EDITORIAL: An Abomination in Russia


An Abomination in Russia

Nearly one half of all Georigan soldiers who fought to defend Russia from the Nazi hoards in World War II were killed.  700,000 valiant heroes from the tiny country answered the call to arms, and 300,000 of them perished.

But that was not good enough for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.  The vile, nasty, childish, cowardly, repugnant little “man” refused to allow Georgian soldiers to march through Red Square in celebration of the 65th anniversary of their victory in that great war.

In return, less than half the number of world leaders journeyed to Moscow to celebrate along with Russians compared to the 60th anniversary proceedings.  The Russian government was humiliated before the eyes of a slack-jawed world, not once but twice.

What kind of country could be so petty as to scorn selfless efforts to save it from attack by a tiny nation like Georgia?  Is Putin really still so consumed with childish rage that Georgia will not do his bidding that he will stoop so low?

Whatever kind of country that is, and words fail us to describe it, we condemn that country.  Our revulsion for this dastardly action, which will live in the infamy of Russian history, is total.  We cannot imagine how the people of Russia can rise in the morning and look themselves in the mirror after spitting on 300,000 heroic Georgian souls who risked all and received nothing in return but scorn and contempt.

Russia, you have sunk to a new low.

42 responses to “EDITORIAL: An Abomination in Russia

  1. Current georgian soldiers cannot march, that’s their main problem. They only learned how to shoot civilians and then run away when the Russian Army comes. But there were plenty Georgian veterans at the celebration invited by the Russian government.

    • You mean they ran away just like Russians ran from Napoleon? But there is a difference of course: Russian troops did not set foot in Tbilisi, while Napoleon rampaged through the whole of Moscow. So perhaps, compared to Russians, Georgians did rather well.

    • Actually, the Russian army and its Ossetian puppets were the ones doing most of the killing of civilians according to the COE report.

      Not to mention all the ethnic cleansing that Russia and its separatist sock-puppets committed.

      Then there is the fact that they held the Russians for 3 days before withdrawing, despite the Russians having a massive advantage in quantity of troops, tanks, artillery, and air power.

      The Russians cover up their failure to “disarm” the Georgian army by claiming that Georgia has been “completely rearmed” by foreign states, despite the fact that no such rearmament has taken place.


      Because the Georgians actually withdrew in good order.

      • Quite true! Russians killed FAR more civilians during the war than Georgia did, and were condemned by all international observers for violating international law, which Georgia by contrast respected fastidiously in most cases.

        • Quite true! Americans killed FAR more civilians in Iraq than Saddam Hussein ever could have.

          • Oh that’s kind of sad, you had a good point there and then your vodka-soaked brain lost its grip on it. Saddam has murdered FAR more people than American forces, but it’s certainly true that American inflicted far more civilian casualities on Iraq than Russia did on Georgia.

            But that’s because Iraq is a FAR larger and more dangerous country than Georgia, and the comparison illustrates the really pathetic “achievement” of Russian forces.

            • First of all, I don’t drink vodka.

              Second of all, and most importantly, I’m glad you are finally acknowledging your American crimes.

              Now, get on your knees and apologize to the Iraqi people for slaughtering a million of them since 1990.

              Also apologize to them for having the chutzpah to continue to occupy their country and act like the arrogant American cretins you are.

              Vonyuchaya amerikanskaya pizda.

              • “Vonyuchaya amerikanskaya pizda.”

                When you go down to the level of your opponet, you lose. Don’t.

                • The Russians have killed far more people in Chechnya than the US and international forces have in Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

                  And given that only 1,103,686 people live in Chechnya, compared to 31,234,000 in Iraq and 28,150,000 in Afghanistan, well you Russians have committed slaughter on a truly massive scale per capita in Chechnya.

                  • You:

                    “And given that only 1,103,686 people live in Chechnya

                    The Internets:

                    Population of Chechnya, 1990: 1 270 429, of which 734 501 ethnic Chechens.

