May 10, 2010 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Russia, Loathed and Reviled

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Happy Mother’s Day?

(3)  Vera Trifonova, RIP

(4)  Russia and her “Heroes”

(5)  Russia and World War II

NOTE:  Blogger Julia Ioffe posts some remarkable photographs of Russian “president” Dima Medvedev in his pre-presidential days. Note in particular his son’s taste in t-shirts.

14 responses to “May 10, 2010 — Contents

  1. Psalomschick

    These Medvedev photos:
    Well, there is not much, either negative or positive, that can be said about him (or his pretty wife), when he was younger , except that he was more photogenic then. The photo showing his little son is interesting though. Why?-because since the child could not have purchased or chosen his little American-flag t-shirt himself, his parents must have. So what does that say? We can only venture a wild guess: (maybe-?) …that at that particular moment, the Kremlin propaganda line, was pretending to favour or be friends, with America. Anyone could SEE, with Medvedev’s son’s t-shirt emblem, that “America, is in….for now”.
    But, are we ‘friends’ now?
    OR…maybe the Medvedevs got that shirt from a Salvation Army grab-bag, for free?
    (Free is good!)

    • Francis Smyth-Beresford

      “So what does that say? We can only venture a wild guess: (maybe-?) …that at that particular moment, the Kremlin propaganda line, was pretending to favour or be friends, with America. Anyone could SEE, with Medvedev’s son’s t-shirt emblem, that “America, is in….for now”.

      Really? I used to have a favourite Bob Marley T-Shirt that didn’t make me any better at reggae, and I probably didn’t know where Jamaica was then. I imagine the T-shirt Dima Jr. is sporting is devoid of deep political significance.

  2. Ukrainian TV Journalists Decry New ‘Censorship’

    Ukrainian TV Journalists Decry New ‘Censorship’

    Journalists have said some topics are now “closed”
    May 09, 2010
    KYIV — Journalists at two Ukrainian television stations say censorship is occurring again at the country’s commercial TV stations, RFE/RL’s Ukrainian Service reports.

    Journalists at the STB station’s news program “Vikna” (Windows) claimed in a letter published on May 7 that “systemic censorship” is taking place. Their open letter came one day after their colleagues from the TSN news service of Channel 1+1 — one of the most-viewed programs in Ukraine — claimed the same in a similar open statement.

    Both groups of journalists allege some topics are “closed” and some reports are edited “upside down” or banned altogether since the election of Viktor
    Yanukovych as president earlier this year.

    The journalists said proscribed topics include “Holodomor,” the Ukrainian word for the 1930s mass famine in Ukraine instigated by Soviet leader Josef Stalin; the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, a nationalist rebel militia that fought both the Nazis and the Soviets during World War II; as well as any criticism of the authorities, investigations about politicians’ personal finances, and even reports about Yanukovych’s wife.

    Channel 1+1 managers have denied they censor the work of their journalists.

    Presidential Changes

    Hanna Herman, the deputy head of the president’s office (and former head of RFE/RL’s Kyiv bureau), met with TSN journalists and announced afterwards that she found no evidence of censorship.

    The journalists, however, said after the meeting that Herman had misunderstood them and was wrong in calling their complaints a corporate conflict.

    Many Ukrainian observers have said the situation in the media — especially on TV — has significantly changed since Yanukovych won the presidential election and his pro-Russian Party of Regions took power.

    Viktoriya Syumar, director of the Mass Information Institute in Kyiv, said that owners of private commercial TV stations might be introducing new editorial policies to protect their valuable businesses from being harassed by the new authorities.

    Censorship was widespread in the Ukrainian media before the 2004 Orange Revolution that brought President Viktor Yushchenko to power. Freedom of speech and the mostly free media that were established during his 2005-2010 term in office are considered one of his main achievements as president.

  3. Dmitry:

    US media is not government sponsered. It is trivial, supportive of democrats and irritating. Also it is widely disbelieved. The main stream media is steadily sinking and becoming unprofitable. The bloggers are riding high. Bring real news or lose your audience.

