EDITORIAL: The Russian Virus


The Russian Virus

Writing on the Foreign Policy website, American political science professor Sean Goforth describes what he calls “V.I.Rus” — an acronym which stands for “Venezuela, Iran and Russia.”

Goforth reminds us that three years ago Venezuela and Iran entered into a formal anti-American pact and that their illegal and illicit conduct in support of their “axis of unity” was investigated and reported on by the Manhattan District Attorney. Chavez provides refined oil to Iran in order to help it avoid the impact of international sanctions, and helps Iran funnel money around the world in support of international terror.    In return, Iran provides the impoverished Venezuelan regime with mountains of cash.

Then Russia stepped into the picture, willing and able to provide an endless supply of arms and nuclear technology to both rogue states, and to use its veto in the U. N. Security Council to further protect Iran from sanctions.  Goforth says that this tripartite alliance is more dangerous to Western security than the sum of its parts.

But Goforth notes that Russia is still fundamentally weak, because there is absolutely no cultural commonality between the three countries, who are motivated to cooperate solely by their hatred of the United States, and this gives the West a clear opportunity to snuff out Russian aggression by marginalizing Putin’s dictatorship and dividing the VIRUS into segments that cannot rejoin.

There are three flaws in Goforth’s argument, however.  First, he does not fully appreciate the horrific evil that is represented by the malignant leaders that rule the VIRUS countries, evil that is bent on destroying the values of freedom and democracy that have been the bedrock of Western civilization.    Second, he does not realize the fierce urgency of taking decisive action before these evil regimes can further consolidate their power.  And finally, he does not seem to appreciate the extreme danger posed by having a neophyte like Barack Obama charged with leading he West’s response.  Obama’s misguided polices have already shown fairly clearly that the U.S. President is incapable of even recognizing the dangers posed by the VIRUS alliance, much less of formulating an effective policy response.

28 responses to “EDITORIAL: The Russian Virus

  1. BIG DEAL!

    Iran = oil
    Russia = oil
    Venezuella = oil
    = “V.I.Rus”

    When it smells big oil America acts like a shark smelling fresh blood in the water and go insane with all the “experts” on board loaded with all sorts of verbal trash on democracy, humanity and freedom in oil rich countries. It’s no wonder they’ve got a wish to unite to keep the US insatiable activists of “Iranian Freedom”, “Venezuella freedom” and “Russian freedom” at bay. “Iraqi freedom” has been a good example to all of them.

    Hello, Foreign Policy website!
    My best regards to your “science” professor Sean Goforth!
    I have got a question to put to him. – Is there such a deadly thing as SKEBQ Virus. I think its a real deadly virus imposed by the Israeli bankers on the Muslim people too – Saudi, Kuwait, the Emirates, Bahrain and the rest of their democratic company.

    What about the possibility of “Saudi Freedom” if I may ask?
    Do they have any sort of election days in their parts under the US military umbrella all across the Gulf region??? – I would appriciate it very much if you could give a couple of links on elections procedures in Saudi Arabia apart from decapitating…


  2. We definitely will run into a lot of risk & trouble because of Obama.

    What we get back is something much more important. The destruction of the democrats & the left.

  3. Why is Venezuela a “rogue state”? Has anybody in the United Nations ever suggested that the democratically elected government of Venezuela is breaking any international law?

    • Actually, the Columbian representative has claimed that Venezuela backs the FARC, which is a breach of international law, just like Russian backing for terrorists and separatists is a breach of international law….

      • Colombia? Isn’t that a cancerous cocaine hell-hole, fighting a never-ending civil war? If anybody, it should be Colombia that should be isolated. Colombian and Venezuelan presidents do have a personal feud going:


        CARACAS, Nov 26 , 2007 (IPS) – The neighbouring countries of Colombia and Venezuela, whose governments have the most diametrically opposed ideologies in South America, have come within a whisker of breaking off relations after a harsh exchange of accusations between Presidents Álvaro Uribe and Hugo Chávez.

        The confrontation escalated rapidly since Wednesday, when Uribe “fired” Chávez from his role as a mediator seeking a humanitarian agreement between Bogotá and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), to exchange hostages held by the insurgents for imprisoned guerrillas.

        Chávez said the move was “a spit in the face,” and that Uribe was “an unworthy president.” He accused him of lying and of “not wanting the war in Colombia to end,” and announced he was putting bilateral relations “in the freezer.”

        “What I have said is very serious. Messrs. Ministers, Messrs. Generals, be on the alert. Economic and trade relations, Colombian companies in our country and our businesses over there, will all suffer,” said the Venezuelan president.

        Uribe replied by claiming that Chávez was “not interested in peace in Colombia, but rather that Colombia be a victim of a terrorist FARC government. We do not need people who legitimise terrorism.”

        So, aside from this childish feud, do you have any evidence that the UN considers Venezuela “a rogue state”?

