What does she look like to you?

Katerina Barduchian

To Russians, she looks like dinner.

40 responses to “What does she look like to you?

  1. Take a good long gander at both the victim and the perpetrators … all freaks, courtesy of the wonderful Western (American) gift of Satanism, neo-paganism, Wicca, witchcraft, and all that dark-sided nonsense exported from the land of the free.

  2. Timur and Marat G…hmm sounds Tatar to me.

  3. We should cut off their eyelids and stake them out on an anthill.

  4. @dima, you serious? you going to blame it on the Americans? Russia under the Czars and especially during early Soviet Times has had a long disturbing tradition of cannibalism and witchcraft, when your incompetent rulers caused man made famines, and by creating the spiritual condition for paganism to exist b/c your commie cronnies’ war on the Orthodox church.

    • Of course it’s America’s fault. Everything that is wrong in the world is. We are fortunate that this “Dima” did not blame it on American Jews in particular, considering his previous slew of vile anti-Semitic statements.

      But that may be still coming. You know how that would go: American Jews killed the girl to use her blood to make matzo

  5. Don’t feed the neo-Soviet trolls.
    Ban them.

  6. Looks like the notorious American cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer has been re-incarnated.


    Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer (May 21, 1960 – November 28, 1994) was an American serial killer and sex offender. Dahmer murdered 17 men and boys – many of whom were of African or Asian descent – between 1978 and 1991, with the majority of the murders occurring between 1987 and 1991. His murders were particularly gruesome, involving rape, torture, dismemberment, necrophilia and cannibalism. On November 28, 1994, he was beaten to death by a fellow Columbia Correctional Institution inmate.

    • Nah, just another Russian cannibal, like this charming product of your diseased culture:

      Alexander Nikolayevich Spesivtsev (Russian: Александр Николаевич Спесивцев) is a Russian man who was accused of killing up to 80 people and cannibalising some of his victims. He was ruled insane by a court and committed to a psychiatric hospital


      • Thank you, Andrew, for bringing up a couple of cases of cannibalism among a couple of mentally ill people in America and Russia.

        We all have so much to learn about cannibalism from you, given that you come from a country founded on the deep traditions of cannibalism. No, I don’t mean a few cases of cannibalism among insane people. I mean that the entire New Zealand culture founded on cannibalism, like no other culture on Earth:


        As with most lurid tales of native cannibalism, these stories are treated with a great deal of scrutiny, as accusations of cannibalism were often used as justifications for the subjugation or destruction of “savages.” However, there were several well-documented cultures that engaged in regular eating of the dead, such as New Zealand’s Māori. In one infamous 1809 incident, 66 passengers and crew of the ship the Boyd were killed and eaten by Māori on the Whangaroa peninsula, Northland. (See also: Boyd massacre) Cannibalism was already a regular practice in Māori wars.[71] In another instance, on 11 July 1821 warriors from the Ngapuhi tribe killed 2,000 enemies and remained on the battlefield “eating the vanquished until they were driven off by the smell of decaying bodies”.[72]

        Is cannibalism part of your sacred cultural heritage, Andrew? Did your ancestors, Andrew practice cannibalism? When did they stop? When was the last time your ancestors ate human flesh, Andrew? 200 years ago? 250 years ago?

        • Well, the last case of Maori cannibalism was around 130 years ago, and was the eating of the heart of Colonial Officer Gustavius Ferdinand Von Tempski by a Maori war party.

          Besides RTR, the vast overwhelming majority of New Zealand (as opposed to Maori) culture is based upon British culture and civilisation, the statutes of Westminster, rule of law, human rights, racial equality, all those things a Russian fag like yourself would be unfamiliar with.

          The last case of mass cannibalism in Russia was the siege of Leningrad

          Cannibalism is quite common in the pacific, and is still practiced in places like the New Guinea highlands.

          It also seems to be quite common in Russia given the number of cases that keep cropping up.

