May 14, 2010 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:   A Tale of a Russia Bull

(2)  EDITORIAL:  An Abomination in Russia

(3)  EDITORIAL:  Summertime in Putin’s Russia

(4)  Russia’s Collapsing Roads

(5)  More Shocking Tennis Failure by Russia

NOTE:  LR publisher and founder Kim Zigfeld’s latest installment of her Russia column on the Pajamas Media blog recounts the latest horrifying incident of neo-Soviet appeasement from cowardly U.S. President Barack Obama, this century’s Neville Chamberlain.


52 responses to “May 14, 2010 — Contents

  1. Obama is behaving for all the world like a republican plant.

    People the world over can see that conservatives are going like gangbusters. No politician dares utter a middle of the road comment.

    Yes, Obama is a mental case, but the actual damage he is doing is readily undone.

  2. Russia fined more than 220,000 euros for Chechnya killings

    Strasbourg – The European Court of Human Rights (ECHCR) in Strasbourg said Wednesday it had fined Russia nearly 225,000 euros (285,000 dollars) for the wrongful deaths of four civilians and the disappearance of another in the republic of Chechnya.

    The fines, which include court fees and other expenses, are to be paid to two families who charged that their close relatives had been killed by Russian servicemen and that authorities had failed to carry out an effective investigation.

    One case concerned the May 2000 killing of four people, including a child and a pregnant woman. The mother of one of the victims said that the servicemen had attempted to eliminate the evidence by blowing up the corpses.

    The second case involved the disappearance in November 2002 of a 24-year-old Russian national who vanished after a group of some 15 masked men in camouflage uniforms and equipped with portable radios searched the house in which he was staying. He has never been seen again.

    • Suleymanova v. Russia, (9191/06)

      Judgment: 2010-05-12
      Communicated: 2008-05-27
      Lodged: 2006-03-06
      Date of violation: 2000-05-16
      Violation: Extra-judicial execution
      Location: Chechnya
      Representative: SRJI

      On 16 May 2000 at about 7 p.m., Ramzan Suleymanov, his pregnant wife Petimat Aydamirova, their son Ibragim Suleymanov and their relative Aslanbek Aydamirov left the village of Gekhi to visit a sick relative. Their truck was later found burning outside Gekhi, Petimat’s body lying next to it. Russian military had approached the vehicle in an APC and opened heavy fire. Due to the curfew, local residents and administration could not examine the scene until next morning. At that point, the corpses had been removed. On 19 May 2000, the remains of Ramzan, Petimat, Ibragim and Aslanbek were found bearing signs of violent death. The investigation into the killings has not been meaningful.

      Shakhabova v. Russia, (39685/06)

      Judgment: 2010-05-12
      Communicated: 2008-06-12
      Lodged: 2006-09-20
      Date of violation: 2002-11-23
      Violation: Disappearance
      Location: Chechnya
      Representative: SRJI

      At about 10 p.m. on 23 November 2002 Adam Khurayev, who was staying with his aunt in Urus-Martan, went outside to the outhouse in the yard. Shortly thereafter about fifteen armed masked men in camouflage uniforms broke into the house where they conducted a search. Before driving away in an APC and two UAZ cars the men shouted to someone in the yard. When the men had left, Adam’s relatives realized that he had disappeared. The investigation into his disappearance has not been meaningful.

  3. Russia: Guilty as charged.

    • @The investigation into the killings has not been meaningful.

      What is really depressing is how the Poles let Putin (personally) “investigate” the Smolensk crash.

      Which is getting more and more mysterious (or just plain scary) each day.

      For example, remember this video with the “gunshot-like sounds”? After one month of analysing this, Poland… requested Russia to find the guy who made this footage and question him for them (Poland can’t question anyone). Yeah, they’ll find him alright. Maybe they already did. (“The investigation into his disappearance has not been meaningful.”)

      You know, at first I thought it was an accident. I’m not sure of this anymore. And even if it was just an accident, but their fault, they’ll just cover everything up anyway.

      Poland is so naive. They forgot who they’re dealing with.

      Oh, and it’s being totally ignored by the international media. They were only interested for a couple of days, now nothing:

      About how the Russians failed even to protect the crash site from looters despite the Polish requests (but cut down the trees in area), how they confiscated the black boxes and just won’t give them back, how their autopsies didn’t reveal the cases of death (and the Poles just buried the bodies), how they lied on several issues including even the time of the crash, or how Poland didn’t receive just NOTHING AT ALL from their so-called “investigation” yet… And much, much more.