                    Population of Chechnya, 2010: 1,267,740, of which 94% are ethnic Chechens


                    The Russians have killed far more people in Chechnya than the US and international forces have in Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

                    The Internets:

                    Wiki: Iraq war, total excess deaths, December 2009: 1,366,350

                    • Really?

                      If you love wiki so much:


                      Population (2002 Census)[5] 1,103,686 inhabitants.


                      Note that this total is from a census, not some figure you pulled out of your arse.

                      Try Iraq Body Count for a real evaluation of excess deaths:

                      IRAQ BODY COUNT
                      Documented civilian deaths from violence
                      96,098 – 104,826


                      these are the total dead from violence 2003-2010.

                      Considering that the west went to great effort to ensure that Iraq was able to purchase food, medicine, hospital equipment etc, through the “Oil for Food” program, but that Saddam Hussein stole that money and used it to build palaces, and purchase weapons from Russia, that would make Saddam responsible for any deaths under the sanctions regime.

                      Oh, and by the way, Russia was a signatory to the UN imposed sanctions against Iraq, if you chose to blame the countries that imposed them, then take a look in the mirror slime bag.

                      I mean Dmitry, we know you are a retard but come on.

                    • Now lets compare Soviet/Russian terror in Afghanistan with that of the US led operation.

                      Afghanistan (1979-2001): 1 800 000
                      Soviets vs. Mujahideen vs. Govt. vs. Taliban [estimates listed chronologically]
                      War Annual 6 (1994): 1,000,000
                      Britannica Annual (1994): 1,500,000
                      Wallechinsky (1995): 1,300,000
                      D.Smith (1995): 1,500,000
                      B&J (1997): 1,500,000 (1979-95)
                      Dictionary of 20C World History (1997): 1M
                      CDI: 1,550,000 (1978-97)
                      29 April 1999 AP: 2,000,000
                      Dict.Wars: >2M
                      23 May 1999 Denver Rocky Mtn News: 1,800,000
                      Ploughshares 2000: 1,500,000
                      [MEDIAN of latest five: 1,800,000]
                      Soviet Phase and immediate aftermath only
                      Isby, War in a Distant Country: Afghanistan (1989): Civilian deaths:
                      1986 voluntary aid study: 600,000
                      1987 USAID study: 875,000
                      1987 Gallup study: 1,200,000
                      2 June 2002 LA Times: 670,000 civilians during 10-year Soviet occupation
                      Toronto Star (6 May 1991): more than 1,000,000
                      SIPRI 1990: 1,000,000 total dead (the 1988 Yearbook estimated 100-150T battle dead)
                      Minneapolis Star-Tribune (14 Sept. 1991): 1,500,000
                      FAS 2000: 1-2M Afghans (1979-89)
                      USA Today (17 Apr. 1992): more than 2 million.
                      [MEDIAN: 1.5M]
                      20 Sept 2001 Christian Science Monitor: 400,000 civilian deaths in the 1990s [http://www.csmonitor.com/2001/0920/p1s3-wosc.html]
                      Factional fighting in Kabul, 1992-96
                      30 Dec. 2001 AP: 50,000
                      2 June 2002 LA Times: >50,000 acc2 Red Cross
                      2 June 2002 LA Times: 20,000 civilians k. by Soviet air raids, March 1979 in Herat
                      4 March 1980 AP: 1,300 villagers in Konarha Province k. by Soviets & Afghan govt. “last year”
                      By Soviets in Kunduz (province in northern Afg.)
                      27 March 1985 Chicago Tribune: 900 massacred
                      26 Feb. 1985 AP: 480 civilians massacred at Chahardara (town) ca. Feb. 2/3
                      Taliban POWs k. by Northern Alliance in Mazar-i-Sharif, May 1997
                      28 Nov.1998 NY Times: up to 2,000
                      26 Aug. 2002 Newsweek: 1,250
                      By Taliban in Mazar-e Sharif, Nov. 1998
                      13 Nov. 1998 News-India Times: 5,000-8,000 massacred
                      28 Nov.1998 Washington Post: 2,000-5,000 ethnic Hazara civilians k.
                      Harff & Gurr: 1,000,000 old regime loyalists, rebel supporters were victims of revolutionary politicide.
                      Soviet deaths:
                      FAS 2000: ca. 14,500
                      20 May 88 Chicago Tribune: 12-15,000 killed
                      Isby, War in a Distant Country: 13,310 KIA as of 25 May 1988
                      24 Dec. 1989 Arizona Republic: 13,310
                      War Annual 6 (1994): 13,833
                      Wallechinsky: 14,454, incl. 11,381 in combat