          PERESTROIKA: Alarmingly, cannibalism is becoming way of life in the former Soviet Union. In the 1996 ten people were charged with killing and eating other people. Police estimate that at least 30 people were eaten that year.

          Newspaper reports across the former Soviet Union speak of cases of vagrants being eaten, or their bodies being cut up and sold to unsuspecting passers-by. “We have information about cases where human flesh is sold in street markets; also when homeless people kill each other and sell the flesh. Every month we find corpses with missing body parts.”

          An apocryphal story — which may or may not be true — relates how two winos fed a buddy human flesh. The man ate with great appetite, but when he learned the true source of the meal, he hanged himself.

          SIBERIA: In 1996 a man in the Siberian coal mining town of Kemerovo was arrested after he admitted killing and cutting up a friend, and using his flesh as the filling for pelmeni, a Russian version of ravioli which, coincidentally, is the favourite dish of the Yeltsin family. The scam was uncovered when rag-pickers scavanging through a garbage dump discovered a severed human head. Soon they discovered that the rest of the body had been minced, put into pelmeny, and sold at cut-price prices in the local market.

          KYARGYZSTAN: Russia’s most industrious cannibal, Nikolai Dzhurmongaliev is believed to have killed up to 100 women, and served many of them to his dinner guests. Nikolai used at least 47 of his victims to make ethnic dishes for his neighbors in the Russian republic of Kyargyzstan. When arrested Nikolai pointed out that two women could provide enough delicate meat to keep him going for a week.

          PRISON: Twice last year convicts in overcrowded prisons killed and ate their cellmates because they claimed they were hungry and wanted to relieve overcrowding. Criminal experts said that most cases of cannibalism in Russia were part of the general rise of serial killings, and because of Russia’s mounting economic and social problems.

          BARNAUL: Offering no other explanation than not wanting to share his cell, Andrei Maslich, 24, strangled his fellow prisoner and then cut out his liver with a shard of broken glass. He put the organ in a mug with water and boiled it up on a makeshift fire made from his bedding. Standing in the defendant’s cage in the court room, Maslich admitted to drinking up his homemade stew. The next mornign, part of the shrunken organ was found in the mug.

          Maslich, a four-time convicted murderer, was initially given his first death penalty last year after he and another inmate strangled, cooked and ate another prisoner. Then they told authorities they were bored and wanted to visit Moscow, where they thought they would be sent for psychiatric examinations.

          KAZAKSTAN: In the Semipalatinsk prison in Kazakhstan, four convicts — who blamed their actions on newspaper articles about instances of cannibalism in prison — decided to eat the very first “new guy” placed in their cell. So when a convict named Volchenkov showed up, they killed him, cut meat from his arms and back, cooked it up, and ate it. Some pieces were fried on a hot plate and some of were boiled in an electric kettle.

          KZYL ORDA: A man guarding a pot field in Kzyl Orda region of Kazakstan confessed to shooting and cannibalising his comrade. The suspect, identified only by the single name Zhusaly, salted the flesh of his buddy and ate it for 10 days. The man — along with three farmers charged with growing the pot — was arrested in a drug raid. The three also have been charged with concealing murder.

          BEREZNIKI: The grim discovery of cannibalism in Perm Oblast unfolded when Citizen K. brought to the police station a package of human flesh. He had bought it on the street. His wife, having studied the piece, discovered skin on it. Specialists say that the taste of “people meat” is a specific one, and has a distinctive smell when it’s cooked. “The taste of a victim,” it is asserted, in full seriousness, at the Main Criminal Investigations Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, “depends on the victim himself: if he drank or smoked a lot, whether he liked sweets or salt…”

          F.A. Boldyshev and his friend N.V. Ostanin, got drunk with a third man, A.P. Vavilin, and killed him. Then they dismembered his corpse and had one of their mother’s cook the choice cuts. After gladly gorging themselves, they packed up the remains and sold them in the street. Vavilin’s head, hands, and feet were thrown into the attic. In custody the lethal trio confessed they did it so to save money on the purchase of normal food.

