‘quote the Bible’, only you are.
      You are SO confusing! Is that deliberate?

      • To find out whom I call a duffer you may use Google the Search Engine.

        To find out where Bible is quoted you may just randomly look over several last posts in this blog. I’ll refrain from losing time showing them for you, per Mathew 7:6.

        • “Dmitry’:

          The usual English (archaic) expression, has been, ‘an old duffer’. Though it is seldom used in American speech, these days. Are you, old?
          It is outdated. It isn’t current, or ‘hip’.
          Do you find such quaint expressions in all your foreign language dictionaries at your KGB/FSB headquarters?

          And, I too ‘will refrain from loosing time’ trying to communicate with you, in riddles. YOY!

          • I’ve had a good laugh

            • Sorry. Sorry I don’t always speak American on this American resource in this American internets.

              But yes, I’m old enough to use the oldest and most outdated British English dictionary available here in the KGB library.


              As a native American speaker, could you please explain, this “informal” from the dictionary now reads as “archaic”?

              BTW, I also like the meaning of the word in Australian English.

              • Oh.


                Choose whatever meaning you want, other than clothing and rock stars.

                And – this beats them all:



                The Designated Ugly Fat Friend found in a group of girls out on the town. She may be a Cockblocker unless your group of guys has someone drunk enough to take her attention away from ruining your night.
                “Hey Joe, you take care of the DUFFer so I can get to the hot one.”

                Do you believe one should not use the word speaking of our duffer?:D

                I’ve had a good laugh this evening too. Good night:D

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