May 3, 2010 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Russia, into the Totalitarian Mire

(2)  EDITORIAL:  LR Rates the Russia Blogs

(3)  Russia ravages Children, America saves Them

(4)  More on Obama’s Shocking Nuke Fraud

(5)  Awful Russia breaks another Heart

30 responses to “May 3, 2010 — Contents

  1. In Sochi, Putin and Ukrainian PM Azarov discuss breakthrough agreements including the merger of Gazprom and Ukrainian gas transport facility Naftogas –

  2. You’re a scum-sucking LIAR, Eugene. There was NO such discussion, Putin SURPRISED the Ukrainian PM with a bizarre announcement that greatly offended him and that is being dismissed by all observers.

    You’re an ignorant, mendacious ape.

  3. Voice of Reason

    Your is a scum-sucking LIAR, Eugene. Here is what happened:

    Azarov’s spokesman: Kyiv to study Putin’s proposal to merge Naftogaz, Gazprom

    April 30 at 18:23 | Interfax-Ukraine

    Sochi – Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov has said that the idea of merging National JSC Naftogaz Ukrainy and Russian gas giant Gazprom was not discussed during talks with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin’s, the press secretary of the Ukrainian premier Vitaliy Lukyanenko said.

    “The idea of uniting Naftogaz and Gazprom was not discussed. Putin expressed it in an impromptu way. Well, we’ll consider the impromptu and study specific proposals,” Vitaliy Lukyanenko quoted Azarov as saying at a press conference in Sochi on Friday.

    • There is no “specific proposal,” you demented idiot. There was no “discussion” of any “breakthrough.” There was only a diplomatic response to a crazed and offensive surprise.

      You don’t have the brains (or morals) God gave a lemon.

      • Voice of Reason


        What I said was “Your is a scum-sucking LIAR, Eugene. Here is what happened:“. The rest is a quote from the newspaper Kyiv Post. I agree with you that all these newspapers are scum-sucking LIARS.

      • Voice of Reason

        And here are more scum-sucking LIARS:

        Deutsche Welle:,,5526976,00.html

        Vladimir Putin has proposed merging Russia’s gas giant Gazprom with Ukraine’s state-run Naftogaz. It’s the latest sign of increasingly friendly relations between Russia and Ukraine.

        Putin’s plan to merge the gas companies seemed to take many off guard, including Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov. He said Putin’s remarks were “impromptu” and had not been previously discussed. But, he added through a spokesman, Ukraine would begin assessing concrete proposals.

        Western European countries are likely to keep a close eye on this deal as it develops. Around 20 percent of Europe’s natural gas is delivered from Russia through Ukraine.

        Sydney Morning Herald:

        “The idea of a merger between Ukraine’s Naftogaz and Gazprom was not discussed during the negotiations with the Russian side,” Azarov’s spokesman, Vitaly Lukyanenko, told the Interfax news agency.

        “Vladimir Putin voiced it in an impromptu fashion,” he added. “What can we do… we will launch an impromptu review and assess the concrete proposal.”

        • “Ukraine would begin assessing concrete proposals”

          Translation: This guy’s a psycho who cares nothing for basic respect of diplomatic protocol, but we are too civilized to say so publicly.

          • Voice of Reason

            Probably. So, why did you call me names?

            • larussophobe

              It’s what we do here, where have you been? You may as well ask Putin why he has people killed, even female journalists. But you’d never do that, would you?

              • Voice of Reason

                Why not? I am asking Putin, why he allows Kadyrov to murder journalists in the middle of Moscow, turning entire Russia into a Chechnya.

                • Come off the grass Voice of Treason, (alias RTR) you asking Putin “why he allows Kadyrov to murder journalists in the middle of Moscow, turning entire Russia into a Chechnya.” Tell us more, as I’m all ears listening and giving you my total undivided attention.

                  Be so good as to tell us all, HOW you did ask Putin? If it’s through the above comments in La Russophobe’s Blog, then “I cannot in my wildest dreams” imagine your hero Putalin reading these words in here. The honest and superb nature of this blog must be repulsive to that murdering “zhulik”.

                  But then on the other hand, if you mailed your above comments to say Pravda and or Russia Today for all Russians to read or hear and they actually printed or announced them? mmmm! well that’s another matter. But I sadly, and again not in my wildest dreams, believe that.