      As I said, this is just depressing. Especially the Polish government’s incredible neglect and stupidity, and the world’s complete indifference just like if nothing important happaned.

      • I’d like also to remind the Soviet “investigation” into Katyn “found out” it was a German massacre. And how even recently they said in ECHCR “there’s no evidence” that the Polish officers were murdered at all.

        • Just like the kremlin’s investigation of HOLODOMOR – drought, crop failure, etc; instead of GENOCIDE. Meanwhile, I spoke to Ukrainians that survived HOLODOMOR and they stated that 1932 was a good crop year.

          • Katyn had ‘traits of genocide’ says EP
            11.05.2010 18:02

            “Katyn was a war crime bearing traits of genocide,” is the wording of a statement agreed by delegates of the EU –Russia Parliamentary Cooperation Committee and drawn up by a group of Polish MEPs at the European Parliament.

            The statement commemorates victims of the presidential plane crash in Smolensk on April 10. Sixteen MEPs voted in favor of the declaration, one against with two abstentions.

            President Lech Kaczynski was in Russia for observances of the 70th anniversary of the 1940 Katyn massacre, when over 20,000 Polish officers were murdered by Soviet NKVD agents – a crime which Poland has insisted was genocide, terminology which Russia has always resisted.


          • Many people talk about Katyn, and few people know about Bykivnia – and they are related.

            Up to 1,000% more victims {Ukrainian and Polish Intelligentsia} of sinful genocide were buried in Bykivnia than in Katyn.

            Bykivnia (Ukrainian: Биківня, Russian: Быковня, Polish: Bykownia) is a former small village on the outskirts of Kiev, Ukraine, that was incorporated into the city in 1923.

            During the Stalinist period in the Soviet Union, it was one of the sites where the NKVD had buried thousands of executed, real or alleged enemies of the Soviet power. The number of bodies buried there varies from source to source between “several dozen thousand,”[1] 30,000,[2] 100,000[3] and 120,000,[4] though some estimates place the number as high as 200,000[5][6] or even 225,000.[4]

            From the early 1920s until late 1940s through the Stalinist purges, the Soviet government hauled the bodies of tortured and killed political prisoners to the pine forests outside the village of Bykivnia and buried them in a grave that spanned 161,500 square feet (15,000 m2). So far 210 mass graves have been identified by Polish and Ukrainian archaeologists working at the site. During the Soviet retreat in the early stages of the Operation Barbarossa, the retreating Soviet troops leveled the village to the ground. The mass grave site was discovered by the Germans along with many other such sites throughout Ukraine.

            It was widely believed that, apart from the Soviet victims of the Great Terror, the site might be the final resting place of 3,435 Polish officers captured by the Soviets during the German and Soviet invasion of Poland of 1939, and executed in the spring of 1940 in the Katyn massacre, among over 20,000 Polish officers and intellectuals.[1]

            Since 2006 Polish researchers have found a number of bodies of Poles, prisoners killed in spring 1940 during the Katyn massacre. Apart from bodies, Polish researchers found everyday use things, such as a comb, on which the owner, an unknown Polish officer, carved several names, such as Franciszek Strzelecki, Ludwik Dworak and Szczyrad… (this potentially might be referring to Colonel Bronisław Mikołaj Szczyradłowski, deputy of commandant of Lviv’s defense in September 1939). Also, a dog tag belonging to Sergeant Józef Naglik, soldier of the Skalat Battalion of the Border Defence Corps, was found on the spot. All the names belong to the “Ukrainian list” of Katyn massacre victims and serve as proof that Bykivnya is connected to the Katyn crime.[1]

            • There are many such Golgothas across the former Soviet Union.

              And at Katyn there were also other (unrelated) executions, while most of the victims of the Katyn Massacre were killed/buried eslewhere. In fact only the prisoners of Kozelsk POW camp were killed in the Katyn forest (about 4,500 of them) and it’s symbolical only because it’s where the mass graves were discovered by von Gersdorff (incidentally, just one month after his failed plot to kill Hitler with a suicide bomb).

  4. LR,

    And if you’dlike to post something about this (remember how I suggested you the Ingushetia massacre, which soon became very famous after alleged “Umarov’s message” following the Moscow bombings?), here’s the “10 most important questions” as of April 24 (so slightly outdated and I’ll add my comments):

    (Rzeczpospolita is one of the 3 largest Polish dailies.)