          THE URALS:Anatoly Dolbyshev, a resident of Berezniki in the Urals region of Perm, was found guilty of stabbing to death a friend of his mother’s in a fight. He was also charged with “swindling and appropriation of property through deceit,” when he cut up his victim’s body and sold pieces of the human flesh to unsuspecting local townsfolk in exchange for vodka. Police arrested Anatoly when one buyer found a strip of human skin in the meat.

          MOSCOW: Citizen Kolpakov from Nizhnyy Novgorod, a lodger of a rooming house, was killed by the son of the woman who owned the apartment. The killer cut a piece of soft tissue from the forearm, fried it in a frying pan, and ate it. A panel of experts found him to be of diminished responsibility.

          MARSHAL TUKHACHEVSKY STREET: Moskovsky Komsomolets, Moscow’s most popular daily, reported a grisly finding on Marshal Tukhachevksy Street. A beggar rummaging for food through the rubbish bins finds a human foot and several other body parts. Police called to the scene found more evidence of murder: four hands, four shoulders and three feet, all female. “It became clear to the detectives that they were dealing with not one, but two murders,” the newspaper reported.

          CHUVASH AUTONOMOUS REPUBLIC: On July 3, 1997, the supreme court of Russia’s Chuvash Autonomous Republic sentenced Vladimir Nikolayev, 38, to death for killing and cannibalizing two people in the town of Novocheboksary.

          Nikolayev, denounced as a particularly dangerous criminal ten years before, was being arrested in his apartment in the winter of 1996 when police found a pan of roasted human meat on the stove and another cannibal dish in the oven. In the snow on his balcony Nikolayev had more bodies part stored to eat later. Investigators who questioned Nikolayev said he had jokingly asked them to prepare him a dinner using his stock of human meat.

          NOVOKUZNETSK: In a one man crusade to cleanse modern Russia from the permissiveness of democracy, Sasha Spesivtsev, 27, killed at least 19 street children who he saw as the detritus of society. The unemployed black marketeer would lure his homeless victims from the streets and local train stations in the Siberian town of Novokuznetsk to his home where, with the help of his mother, he killed and ate them.

          UDMURTIAN: In a settlement of Novyy, two men — Rasskazov and Bobylev — were charged with killing and eating their drinking partner Alekhin.

          In a stream outside Novokuznetsk, 43 bone fragments were found of six bodies — four boys, one girl, and one man. The criminologists have a theory: A whole family was done away with. But in order to “establish genetic identity,” it was necessary to conduct a special analysis of the bones. And the Internal Affairs Ministry official in charge of the case says, “These preserved bones have lain in my refrigerator for a month already, waiting for the chemicals. Special preparations are very expensive…”

          MANTOROVO: Situated on a tributary of the Volga, Manturovo is a quiet town of 22,000, where two women — Valentina Dolbilina, a 36-year-old mother of a four-year-old boy, and Vitaly Bezrodnov, 28, a factory worker — were accused of killing their drinking partner and then cooking his flesh.

          After a night of heavy drinking, Bezrodnov announced he was hungry and “would like some meat”. After checking out one of their drinking buddies who was dead drunk in the corridor, they decided he was too skinny and packed him off home. Their gluttonous eyes then fell on a fourth member of the party, who was a bit fatter. Propelling him into the tiny kitchen, Bezrodnov asked Dolbilina for something heavy. With Dostoevskian inspiration she fetched an axe, and the victim was hit on the head, beheaded, undressed and then cut up into pieces. As Dolbilina held a tray, some 15 pounds of meat was cut from the thigh and rump, and put in the frying pan.

          Awakened by the unusual smell of cooking meat, her flatmate, Boris Komarov, came into her room and asked to join the feast. Despite the haze of drink, even he noticed something strange. “It was a bit tough,” he said. He was reassured by Bezrodnov, who said they had killed a stray dog for the pot.

          Satisfied by this explanation, Komarov skept eating the leg of man straight from the pan. Little did he realise the full ghastliness of the situation: the dead man was his own brother, Leonid. Even the little boy, Roma, was served a slice of Leonid. The kid later blurted out: “Mummy killed a man and served him up to her friends.”