                      US led action:

                      Civilians killed as a result of US led actions (low estimate-high estimate):

                      direct deaths: at least 5,568 – 8,360

                      indirect deaths in initial invasion: 3,200 – 20,000

                      direct & indirect deaths: 8,768 – 28,360

                      Total number of deaths in Afghanistan due to invasion from all causes (low estimate-high estimate)

                      direct deaths: at least 10,172 – 12,969

                      indirect deaths: 3,200 – 20,000

                      direct & indirect deaths: 13,372 – 32,969


                    • Now lets see about Chechnya:

                      Chechen official puts death toll for 2 wars at up to 160,000

                      MOSCOW — Two wars against separatist fighters in Chechnya have left 160,000 combatants and civilians dead, a top official in the local government loyal to Russia said Monday.

                      “Between 150,000 and 160,000 dead – this is the death toll of the two campaigns,” Interfax news agency quoted Taus Dzhabrailov, the head of Chechnya’s interim Parliament, as saying.

                      “Rough estimates show that between 30,000 and 40,000 ethnic Chechens have died in the republic in both campaigns,” he said, according to the Itar-Tass news agency, adding that about 100,000 of the dead were ethnic Russian servicemen and civilians.

                      He did not explain the gap of at least 20,000 in his tally.

                      Dzhabrailov also did not explain why he believed ethnic Chechens made up such a small proportion of the death toll, but in the absence of reliable Kremlin figures his remarks came as a rare official assessment of the price of Moscow’s drive to reinstate its grip on the North Caucasus province.

                      The first war lasted from 1994 to 1996 and the second, which began in 1999, continues today.

                      About 1.2 million people lived in Chechnya before the start of the first war. A large portion of the approximately 400,000 to 450,000 people in the capital, Grozny, were ethnic Russians. The city was devastated by Russian air and artillery bombardments, resulting in massive civilian casualties.

                      “They never thought they would have bombs dropped on their heads or be shot at by heavy weapons,” he said.

                      Official military death tolls for the two wars come to about 10,000 Russian soldiers, although independent estimates are at least twice that. At the lower figure, Dzhabrailov’s statistic would suggest that about 90,000 ethnic Russian noncombatants died in Chechnya.

                      Human rights groups cast doubt on the credibility of the figures, saying that Russian officials are not known for giving accurate accounts of civilian or military losses in Chechnya.

                      Alexander Cherkasov, a Chechnya expert at the Russian human rights organization Memorial said that following the first war the state statistics office published an estimate of 30,000 to 40,000 civilians killed. Memorial estimated the figure at 50,000.

                      Accurate figures have been even harder to come by during the second war, during which access for journalists and independent researchers has been tightly restricted.According to Cherkasov, figures from the U.S. organization Human Rights Watch and from Memorial show that in the second war about 25,000 civilians have been killed.

                      Russia suffered a humiliating defeat in its first military campaign in Chechnya in 1994-96. Troops sent to the region in 1999 ended its short-lived independence but have yet to defeat separatist fighters.

                      The government has never published conclusive figures of military losses in the second Chechnya campaign, whose widely advertised success is among the key factors of President Vladimir Putin’s popularity.


                      Gee, what a surprise, Russians killing their own ethnic civilians in a campaign of terror bombing….

                    • Sotty, Anrew, but you turned to be a clinical idiot.

                      And, judging by the number and length of your posts, there must be a whole team of you idiots writing them.

                      .You say:

                      “Population (2002 Census)[5] 1,103,686 inhabitants.”