    Here’s my translation (quick and based on Google, so it needs a further spellcheck and such):

    Top 10 questions about the investigation

    Piotr Zychowicz 24-04-2010

    The investigation of the crash of the presidential plane at Smolensk raises many questions

    1. Why did the Polish authorities, in such an exceptional situation as the death of the Polish President, has not submitted to the Russian side a request to take charge of the investigation in the circumstances of the disaster? This legal possibility exists.

    2. In an interview, [Polish] Attorney General Andrew Seremet said that investigators had five theories: “an act of terrorism, technical failure, weather, pilot error and the compilation of these latter two.” And what about the possibility that the Russian side bears the blame for the disaster in which the error was committed, for example, by flight controllers? Has been this direction the investigation excluded from the beginning?

    3. Did the Polish prosecutors formally ask the Russian side to return to Poland the black boxes, which are owned by the Polish state? Should the boxes be examined also in Poland, not only in Russia?

    4. Were the Polish specialists allowed to carefully examine the plane wreck? In particular, the cockpit devices responsible for the safety of landing?

    5. What will happen to wreck of the presidential Tupolev Tu-154M? Will it be given to Poland and transported home?

    [Already answered, yes – that is the big parts, because the Russians ignored the small parts and just left them in the crash site, along with many belongings of the victims.]

    6. Were the Polish investigators allowed to thoroughly examine the crash site? Why is it still not adequately protected? One can still easily find items belonging to the passengers.

    [Russia eventually… started sending there a patrol of 2 “militiamen” in an UAZ. I guess all rest of the over 4 million Russian active-duty men in uniform were busy parading in Moscow.]

    7. Did the Polish investigators askedthe Russians to make it possible for them to take action to find and question the Russian witnesses of the disaster? Among others, the author famous Internet video which was shot just after the crash?

    8. What about the possibility that bodies of the victims of the crash, particularly of President Lech Kaczynski, could have been tested and identified in Warsaw, and not in Moscow?

    [The Russians gave no reason for the deaths beyond “multiple injuries” and some of the victims were even buried unidentified. And some of the corpses were returned literally in ashes, even as there was no explosion and no big fire even according to the Russians.]

    9. Why only a few Polish presecutors were sent to investigate why the largest disaster in the modern Polish history?

    10. Why did the Polish authorities did not take a more active interest in the investigation? What meant government spokesman Pawel Gras, saying that “any government intervention in the process of research [of reasons of the catastrophe] would be very badly received” [in Russia]?

    That’s about “the investigation”. A lot of technical analysis (and how it all does not add in the Russian official version) from April 27:,1342,title,Samolot-nie-mogl-rozpasc-sie-na-kawalki,wid,12211780,wiadomosc_prasa.html

  5. I also forget to add this about “the autopsies”: they were not audio/video recorded, and the Russians burned clothes of the victims (destroying even more evidence).

  6. Why isnt the west translating this material into English!

    • Seriously, no idea. Apparently nobody’s interested, I don’t know why. There were hundreds of articles in the West regarding the Putinite lies about Beslan, for example, but now there’s a compelete silence.

      Also about the lies of Tusk about Smolensk (as of May 4):

      • And new info regarding the Tusk lies (especially #4), from Washington Times:

        The recent crash of a Polish military transport that killed most of Warsaw’s senior civilian and military leaders was not only a human catastrophe for a key U.S. ally. NATO sources said that, in addition to the loss of nearly 100 pro-U.S. Polish leaders, the crash provided Moscow with a windfall of secrets.

        The crash killed Polish President Lech Kaczynski in western Russia on April 10 and decapitated Poland’s military, killing two service chiefs, key military aides and several national security officials, many of whom were carrying computers and pocket memory sticks that contained sensitive NATO data.

        Perhaps the most significant compromise, according to a NATO intelligence source, is that the Russians are suspected of obtaining ultrasecret codes used by NATO militaries for secure satellite communications.

        The compromise of the codes is considered what electronic spies call a “break” for Moscow code-breakers. New NATO codes almost certainly were issued to allied militaries immediately after the crash.

        But if the Russian electronic intelligence service, known as the Federal Agency of Government Communications and Information, was able to recover and use the communication key code from the wreckage, electronic spies will be able to decode months’ or perhaps years’ worth of scrambled communications that are routinely gathered electronically for just such an occasion.