          ST. PETERSBURG: Local cannibal Ilshat Kuzikov liked to marinate choice cuts with onions in a plastic bag hung outside his window. When the police forced their way into his home, they found Pepsi bottles full of blood and dried ears hanging on the wall – his winter supplies. He offered the officers some meat and vodka if they would let him go.

          On March 19, 1997, Kuzikov was found guilty of killing three of his vodka drinking buddies and eating their internal organs, and was sent to a maximum-security psychiatric hospital. The confessed cannibal said he killed his first victim in 1992 after inviting him to his flat for a nightcap. Ilshat, 37, said he became a cannibal because he couldn’t buy enough to eat on his $20 monthly pension. After sating his appetite Kuzikov dismembered his friends and put them in a garbage dump.

          STALINISM: Russians have known cannibalism caused by genuine hunger. Due to the brutality of the Soviet Government there have been famines the like of which has not been seen in the West since the 19th century. In 1921 about five million people died in the Volga and Urals region, while the Ukraine was devastated in 1931 during Stalin’s collectivisation of the farms. To survive the 444-day siege of Leningrad by the Germans, the defenders ate corpses.

          ROSTOV: The grandfather of Russian-style cannibalism Andrei Chikatilo, believed that his brother had been murdered and his body parts sold during the Ukrainian famine of 1931. In a grim reminder of Andrei’s rampage, in January, 1997, Vladimir Mukhankin, 36, pleaded guilty to murdering eight women in Rostov-a-Don.


          A woman from Russia’s Siberian region of Irkutsk has been arrested for killing a friend and then eating part of the corpse, Interfax news agency reported, quoting local investigators.
          The incident occurred on March 5 when the two women were drinking together at the suspect’s home and an argument broke out between them.

          “Investigators have information to suggest the woman cooked pieces of her murdered friend and ate them,” said an official with the Russian prosecutor’s investigative committee, Vladimir Salovarov.

          He added that the perpetrator killed her friend with an axe and that uneaten parts of the victim’s body had been found in a nearby waste bin.

          The detained woman had confessed her guilt, Salovarov said.

          In a separate case, prosecutors in Russia’s Udmurtiya region said last week they were searching for a man suspected of cannibalism after the mutilated body of a woman was found in the town of Izhevsk, according to the prosecutor’s website.


          Russian Cannibal Olesya Mostovschikova Arrested For Axing And Eating Her Friend

          Olesya Mostovschikova, 27-year-old Russian woman, has been arrested after killing, cooking and eating her friend – in front of her seven-year-old – after she and her friend had gotten into an argument. Oh. Ok. Makes sense.

          The crime was discovered after neighbors reported seeing a pair of human legs thrown out in the garbage.

          Mostovschikova says she had some help moving and preparing the body from a woman she named only as “Julia.” Recalls Mostovschikova:

          I took the axe and hit her a number of times on her head.

          Then I cut off her ears, gauged out one eye, cut off an arm, and a hand. I took the hand, arm and eye and cooked these body parts in the oven.

          Some time later, I went down to the cellar again because Julia said that she was hungry and wanted to eat some more.

          We sliced off some more meat and took it upstairs to the kitchen. We fried it on the cooker and ate it.

          Julia told officers she asked to eat the meat because she was afraid Mostovschikova would do the same to her. Again, all this was done in front of Mostovschikova’s seven-year-old son. The boy has since been taken to a rehabilitation center.

          If convicted, Mostovschikova will face 15 years in prison. Yes. 15. So if you’re wandering around Irkutsk, Russia in 15 years’ time, do your best not to look plump and succulent should you happen to piss off some axe-wielding woman with a penchant for fava beans and/or Chianti.


          Russian Woman, Sons Accused of Cannibalism

          ROSTOV-ON-DON, Russia (AP) – A woman and her two teenage sons have been accused of strangling a man and eating his innards, police in southern Russia said Thursday.

