August 19, 2010 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  What happened in the skies above Smolensk

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Are Russians the most corrupt on Earth?

(3)  EDITORIAL: Chuvashov and his Rotten Country

(4)  Why Putin Must Go

(5)  Russia, beaten in Chechnya

18 responses to “August 19, 2010 — Contents

    From NRO

    Unfortunately for the Kremlin, yet another event last week may doom all of these carefully laid plans. A press release by the American oil and gas exploration company Wood Mackenzie announced the discovery of huge quantities of shale gas in Northern Poland and its imminent exploitation by American companies holding 44 licenses to do that. For Poland, which currently imports three-quarters of the natural gas it needs from Russia, the 47 trillion cubic feet of gas discovered would suffice for 200 years of present consumption. The discovery further boosts proven E.U. gas resources by almost 50 percent and will almost certainly transform Poland into a major exporter to those neighboring countries that have also been at the receiving end of Russian energy blackmail.

    • This is great news for Russia, Germany and Netherlands.

      Poland has been the leading nation that opposes the joint Russian-German-Dutch gas pipeline under the Baltic Sea. Polish leaders call this pipeline “the new Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact”. Their argument is that if this pipeline were built, it would connect Russia directly with West Europe, leaving Poland without any Russian gas.

      But since Poland now has more than enough gas of its own, it has no reason to oppose the new direct pipeline. Баба с возу – кобыле легче.

      Great news for everybody!

      • If you think reduced demand for Russian energy is good for Russia, you must have taken your diploma from a Russian school, a/k/a Crackerjack box.

        Dude, you are mental!

        • The World market for oil and gas is a fairly free and global market. If Poland doesn’t need any Russian gas – Germany or other West European countries will be glad to pick up the slack. If Western Europe discovers so much shale gas that it will stop importing gas altogether – Russia will find a way to send its gas to Japan, China and/or S. Korea.

          The only danger to Russia, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Canada and all other oil/gas exporters is that all this shale gas will make the World oil/gas prices collapse, making oil cheaper than water.

          But such predictions – that oil will soon be cheaper than water – have been being made repeatedly for the last century or two – nuclear energy, cold fusion, wind power, bio-diesel, solar cars, hybrid cars, shale gas, etc – that nobody pays any serious attention to them any more.

      • RTR wrote;
        But since Poland now has more than enough gas of its own, it has no reason to oppose the new direct pipeline. Баба с возу – кобыле легче.

        Great news for everybody

        Comments; – except for ordinary russians – as 80% of russian population doesn’t have gas electricity or running water. They live in pure 18%, any other nation in the world would rebelled but not russians..

      • RTR wrote;
        But since Poland now has more than enough gas of its own, it has no reason to oppose the new direct pipeline. Баба с возу – кобыле легче.

        Great news for everybody

        Comments; – except for ordinary russians – as 80% of russian population doesn’t have gas electricity or running water. They live in pure 18century, any other nation in the world would rebelled but not russians..

    • Sukahira Humamoto

      In addition to shale gas, another realistic alternative is the so-called fart gas, which can be in future a very serious competitor to the Russian natural gas resources. Each Polish citizen or permanent resident should fart at least 2 times a day, consume his/her own gas, and then use it for own supply.

    • actually if the Russian NG barons were smart they should be focusing their efforts on making inroads into China, after all China is where most of the world’s manufacturing facilities are concentrated plus it has over a billion people living there so potentially it can be a much bigger NG consumer than the old mother Europe. Last I heard Gazprom was building a pipeline from Siberia to China, if they manage to secure access to that huge market, Europe will be irrelevant and the Poles will be able to have a field day there.

      • I doubt that very much as China recently built a pipeline from Turkmenistan to China.

        This is China’s way of bypassing Russia and dealing direct with this supplier, as in the past Russia purchased Turkman gas from Turkmenistan and then resold it to China.

        Furthermore, USA is getting involved in this matter as they are pressing this country to supply its gas to EU.

        So much so for Putin’s ‘mother of all ruSSia’s’ and its prospects of reselling their purchased gas worldwide.

        The following is from RFERL,
        “Last updated (GMT/UTC): 14.12.2009 11:53
        By Bruce Pannier
        With one flick of a switch today, Russia’s long-standing dominance and near monopoly over Central Asian natural-gas exports officially came to an end.

        The massive Turkmenistan-China pipeline, which will carry natural gas from eastern Turkmenistan through Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan into China’s northwestern Xinjiang region, went on line today during an inauguration ceremony attended by regional leaders. It marks the first time in more than a decade that a pipeline has been constructed to pump gas out of the region, and the biggest-ever effort to export Central Asian gas without using Russian routes.”

        And finally your comment, “Last I heard Gazprom was building a pipeline from Siberia to China,” is just a lot of ‘bullsh*t’, i.e. propaganda as Russia has;
        a) trouble meeting its domestic market, and
        b) is cutting its purchase of Turkmenistan gas
        during 2010 by a whopping 66.7%.
        Vide; “Gazprom cuts imports of Turkmen gas for 2010‎ – Reuters UK.”

