May 7, 2010 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Putin the Psychopath

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Putin the Predator

(3)  Wormy, Leech-Ridden Russia

(4)  Latynina on Europe’s new Munich

(5)  In Russia, like Puppet like Master

NOTE:  Putin’s Russia has tortured and then murdered yet another defenseless prisoner, this time a woman.  Who can dare to claim this is not a barbaric nation?

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  1. Bus Decorated with Stalin’s Portait is Finally in the Streets of St. Petersburg

    • Are you proud and pleased?

      Maybe soon Germans will decorate a bus with Hitler’s portrait, with Stalingrad smoking in the background! Whoopie!

      • Once again: Hitler lost the war. Nazism was officially condemned by the Nuremberg Tribunal. Stalin won the war. Commuism was never officially condemned by any tribunal.

        • @Commuism was never officially condemned by any tribunal.

          Really? There was a plenty of trials in many countries.

          In Poland there is even a whole category of crimes named “communist crimes”. Example:

          Ex-Communist Leader Indicted in Poland

          A packed Warsaw court listened Friday as prosecutors read out the official indictment of Gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski, 85, and seven other former top-ranking officials from Poland’s former communist regime.

          The Institute for National Remembrence, which investigates and prosecutes communist crimes, brought charges against the group for imposing martial law in 1981 as the Soviet-backed government tried to crush the Solidarity pro-democracy labor movement.

          The 1981 decision led to the death of dozens of people and the imprisonment of hundreds more in internment camps. The defendents are charged with violating the constitution, committing “communist crimes” and leading “an organized criminal group of a military nature having as its goal the carrying out of crimes that consisted of the deprivation of freedom through internment.”

          Poland still seems fascinated by its own communist past almost 20 years after the fall of the regime. Journalists and photographers crammed the courtroom. The proceedings were broadcast live on national television.

          • Also from the same article, on the “Polish-Soviet friendship”:

            The imposition of martial law was a setback for Solidarity, led by later Nobel Peace laureate Lech Walesa. About 100 “political dissidents” died in internment camps. This did not prevent Solidarity from helping to bring about the end of communist rule in 1989-90.

            Jaruzelski has repeatedly defended the decision, saying it was necessary to forestall a possibly bloody Soviet invasion such as those experienced in Hungary in 1956 and the former Czechoslovakia in 1968.

          • It only shows what a fool Jaruzelski was. Had he shot Walesa and the rest instead of just interning them, he might still rule over Poland. No man, no problem (c) Comrade Stalin.

        • It’s a well known fact that only Nations and its leaders that lose a war are taken to war crimes trials! never the victors.

          Only a Soviet communist retard would believe that Russia has not committed any crimes against its citizens or its subjected nations. Just look at Ukraine during 1932 – 33, where millions of men, women and children were starved to death in the artificially created Soviet famine and the mass murder by the NKVD of Polish officers and intelligentsia at Russia’s Katyn Forest and elsewhere.

          Also look at Nazi Germany and its “Commissar order”, whereby any soviet commissar captured was summarily shot on the spot. Have a wild guess what would have happened to your beloved mass murdering ogre J Stalin, had stupid Japan not attacked America and instead attacked the USSR. Without a doubt in my mind the blood letting of the communist party would have been horrendous.

          Thankfully the stupid Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, bringing America and its industrial might into the conflict. Then to compound this Japanese stupidity, Hitler declared war on America! an act in itself of unbelievable stupidity by this “ubermensh” Austrian.

          • Porr stupid Japan, poor stupid world… Poor stupid Germany… WWII was such a stupid thing, when they all could instead just attack the Stalinist Russia…

    • Yevgen you are sick in the head. Putting up a poster of the greatest mass murderer in history, who murdered his victims in the tens of millions is not only a gross injustice to its innocent victims, but also grossly sick. And you are proud of that!

      You need to see a head shrink badly.

      What GULAG extermination camp were your parents, relatives, etc running.

  2. Stalin won the war. Period.

    • larussophobe

      He killed more Russians than Hitler. On purpose. Period.

      • Oh yeah… it was proved by the Venerable University of Hawaii. :-)


        So you’re saying that if Stalin “only” killed half as many Russians as Hitler, that would be fine and dandy and he’d still qualify as a great Russian hero?

        You do realize, right, that a few decades after Stalin left power the entire country collapsed in disgrace and humiliation, and that those decades were full of poverty and suffering, and that Russia is now despised throughout Eastern Europe?

        • > You do realize, right, that a few decades after Stalin left power

          Must Louis XIV be blamed for the French Revolution then? Stalin prevented Hitler from killing most Russians and enslaving the rest.

          • larussophobe

            Most intelligent people do blame Louis XIV, you braying jackass. Most people think he was a godawful trainwreck of a ruler. Only a Russian goon could possibly think otherwise.

            Stalin prevented Hitler so he could do the job himself. As for us, we’d rather be murdered by foreign enemies than our own rulers. But that’s just us.