                      Internets say

                      1,267,740, 2010


                      Russian state statistics office. You’d find a better source, bring it here.

                      You say

                      “for a real evaluation of excess deaths

                      The source you use says

                      Documented civilian deaths from violence”

                      Which you obviously think are the same, and the Internets again disagree:

                      excess mortality – a premature death, or one that occurs before the average life expectancy for a person of a particular demographic category.”

                      Even a clinical idiot would understand the following example, I believe. If you shoot at an ambulance car, and it explodes and never manages to reach a patient, and then a patient dies from heart attack, would it be just 3 doctors , or 3 doctors + 1 patient excessive deaths?

                      Or if you bomb them into a state where “they’re looking more and more like a country in sub-Saharan Africa”, making sure turbanhead’s kids death rate at birth triples compared to 1990 – that’s also “excessive mortality” (though not included in the number yet).

                      And then Iraqis themselves say you’re an idiot


                      I just don’t want to continue and comment every point you make.

                      You’re a certifiable, clinical idiot.

    • Kalmuk wrote;

      Current georgian soldiers cannot march, that’s their main problem. They only learned how to shoot civilians and then run away when the Russian Army comes. But there were plenty Georgian veterans at the celebration invited by the Russian government.


      The russian army drunk, deseased, dirty was stealing food, toilet sits, black and white tv sets from poor osetinian peasants – some army indeed.
      By the way, who on earth would like to visit that s,,,t hole called Russia for its advanced infrastructure goulags, , magnificent buildings like Lubianka or Goulags in magadan. Leave this to native primitive russians……

      • Uh oh it seems you’re a deeply offended Georgian student.

        • Dimasha/huyasha wrote;

          Uh oh it seems you’re a deeply offended Georgian student.


          Oh oh it seems dimasha is not offended by his own compatriots – ruskiy obosranye kasaglazye riaby – et kaneshno normalo on takoy samoy riab….

          • Dimasha-huyasha translates as “little-Dima-the di*k”

            “ruskiy obosranye kasaglazye riaby – et kaneshno normalo on takoy samoy riab” translates as

            “sh*tty Russian narrow-eyed slaves – and this is norman for he [me, Dmitry] is such a slave himself”.

            All written in Russian with typically Caucasian mistakes like using singular “ruskiy” instead of plural “russkie”, etc.

            To sum up, sounds like upon return to Georgia, this “aaa” person is going to join Georgian elites.

            I do understand what made them Abkhaz and Ossets fight for independence.

  2. It is not only Georgians that are deeply offended by Russia.

    Several killed in Dagestan attack

    At least seven people have been killed in an attack in Russia’s southern region of Dagestan, officials and local media say.
    A report from Russian news agency Interfax said workers repairing a broadcasting mast were hit by a blast and by gunfire.
    It said a firefight had later broken out between the assailants and police.
    Dagestan has been troubled by Islamist militancy that has spread from the North Caucasus region of Chechnya.
    Ingushetia, which lies to the east of Chechnya, has also been affected.
    “Seven or eight people were killed in the attack,” an official from Dagestan’s branch of the federal security forces was quoted as saying by AFP news agency on Thursday.
    “Police were sent to the scene and a shoot-out is currently in progress with the attackers.”
    Initial reports had suggested that the attack – about 80km (50 miles) south of Dagestan’s capital, Makhachkala – was against a police convoy.


    • 8 killed, all civilians.

      “Freedom fighters” first blown up the cellular network mast, then attacked and killed the cellular operator workers going there to do repairs.

      McCain must be undergoing a circumcision now.

      • Voice of Reason

        Why circumcision? Does one need to get circumcision to convert to Islam?

        Given McCain’s love affair with Turkey (he told Putin that he wants to see Russia become like Turkey), McCain is probably already converted to Islam.

        • Well, rather recommended by the majority of Ulema. Taking for granted a person has a physical ability to undergo a circumcision.