          The woman and her sons were arrested this week on murder charges in the Rostov region town of Krasny Sulin, about 575 miles south of Moscow, regional police spokesman Alexei Polyansky said.

          Police believe they strangled a local man during an argument and ate his internal organs, he said.

          Polyansky said the suspects were being questioned and would be sent to a psychiatric clinic to undergo tests. The woman is in her late 30s and her sons were born in 1986 and 1989, he said.

          According to Polyansky, there has been no cannibalism cases in the Rostov region in more than 10 years.


          Cannibalism Legal In Russia

          Two young Russian brothers, ages 16 and 19, reportedly murdered a friend of theirs and, along with their mother, fried up the liver and heart, and ate them.
          One wonders if they enjoyed a nice chianti with their dinner.
          I wish I could say this was a joke or label it satire, but apparently it’s quite real. What’s more is that though the boys have been arrested for murder, the mother has not — because there is no law against cannibalism on the books in Russia. I suppose someone assumed (incorrectly) that they didn’t have to make the stricture against chewing on ones’ neighbors official.
          So rather than being charged with conspiracy or anything at all, the mother is being treated as a witness, according to the the Moscow Times.
          “Unfortunately, there is nothing in the criminal code that addresses cannibalism, and she didn’t take part in the murder,” [deputy prosecutor] Yudin said. “She is now considered strictly a witness in the case.”
          Apparently, the murder occurred on November 3, 2005, after the two brothers and their friend got drunk and argued over a stolen stereo. Sergei and Igor Zimbovich strangled the victim, 26 year old Mikhail Sheremet with a scarf and set out to dismember the body. Because, y’know, it’s a lot easier to dispose of chunks of your pals rather than the entire set.
          Dear old mom walked in on the scene, and instead of keeling over from a heart attack, screeching, calling the police, or even grounding her sons, she instead reportedly suggested that they throw down on the deceased innards.
          What a lovely picture of domesticity! Mom and sons, laughing and chatting over a meal with their dinner guest. Or rather, a meal of their dinner guest.
          What I find most surprising is that the Rostov region of Russia actually has, according to the same story in the Moscow Times, a famous cannibal (Andrei Chikatilo, who raped, murdered, and munched on 52 victims between 1978 and 1991… 52!), and yet there is no law against cannibalism. Apparently, there’s not yet been a case in which the eater did not do the actual killing.
          You gotta wonder if the locals aren’t gonna maybe start up a petition or something after this one blows over. Either that, or I’d watch my back if the price of groceries goes up.


          • Andrew
            You’re more careful with his enthusiasm maniacs. You have not glued printouts of their exploits on the wall?

            • No “new sky”, just a simple internet search shows up the disease that is Russia very quickly.

              I suggest you grow up child, and stop interfering in the conversations of your betters.

            • New-sky,

              You are unfair to Andrew. As a Maori man, he is proud of cannibalism, considers it the most important feature of his culture and naturally spends his life collecting stories about cannibalism throughout the world, especially in the countries of Central Asia, for some reason.

              • Now you see RTR, thats the difference between a person from a civilized society (mine) and an uncivilized, barbaric, and backwards society (yours).

                I agree that cannibalism was and is abhorrent, I make no attempt to “pass the buck”, and am grateful to my British ancestors for stopping my Maori ancestors from killing and eating each other.

                However, it must be stressed that the last case was over a century ago, whereas in the barbaric cesspool that is Russia, it happens every few weeks that someone is killed and eaten.

                So, try again RTR, you really are pathetic.

                • Andrew, common ‘every few weeks’ you can’t be serious, if it happened every few weeks the list you posted above would be much longer

          • Andrew,

            Why are you listing examples of cannibalism in places like Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan? Are they in Russia too?

    • Andrew wrote: “Besides RTR, the vast overwhelming majority of New Zealand (as opposed to Maori) culture is based upon British culture and civilisation, the statutes of Westminster, rule of law, human rights, racial equality.