            • Voice of Reason

              As a Jew just like you, LR,I would rather live under Stalin than under Hitler. But that’s just me.

          • Voice of Reason

            Louis XIV was such a loser:


            Louis XIV is known as Louis the Great (in French Louis le Grand or Le Grand Monarque, “the Great Monarch”)

            The reign of Louis XIV spanned seventy-two years and three months, the longest of any European monarch and the second-longest documented reign of any monarch since antiquity.

            During that period of time he increased the power and influence of France in Europe. Under his reign, France achieved not only political and military pre-eminence, but also cultural dominance.

            Louis XIV worked successfully to create a centralized state governed from the capital in order to sweep away the fragmented feudalism which had hitherto persisted in France, thus giving rise to the modern state.

            By the early 1680s, Louis XIV had greatly augmented his and France’s influence and power in Europe and the world. Louis XIV’s most famous minister, Jean-Baptiste Colbert, who died in 1683, exercised a tremendous influence on the royal treasury and coffers — the royal revenue had tripled under his supervision. The princes of Europe began to imitate France and Louis XIV in everything from taste in art, food and fashion to political systems; many even took official mistresses simply because it was done at Versailles. Outside Europe, French colonies abroad were multiplying in the Americas, Asia and Africa, while diplomatic relations had been initiated with countries as far afield as Siam, India and Persia.

      • The obelisk is inscribed: “To the Victims of Stalinism”, the heaps of corpses: “The Victims of Privatization”, “The Victims of Banditism”, “The Victims of Terrorism”, “The Victims of the 1998 Crisis”, “The Victims of Drug Addiction”, “The Victims of the 2008 Crisis”, etc.

        • larussophobe

          Wasn’t it also the Univeristy of Hawaii which proved democracy killed as many Russians as Stalin?

          Or was it the University of Omsk?

        • @“The Victims of the 1998 Crisis”

          Oh Eugenics, but there is a “genocide museum” built already.

    • Evgen, wrote;

      Stalin won the war. Period.


      And sent you all ‘heroes’ to the gulags – directly from the Red Square victory parade…..

    • Stalin would never in your wildest dreams have won the war without the air forces of America, and Britain and the numerous nations that supplied trained air personnel such as the pilots of Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand, Poland and South Africa; to pulverize all Nazi German industries into rubble. PERIOD!

  3. @Putin’s Russia has tortured and then murdered yet another defenseless prisoner

    Political prisoner.

    Well, at least they did not destroy or hide her corpse. (Like they did to the corpses of thousands of prisoners, detainees and kidnap victims in Chechnya and beyond.)

    Speaking of Putin and dead bodies, Poland still have not seen any of the autopsy reports from the Smolensk crash (the Russian investigation led personally by Putin). There were no autopsies in Poland, and anyway the Russians could do anything with the bodies (body parts) when they had them for days. The Polish investigation was also not allowed to question even one Russian witness yet.

    It’s just crazy how Poland mishandled the whole thing, giving Russians totally free hand and getting nothing in retrun and still praising Russia (initially). Remember 2 Polish presidents (current and a former), 2 presidential candidates, the whole military top command died. And now, almost month later, Poles don’t even know the exact time of the crash.

    Remember how I initially believed it was just an accident? I’m not so sure of it no more. But the way the aftermath commenced turns out to be they could get away with simply everything, and they could have except just this…

    • Btw, the Polish late president’s party just demanded today to take away the so-called “investigation” from Russian hands (actually the hands of Putin personally).

      But it doesn’t matter, it’s simply too late. Poland should have demanded (not asked, but demanded) their investigation only minutes after the crash, and not one month later. Now it’s game over. The thing is as buried as all the bodies now.

      An unbelievable screw up. And the Polish russophilic prime minister Tusk is to blame for this.

  4. Eugene, you are an idiot. The war was won by people, by their blood, both of Russia and its satellites and by the people of the Western Alliance. The criminal Stalin brought the war to your land and betrayed the people of the country.

    • Oh yeah… it was Microsoft that laucned Windows, not the criminal Bill Gates.

      • Bill Gates never murdered anyone. Much less millions of people.

        Anyway Stalin’s influence on the Soviet war effort was absolutely negative.

        From his total purge of his own generals and officer corps even before the conflict, to his alliance with Nazi Germany early in WWII, to his ignorant and ruthless personal orders (the last one shared with the other Soviet “geniuses”, and with Hitler too).

        • > Bill Gates never murdered anyone.

          The number of man-hours wasted because of bugs in Windows can surely be considered as an equivalent to millions of lost lives.

          > Stalin’s influence on the Soviet war effort was absolutely negative.

          Bill Gates’ influence on the Microsoft’s Windows developing effort was absolutely negative, wasn’t it?

