April 9, 2010 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Putin the Vampire

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Danila Bochkarev, neo-Soviet Bagman

(3)  Russia’s Cowardly Majority

(4)  Putin’s Russia:  This Stupid Country

(5)  Ghengis Khan, Part II

NOTE:  All hell appears to have broken loose in Kyrgyzstan.  Marina Litvinovich has photos on her blog (hat tip:  Russian Scoop).  Is Moscow to blame?  Stay tuned.

6 responses to “April 9, 2010 — Contents

  1. Assuming that the rioters will win, and take full control of the reigns of power there, what does this development mean:
    1) to Putin and his Kremlin gang?
    2) for America’s interests there?
    3) for the people of that nation?
    4) for surrounding countries?

    • Francis Smyth-Beresford

      According to Newsweek, it means concern for Russia, who would hardly destabilze an oil-rich Central Asian republic deliberately.


      I presume this scoop is being offered by way of applause for the overthrow of the government, since “the Kyrgyz “color revolution” brought to power not pro-Western democrats but a group of former apparatchiks who quickly became as hated as the ousted Akayev regime.”

      The Washington Post suggests there are no plans at present to close the U.S. airbase.

      • You simply could not be more wrong. Instability in oil-rich regions outside Russia contributes mightily to rising world oil prices. What’s more, Russia made it perfectly clear when it invaded Georgia that it would take self-destructive actions in defense of its childish national egomania.

        The fact is that the regime that duped Putin and made a fool of him before the world is now gone, replaced with one far less friendly the U.S. Opposition forces met with Kremlin bigwigs moments before the coup, and Russia immediately recognized the rebels.

        Your comment is utter propaganda and can fool nobody who reads this blog.

  2. Interesting how they had “Militia” and “MVD” on their vehicles, and “Police” on their riot shields.

    I guess the former El Presidente did not take this all seriously, otherwise he would bring armoured vehciles to the streets and it would end like in China, Russia (1993), or recently Uzbekistan.

  3. Meanwhile in the burned shell of Reichstag:

    ‘Evidence’ In Moscow Subway Bombings Doesn’t Add Up

    The Moscow Bombings: A Prelude to Russia’s Invasion of Georgia?

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