      All these empty principles don’t prevent modern people in the British Commonwealth from viewing fellow human beings as dinner:


      # In February 2004, a 39 year old Briton named Peter Bryan from East London was caught after he killed and ate his friend. He has been arrested for murder before, but was released shortly before this act was committed.[118]

      # In September 2006, Australian television crews from 60 Minutes and Today Tonight attempted to rescue a six-year-old boy whom they believed would be ritually cannibalized by his tribe, the Korowai, from West Papua, Indonesia.[119]

      English newspapers are even full of culinary discussions as to which acts of cannibalism are the best:


      Ten of the best acts of cannibalism

      * The Guardian, Saturday 18 October 2008

      • Your position is a very odd one. You seem to suggest that it’s just fine if Russians eat each other, since people from other countries do the same. In other words, you don’t mind if Russia destroys itself, so long as other countries do the same.

        A person who actually liked Russia would want it to reform, rather than rationalizing its disastrous failure. But you seem to hate Russia greatly, and want to see it collapse, as it has done many times in the recent past. May we ask why? What did Russia ever do to you to make you hate it that much?

        Oh and, by the way, Russian life expectancy isn’t similar to the West. Russia does not rank in the top 130 nations of the world. Sorry to bother you with pesky things like facts, we know they annoy you greatly.

        • You seem to suggest that it’s just fine if Russians eat each other, since people from other countries do the same.

          You seem to suggest that it’s just fine if your fellow Americans eat each other, since people in far-away Russia do the same.

          • No, we don’t, you lying piece illiterate filth. But this blog is about Russia, so that’s what we talk about. Sorry if you find that hard to understand. If you’d like to discuss America’s faults there are PLENTY of blogs for doing so. You could start with the Daily Kos. Then try to find its counterpart in Russian, and understand why Russia is such a confused and repulsive mess.

            By the way, your illiteracy obviously prevents you from knowing that Americans asked MANY hard questions about what was wrong with America when the Dahmer killings were revealed. America CONSTANTLY reforms and confronts its failures, that’s why America’s GDP is FIFTEEN TIMES larger than Russia’s and the population is TWICE as big.

            Your ignorance and mendacity are truly neo-Soviet, and pathetic. You’re no match for us, and your frustration at that fact is evident.

            This is your second warning about your childish, bad faith remarks. You won’t get a third. Adjust your attitude or we will adjust it for you.

      • RTR, you are a certified retard, you give an example of “British Commonwealth” cannibalism as # In September 2006, Australian television crews from 60 Minutes and Today Tonight attempted to rescue a six-year-old boy whom they believed would be ritually cannibalized by his tribe, the Korowai, from West Papua, Indonesia.[119]

        Sorry moron, but West Papua is, as the article states (if you were clever enough to read it) part of Indonesia, which as anyone with even half a brain can tell you was never part of the British Empire or Commonwealth, but was in fact part of the Dutch East Indies.

        The simple fact of the matter is that murder for the purpose of cannibalism is very uncommon in civilised western democratic nations, where it is looked on as an aberration, but extremely common in backward, amoral, undemocratic sewers like Russia.

  7. How upsetting that this young women was murdered and then eaten by those two raving lunatics, unfortunately Russia has suspended the death sentence, shame…these two deserve a bullet in the brain.

  8. “To Russians, she looks like dinner”.
    Author title probably not sleep last night – think how that phrase up. Chose the most primitive method for brainwashing.

  9. Author title probably not sleep last night – think how that phrase up.

    Is this an attempt of sarcasm? Doesn’t look like it. More like a clinical case of projection.

    • So, Felix, you consider it normal for a person over 5 years in age to title her article about a Russian prosecution of a cannibal psychopath with “What does she look like to you? To Russians, she looks like dinner”? What is your mental age, Felix? Five? Four?

    • BTW, Felix, since you and your parents are Russian, does she indeed look like dinner to you and your family? Is that why you find nothing infantile in this blog entry?