          Which, taking into account McCain’s rhetorics, may not be the case :D

  3. Andrew, in response to your comparison above, it should read:

    Compare Soviet/Russian terror to US terror (and not US-led operation).

    • Even so, look at the death tolls.

      Russian terror was far worse.

      • Andrew, wake up and smell the coffee.

        Apart from Chechnya, there is no greater terrorist in the world today than the US.

        • I mean to write, “putting aside Chechnya”

          • Oh I don’t know.

            Russia is a supporter of genocidal regimes in Sudan, Burma, North Korea, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Transdenistr, etc, etc, etc.

            Russia supplies these murderous regimes with weapons and training to carry out their policies of ethnic cleansing and eradication of dissident ethnic groups.

            Russia takes military action on behalf of these murderous regimes, in Sudan Russian pilots fly Sudanese jets and helicopters in the prosecution of a campaign of terror bombing (one was killed recently).

            Russia supplies weapons to terrorist groups such as Hamas, Hezbollah, and Al Qaeda in Iraq (where do they get all those late model RPG’s from???).

            Then there is the brutal Russian regime of political murder, rape and pillage in the North Caucasus, in Ingushetia and Daghestan.

            Russian state = Terrorist state

            • In addition, Russia supported the Sri Lankan government in its brutal campaign to crush Tamil separatism.

              Russia claimed at the UN that it was an internal matter for the Sri Lankan government, and opposed any interference despite the Sri Lankan governments unilateral violation of the ceasefire process and the destruction of the peace process.

              Considering that tens of thousands of Tamils were killed in the government offensive, why did Russia have such a different reaction when Georgia used comparatively minimal force in retaliation against South Ossetian attacks on its people in Georgian government controlled areas?

              • “when Georgia used comparatively minimal force in retaliation against South Ossetian”

                I like the wording.

                Been taught in your “neighborhood”?

                There was no retaliation, don’t start to argue the Georgian president.

                He clearly stated that was Russia attacking Georgia from the first hour first day, and there was none Georgian “retaliation”.

                • Compared to what Russia did to Grozny, and the Sri Lankans did to the Tamils, and the Sudanese government does to people in Darfur (with the assistance of the Russian state one might add), the use of force by the Georgians was minimal.

                  And Dumbitry, the Georgians did mention the previous attacks by the separatists, they are also mentioned at length in the report.

                  Try again clueless one.

                  • You mean the incumbent Georgian president lied to the world community?

                    You mean Georgia was right to shell the town with artillery?

                    Let’s get straight to the matter. Don’t talk about Russia, when I asked you about Georgia.

                    • Surprisingly, no responce

                    • No retard, you provide a link where the Georgian president said there was no retaliation against the separatists for their attacks.

                      Meanwhile, if you want an example of “lying to the world community”, look no further than your boy molesting PM Putin, and his girlfriend Dima.

                      After all, what was all that BS about “2000” dead civilians, a Georgian led “genocide” etc?

                      The IFFC report found that all of Russia’s claims were outright lies and the worst form of disinformation and propaganda and that the spreading of such outrageous lies was deliberate Kremlin policy.

                      Even the Kremlin had to retract its lies in the end, though that did not stop brainless little retards like you from parroting them.

                      In the end, as the IFFC report stated:

                      No evidence of “genocide” by Georgians in any respects.

                      Proof of Russian led, and Russian inspired ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity by separatist militia with Russian military support.

                      So, care to explain how and why your PM and President lied to the world community?

                    • Me says

                      You mean the incumbent Georgian president lied to the world community?

                      You say

                      No retard, you provide a link where the Georgian president said there was no retaliation against the separatists for their attacks.”

                      This time it’s Saakashvili that says you are an idiot:

                      CNN ancor
                      – Mr. President, you’ve been very clear about your position on all this, but let me ask you a question. Did you take a gamble? Your government launched it’s own attempt to retake South Ossetia, guess 24 hour ago? Was that unwise in retrospect?

