EDITORIAL: Danila Bochkarev, Neo-Soviet Bagman


Danila Bochkarev, Neo-Soviet Bag Man

Danila Bochkarev, neo-Soviet bagman

It’s been some time since we’ve had occasion to write about a scum-sucking Russophile reptile attempting to insinuate his views into mainstream political culture, and that’s a good thing.

As the Putin regime becomes more and more openly and horrifyingly neo-Soviet in character, even the craziest of these cockroaches becomes more and more wary of opening his mouth in public for fear of the humiliation the next day may bring.

But someone named Danila Bochkarev, representing something called the EastWest Institute, remains shameless.

Writing in the Moscow Times, Bochkarev announces that “European security should not be a one-way street” and tells the West that it must “alleviate Russia’s sense of insecurity” by including Russia more deeply in NATO decision making and limiting NATO conventional force structures that make Russians nervous.

Only neo-Soviet Russians can sink to depths of hypocrisy this venal and outrageous.

Bochkarev does not write one single word about what Russia can do to alleviate Western insecurity.  He does not even see fit to mention how Russia’s “prime minister” has just visited Venezuela and promised billions in weapons, nuclear technology and rockets to one of the world’s most dangerous anti-Western rogue regimes.  He does not care about Russian diplomatic overtures to the Hamas terrorist regime, it does not concern him at all that Russia is providing nuclear technology and air defense system to Iran.  He does not mention Russia’s brutal crackdown on freedom and democracy, nor does he pay any attention to Russian atrocities in the Caucasus. He doesn’t even seem to be aware that his country is ruled by a proud KGB spy.  He does not admit that there is anything Russia needs to do to make itself appear less threatening to the West, making it clear he sees this as an entirely one-way street — in Russia’s favor.

We can’t help but wonder whether Russians would for one single second take seriously the words of an American telling them how Russia should drop its guard against the United States in the service of better relations.  Wouldn’t Russians surely say that such an American was speaking in his own nation’s interests, not Russia’s?

How then can this malignant little creature by the name of Bochkarev dare to lecture the West on how it should deal with Russia? Does he take us for a bunch of helpless idiots, the same way they always did in the USSR?  Doesn’t he recall the infamous words of Nikita Khruschev about “burying” the West, when in fact just a few years later it was the USSR that was laid to rest?

The ham-handed, shameless and naked hypocrisy of this Russian cretin is truly horrifying to behold. He doesn’t even try to make a pretense of being fair even as he demands fairness.  He shrieks about two-way streets, yet his own presentation is a one-way freight train hurtling out of control, heedless of consequences.

The benighted Obama administration has already made one unilateral concession to Putin’s Russia, walking away from the Bush missile defense system for Eastern Europe.  In response, what do we see? We see greedy Russians simply demanding more and more such concessions, while giving absolutely nothing in return.


9 responses to “EDITORIAL: Danila Bochkarev, Neo-Soviet Bagman

  1. bochkarov’s a good beer, but his guy’s a loser.
    he’s a child of the elite, spetsshkoli, etc—what else is he to do???
    geez, i wonder if he served in the army?!!?? (a joke of course)
    he has no talent or intellgence, so he makes a living as a kremlin whore.
    whores in russia don’t just work along leningradskoye shosse—–guys like this and the journalists at ORT, Russia Today—they’re whores too——but worse, far worse.

    • That’s funny that you mentions journalists being whores, I assume that you will agree then with the obvious fact that every major news network in the United States prostitutes itself to the state ?

      • Nikita, why do you care what this loser John agrees or disagrees with? I be the didn’t even read Bochkarev’s article but commented based on LR’s rendition.

  2. Thank you, LR, for sharing new names of young and promising Russian scientists with us. While Danila Bochkarev is only a lowly associate for the Worldwide Security Initiative at the EastWest Institute, he is very young and may become an important thinker in a few decades.

    Certainly, his argumentation in the Moscow News article is very reasonable and logical, although quite self-evident and obvious.