      • Now RTR, just because you can’t accept the fact that Maori have entered civilisation by rejecting stone age practices like cannibalism, which are still embraced to this day by backward, sick and repulsive cultures like that of Russia, does not mean you can insult your betters.

      • I thought Felix was an American; his English is practically impeccable, so I am confused. What makes him a Russian? Why are you saying it?

        • Felix is Baltic Jewish I believe.

        • Felix grew up, finished college and worked in the Soviet Union, and came here as an immigrant. See his resume.

          • Does not make him “Russian” however.

            No more than it makes a Ukrainian, a Georgian, or an Azeri “Russian”

            He is a Latvian.

            You really are a cretin RTR.

          • We consider immigrants being full fledged Americans, exactly the same as those native born, except for a couple immaterial details. I guess this concept is hard for you to grasp.

            I remember he was born in the USSR, but why do you call him “Russian?” Clearly, not everybody there was Russian

            • I call him Russian because his native language is Russian and his native culture was Russian. However, he is Jewish by ethnicity.

              Look, what are we talking about here? The trial of an alleged psychopath criminal who ate human flesh. The author here believes that this proves that to Russians, other humans “look like dinner”. Felix agrees. So, I want to know if his agreement comes from his own experience. Do Felix and his own Russian friends and relatives indeed eat other humans for dinner?

              • First, you don’t know what his native language or culture is. If he is Jewish, could it be Yiddish or Hebrew? And if he is from Latvia, could it be Latvian?

                And second, what does it mean “Jewish ethnicity?” It makes no sense to me. I always thought that “Jewish” indicates religion.

                • No, his native language and culture are Russian.

                  We are talking ethnicity, not religion here. In the case, of “Russian Jews”, “Jewish ethnicity” means that their grand- or greatgrand- parents were part of the Yiddish-speaking community of the Jewish religion. but few modern Russian Jews speak Yiddish, and not too many are devoutly religious. We are what is called “Ashkenazi Jews”:


                  Ashkenazi Jews are the Jews descended from the medieval Jewish communities along the Rhine in Germany from Alsace in the south to the Rhineland in the north. Ashkenaz is the medieval Hebrew name for this region and thus for Germany. Later, Jews from Western and Central Europe came to be called “Ashkenaz” because the main centers of Jewish learning were located in Germany.

                  Many Ashkenazi Jews later migrated, largely eastward, forming communities in non German-speaking areas, including Hungary, Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe, and elsewhere between the 11th and 19th centuries. With them, they took and diversified Yiddish, a basically Germanic language with Hebrew influence. It had developed in medieval times as the lingua franca among Ashkenazi Jews.

                  Today they make up approximately 80 percent of Jews worldwide.[5] Most Jewish communities with extended histories in Europe are Ashkenazim, with the exception of those associated with the Mediterranean region… In the United States, most of the 5.3 million American Jewish population[6] is Ashkenazi, representing the world’s single largest concentration of Ashkenazim.

  10. Geez, even modern Russian cannibal killers than the Soviet Russian ones. Remember Chikatilo? Damn, he was super creepy.

    And then look at these two clowns here and try to not laugh at them.

    Just like Putin is a kind of a lame Stalin. The young Stalin organized and led a string of murderous gang robberies.

    The “young” Putin allegedly waved a pistol in front of a crowd of unarmed East Germans.

  11. Look, let’s put it like this: the vast majority of ordinary Russians, whatever their other sins, will no doubt regard this sort of thing with the abhorrence it deserves. However, the proportion of vile maniacs who indulge it will be small, it is much larger than in other countries – where one rarely hears of it more than once in a decade – and, which is more worrying, seems much more closely connected with the underground of professional criminals. If you look at the list of cannibals provided by another commenter, you will see that it includes black market traders, hired killers and other people known to the police. That is anomalous: not even the Mexican and Albanian mafias, who are generally regarded as the most ferocious, have ever been accused of that sort of thing. It is as if to say that Russian criminals are more criminal, more destructive and villainous, with even less surviving scruples, than those of any other country.

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