  2. Energy prices will not collapse because there is a base cost of getting the stuff out of the ground and on to markets where it is used.

    The really important thing that has happened is that the Russians and other hopeful monopolists will not be able to unfairly beat up on their customers. The bastard Russians especially will be in a bad way because they are not close to their customers.

    The shale gas technology could not have fell out of the sky at a better time. We now have enough energy to last us until the next asteroid wipes us out.

    • Ron, Russians are not monopolists. Oil and gas is exported by countries from all over the World. As I recall, Russian gas accounts for only 15% of the EU’s gas consumption.

      If EU complains that this 15% constitutes a “monopoly”, I would recommend to Russia just to send all its gas to Japan, S. Korea and China, building a new gas pipeline through Central Asia of needed.

      That way EU will get its dream: to get rid of imports of Russian gas, thus allowing them to buy all their energy at much higher prices from the “democratic” countries of Saudi Arabia and Iran, in the form of oil, which will also let them to enjoy the smell of pollution in the air, because gas doesn’t pollute the air but oil does.

      • Actually gas does pollute, quite a bit actually.

        Natural gas not so clean

        Posted: April 16, 2010, 3:23 PM by Jonathan Ratner

        Advocates of natural gas like to mention that it’s a relatively clean fuel in terms of pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. But that may not be the case after all, according to Robert Howarth, professor of ecology and environmental biology at Cornell University. He believes that the all-in impact of natural gas may turn out to be just as dirty as oil or coal.

        Howarth told MIT’s Technology Review that his calculations factor in not only the amount of carbon dioxide produced by natural gas, but also the impact of natural gas leaks. Methane, the major component of natural gas, is more effective at trapping heat than carbon dioxide so those leaks can have a surprisingly large impact on the environment. In fact, Howarth calculates that using natural gas results in the equivalent of 33 grams of carbon dioxide per megajoule of energy while petroleum fuels emit only 20 grams of carbon dioxide for the same amount of energy.

        Natural gas may not have much advantage over coal—usually thought of as the dirtiest fuel—in terms of overall environmental impact, Howarth says. While he’s still trying to calculate the overall impact of each fuel, he’s becoming increasingly convinced that the gap between coal and natural gas in terms of global warming is far smaller than generally thought.

        At the very least, says Technology Review, Howarth’s work shows the importance of more research before legislation is passed to encourage the use of one fuel over another. But the implications may be more far reaching than that for investors. Howarth is already calling for a moratorium on extracting natural gas from shale because that process requires more energy (and thus more greenhouse gases) than extracting the fuel from conventional sources. On the other hand, his work could buttress the case for renewed interest in coal.

        Freelance business journalist Ian McGugan blogs for the Financial Post

        Really RTR, are you truly so uneducated that you get everything wrong?

        • Andrew, that soviet apologist (read propagandist) RTR is just unbelievable in his stupidity. I sincerely believe that he thinks everyone (except his fellow soviet communist) are stupider then he is. What a joke, albeit a sick one.

          His comment that “Russians are not monopolists” is an outright lie, as the Muscali and Turkmenistan had a falling out over the price that they were willing to pay Turkmenistan for the product and yet as a middleman, charge an overpriced rate for the same product to the rest of Europe.

          “Natural gas may be flowing again from Turkmenistan to Russia, but the two countries’ pricing dispute is not over, analysts are predicting.

          Turkmen gas exports to Russia resumed January 9 after a nearly nine-month hiatus, ”

  3. Andrew:

    This is just BS from the environmental weirdos. They have been caught red handed with their global warming lies and are trying to play catch up.

    You can always tell if pollution is a factor if you have smog. No smog no pollution.

    Obama, who changes his lies hourly, is teaching even the slow learners. Boy are they catching on.

    • I find it interesting that Europe is expected to have many more cold winters ahead due to reduced solar activity.

      Seems we have just finished a 300 year warming cycle in the suns emissions.

      Maybe this will require a severe revision in the “global warming theory”?

      All forms of power generation emit pollution, even the so called “green” tech.

      It’s just how you deal with it.

    • As usually, couldn’t say it better than Yulia Latynina (slightly paraphrasing and translating):

      Global warming to pollution is like dictatorship of proletariat to 8-hour workday.

      Lenin couldn’t care less for 8-hour workday, and IPCC doesn’t care about pollution.

  4. “August 19????

    • It’s a freudian slip. She was reenacting this:

      1991 Soviet coup d’état attempt

      The 1991 Soviet coup d’état attempt (August 19–21, 1991), also known as the August Putsch or August Coup (Russian: Августовский путч, Translit: Avgustovskiy Putch), was an attempt by a group of members of the Soviet Union’s government to take control of the country from Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev.

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