  5. Grenade set off in St. Petersburg store, two injured

  6. Monument to Stalin Unveiled in Zaporizhya, Ukraine:

  7. @Nazism

    Apr 30 2010, 22:00

    Umakhan Udamanov, resident of the village of Sultanianghiurt, Kizikurt district, Dagestan, whose [apparently executed in a video by the Moscow Neo-Nazis] son Shamil Udamanov is considered missing since 2007, has stated to the “Caucasian Knot” correspondent that he intends to apply for help to the presidents of Russia and Dagestan, Dmitry Medvedev and Magomedsalam Magomedov.

    “So far, no one has helped our family in the search of the criminals and the body of my son. I am 68 now, I am not so strong as I used to be to go and look everywhere, may be they will help me?”, says Umakhan Udamanov. He relays that the last conversation with the Moscow investigating officer Alexei, who conducted the case, ended in a peculiar way.

    “He never called me, and when I bothered him with my calls Alexei discontentedly answered that investigation was in progress. But our last conversation ended with a recommendation to look for the criminals myself. It seems the investigator did not like my contacts with journalists: I should not have told them anything”, says Umakhan Udamanov.

    He gave the “Caucasian Knot” correspondent the investigator’s telephone number but it proved that the number had been cancelled. The father of the executed person states that Shamil Udamanov is still not in the national search list.

    For reference, Shamil Udamanov went to work in Moscow in the summer of 2007. He maintained regular contacts by telephone calls but communication with him completely stopped from mid-August. In winter 2008, Arthur Udamanov, brother of Shamil, watched in the Internet a video of the murder of alleged Tajik and alleged Dagestani. Arthur Udamanov recognized his brother in the executed Dagestani.

    • About the Russian-Nazi beheading video:

      • And just I love this quote (after I recently learned how cannibalism is not illegal in Russia, now this):

        The footage was first posted on August 12 by a user of the LiveJournal blog. It was rapidly pulled from most websites on which it had subsequently appeared.

        The graphic scenes were also withdrawn from LiveJournal. But Anton Nosik, a representative of Sup, the company that oversees the Russian section of LiveJournal, says the site has taken no action against the blogger who first posted the video.

        “Preliminary censorship is, of course, impossible on the Internet,” Nosik says. “People post what they feel must be posted, and write what they feel must be written. There is a list of things that LiveJournal users agree not to do, but posting pictures of an execution is not on the list. There is a clause forbidding comments that incite ethnic hatred, but whether it applies to this particular video is an open question.”

        The video shows two men kneeling on the ground in a forest, their arms and legs bound. Behind them hangs a large flag with a Nazi swastika.

        A third man beheads one of the captives with a knife, a disturbing scene that lasts a full 90 seconds. The second captive is shot in the head and drops forward into a freshly dug grave.

        Two masked men then raise their arms in a Nazi salute.

  8. Eugene:

    Stalin did not win the war period.

    The Americans provided the Russians with huge amounts of war material including aircraft. In addition the Americans provided thousands of tons of meat in 1/2 gallon cans. The Russians had enough bread, but were very short on meat for their armies.

    In 1942 the American armies landed on the African coast and engaged the Germans with increasing effectiveness for 3 years. The Americans put up a thousand bombers (plus fighters) over Germany each day starting in 1943 until the Luftwaffe was totally beaten.

    Only the British and the Americans had heavy bombers. The Russians had none.

    It was the Allies that crossed the Rhine and overran Germany.

    The Russians did fight hard, but they had a lot of help.

    • Voice of Reason

      Hi Ron,

      Here is a deal. Let me send you and your friends to defeat our enemy for me. I will send you some canned meat, and you will do the actual fighting, the dying and the killing of the enemy.

      And in the end, I will take all the credit. A deal?

      • @and you will do the actual fighting, the dying and the killing of the enemy.

        The trick is not “dying”, but making your enemies die. (Or surrender. Or just otherwise incapacitate them.)

        But this is one of things you Russians still have to learn, thinking Stalin was just so cool for treating the millions of your own POWs as “traitors”, and such.

        • Not to mention “the dying”.

          But don’t worry, the Russians do a great job in “the dying” even right now when there’s no world war. I remember over decade US actually sent “some canned meat” in humanitarian convoys to Russia, too.

      • Well VOR, if the RAF/USAAF had not been bombing the hell out of German industry, Oil infrastructure, and the supply network, the Germans would have had enough men, tanks, guns, and aircraft to eradicate Russia.

        This is a historical fact.

        After all, the majority of German aircraft production was for night and day interceptors to defend the Reich from allied bombing.

        German aces who racked up huge kill tallies on the eastern front against vastly inferior Russian pilots and aircraft had a very short life span once transferred to the west.

        Over 1,000,000 German soldiers and hundreds of thousands of AA guns, particularly the 88mm FLAK were tied up in AAA defences which could have been better used on tanks to slaughter Russian tank crews.