        • Well RTR, there is a lot of evidence that Venezuela is supplying arms to a terrorist organisation, and is facilitating the export of cocaine (most of which is grown and exported by said terrorist organisation).

          “Rockets for Terrorists
          Will there be any consequence for Venezuela’s material support for Colombian insurgents?

          WHEN THE Colombian government last year unveiled extensive evidence that the government of Venezuela had collaborated with a Colombian rebel movement known for terrorism and drug trafficking, other Latin American governments and the United States mostly chose to look the other way. The evidence was contained on laptops captured in a controversial raid by the Colombian army on a guerrilla base in Ecuador. Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez denounced the e-mails and documents as forgeries, and the potential consequences of concluding that Venezuela was supporting a terrorist organization against a democratic government — which could include mandatory U.S. sanctions and referral to the U.N. Security Council — were more than the Bush administration was prepared to contemplate.

          Now Colombia has made public evidence that will be even more difficult to ignore. In a raid on a camp of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia (FARC), a group officially designated a terrorist organization by the United States and the European Union, Colombian forces captured sophisticated, Swedish-produced antitank rockets. A Swedish investigation confirmed that they were originally sold to the Venezuelan army by the arms manufacturer Saab. What’s more, FARC e-mails from the laptops captured in Ecuador appear to refer to the weapons; in one, a FARC operative in Caracas reports discussing delivery of the arms in a 2007 meeting with two top Venezuelan generals, including the director of military intelligence, Hugo Armando Carvajal Barrios.

          Colombia privately asked Mr. Chávez’s government for an explanation of the rockets several months ago; Sweden is now asking as well. But the only response has been public bluster by the Venezuelan caudillo, who on Tuesday withdrew his ambassador from Colombia and threatened to close the border to trade. If he follows through, U.S. drug authorities may well be pleased: A report released last week by the U.S. Government Accountability Office said Venezuela had created a “permissive environment” for FARC that had allowed the group to massively increase its cocaine smuggling across that border. “By allowing illegal armed groups to elude capture and by providing material support, Venezuela has extended a lifeline to Colombian illegal armed groups, and their continued existence endangers Colombian security gains achieved with U.S. assistance,” the GAO reported.

          This all sounds an awful lot like material support for terrorism — which raises the question of whether the State Department will look again at whether Mr. Chávez’s government or its top officials belong on its list of state sponsors of terrorism. The Bush administration’s Treasury Department last year imposed sanctions on Gen. Carvajal and several other officials for supporting the FARC’s drug trafficking. But that hardly covers the supply of antitank rockets to a designated terrorist organization. At the moment, the State Department is busy applying sanctions to members of Honduras’s de facto government, which is guilty of deposing one of Mr. Chávez’s clients and would-be emulators. Perhaps soon it can turn its attention to those in the hemisphere who have been caught trying to overturn a democratic government by supplying terrorists with advanced weapons.”


    • It depends on how you define “rogue.” Of course, they haven’t yet seized any foreign diplomats or embassies like other best friends of Russia did.

      How about “nasty?” Do you like this description of the Chavez regime better? Perhaps, “fascist” is even better? You have to admit, Chavez’s ways do bear some resemblance to il Duce.

      I am not a psychiatrist, I just play one here, but it seems good Hugo suffers from the histrionic personality disorder.

      • Nasty to whom? I mean, even Bin Laden, who was nasty to the Russiansi in the 1980s, was a good friend to the CIA and Brzezinski.

        But Bin Laden was committing real acts of war against the country of USSR. All Chavez does is say nasty things about the country whose criminal foreign policy the World hates anyway: USA. He is just blabbering out loud what the rest of World leaders think privately.

        But so what? Latvian and other Baltic politicians say very nasty things about Russia. That doesn’t make them rogue, does it?

        Everybody says nasty things about somebody. It is the right guaranteed to them by the UN charter and international law: free speech.

        • Have it your own way. If you want to love and respect Chavez, it’s your right. I suspect you don’t appreciate the criticism of him precisely because he is filled with hatred of the United States, and so are you, and so is your beloved motherland of Russia.

          It is that hatred of America and the West in general that makes him ideologically aligned with the tugs in Tehran and Kremlin.

          But make no mistake, he is more than that. He is a fascist who hates capitalism and free enterprise, not just America. He hates all those Western leaders (who have those private thoughts you described) just as much. However, he cannot drink its oil and cannot sell it to his best friends in Moscow and Tehran, so no choice but to deal with those wicked capitalists.

          • Actually, I don’t like Chavez, just as I didn’t like Bush. But that doesn’t mean that Venezuela or USA under Bush have been “rogue states”.

            Well, actually, USA under Bush committed a major international crime by invading Iraq without any permission form the United Nations. So, USA was actually a rogue nation.

            • Russia under Putin invaded Georgia without any permission from the United Nations, and in addition committed ethnic cleansing.

              So Russia was a rogue nation.