                      No, we didn’t. We didn’t-we didn’t. We didn’t. Well, the facts are following: the whole issue has been lasting for the last many years… And we would be certainly suicidal at this stage at this stage where Russia is especially provocative to initiate on owr own [blah-blah-South Ossetian attacks intensified]. But in 24 AM, last night, Russian APCs started to cross into Georgian territory. And there we had to act. There we had to fire back the artillery. There we had to take measures. because it was a clear-cut case of intervention.

                      You are a certifiable, clinic idiot

                    • Here’s a video for the ones with special needs.

                    • 6:15 – a hint for the ones with the most special requirements.

                    • Would very much like to hear your responce, Andrew.

                      It’s not that I like talking to an idiot, but perhaps you would be able produce any other argument to convince me that the President of the Respublic of Georgia is not lying in this televised address to the people of the United States?

  4. For all those Putinist idiots who dribble on about the US use of atomic bombs, seems Russian leaders were quite happy to use them but were forced to back down by the US:

    USSR planned nuclear attack on China in 1969

    The Soviet Union was on the brink of launching a nuclear attack against China in 1969 and only backed down after the US told Moscow such a move would start World War Three, according to a Chinese historian.

    The extraordinary assertion, made in a publication sanctioned by China’s ruling Communist Party, suggests that the world came perilously close to nuclear war just seven years after the Cuban missile crisis.
    Liu Chenshan, the author of a series of articles that chronicle the five times China has faced a nuclear threat since 1949, wrote that the most serious threat came in 1969 at the height of a bitter border dispute between Moscow and Beijing that left more than one thousand people dead on both sides.

    He said Soviet diplomats warned Washington of Moscow’s plans “to wipe out the Chinese threat and get rid of this modern adventurer,” with a nuclear strike, asking the US to remain neutral.
    But, he says, Washington told Moscow the United States would not stand idly by but launch its own nuclear attack against the Soviet Union if it attacked China, loosing nuclear missiles at 130 Soviet cities. The threat worked, he added, and made Moscow think twice, while forcing the two countries to regulate their border dispute at the negotiating table.
    He quotes Soviet ministers and diplomats at the time to bolster his claim.
    On 15 October 1969, he quotes Soviet premier Alexei Kosygin as telling Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev that Washington has drawn up “detailed plans” for a nuclear war against the USSR if it attacked China.
    “[The United States] has clearly indicated that China’s interests are closely related to theirs and they have mapped out detailed plans for nuclear war against us,” Kosygin is said to have told Brezhnev.
    That same day he says Anatoly Dobrynin, the Soviet ambassador to Washington, told Brezhnev something similar after consultations with US diplomats. “If China suffers a nuclear attack, they (the Americans) will deem it as the start of the third world war,” Dobrynin said. “The Americans have betrayed us.”
    The historian claims that Washington saw the USSR as a greater threat than China and wanted a strong China to counter-balance Soviet power. Then US President Richard Nixon was also apparently fearful of the effect of a nuclear war on 250,000 US troops stationed in the Asia-Pacific region and still smarting from a Soviet refusal five years earlier to stage a joint attack on China’s nascent nuclear programme.
    The claims are likely to stir debate about a period of modern history that remains mired in controversy.
    Mr Liu, the author, admits his version of history is likely to be contested by rival scholars. It is unclear whether he had access to special state archives but the fact that his articles appeared in such an official publication in a country where the media is so tightly controlled is being interpreted by some as a sign that he did have special access.


    • Your logic is rock-solid and first- rate, Andrew.

      So the US incinerated 200,000 human beings in a few minutes, but the USSR did not, nor has its successor Russia ever done so, so that somehow makes Russia a guilty party.

      Your IQ does not exceed 80, even on your best day.

      • “the US incinerated 200,000 human beings in a few minutes”

        But they did it democratically, you retard.

        That was the will of the People of the United States of America, not just some mad decision a dictator could make.

        So these are all resonable and unavoidable losses. And civilians would never avoid the will of the People of the United States of America, wherever and whenever they live.

        • US population was around 130 000 000 at that time.

          Take it as every 650 US citizens, including babies, decided to kill one Japanese.

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