        The coded communications, if decrypted, would reveal some of NATO’s most intimate secrets, such as plans for defenses and even the identities of agents or allied eavesdropping sources.

        Other Polish and NATO secrets also were believed to be aboard the jet, and so far Russia’s government is refusing to cooperate fully with Poland’s government in providing details on the cause of the crash, or even to turn over the Polish jet’s black boxes.

        Additionally, Poland’s interim government has not pressed the Russians for answers to questions about the crash, such as why Russian aviation authorities, without any investigation, ruled that pilot error caused the crash minutes after the jet crashed short of the runway in fog at Russia’s Smolensk airport. Polish security and aviation authorities also were denied access to the crash site.

        Public pressure is mounting on Warsaw to call for an international commission to investigate the crash. Tens of thousands of Poles already have signed a petition calling for the international probe.

        Many Poles, who need little encouragement to be critical of the Russians based on past enmity, have taken to calling the crash the “second Katyn,” after the 1940 Katyn Forest massacre when Russian agents killed more than 21,000 Polish officers in an effort to decimate the Polish military.

        Mr. Kaczynski, who was viewed as politically more anti-Russian than current leaders, was on his way to Katyn, about six miles from Smolensk, to mark the anniversary of the massacre.

    • Voice of Reason

      Oh there’s plenty of coverage of your conspiracy theories in the English-language community. Doctors here in USA have reported several cases of such hallucinations among their patients. Quite possibly some of these stories originated from the psychiatrists that are treating you. So, your theories are now famous in the medical community.

      • Gee whiz ReTaRd (alias Voice of stupidReason) can you hallucinate!

        Be good enough to tell us when “Doctors here in USA” let you out of the ‘looney bin’?

        • Buddy, you really sound as if you get violent. Do you have firearms available to you?

          • Ah that paid soviet fascist Stukach, dimwit Dimitry at his lying worst again.

            And another thing Putin lover, I ain’t your buddy and never will be, ‘coz’ I got pride with whom I get seen! and besides don’t confuse a person’s honesty with an underhand paid stooge of Uncle Putin, like you are!

            Go on don’t be shy, tell me once more how wonderful your Putin’s soviet fascist Russia is, and how the ‘comrades’ are lucky to live in the greatest ‘paradise’ on this planet. LOL

            I just can’t wait for your sick spiel reply. Yuck!

            Now getting to replying to your irrelevant trash!!

            A definite NO, NO and NO again, I do not get violent, PERIOD. I leave that up to lying soviet ‘stukachi’ like yourself. Besides it is a bad habit you have of judging people by yourself! naughty, naughty!

            Tell me “Nashi” or is it “OMON” ? why like a true commie fascist, are you trying to change to a subject that is totally irrelevant to this blog. What in the sake of sanity has firearms? got to do with this blog?

            Now be a good boy and wipe that white froth off your dial and mouth, and return to taking your medicine regularly. Your usual violent fits will subside and normality will return, well I think they will, don’t you agree?

            Finally your quote “you really sound” is worrying? How can I ‘sound’ when I correspond in writing? Oops, I understand – just like your good buddy ‘ReTaRd, alias Voice of stupidReason’ – you also get little voices in your head? hmm interesting, wink, wink, nudge, nudge say no more I understand clearly now!

  7. There are also rumers that the man who shot the video of the crash scene (including recording the gunshots) was stabbed three times and three more times in the hospital resulting in his death.

    • Voice of Reason

      I heard these rumors too. They are being spread by that Jane Burgermeister chick, who also claims that neither Kaczinski nor any other politicians and businessmen were on that plane.

      This rumor says that he was kidnapped by the Ukrainian secret police, flown 1 000 kms to Kiev, stabbed there, and then died in the hospital when the Yuschenko policemen disconnected his tube:

      Report that man who shot Polish crash site video with gunshots was knifed in Kiev and died in hospital

      By Jane Burgermeister

      “The person who threw this movie the first was quickly removed and his account was deleted too! The author of this movie was Mendierej Andrei, who dug the knife in the vicinity of Kiev, April 15, 2010. It has been brought in an awful state to a hospital in Kiev, where he disconnected the apparatus! “


      I leave it up to you to judge the mental condition of the authors.

      • Dear ReTaRd (alias Voice of stupid Reason) your quote that “I heard these rumors too.” gives you away. Interesting, theses voices in your head. Tell us more!