  4. At the site of the crash of the Polish President Lech Kaczynski, who crashed on April 10 under the Russian city of Smolensk, you can still find the personal belongings of the victims, Polish media reported. It was reported that Russian police are not guarding the crash site of the presidential plane, and everyone is free to enter into that territory. They find the remains of clothes, money and wreckage.

    • Poland’s opposition, led by the identical twin of the country’s late president, said on Thursday it wants Warsaw to take over the probe into the plane crash in which the head of state died this month.

      Jaroslaw Kaczynski’s Law and Justice (PiS) party hit out at Moscow’s handling of the inquiry into the April 10 crash in Smolensk in western Russia, which claimed the lives of Lech Kaczynski along with 95 others.

      “This investigation is flawed,” said lawmaker Arkadiusz Mularczyk.

      PiS spokesman Mariusz Blaszczak said the party was concerned after video footage of the crash site suggested it was not being properly protected.

      Footage broadcast by Polish media Wednesday suggested that the public had access to the Russian crash site and had been able to pick through personal items belonging of the victims.

      “In the wake of what we’ve seen in the media, this situation calls for a firm reaction from Poland. It’s Poland’s duty to run this probe,” PiS spokesman Blaszczak insisted.

  5. (Google translation)

    Heard from the Russians, “Nielzia, tielefon”
    Polish prosecutors cut off from the evidence

    Poland prosecution is blind and deaf in the crash near Smolensk. Do not get any new evidence. A prosecutor who is in Russia, not be allowed to examine witnesses. Investigators suspect that decision is the result of the superiors of their Russian colleagues.

    Military prosecutors, who leads Polish investigation of the crash, still do not have access to the Russian evidence. Unsuccessfully sent a third request for legal assistance to Russia. They turned the original tapes from the recorder, who recorded the conversations and sounds from the cockpit. So far in materials Polish investigation did not even have transcripts of the recordings of what happened in the cockpit in the last 30 minutes before the crash. The only thing that Polish military prosecutor’s office has obtained, is the result of nearly two-week working at the crash site and in Moscow in the identification of bodies under the dictation of Russian prosecutors.

    “From the beginning of the ordinary, a number of Russian prosecutors have helped us. Sharing documents showed its evidence. But with the passage of time has not been so eager to help. We hear: , and our interlocutor significantly raised their finger up. Proclaimed so that Russian prosecutors superiors do not agree to provide us the following documents, the evidence “- tells us of one of several military prosecutors who worked in Russia.

    The last of them left Russia on April 21. This was Col. Zbigniew Turnip, who assisted in Moscow at the listening position with the black box recordings. The team of prosecutors has replaced a prosecutor – Colonel Jarosław Ciepłowski the Chief Military Prosecutor’s Office. What is its role?

    Actually, no. Indeed Ciepłowski not take part in an investigation of Russian prosecutors. Can assist at the hearing of such witnesses? “No. Colonel Ciepłowski not take part in the activities of Russian prosecutors’ – confirms our information Col. Zbigniew Turnip, a spokesman for the Chief Military Prosecutor’s Office. So what is the role of Polish public prosecutor? “Monitor the proceedings in Russia, also fills the role of liaison officer” – Col. Turnip added.

    Yesterday on a mission to Moscow went Attorney General Andrew Seremet. He was accompanied by Krzysztof Parulski, the chief military prosecutor. Why Seremet meet with Attorney General of the Russian Federation Yuri Chaika and head of the committee investigating the prosecuting Alexander Bastrykinem? “To get here as soon as possible to ensure the transfer of all materials Poland” – said Matthew Martyniuk, a spokesman for Attorney General. He added that Seremet will hold talks with the Russians on deadlines and how to transfer these materials. The Attorney General has addressed a matter of personal effects of victims that still lie in an unsecured area crash in the forest near Smolensk. They found them on May 2 Poles, who chose the trip in place of the tragedy.