        Hell, the Germans still achieved a 5 to 1 kill loss ratio at Kursk, despite attacking massively prepared Soviet defences, and being severely outnumbered. They also came within an ace of success, their offensive being halted to allow the transfer of SS Panzer units to Italy to try and deal with the Anglo American invasion (so we saved quite a few of your boys lives).

        Can you imagine what they could have achieved with a few hundred thousand more troops, a few thousand more tanks, and all the airpower tied up defending Germany?

        A little gratitude would be nice, but we don’t expect any from a retard such as yourself.

        • Probably the least understood contribution of the U.S. to the U.S.S.R. was the shipment of thousands of trucks (isn’t what you would call “lorries?”). Tanks burn giant amounts of fuel, probably not more than 6 MPG, and so they will not be able to move if supplies of fuel would not follow and be constantly provided. And for that you need lots of tanker-trucks, of which the U.S.S.R. had very little. And of course, you need thousands of trucks to move artillery, ammunition and countless other war materials directly to the battlefield. Horses can help only to a limited extent.

          Trucks were of such huge importance that Eichmann was seriously negotiating exchange of 1 million Hungarian Jews for 100,000 trucks (not sure about the number though, perhaps only for 10,000 trucks).

        • German defense industry (including truck production) reached its peak in 1944, when the British/American bombings were at their peak as well. As a matter of fact, the RAF/USAF were quite effective in wiping out blocks of residential premises but often left defense enterprises in which the British/Americans had an interest intact – not to mention the wiping out of Dresden that did not have much industry. It was done in order to destroy bridges across Elbe in order to slow down the Red Army’s advance.

          • Compared to the potential peak that the Germans could have achieved, their increase in production was minor.

            Compared to the industrial output of the US,UK, & USSR, Germany fell well behind.

          • @German defense industry (including truck production) reached its peak in 1944, when the British/American bombings were at their peak as well.

            And now imagine what it would be if there were no bombings.

            @blocks of residential premises

            Guess where the workers live.

            @not to mention the wiping out of Dresden that did not have much industry.

            It was a communication and administrative center. There was industry too.

            @It was done in order to destroy bridges across Elbe in order to slow down the Red Army’s advance.

            Meanwhile, in the real world:

            The “Red Army” (Polish Army) advance on Dresden was “slowed down” (stopped) by the German Bautzen counteroffensive in which the Germans seriously whooped some asses (first Polish, then the Soviet too when they came to the Poles’ rescue). And so the city was seized by the Soviets only after the surrender of Germany.

  9. Voice of Reason

    Robert wrote: “The trick is not “dying”, but making your enemies die.

    Very true. So, let’s look at the available statistics:

    German Military Casualties

    Dr. Rüdiger Overmans, an associate of the German Armed Forces Military History Research Office until 2004, provided an official reassessment of German military war dead based on a statistical analysis of German military personnel records. The Overmans research project was supported and funded by the German government.

    Military Losses by Theatre

    Overmans lists the following losses- Africa 16,066 ;
    Balkans 103,693 ;
    Northern Europe 30,165 ;
    Western Europe until 12/31/44- 339,957;
    Italy 150,660;
    against the U.S.S.R. until 12/31/44- 2,742,909 ;

    Thus, if we add up all these known German losses until 12/31/44 (because the later losses are not broken down by front), we get:

    German losses at the hands of US/UK, i.e., in Africa, Italy, Northern Europe, and Western Europe – we get:

    German losses to US/UK – 536 848, or 16%
    German losses to USSR – 2 742 909, or 84%

    • A bit like how the first world war was won on the western front, as Russia surrendered to Germany.

      • Voice of Reason

        Yes, the Bolsheviks did put a damper on the fun times at World War I. A great war if you are a poison gas aficionado. BTW, what was the purpose of that war and why did Rusisa need to fight it? To help the Brits stop German economic progress?

        And how about the Napoleonic war, Andrew? And the hundred year war before that?

        • Well RTR, the reason Britain fought WW1 was something a Russian like you would not understand.

          Keeping one’s word to a small country.

          In this case Belgium, not to mention an agreement to defend France in case of invasion.

          However, the whole thing was started by Russian meddling in the internal affairs of Austria-Hungary, by aiding and abetting Serbian nationalist terrorists (the Black Hand) in their campaign of ethnic terrorism in Bosnia, culminating in the murder of the heir to the Austrian throne.

          Of course, Russia backed Serbia to the hilt on this matter, and also scotched Austrian and Serbian attempts to come to a compromise settlement (to be fair, so did Germany) as the Tsar wanted a war to try an put the dampers on the revolutionary agitation that even then was sweeping Russia. To be fair, it did work until around 1916.

          By the way, on the subject of gas warfare in WW1, did you know that the man responsible for the German gas program was Fritz Haber, a Hassidic German Jew. He also invented Zyklon B, and was a keen proponent of using gas weapons to exterminate the enemies of Germany.