    • (a) he’s not a scientist but an associate, as you yourself said
      (b) it’s not the moscow news, it’s the moscow times.
      (c) somebody who makes as many errors as you is hardly an authority on quality of analysis by others
      (d) your comment about “reasonable and logical” is totally devoid of substance or proof and utterly belied by the one-sided nature of his advice, as we clearly point out in our editorial
      (e) you are an abject moron

  3. Bochkarev announces that “European security should not be a one-way street”. Bochkarev does not write one single word about what Russia can do to alleviate Western insecurity. He does not even see fit to mention how Russia’s “prime minister” has just visited Venezuela and promised billions in weapons, nuclear technology and rockets to one of the world’s most dangerous anti-Western rogue regimes. Danila Bochkarev, Neo-Soviet Bagman

    Bochkarev’s article is titled “How to Ease Russia’s Sense Of Insecurity” not “How to Ease USA’s Sense Of Insecurity” or “How to Ease Kim’s Sense Of Insecurity”. There are numerous articles published in American press on the subject of How to Ease USA’s Sense Of Insecurity, and these articles, naturally, talk about USA’s concerns and not Russia’s concerns. So, only as moron would expect an article titled “How to Ease Russia’s Sense Of Insecurity” to talk about Venezuela.

    Moreover, let me suggest to look at the map and see that the tiny republic of Venezuela is very far from Europe and poses no threat to European security. Moreover, Venezuela is not a “rogue regime”. It is a functioning democracy and is in perfect standing in the United Nations. Moreover, Venezuela is not anti-European. It has good relations with most European countries, especially with Western European countries that share socialist values with Venezuela.

    And even USA, which is despised in Venezuela and most other Latin American countries, has nothing to fear from Venezuela militarily, just as an elephant shouldn’t fear a mouse. In fact, even if Venezuela weren’t so tiny militarily, it still would pose no danger to USA, because USA is very far from Venezuela geographically.

    Bochkarev’s objective was to outline Russia’s concerns, and he did so, albeit in a rather simple way, only appropriate to a very young and insignificant little scientist. And he would be very pleased to see that some blog owners view him as a major player.

    • So your point is that the Russian wants to teach Americans how NOT to use “one-way street policies” by MAKING a one-way argument that does not recognize ANY fault in Russian policy.

      And you approve of this, even though American power is vastly greater than Russia’s.

      Little wonder, then, that Russia doesn’t rank in the top 130 countries of the world for life expectancy. If to judge by this ape and you, it’s a nation of hopeless, helpless morons.

      • Yes, you are being as analytical and logical as usual.

      • @American power is vastly greater than Russias.

        I honestly hope that your not talking about the military sphere. Or are you so far gone that you believe that the United States is really going to challenge its only strategic competitor ?

        @world’s most dangerous anti-Western rogue regimes.

        Hadn’t we already been over this at some point ? It’s high time to abandon your regurgitation of simple-minded Faux News talking points. I realize that some power brokers in America are really upset becuse Venezuela has broken out of the vicious cycle of US-installed dictator-popular revolt-brutal suppression-US installed dictator, but that is no reazon to mislead people about the nature of Venezuela’s vibrant social democracy.

        @Bochkarev does not write one single word about what Russia can do to alleviate Western insecurity.

        It is not Bochkarevs responsibility to write about Western insecurities, since none exist. When it comes to dealing out insecurities, no one does it quite like the West. Building NATO and its agressive military infrastructure out even thought promises were made to the contrary, trying to subvert justly elected regimes in the near abroad to sorround Russia with US client states, installing missiles on our borders, permitting the Georgian dictator to go in a killing spree. Need I go on ?

        As for Obama making consessions, thank god he’s finally understood the nature of the geopolitical power dynamic. The time when the US could trapaize around Russia’s borders and commit all sorts of mischief is gone. Time to get used to a new reality, that the West can no longer hope to expand its imperial ambitions at the expense of Russia.

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