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(1)  EDITORIAL:  A White Flag over Russia?

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Kremlin Bag Man Pankin Strikes Again

(3)  Putin’s Neo-Soviet Onslaught Begins

(4)  The Orthodox Power Vertical


NOTE:  Listen to a Russian adoptee talk about her wonderful life with her adoptive American parents here.

NOTE: All of us at La Russophobe wish Paul Goble a speedy recovery.

EDITORIAL: A White Flag over Russia?


A White Flag over Russia?

Did somebody say “uncle”?

Last week a secret paper was leaked from the Russian Foreign Ministry to the Russian outpost of Newsweek magazine.  Including an introductory statement by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, the papers admits that Russia must alter its rabid, frenzied foreign policy in order to attract foreign investment and must build alliances with Western Europe if it wishes to survive as a nation.

In psychotic fashion, however, the paper also lays out plans for renewed Russian aggression in the Baltics and throughout post-Soviet space.

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EDITORIAL: Alexei Pankin, Scum-sucking Russophile Bastard


Alexei Pankin, Scum-sucking Russophile Bastard

As we’ve said before (just Google him if you’d like to read our prior thoughts), one of the most pathetic and embarrassing members of the Russophile hoard is Alexei Pankin, the demented freak who pens a column for the Moscow Times.  In his most recent missive for the paper, he outdid himself in ignorance and mendacity, proving conclusively for all the world to see that the forces he represents are spent, fully crazed, and as toxic to Russia as the KGB clan that rules it.

Responding to the recent announcement, about which we’ve already written, by Reporters without Borders that Vladimir Putin is one of the world’s worst predators of the press, instead of acknowledging what is obvious to any thinking person, that proud KGB spy Putin is engaged in a horrific neo-Soviet crackdown on the press that must be halted by any means possible, Pankin chooses to respond to the results exactly the way the Soviet government would have done, with personalized smears, hallucinatory lies and stubborn, childish moronic denial.

He writes:

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Putin’s Neo-Soviet Onslaught Begins

Newsweek reports:

Half a decade after a series of “colored revolutions” toppled Moscow-backed rulers across the former Soviet Union and replaced them with pro-Western ones, the Kremlin seems to be finally getting its payback. Already this year Russia can count two scalps—Ukraine’s Viktor Yushchenko and Kyrgyzstan’s Kurmanbek Bakiyev, both ousted by challengers friendlier to Moscow. While it would be a stretch to say that Russia was the sole architect and puppet master of Ukraine’s February presidential election and Kyrgyzstan’s messy coup in April, the country certainly played a key role. It sheltered and supported Kyrgyz opposition leaders and made it clear to Ukrainian voters that a victory for Viktor Yanukovych would usher in a new era of cheap gas and increased trade. Moreover, this year’s strategic victories have inspired the Kremlin to encourage further regime change in what Russians still call their “near abroad.”

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Doing God’s Work, Building the Orthodox Power Vertical

Paul Goble reports:

In its drive to build a tight power vertical in the Russian Orthodox Church, the Moscow Patriarchate has crossed another and dangerous line, employing for the first time the language it has traditionally used for religious sectarians to describe a Russian Orthodox prelate whose only “crime” is his refusal to subordinate himself and his flock to Moscow.

A press release from the Odessa bishopric of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate, described the Orthodox community of the Synod led by Metropolitan Agafangel, who has broken with the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia now that the latter has established ties with Moscow in truly ugly ways.

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The ruble coin is drinking from a bottle marked "crude oil."

Source:  Ellustrator.