        And by the way! I did read the article that you gave as a reference! What a piece of disjointed ‘mumbo jumbo’ – it was perfectly clear to me that the author did not know whether she was coming or going. As an example just look at your quoted paragraph.

        So if you made any sense out of that? now that’s a worry!

        • Voice of Reason

          Bohdan, look up the word “sarcasm”:


          1. harsh or bitter derision or irony.
          2. a sharply ironical taunt; sneering or cutting remark: e.g., “a review full of sarcasms”.

          Surely, you may have heard this term before.

          • Gee whiz (again), ReTaRd (alias Voice of stupidReason), to your narrow mentality it may be sarcasm but to me, and for your information, I only say the truth about you that you have so righteously earned.

            Trouble with you is that you don’t like it as the truth always hurts.

            • Voice of Reason

              Bohdan “the truth always hurts.

              It does? Poor Bohdan, constantly getting hurt.

              • Bohdan has a very good truth-proof defence. Truth hurts when people have brains working.

                • You two make a ‘lovely couple’! ever thought of getting married. You can then spin your brainless bullsh*t yarns 24/7.

                  And if you get tired, then in between you can look up your beloved “PRAVDA.Ru”, where you will get anything, but the truth.

                  You sure deserve each other. LOL!

  8. Voice of Reason

    Cuisine update:

    LR wrote: “ And guess what: Not a single restaurant in the top fifty is even located in Russia, much less does it prepare Russian cuisine. Meanwhile, Russia has not developed any manner of genuinely interesting domestic cuisine.

    Why don’t we look at the remaining restaurants in the To 100:

    75 Varvari Russia
    85 Doce Uvas Russia
    93 Cafe Pushkin Russia
    94 Semifreddo Russia

    Moscow has 4 out of 100 top restaurants in the World. Los Angeles, which is a larger city than Moscow, has 0 (zero) restaurants in the top 100.

    Moreover, both Varvari and Cafe Pushkin feature the traditional Russian cuisine, while I don’t see a single American restaurant in the top 100 which is based on the traditional American cuisine.

    Clearly, the traditional Russian cuisine is far superior to the traditional American cuisine, just as blini and caviar are superior to macaroni and cheese.

    And Moscow is one of the best food places in the World, infinitely better than Los Angeles: by the score of 4-0.

    • How can Los Angeles with 3.5 or so million people be bigger city than Moscow which has 9 million or more? Are you out of your mind?

      • Gee, you would have thought Voice of Retardation would have known the population of Los Angeles if he really was an economist living in California.

        Kind of important information for an economist one would have thought…..

      • Come on Voice of Retardation, how did you get that one so wrong?

      • Voice of Reason

        Greater Los Angeles Area
        Population Total : 17,786,419 [1]

        List of urban areas by population

        14 Los Angeles 14,775,000
        17 Moscow 13,675,000
        50 San Francisco–San Jose 5,550,000

        Los Angeles Metropolitan Area has 0 restaurants in top 100, Moscow Metropolitan Area has 4, my own San Francisco–San Jose Metropolitan Area has 3.

        Beginning to understand, geniuses?

        • Voice of Reason

          For future references, here is a better listing:

          7 New York 22,200,000
          11 Los Angeles 17,900,000
          17 Moskva 13,600,000
          24 London 12,400,000
          26 Paris 10,400,000
          27 Chicago 9,850,000
          42 San Francisco 7,450,000
          57 Boston 5,750,000

          • You are truly insane. This number includes Orange County, probably Ventura and half Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. Why don’t you count the entire State of California as being Los Angeles.

            • Voice of Reason

              Because Orange County is part of the metropolitan Los Angeles area. When I worked in Orange County in my youth, half of the engineers commuted from the Los Angeles County, and many people commuted from Riverside. And in the evenings, most people went to West Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills for food and entertainment. One of my girlfriends lived even father from me: in the San Fernando Valley (as in “valley girl”).

        • Thats the greater LA area

          For the city of Los Angeles:

          Population (July 1, 2008)
          – City 3,833,995

          Los Angeles (pronounced /lɒs ˈændʒələs/ los-AN-jə-ləs; Spanish: [los ˈaŋxeles], Spanish for “The Angels”) is the second largest city in the United States,[1] and with a population of 3.8 million[2] is the largest city in the state of California and the Western United States. Additionally the city spans over 498.3 square miles (1,290.6 km2) in Southern California

          Get your facts right ReTaRd.