    • Voice of Reason

      What I like the most is that the North African campaign lasted for 3 full years. It was the only land war that the British Commonwealth fought in those 3 years. The British people are enormously proud of their victory there and rightfully consider it to be one of their greatest achievements in history.

      And all they managed to kill is 16 thousand Germans in 3 years. That’s 16 Germans per day. I bet more Germans than that die daily from hemorrhoids. :-)

      The British Army – almost as deadly as hemorrhoids, and proud if it!

      • Axis losses in Tunisia alone totaled 40,000 dead or wounded, 240,000 prisoners, 250 tanks, 2,330 aircraft, and 232 vessels. British and American casualties were 33,000 and 18,558, respectively. For the entire North African Campaign, the British suffered 220,000 casualties. Total Axis losses came to 620,000, which included the loss of three field armies. The losses were large for what amounted to a secondary theater for both sides.

      • @What I like the most is that the North African campaign lasted for 3 full years. It was the only land war that the British Commonwealth fought in those 3 years.

        In the RTR World (which is just next to Dimaland of “funny little Western soldiers that started fighting Germany back in 1994” in the collection of non-existing alternate universes of the Russian retards) there was no Pacific War and no stuff like Burma 1942-1945.

        I wonder if he knew there were British plans to enter the world against the Nazi ally, the Soviet Union, in Finland 1940.

        You know, this little cute slideshow where the Soviet slave soldiers showed just how good are they in “the dying” when put against a tiny army of vastly outnumbered and undergunned but determined free men. (One must admit the slaves were very good at “the dying” there. A little exercise before the great “the dying” of the next year.)

        These Allied forces were instead used in an abortive attempt to stop the Soviet ally German invasion of Norway.

        Now I thing Russia should listen to Mr. Voice of Treason and change their name of the so-called “Great Patriotic War” to “The Dying”, at least this would be much more sincere.

      • Voice of Reason

        Andrew wrote: “The losses were large for what amounted to a secondary theater for both sides.

        Sure. For Germans, who were fighting the mighty Red Army on the Eastern front, the African theater was even less than “secondary”.

        But for the Brits? Where else were their Army fighting between June 1940 and May 1943? It seems that this little friendly warlet was the primary theater for the Brits. That’s why they won: Germans were too busy fighting the real war against Russia.

        R John wrote: “Maybe only 16,000 Germans were killed in North Africa “so what” it’s about winning a battle

        Sure. But when you kill only 16 thousand enemies in 3 years and still win – then it must have been a very small battle.

        Here is what a real victory in a real battle looks like:

        The Battle of Stalingrad was a major battle of World War II in which Nazi Germany and its allies fought the Soviet Union for control of the city of Stalingrad (now Volgograd) in southwestern Russia. It took place between 17 July 1942 and 2 February 1943, and is often cited as one of the turning points of the war.

        According to Soviet sources, the Axis lost 1.5 million killed, wounded or captured in the whole Stalingrad area. According to archival figures, the Red Army suffered a total of 1,129,619 casualties;[52] 478,741 men killed or missing and 650,878 wounded.

        • Voice of Wikipedia: “Here is what a real victory in a real battle looks like:“.

          @According to archival figures

          Is this what you actually believe?

          @kill only 16 thousand enemies (…) Axis lost 1.5 million killed, wounded or captured

          Well, you’re (accidentally) partially right comparing the alleged figure (taken from your ass probably) of only the “Germans killed by Brits” with all the Axis eliminated in all ways. Becuase after all most of the Soviet-taken prisoners were killed alright. But you’re still retarded.

          @It seems that this little friendly warlet

          Go and spend just one week in this desert and don’t forget to not bring enough water.

          @was the primary theater for the Brits.

          Pacific War still not existing in Russia. Such a small thing. Millions of dead from warfare and especially the war-caused famine in Burma campaign alone. Don’t forget to forget.

        • Voice of Reason

          I wrote: “only 16,000 Germans were killed in North Africa…. But for the Brits? Where else were their Army fighting between June 1940 and May 1943? It seems that this little friendly warlet was the primary theater for the Brits.

          Robert replied: “Millions of dead from warfare and especially the war-caused famine in Burma campaign alone.

          Millions? Millions of whose soldiers? Axis’s? Japanese? Italian? German? In Burma? The total number of Axis soldiers killed in Burma was around 149 000 total. Moreover, many of them were killed by US and Chinese forces, not Brits. Moreover, the vast majority were killed after June 1943. AFIAK, the total number of Axis (Japanese, to be exact) military deaths in Burma between June 1940 and May 1943 was less than 10 000, maybe less than 5 000 . This is even less than the 16 000 killed in North Africa.

          • Not soldiers, not Axis, what I meant was the war-related famine in the British India. Never heard of it? It’s because only you are so proud of your mountains of corpses (“hero city” of Leningrad and such). There was also a horrible war famine in China, and whenever you hear about the Japanese soldiers engaging cannibalism you may quite safely bet the civilians probably suffered even worse (unless it was actually after the liberation, such as in Phillipines like in this film Nobi). Talking about the “Axis’s”, near the end of the war there was also Japanese civilian starvation in their home islands. Oh, and also China probably lost more people to the war than the Soviet Union losses.