    “My friend from the Lodz scouts called me on Tuesday evening. He organized a trip to the place of tragedy. He told me that he found notes, ripped his shirt sleeve, and many other personal belongings of the dead tragically. E-mails he sent me pictures. I asked the Attorney General to intervene with the Russia, re-search and secure the crash site, “- says,” DGP “Krzysztof Kwiatkowski, Minister of Justice. Government also responded. Yesterday afternoon it was decided to send a group of archaeologists, who would once again examine the crash site. Polish Embassy in Moscow awaiting the decision of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

  6. According to Russian media outlets, Medvedev does not rule out the possibility of a repetition of a conflict comparable in scale with the Second World War. According to him, there are people who “regard the war as means of solving their political problems”.

    The head of the terrorist country believes that Russia should be ready for such developments. “It is absolutely immutable thing. We must be prepared to defend our country”, Medvedev said in an interview with Russian paper Izvestia.

    According to the criminal, he, as the chief commander of Russian armed forces, will pay close attention to the defensive capacity of the Russian army. Otherwise, Russia may be weak in face of the threat.

    “This was said at the time when the Russians are caught with their the cruel and cynical murder of the Polish President Kaczynski and the Polish elite. Russians, as always, hoped for a Russian “maybe”: “maybe, we’ll be manage it quietly”.

    But unexpected happened ,and they failed to “cover up traces” and to present the massacre as a casual accident. The facts convincingly testify that the Russians are murderers and they will be certainly punished for it.

    Moscow is afraid of revenge of all civilized countries. Therefore, Putin and Medvedev are already beginning to prepare mentally their human cattle for a new World War. Much now depends on the Poles themselves and their allies.

    If today the Polish and world elite not want to punish Russia for the death of the Polish elite, then tomorrow they can expect to get the same fate as a gift from the Russians. Russians are already afraid of an adequate response of the international community and have started talking about a new World War”.

    It is to be noted that, at least for the moment, the German elite fully agrees and approves the massacre of the Polish elite by the Russians, possibly because of the age-old enmity between Germans and Poles.

    In any case, a rather big German news agency Telepolis published on May 8 an article of its staff member, a certain Thomas Dudek, who literally thoroughly poured his hatred on few media outlets in the world which are not afraid to write the truth about another bloody genocide of the Poles, which has been conducted by the Russian terrorist group of the NKVD-KGB-FSB under orders by Putin and Medvedev.

    Pouring his hatred on the Kaczynski’s party that does not want to accept the assassination of the President by the Russians, Telepolis continues:

    “Such speculations are distributed not only in the Polish Internet. Over the past few weeks they appeared on the website, which is being run by terrorists who were responsible for recent suicide attacks in the Moscow subway – they contain the same anti-Russian messages. And the portal, whose editors in Poznan, is operating in German… “.

    It is to be mentioned to the “friends of Russia” from the German agency Telepolisa that the Kavkaz Center news agency is officially registered as a media outlet in Sweden, and reports about specific events. The Kavkaz Center never took responsibility for the explosions in the subway, but reported in detail about them, with reference to specific sources.

    Meanwhile for all their hatred for the Poles and the fighters for the truth, the German “friends of Russia” from Telepolisa were forced to admit that the Polish people, except for “friends of Russia” who infiltrated the present Polish government, are united in their resentment against Russian murderers.

    The Telepolis quoted words about the Russian murderer Putin, spoken by a well-known Polish TV actor Mariusz Bulski, who said in the documentary film “Solidarity 2010”, which was shown on Polish TV:
    “A man who has blood stuck on his hands, embraced my prime minister. However, he would have never put his arms around my President”.

    • After reading your article Boris, what springs to mind is the old Polish saying; “We have two enemies, one from the east and one from the west. With the one from the east being the worst.” That is; the east being Russia, and the one from the west being Germany.

      • Voice of Reason


        I knew you were a Pole.

        • So does that automatically negate his opinion in your view?

        • ReTaRded Voice of stupidReason, as per usual you are wrong, wrong and still most definitely wrong!

          You’ve had your chance, and you blew it! so that as of this moment this subject matter is closed and any future remarks will be ignored.

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