Fast and Furious Humiliation for Russia

Dinara Safina

Svetlana Kuznetsova

Elena Dementieva

Maria Sharapova

Vera Zvonareva

What do they have in common?  Within days of its beginning, all five had been ousted from the WTA Tour event in Madrid, Spain.  They were among them four of Russia’s five seeds in the tournament, including its top three and its most famous player by far, blown away like lint. Not one got close to reaching even the quarter-finals of the tournament.  Only Zvonareva and Dementieva managed to win as much as single match, not one got close to winning a second.

Little did we dream when we reported on Russia’s spectacular humiliation in Rome, Italy in just our last issue that we would be seeing it repeated again so soon.

Russia’s female tennis performance begins to border on the hilarious.  Far from being “dominant” as some Russophile lunatics would claim, Russian tennis would better be described as “dormant.”

8 responses to “Fast and Furious Humiliation for Russia

  1. Voice of Reason

    Russia’s female tennis performance begins to border on the hilarious.

    Yes, “hilarious” is the right word here. BTW, here is the latest news from Madrid:

    Petrova upsets Serena in Madrid

    MADRID (AP) — Top-ranked Serena Williams was upset at the Madrid Open, falling 4-6, 6-2, 6-3 to Nadia Petrova of Russia in the third round. Last year, Williams was beaten in the opening round in her first appearance at the Madrid Open.

    • Who’s that Petrova at all? How dared she? She obviously cheated, as they Russians always do in Madrid.

    • So you’re saying that as long as Russia is better than America (it isn’t, Serena holds more grand slam titles THAN ALL RUSSIAN WOMEN WHO HAVE EVER PLAYED THE GAME COMBINED), you’re just fine with it humiliating itself before the world?

      Gosh, you really hate Russia. What did the country ever do to make you hate it so much?

      BTW, Petrova is now 3-6 lifetime against Serena.,,12781~9044~6564,00.html

      Petrova has never won a single grand slam title. If she’s the pride of your nation, you’re in dire straits indeed. Care to put a little money on her taking this title?

      • Voice of Reason

        Actually, I just reported on the latest upset in Madrid, that’s all.

        • Petrova lost her next match, against an UNSEEDED opponent, and now only one seeded player is left in the draw. That would be AMERICAN Venus Williams.

          Suck on that, jerk.

          UPDATE: Venus won her semifinals match, and she and her sister Serena won the doubles title. By Sunday Americans were in position to take both titles in Madrid, while Russians had no chance to take any title.

          Americans are now ranked #1 and #2 in the world, while Russians are not in the top 4:


          Perhaps you’d like to apologize, moron?

          • Voice of Reason

            It feels like back in kindergarten again.


            How right you are! Especially when hypocritical idiots like you childishly can’t admit when they are wrong and try to change the subject with personal abuse. In fact, in your case it feels more like nursery school.

            • Actually, right you are.

              Much as I criticize Russia’s current government, frankly, its sports performance has absolutely nothing to do with it. This would be like claiming the New York Yankees or Michael Phelps are somehow to be linked to any American policies I happen not to like.

              What’s next — deny that there are pretty girls in Russia? (I know the opposite — I’ve married one :-)

              • You’re missing the point, it’s sad you can’t pay a little more attention before commenting.

                The point, which we’ve clearly explained many times, is that Russia is held up by some Russophile idiots as being “dominant” in women’s tennis. In fact, that’s false. Some people have the same kind of illusion about Russian tennis as they do about the Russian economy, that is they think it’s far more successful than facts substantiate.

                If you think America is not entitled to credit for having a dominating Olympics team including superman athletes like Michael Phelps, you have a screw loose.

                If you actually read our blog, you’d know that we HAVE commented about the myth that Russia has the most beautiful women in the world. There are no more beautiful women in Russia than in any other country, and one look at tennis players like Kuznetsova and Petrova proves that conclusively. Russophiles like to try to argue that Russia’s vices are no worse than other countries, but always claim its virtues are superhuman. It’s that kind of hypocrisy this blog was formed to dispel.

                It’s a little bit ridiculous for you, a non-blogger, to lecture the most successful Russia bloggers on the planet about what content their blog should contain, isn’t it? If you don’t like our content, don’t read it. No need to play Stalin. And if you think you can build a better, more successful blog, we’d dearly love to see you try!

                By the way, when you see content you like, do you praise it? Do you help publicize it? If so, could you give us some examples? We’d love to thank you!

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