  4. Wow, this “Sean Goforth” kid is a big scientist: he has just received Master’s degree:

    Sean H. Goforth teaches world politics and international political economy at Coastal Carolina University in Conway, SC. In 2007, he completed his master’s degree at the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.

    Wow. A master’s degree.

    • What’s wrong with the master’s from Georgetown? It’s a very good school, particularly their School of Foreign Service is very well known

      • There is nothing wrong with Masters or Bachelors or AA degrees. In fact, there is nothing wrong with not going to college at all. But to be a professor, you need to get a PhD. Masters programs are not designed to train serious researchers. Masters “theses” are a joke.

        • I guess the college that hired him knows better than you do

          • Well, his only scientific accomplishment to date is inventing the pun “VIRus”. Maybe he should become a comedy writer for Jay Leno?

        • RTR wrote,

          There is nothing wrong with Masters or Bachelors or AA degrees. In fact, there is nothing wrong with not going to college at all. But to be a professor, you need to get a PhD. Masters programs are not designed to train serious researchers. Masters “theses” are a joke

          Please, please keep away from so called russian scientists [do we remember infamous Prof Lysenko [and the thousands of other soviet/russian doctorants, aspirants, ‘respirants’, witch doctors etc. ] whose theories were beyond stupidity, beyond any logic and beyond decency. And surely the laughing stock of not only scientific world community but also ordinary fearly inteligent people in europe America Africa and Asia. They were ‘educated’ in the ‘famous’russian/soviet marxists leninists institutions. RTR was obviously one of them.

    • What I like here is LR’s double standard. She presents the “work” of this Masters student as serious “science”, while claiming that Danila Bochkarev, a young political sciintist with a PhD and a host of publications and research experience “is not a scientist:”


      RTR // April 8, 2010 at 10:54 pm

      Thank you, LR, for sharing new names of young and promising Russian scientists with us. While Danila Bochkarev is only a lowly associate for the Worldwide Security Initiative at the EastWest Institute, he is very young and may become an important thinker in a few decades.

      larussophobe // April 8, 2010 at 11:04 pm:
      (a) he’s not a scientist but an associate, as you yourself said
      (e) you are an abject moron


      Danila Bochkarev is EWI’s Associate for Energy Security. Before joining EWI, Danila was an Inbev scholar for EU-Russia relations at the Louvain-la Neuve and Leuven universities in Belgium. He also worked on China and Central Asia affairs at the European Parliament. Danila studied international relations, history and political economy in Paris, London and Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia. He has a Kandidat Nauk (doctoral) degree in Political Science. He is the author of a number of academic publications and policy papers, and regularly contributes to media and policy debates on EU, Russian and Eurasian energy security and foreign policy. Danila has several academic and professional distinctions, including being a Royal Dutch Shell and French Government scholar.

  5. Latin America —
    CIA = Cocaine Import Agency (USA)
    Cocaine = Colombia in the first place (not Venezuela).
    Middle East —
    Afganistan = CIA guided heroin export to Europe and Russia. Proven 1000% rise since the occupation of Afganistan started in 2001 (not Iran).

    All those “masters from the schools of foreign services” with their degrees and certificates and without in cocaine shiping in the US nicely tied up the controlled demolition in NYC, Iraqi oil and Afgani heroin.
    Good Ol’ USA are on their satanic way of destruction and poisoning the world and its own people as ever.

    Were we talking about “rogue states” just to be in line with the editorial? — Out of any doubt the US is the one on the top of the list with its refined Talmudic spirit of profitering on death.

    Say my Hello to the American hero – colonel Oliver North and general Manuel Antonio Noriega.
    God bless the USA and its global diacetylmorphine/ benzoylmethylecgonine import/export operations!!!
    FREEDOM, FREEDOM, FREEDOM, bluh bluh bluh!

    • It was very nice, about Talmudic spirit. Somehow, every anti-Semite just must declare to the world that he really hates Jews.

      By the way, it’s not school of foreign “services” but of foreign “service.” Do you object to programs designed to train professional diplomats? I thought most countries have that including your beloved Russia

  6. worst terrorist states: US, UK, Israel

    USUKRAEL converts to


  7. The ugliest and most proliferating virus today is unfortunately the American one, with no known cure, and no known vaccine.

  8. You need to get out more Dima…

    Why don’t you ask for some pocket money?

    • Wal,

      I assume you’re from down under. Wait until the Yanks shove their privatized health care down the throats of Aussie citizens, not to mention other American “programs”.

      • Wait till the Yanks dispatch more of your fellow Aussies into the meat grinder called Afghanistan and then force you into a coalition to jointly attack Iran.

      • Anything beats the pathetic Russian healthcare system. Those that can afford it leave the country for health services ,opting for the chance to live.

        • re-read my post; it has nothing to do with the Russian system and everything to do with the US imposition of privatization of healthcare on traditionally socialized systems

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