EDITORIAL: Are Russians the most Corrupt People on this Earth?


Are Russians the most Corrupt People on this Earth?

We think so. We can’t see how any intelligent person could believe otherwise, not after reading yet another of Streetwise Professor’s brilliant posts about the topic, citing one of the most truly stunning incidents of official corruption we’ve ever read about in regard to any country.

SWP shocks readers by revealing that American computer maker Hewlett Packard has been caught paying gigantic sums to bribe the Russian government to buy their computers.  But it wasn’t just any department of the state regime that was collecting the cash — it was the Prosecutor General.

That’s right, the Prosecutor General.  The leading governmental agency charged with battling corruption was not only failing to battle it but was contributing to the expansion of corruption by accepting bribes itself, and not just any bribes, but bribes to purchase foreign-made computers rather than Russian ones.

Shocking as that revelation was, it’s nothing compared to the even more horrifying reality lurking beneath the surface.

That’s because the Prosecutor General doesn’t limit itself to collecting bribes from potential contractors.  To the contrary, the office is for sale in regard to its stock and trade as well, thinking nothing of releasing guilty criminals (the killers of Anna Politkovskaya or Stanislav Markelov, for instance) or indicting innocent victims (Mikhail Khodorkovsky leaps to mind).

What kind of country is it that would be capable of generating corruption this sweeping, shameless and invidious?  And not only of generating it but then ignoring it, with no serious political or media opposition whatsoever, and continuing stratospheric approval ratings for the national leadership? Indeed, of laughing about it, pointing to themselves as if it were amusing how one could outdo the other in crude, vulgar corruption.

Only a barbaric country, not one long for this world.

9 responses to “EDITORIAL: Are Russians the most Corrupt People on this Earth?

  1. it’s a country that doesn’t care anymore, a country where people no longer believe in justice or that they can affect in any way the top echelons of their leadership and a country where nobody is ever held responsible for their actions.
    Kickbacks are a routine practice in Russia and the funny thing is they’re not limited to state organisations, oftentimes you have to offer kickbacks if you want to win a contract with a private company, it’s sort of like a discount only you pay it to specific employees of the company that agrees to buy from you. In sales people are paid commissions but in purchasing the base salaries are often also laughably low, with the mutual understanding between management and the procurement people that the latter can always arrange for kickbacks for themselves whenever they negotiate contracts with suppliers. It’s almost become a standard practice in Russia. Somehow few people are bothered by the fact that quite often poor quality overpriced products and services are purchased as a result.
    There’s an old saying that when God wants to punish you, he makes you stupid. And again N.V. Gogol comes to mind who once wrote Russia has two problems that keep holding it back; bad roads and morons. Today bad roads get mentioned a lot in the news but somehow everyone is preferring to keep quiet about the second problem, i.e. morons and imho it’s much more serious than bad roads, bad roads can be fixed, but when a person’s born a moron it’s for life. And morons don’t know what’s good for them either. All they see is an opportunity to make a quick buck/rouble by helping a crappy supplier in exchange for a kickback, it never occurs to them after buying substandard products from this supplier their company may end up going out of business and they’ll end up on their ass on the street with no job, cause that sort of thinking ahead would be like calculus to an ordinary Russian moron.

  2. not after reading yet another of Streetwise Professor’s brilliant posts about the topic,

    Don’t be so modest. When one presses the link that you provide under brilliant posts, one gets three of your own comments. So the brilliance is all yours.

    • You’re a thoroughly nasty liar. The link is to the web page created by SWP. The fact that our comments are on it is ridiculously irrelevant. You’re a goon.

  3. Corruption is at every turn here… From the underpaid teachers demanding a class pay 50 rubles each to pass an exam, the local driving school, the traffic cops, the hospitals with no toilet paper, bed sheets or bandages, all the way to the orphanages where 12-16 year old girls go missing every now and then…”running away” of course…in the back of a black, S class Mercedes.

    • Actually, regarding driving schools, yes there are still people here who pay to attend them, but they’re the ones that lack confidence in themselves, and actually want to learn a thing or two about driving before getting out on the road on their own. A lot of people simply buy driving licenses, and the funny thing is that it’s often cheaper to simply buy a license than first go to a driving school and still have to pay to get a license afterwards.

      • So, little moron driving on a bad road, you simply bought your license, right?

        • Wrong, I don’t even have a driving license actually, what’s the point, where I live it’s easier to get around on foot or by public transport, plus I’m secure in the knowledge that should I need a driving license I can always buy one. And what with the bad roads, driving here can be torture rather than pleasure, it’s kind of sad the way people here buy new foreign made cars only to have the suspension go FUBAR on them within a year.

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