Yes, Ban those Russians!

Reuters reports:

A Senator on Monday asked Washington to cancel U.S. visa privileges for 60 Russian officials and others over the death in jail last year of a lawyer for what was once Russia’s top equity fund, Hermitage.

Senator Benjamin Cardin, a Maryland Democrat who chairs the human rights monitoring U.S. Helsinki Commission, asked Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to scrap visa privileges for those accused of ties to the death of Sergei Magnitsky.

Human rights activists have said Russian authorities subjected Magnitsky to conditions amounting to torture in a failed bid to force him to testify in their favor in a battle with Hermitage over tax fraud allegations.

“While there are many aspects of this case which are impossible to pursue here in the United States, one step we can take, however, is to deny the individuals involved in this crime and their immediate family members the privilege of visiting our country,” Cardin said in a letter to Clinton made public on Monday.

“The United States has a clear policy of denying entry to individuals involved in corruption, and it is imperative that the U.S. Department of State act promptly on this matter.”

State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said the department had received Cardin’s letter on Friday and was reviewing his recommendations.

The Commission, an independent U.S. government agency set up in 1976 to monitor compliance with the Helsinki Accords, said Magnitsky’s colleagues and his attorneys had submitted a list of individuals they allege were involved in the case.

It includes senior officials from the Russian Interior Ministry, its Federal Security Service, Federal Tax Service, as well as officials from the courts, prosecutor’s office and prison service.

Magnitsky’s death in November 2009 spooked investors and set up a new test for President Dmitry Medvedev’s promise to reform Russia’s corruption-tainted justice system.

In October 2008, Magnitsky implicated two Interior Ministry officers in an alleged $230 million fraud involving the illegal seizure of Hermitage’s Russian investment holding companies to set up fake tax refunds.

Magnitsky was arrested weeks later and accused of involvement in alleged tax fraud by Hermitage. The arrest was carried out by three subordinates of Artyom Kuznetsov, one of the officers Magnitsky had implicated.

The rights activists said Magnitsky was subjected to “systematic torture” and denied medical help in jail in hopes of prompting him to withdraw his testimony and to implicate himself and Bill Browder, the CEO of Hermitage Capital Management.

Prosecutors said Magnitsky’s death in a Moscow prison was due to heart failure.

Medvedev nevertheless fired several prison officials after Magnitsky’s death and later signed a law stipulating that tax evasion suspects should not be jailed.

Hermitage was once the largest portfolio investor in Russia, but Browder fell out with the authorities. He was refused entry to Russia in 2005 on national security grounds, and Hermitage disposed of its Russian holdings.

19 responses to “Yes, Ban those Russians!

  1. Speaking of “banning those Russians”, Mr RTR is back as Voice of Reason.

    • You can’t keep a bad man down!

    • Voice of Reason


      When the Nazis occupied your town, how many Jews have you (or your parents) been able to find and turn in to the authorities? How much money, on average, do you get per person that you squeal on?

      • Voice of RTR,

        Do you now think Germany ever occupied Turkey which you think is my country? Also WWII was 70 years ago and my unborn-yet parents turned in all the Jews for their Jewish gold they then gave to CIA. And now I get one used Hero of Russia medal from Isa Yamadayev’s garage sale per every ReTaRd I squeal on, it’s also gold but the best thing about them is their sentimental value.

        • Voice of Reason


          Try not to take everything literally. I didn’t seriously say that you snitched on Jews. If you are a Turk, then your snitching may have indeed been against Armenians or Kurds, not Jews. Or maybe, if you are from the Soviet Union, you were a KGB “stukach” snitching on dissidents.

          My point is that you, snitches and stukachi, are the most despicable and despised creatures on Earth.

          • And if I’m not a Turk? Btw the Kurds killed lots of Armenians. Armenians and Russians also killed lots of Kurds (among the other Muslims).

            Wow, so you think are a dissident now and I’m a KGB. Let me think about it for a while before I have you sent to a mental hospital where you actually should be. No, not really a psyhooshka, just a regular asylum. Also Putin’s real “KGB spymaster” job, after aiding the Stasi in running the “German-Soviet friendship house”, was spying on the Soviet students in the role of “assistant to the rector” of Leningrad university, as one of actual “snitches and stukachi, are the most despicable and despised creatures on Earth”. I guess rasPutin is ceasing to be your idol right now, eh ReTaRd?

            • Voice of Reason

              And if I’m not a Turk? Btw the Kurds killed lots of Armenians. Armenians and Russians also killed lots of Kurds (among the other Muslims).

              Do you know what Turks, Kurds, Armenians, Jews, Germans, Americans, Russians and even Tongans have in common? They hate and despise snitches like you.

              You are impotent little bug, Robert, who is so scared that his lies are getting exposed, that he wants to silence your opponents.

              You are running to LR weeping and shouting: “Mommy, mommy, he is expressing his views! Silence him!”

              And you dare complain about the lack of the freedom of speech in modern Russia. The only freedom of speech you want is your own freedom to lie and prevaricate unchallenged.

              • Actually VOR, you do an awful lot of lying.

                • Voice of Reason


                  Give me examples where I lied.

                  And speaking of your numerous lies, do you still insist that your father-in-law was appointed as “the number one graduating engineering student in all of USSR” when he graduated from Moscow University (which doesn’t even have engineering departments)? Or were these lies?

                  • Well, the University does not have engeneering faculty. Engineer is somewhat too narrow a speciality, on our, Russian, taste to be taught in a University with a (too-much) classic education.

                    Engeneers are commonly trained in some 20-30 other universities and colleges in Moscow.

                    But I doubt they would resist making an exclusion and educate Andrew’s father, the USSR engeneer #1, in MGU.


                  • No, as explained at the time, mistranslation from my wife.

                    Moscow Institute of Technology, which I had assumed was a university Engineering faculty, such as the Institute of Engineering, Auckland University.

                    My father in law did however to his year for Engineering, electrical, and production engineering.

                    Try again RTR

                    • MIT? There’s no MIT in Moscow. It’s in Massachissets.

                      Or, perhaps, you mean Stankin? But that’s a University with just somewhat higher than average quality of engineering education, compared to, say, Bauman University.

                      That relates to my time, and when your father got his education that could have been otherwise, I don’t know.

                • Voice of Reason

                  And here is another lie of yours, Andrew: when you solemnly agreed that you and I will no longer launch personal attacks against each other.

                  You lied, Andrew. You just wanted me not to attack you, while you attack me. Shame on you, Andrew.

  2. I really really hope they ban those 60 people and THEIR RELATIVES!

    Can we do something to help with this?

    When the decision will take place? What are the odds here?

    It should have been done several years ago but better later than never!

    • You always can join Taliban and bomb someone. They make decisions daily. I personally think it’s a bad way out.

      Otherwise, most probably you’ll have no chance of influencing any politics.

  3. This is ridiculous…

  4. “The United States has a clear policy of denying entry to individuals involved in corruption, and it is imperative that the U.S. Department of State act promptly on this matter.”

    Bien vrai, La Russophobe?

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