            Anyway, you compare the alleged figure of the Germans only killed by the British forces only, with an alleged figure of the Germans, Italians, Romanians, Hungarians, Croatians, SOVIET TURNCOATS (Hiwis), etc., who were either killed or wounded, or taken prisoner by the Soviets.

            That’s because you are retaded (ReTaRded?).

            By the way most of the Axis losses in North Africa were Italian, not German (Afrika Korps turned Panzerarmee Afrika). To this one might also add the Vichy-French colonial army (who have mostly defected to the Allies, which was a double loss for the Axis powers) and the various auxillairy local Arab forces. Also pro-German Iraqis and Iranians in the Middle East (and Iran was invaded jointly with the Soviet forces).

    • And you cut me on “or surrender, or otherwise put out of the war” thing.

      Which is very important here, as many more Axis were captured then killed by the Allied forces even before the surrender of Germany.

      Except the Japanese who were actually very keen on”the dying” thing for until the very last phase of the war when they finally started to surrender en masse.

  10. More evidence of the love of Russia for Stalin.

    Stalin Ads Allowed In St. Petersburg, Anti-Stalin Ads Not

    May 05, 2010
    ST. PETERSBURG — A public bus in St. Petersburg drove its route today adorned with an advertisement that includes a portrait of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin, RFE/RL’s Russian Service reports.

    Bus No. 187 will be sporting the ad featuring Stalin on its sides for the next two weeks. Officials said the advertisement was paid for by an activist group that they refused to name.

    Posters of Stalin also appeared in some yards in St. Petersburg’s Moscow district this week.

    But local authorities have refused to allow the display of anti-Stalin posters that say “For a motherland without Stalin.”

    Yevgeny Vyshenkov, the deputy director of the Journalistic Investigations Agency that helped prepare the anti-Stalin poster, told RFE/RL that the company responsible for placing posters in St. Petersburg said the issue should be discussed by the city’s Media Committee.

    Committee officials have said that the anti-Stalin poster cannot be placed in public places due to some “discrepancies” in the poster’s colors.

  11. First of all Britain/commonwealth were fighting in Asia during that 3 year period

    Mr VOR seems to find a perverted sense of pride in the knowledge that millions of soviet soldiers died during WW2, this weird individual pours scorn on us British because we only lost 365,000 servicemen during WW2,

    Well Mr VOR we learnt a shocking lesson between 1914-18 when millions of British, French, German and for that matter Russians were slaughtered in trench warfare, we vowed never to allow this carnage to happen to our soldiers again.

    During WW2 British and commonwealth soldiers were well trained, well armed and well led, I can’t say the same about those poor Russian peasants that were literally rounded up and sent, untrained and poorly armed against a professional German army, they were slaughtered by the 10s of thousands, their lives were seen as worthless by Stalin and his cronies,

    Maybe only 16,000 Germans were killed in North Africa “so what” it’s about winning a battle- not slaughter, were not barbarians Mr VOR we leave barbarity to the likes of you.

    • > we learnt a shocking lesson between 1914-18 when millions of British, French were slaughtered in trench warfare, we vowed never to allow this carnage to happen to our soldiers again.

      Yeah… That’s why in 1940 France collapsed after 40 days of fighting and the British troops fled from Dunkirk. It was only after the Red Army nad pulled the guts from the German military machine (с) W.S. Churchill that they dared to return to Europe.

      • Yes, and it was only after the US and British had pulled the guts from Imperial Japan that Russia got involved in the east.

        Never mind Eugene.

      • @Yeah… That’s why in 1940 France collapsed after 40 days of fighting

        And just how much of territory was seized in the first 40 days of Operation Barbarossa, in spite of the Soviet draconic measures against retreats, not to mention having more several times more tanks, paratroopers, rocket launchers (this one actually exclusive) and so on than whole rest of the world combined?

        @and the British troops fled from Dunkirk.

        And the British (and French, Polish, Belgian, Dutch) troops successfully evacuated from Dunkirk to fight another day. (Beginning with many being redeployed in western France during the very same campaign.)

        Now compare with the fate of some half million Soviet slave-soldiers in the great Minsk pocket, for example. They did not fight another day. They senselessly died. Or they were captured (in massive numbers), and died. As RTR said, “the dying”. But hey, good job. Continue to be proud of just how well the genial war leader Stalin played this out and celebrate this, come on.

  12. Russian Warship Marshal Shaposhnikov Liberates Russian-Owned Tanker Moscow University from Somalian Pirates

  13. Russian Warship Marshal Shaposhnikov Liberates Russian-Owned Tanker Moscow University from Somalian Pirates.

    Wow how impressive… they all deserve a medal… what a victory… lets call it the great patriotic Somali pirate war… I’m sure Russia will commemorate this great victory every year on May 6th….Lets plant a giant stature to the Russian heroes in every city and town in Russia.