                  Put in simple English, I just don’t believe that you’ll have the decency or honesty to do so.!

                  • Voice of Reason


                    You imbecile ape! Are you saying that La Russophobe blog is too insignificant for Putin and his ilk to read, you retarded baboon?

                  • Voice of Reason influences Russian politics calling on one of the most popular politics radio stations in Russia.

                    Me, I’m voting for Russia.

                    And what have you done for Nyenka, oh “negro-lover”? Lived in, say, Canada and payed taxes?

  4. Voice of Reason

    Bohdan wrote: “Be so good as to tell us all, HOW you did ask Putin?

    I called in to the powerful Echo of Moscow radio network and expressed my anti-Putin views for all of Russia to hear, on more than one occasion.

    And what have you done to get Putin to listen to your brilliant analysis?

  5. Voice of Reason

    f you mailed your above comments to say Pravda and or Russia Today for all Russians to read

    Bohdan, you genius. “All of Russia” doesn’t read or watch Pravda and Russia Today.

    Gazeta Pravda is a small opposition newspaper, operated by the Communist Party which received only 11.6% of the vote in the last parliamentary elections. Russia Today is not even in Russian. It is a satellite TV channel in English.

  6. Francis Smyth-Beresford

    The most recent editorial is a wonderful example of a highly underrated and poorly understood information source – women’s intuition. Notice that in the original article by Ioffe (this is the second post that refers to it, so it must be a slow news cycle), she refers to the offenders as “singing, rowdy youths”. I can see why that would inspire discomfort, as youths are not rowdy anywhere other than Russia.

    But, even though it’s not mentioned, and Ioffe is thousands of miles away, LR intuits that the youths are skinheads. The video doesn’t show any skinheads, but she just somehow knows. Spooky, I know.

    And now, although the words to their chant were clearly spelt out in Ioffe’s post, these “skinheads” are “calling for widespread race murder”. They didn’t actually say anything of the kind according to Ioffe’s article, so they must have been thinking it, or Ioffe must have transmitted the extra info via brainwaves.

    Stories are so much more exciting when you just make stuff up.

  7. Deadly blast overshadows Russia’s May Day events

    “During a horse race… on the occasion of the celebrations an explosion went off in the VIP lodge of a magnitude equivalent of 3-4 kilograms of TNT,” the spokeswoman, Tatiana Nauzhokova, said.

    “One man has died in hospital from his injuries,” she said.

    Russian news agencies said the victim who died in hospital, Saidly Shibzukhov, was a 94-year-old veteran of World War II, known in Russia as the Great Patriotic War.

    A list of 23 people wounded in the blast including Shibzukhov, whose date of birth is listed in 1916, was released on the emergency services’ website.

    The attack came as tens of thousands of diehard Communists, mostly pensioners with red flags and pictures of wartime leader Joseph Stalin, led May Day marches Saturday in a throw-back to Soviet-era parades across the ex-USSR.

  8. Daily Times: Russia tops list of ‘non-smiling’ nations

  9. Voice of Reason


    How can LES not “go Bohdan”, if he IS Bohdan. I kid you not. Here is proof:

    THEOREM1: Bohdan = Georg

    Proof: Recall the Polish and Ukrainian term for Russians (Moscovites): “Moskals, Moskali”? Well, both Georg/George and Bohdan spell it as “Mascal/Mascali”, thinking that by changing the “o” to “a”, they somehow make it sound more insulting:

    Bohdan // April 19, 2010 at 12:58 am
    Those two Mascali

    Georg // March 21, 2010 at 4:12 pm
    There is no way to accommodate Mascali

    Georg // March 29, 2010 at 4:18 pm | Mascali are very suspicious

    George // June 30, 2009 at 7:40 pm
    foul tempered mascali and their cohorts.


    Now, let us find Bohdan/Georg’s other aliases. I googled for his words “Roosha” and “Rasha”, and got the following

    George = Georg = LES = voroBey = elmer

    George // October 9, 2009
    “Roosiyski Fed-a- Rat Nation”, “Roosha”

    elmer // August 31, 2008
    “roosha”, “Roosha”

    LES // May 13, 2009

    Georg // February 6, 2010

    Georg // December 7, 2009

    George // May 11, 2009

    elmer // February 24, 2009

    voroBey // October 20, 2009

    Also, Bohdan = elmer:

    Bohdan // March 17, 2010
    And your “glorious Russian army” ha, ha, ha,

    elmer // June 30, 2008 at 2:49 am
    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

    And Bohdan/George/Georg/LES/voroBey/elmer even talks to himself:

    Georg wrote:
    [Elmer, thank you for so eloquently making these points… you are an
    inspiration… Keep up the good work.]