          If you are talking about the “Greater Metropolitan Area” of “Los Angles-Long Beach-Santa Ana metropolitan area” which really consists of 3 cities and Orange county, then the population figures you give are correct.

          But for LA itself, you are wrong as usual.

          You are not much of an economist if you can’t do that.

          • Anrew: “which really consists of 3 cities and Orange county”

            Andres still lives in XIX.

            I know Russians built too small a metro in Tbilisi, and Georgian neighborhood can’t help you much on this, but: different cities have different metro systems.

            Please provide a map of the Long Beach metro.

          • Voice of Reason


            Don’t make fun of Andrew and his problem. He didn’t voluntarily choose it. He was born with it. The sad and horrible truth is that when I wrote “Moscow has 4 out of 100 top restaurants in the World. Los Angeles, which is a larger city than Moscow, has 0 (zero) restaurants in the top 100. “, I omitted the term “Metropolitan Area” since normal people take it as a given.

            However, in doing so, I carelessly forgot that this is a very special blog that attracts very special people with very special mental challenges/handicaps, like RV, Andrew, LES/Georg and Bohdan. I was acting in a politically incorrect manner. So, as a public service to these people, heroically fighting their handicap, let me make a more clear and understandable (for them) statement:

            “The Moscow Metropolitan Area has 4 out of 100 top restaurants in the World. The Los Angeles Metropolitan Area, which is a larger metropolitan area than the Moscow Metropolitan Area, has 0 (zero) restaurants in the top 100.

            Yes, spelling out such obvious details makes it very hard for normal people to write and to read posts, but when you teach mentally retarded people or write for russophobes – that’s what you have to do. Otherwise, they will not be able to understand what you wrote and they will harass you forever. And who wants to waste his entire evening on explaining a short sentence about restaurants to retards?

            • People living in Riverside, San Juan Capistrano or Thousand Oaks don’t ever think of themselves as residents of Los Angeles.

              • Still have the same metro.

                Oh, well, but that must be common in the US, different cities are connected by the same metro system. Say, NY and Boston have one. And Indianapolis and St. Louis.

                And, of course, there are quite serious gaps of rural territories b/w e.g., LA and Santa Ana, or Long Beach. Like, 10-12 meters of asphalt. Quite a significant natural border of three different cities.

                • You tried to impress us with your knowledge of U.S. geography, but I am not impressed. There are hundreds of miles of mostly farmland between Indianapolis and St. Louis. Look at the map before you make such strange comments

                  • Oh, I thought of NY and Philadelphia. They are not exactly “hundreds of miles of mostly farmland” from each other, and, indeed, they are sure to have the same subway system.

                    NY-PA metro, right? I mean here in Russia we have the longest metro line of 25+ km, why not be the case in the US?

              • And yes, sity is a matter of self-identification. I’ for myself, live in Barcelona. Wonder why winters are so cold lately.

                • city:)

                  Ok, seriously, nobody can say where a person from Santa Ana works, where he spends evenings, where he’d meet his wife, where he hangs out with friends, bikes.

                  And all these activities usually take place within limits of one and the same city – where our guy lives.

              • Voice of Reason


                Stop making fun of things that are near and dear to RV. The valid point that RV is trying to articulate is that there is not a single top 100 restaurant anywhere in Southern California, even if you go as far as San Diego and Santa Barbara which are a couple of hours away form LA and aren’t part of the metro LA area. In fact, if a person from LA wanted to visit the nearest top 100 restaurant, he would have to drive about 800 kilometers north, to Los Gatos here in Northern California.

                RV wants to emphasize that entire Southern California with population of almost 25 million has no top 100 restaurants at all, while the Moscow metro area with population of 14 million has 4 top 100 restaurants.

                It’s a valid point, RV. Thanks for making it for me.

                • I carelessly forgot that this is a very special blog that attracts very special people with very special mental challenges/handicaps, like RV, Andrew, LES/Georg and Bohdan. I was acting in a politically incorrect manner.

                  At least you understand it. Behave in the future :D

                  • God does not condone the KGB standing on His pulpits!

                    “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” Isaiah 5:20

                    20 Горе тим, що зло називають добром, а добро злом, що ставлять темноту за світло, а світло за темряву, що ставлять гірке за солодке, а солодке за гірке!

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