    It brings a tear to the eye!!!

    • To the best of my knowledge, when Somalian pirates seize vessels from the CWDCs (Civilized Western Democratic Countries), the shipowners just meekly pay them million dollars’ ransoms. The problem might be solved quite easily by bombing out everything within, say, 100 km inland from the coast of the Gulf of Aden.

      • Are you not concerned that a lot of people who have nothing to do with piracy will be killed as a result of such a bombing?

        I guess you are not concerned

        • I don’t think there are “a lot of people who have nothing to do with piracy” in Somalia. Btw, were you not concerned when a lot of people who had nothing to do with Miloshevic were killed as a result of US/NATO invasions in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq?

          • Yeah. “You are all bandits and terrorists, you will be destroyed by aviation and artillery.”

            Only this time with no thousands of ethnic Russian pensioners trapped there too.

            Oh Eugene, of course there were no old and/or poor (many even disabled, bed-ridden, blind, and so on) ethnic Russians filling the mass graves or simply rotting to skeletons in the ruins because no one removed from the rubble afterwards even despite the smell of this. This is all Terrorist Propaganda, glory to Yeltsin & Putin (and Grachov and Shamanov and the rest of them).

          • You are proposing to intentionally exterminate people who may be innocent just because they happened to be Somalis living there.

            Innocent victims in Yugoslavia, Iraq etc. were never intentionally targeted

            • Voice of Reason


              RV is right: you need to exterminate people while pretending that you are not targeting them and can’t see them. And don’t call them “people”. Call them “collateral damage”.

              This reminds me of a Tom Lehrer song from 45 years ago, as relevant today as it was then:

              Send The Marines

              Fortunately in times of crisis America always has this number one instrument of diplomacy to fall back on. Here’s a song about it.

              When someone makes a move
              Of which we don’t approve,
              Who is it that always intervenes?
              U.N. and O.A.S. —
              They have their place, I guess,
              But first — send the Marines!

              We’ll send them all we’ve got,
              John Wayne and Randolph Scott,
              Remember those exciting fighting scenes?
              To the shores of Tripoli,
              But not too mississippily,
              What do we do? We send the Marines!

              For might makes right,
              And till they’ve seen the light,
              They’ve got to be protected,
              All their rights respected,
              ‘Till somebody we like can be elected

              Members of the corps
              All hate the thought of war,
              They’d rather kill them off by peaceful means!
              Stop calling it “aggression”,
              Ooooh we hate that expression!

              We only want the world to know
              That we support the status quo.
              They love us everywhere we go!
              So when in doubt – send the Marines!

          • @I don’t think there are “a lot of people who have nothing to do with piracy” in Somalia.


            MOGADISHU, Somalia – Fighters from Somalia’s al-Qaida-linked militant group moved into the northern region where Somali pirates operate early Monday, residents said, forcing pirates to flee and raising the specter of an insurgent attempt to close down the piracy trade.


            But as I said this was said by a Russian barbarian. One of those who actually applauded when the Kremlin gangsters even murdered the newborn-child “terrorists” (including a functioning maternity hospital hit by a Tochka tactical missile) and the ethnic-Russian babushka “bandits” in Grozny.

  14. WW2, Stalin, Hitler, Holodomor, Jews… again… and again… and again…. *head explodes*

  15. Orwellian Sochi “history” by Russia:

    It turns out that there never was any decades-long resistance by the mountain tribes, that their villages were never burned down, they were never driven out by force, and General Zass with his trunkloads of Circassian skulls never existed.

  16. Voice of Reason

    R John // May 6, 2010 at 2:21 pm wrote: “ Russian Warship Marshal Shaposhnikov Liberates Russian-Owned Tanker Moscow University from Somalian Pirates. Wow how impressive… they all deserve a medal… what a victory… lets call it the great patriotic Somali pirate war… I’m sure Russia will commemorate this great victory every year on May 6th….Lets plant a giant stature to the Russian heroes in every city and town in Russia. It brings a tear to the eye!!!

    How dare those Russians take pride in rescuing a ship from pirates, when the international law says that only Americans and Westerners can take pride in this!

    US navy commandos free hostage captain in dramatic raid on Somali pirate boat

    US naval commandos dramatically freed the American ship captain held hostage on a lifeboat off Somalia yesterday, killing three pirates and capturing one.

    “I’m just the byline. The real heroes are the Navy, the Seals, those who have brought me home,”

    OK. It was not a real ship. Just a little lifeboat. And there was only one hostage.

    But US Navy seals rock! They liberated one man!! And the Russians liberated only 23 men. Losers!

    Associated Press – Thu May 6 2010

    Russian special forces rappelled onto a disabled oil tanker taken over by Somali pirates, freeing 23 Russian sailors and arresting the pirates during a dawn raid Thursday, the commander of the EU Naval Force said.