    • Yes, looks like Bohdan and LES are brothers, or pupils in the same school, or close friends. Or a father and a son, or lovers – very close anyway.

      And, perhaps, one person.

      The way they write pretty much shows that, thanks for this discourse analysis session, dude:)

  10. Keep up your blatant lying ruSSia’s Today Retard. You are so full of sh*t that it’s just unbelievable.

    Not only must Dr J Goebbels be turning over in his grave for not having such a lying propagandist on his team, but so must your beloved Lavrenty Beria. Wow man would you have been, as you are now, good at writing up those false self incriminating confessions for those innocent “enemies 0f the state (i.e. USSR”).

    In your stupidity you brain dead maggot, you also forgot to add at least a smidgen of truth by adding real lying idiots like VoR (alias No.2) and RTR(alias No. 1), Dimwit Dimitry, Ouch and FSB, to your fairy tale made up fable. To you 2+2 equals anything BUT the real answer of 4.

    What now brainless baboon? next you’ll be telling us that your idol’s Stalin and Hitler were the one and same person!

    And once again (i.e. ad nauseam) I am not a lying propagandist like you, who uses different alias’s to hide behind, as common criminal do. I use my real Christian name, AND ONLY my real Christian name – got that right you brainless baboon!

    • Still don’t go so Bohdan over it, Bohdan.

    • BTW your “sh*t” among all those “retards”, “Goebbelses”, “stupidities”, “maggots”, “lying idiots”, etc. sounds so coquetish!:D

      • Dimwit Dimitry, if you quote me as you are trying to, literary etiquette requires that you do so verbatim and not by changing the English words to suit your narrow Soviet pea brain mentality.

        Besides what’s wrong in me calling your ‘blood brother’ by the names he has so diligently earned. I’m not the only one that does it. Dah got that you simpleton.

        Admit it chum in this case the truth definitely hurts.

        If you want me to show you any respect or that dimwit pal of yours , you’re going to have to earn it. But can pigs fly? well you’ve got your answer.

        I notice that like the true RuSSian fascist, that you are, you mention “Goebbelses” (plural) a name that I did not use! for your information I used the correct English spelling of “Goebbels” (singular); neither did I use “stupidities” (again you twisted it to plural) instead I used “stupidity” (singular) – but then what’s new it’s simply lying you.

        Besides what’s wrong in using this Nazi’s name, when his beloved master A. Hitler only murdered in the millions. While your beloved J. Stalin, – who murdered in the TENS of millions! earning himself the title of “greatest mass murderer in history” – or for that matter your other idol V. Putin, who also happens to idolize J.S.

        Another thing I noticed about you is that you do not answer questions point by point but pick out the little trivial things what suits your Soviet mentality i.e. mole hills before you attempt to twist them into the Himalaya Mountains.

        Face the music Dimwit Dimitry, you are no better than you buddy ReTaRd, alias VoR. What’s that saying ” birds of a feather flock together” or better still “show me your friends and so shall I judge you!”

        Boy I envy you? having a buddy like ReTaRd, also alias Voice of Treason. I’m green with envy! now I ask, do you believe me? LOL

        My final word, albeit be it a question, is? when are you going to say something intelligent or constructive that will add value to this blog!!!

  11. You are truly a retard, VOTreason! I am my own person, have only one nick, am a woman and hate you all stupid defenders of neosoviet rasha. Not posting much here because I completely agree with Andrew and Robert and Bohdan and likewise. Have nothing to add and have no desire to discuss anything with the dimwits like Dmitriy and the rest of them. Idiots!

    • Voice of Reason

      Well, first of all, the Ukrainian word “vorobey” is masculine.

      Second, you may agree with Andrew and Robert, but Bohdan’s posts are insane rants.

      Third, if you are not Georg/LES/Bohdan, why would you use the same idiotic nick that Georg invented for Russia: “Rasha”?

      • No, he could be another person or not. That doesn’t matter really.

        You do not have to know a man is the village idiot to understand he’s saying stupid things.

        So let’s stop the clown hunt.

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