The "president" of Russia is Dmitri Medvedev. His last name is based on the Russian word for "bear." Get it?


4 responses to “CARTOON

  1. Also, the Russian word for ‘bear’, is a contraction of the word for honey, plus. Thus, the literal meaning of bear is: ‘the one who knows where the honey is’…i.e. the bear.
    So, Mr. Medvedev ( the human) does know, from whom he gets his honey, his master, V. Putin.

  2. Voice of Reason

    I hope the readers also relalize that Medvedev’s fur is trimmed like a poodle.

    • We hope readers also realize who trimmed it that way.

      • Thanks for the laugh LR, your comment is very appropriate, especially for the benefit of the russophiles.

        However I also noted another worthwhile point that Putin’s nose is rather long, so like the nose of “Pinocchio” (Pinocchio is known for having a long nose that becomes longer when he is under stress (first half-dozen chapters), especially while telling a lie).

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