    Pirates currently hold more than 300 hostages taken from ships attacked off East Africa in the last several months.

    On Wednesday, a French prosecutor said a French rescuer was responsible for killing the skipper of a sailboat hijacked by Somali pirates during a rescue operation


    And the French are even bigger heroes: they managed to kill one of the hostages, whereas Russians liberated everybody safely.

    And how dare Russians successfully rescue hostages, when the rest of the World can’t liberate more than 300 people currently held as hostages?!

    • Francis Smyth-Beresford

      I’ve been aboard the MARSHAL SHAPOSHNIKOV, she was our host ship when I visited Vladivostok in 1998. Her sister ship, ADMIRAL PANTALYEV was there as well at the time and is now off the Horn of Africa with her. Their technology is a bit dated, but her systems are simple to operate and obviously she’s able to get the job done.

      Of course it was a fine achievement – pay no attention to those who are incapable of acknowledging any deed as worthwhile unless the Stars and Stripes flew over it.

      It’s also nice to see somebody operating in the area whose rules of engagement aren’t so candy-assed that they must release any pirates they capture because they are not permitted to hold them.

      • In this case I must agree.

        The Russian Navy did a fine job of rescuing civilian sailors from pirates.

      • Voice of Reason

        Actually, the Americans are not releasing the captured pirates either. They are going to stand trial.

        • The Russians released the pirates in open sea in a rubber boat without GPS. Eventyally, sharks will be grateful for a tasty breakfast.

          • And the boat disappeared from radar about one hour later.

            Now just imagine the outcry if it was the Americans who did that.

            Including from Putin, who even cried about the “injustices” of the Gitmo vacation resort (no matter the Russian prisoners literally begged to let be there instead of being sent home) and how Russia don’t have anything like that (he didn’t say it’s becuase they have simply murdered every foreign fighter captured):

            “Russia, hopefully, will not have a Guantanamo. The world community is marking five years since this camp was formed, where people are held without trial or investigation. It is a lamentable situation,” Putin told the presidential Council for Assisting Civil Society and Human Rights Institutions.

      • That was the first time when absolutely no ransom has been paid, I heard.

        And their rules aren’t candy-assed for sure. They just left 9 of them pirates in a boat in the sea without guns and navigation equipment. They say in an hour the signal from the pirate boat was lost.

    • @OK. It was not a real ship. Just a little lifeboat. And there was only one hostage. But US Navy seals rock! They liberated one man!! And the Russians liberated only 23 men. Losers!

      There were no hostages at the Russian ship. The crew barricaded themselves in their quarters and were in no contact with the pirates at all (they have never even seen any of them).

      If you think the SEAL action was not dramatic, you have no idea. They actually had their rifles pointed at the hostage, and yet they were killed by snipers and the hostage was rescued unharmed.

      “Only one hostage”, I know it means nothing for the Russians, who have killed hundreds of Russian hostages in their “resuce operations” since 1995 (many time more than the hostage-takers were killed).

      If there were any actual hostages (held at gunpoint and all that), they might well have been all killed, either by pirates or by “Russian commandos” (gassed to death, shot down, blown up, burned alive, there are just so many ways in which the spetsnaz may kill the Russian hostages to earn their medals and promotions).

  17. Looks like the US Congress may be about to do something they should have done a while ago:

    U.S. Congressman Plans Legislation In Russian Prison-Death Case

    WASHINGTON — A U.S. congressman has pledged to introduce legislation that would revoke the U.S. visas of some 60 Russians connected to the death of anti-corruption lawyer Sergei Magnitsky in a Moscow prison.

    Representative Jim McGovern (Democrat, Massachusetts) made the vow today at a hearing of the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission, which he co-chairs.

    “I think people who are involved in serious human rights violations — at a minimum –should not be allowed to travel to the United States, and other countries should do the same thing. And we should be figuring out a way to make sure that their assets are frozen,” he said.

    “People who commit murder, and I think that’s what happened in that case (eds: the Magnitsky case), should not have the right to travel here and invest in business here and make money here and there should be a consequence. If we can’t get the consequence to happen in Russia, well then maybe there’s something we can do here [and] maybe other nations can do the same thing,” McGovern said.

    Magnitsky’s death in Moscow’s infamous Butyrka prison on November 16, 2009 sent shockwaves throughout Russia and reached the top ranks of government.

    Russian President Dmitry Medvedev dismissed 20 prison officials and ordered an inquiry in the case but no charges have been brought to date.


    U.S. action, he said, could also help send a message to criminals that the Russian government refuses to send. “Sergei Magnitsky is one individual case. But it is one high-profile case where there are thousands and thousands of other cases just like it,” Browder said.

    He added, “The people who do these bad things will continue doing them unless there is some way of challenging them and shining a bright light on them and showing them that there is no impunity.”

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