EDITORIAL: Russia reaps the Grapes of Wrath


Russia reaps the Grapes of Wrath

The tragic suicide bombings in Russia confirm the risk that all countries face in world today. Yet only two months ago, Foreign Minster Sergei Lavrov of Russia, shook hands and welcomed Khaled Meshaal, the leader of the Hamas movement, to Russia. Hamas itself has carried out countless suicide bombings and rocket attacks on Israeli civilians over the past 15 years. How would those Russian leaders feel if other countries held meetings and shook hands with terrorists like those who bombed its civilians?

George Reiss, Paradise Valley Arizona
Letter to the Editor of the International Herald Tribune

How indeed, Mr. Reiss, how indeed.

How would Russians react if Hillary Clinton were to travel to Dagestan and shake hands with Chechen warlord Doku Umarov, who has claimed responsibility for the recent subway bombings?  Would they say:  “Well, that’s America’s business, they have the right to shake hands with whomever they please?”

We think not.

We think Russians would be outraged at the highest American diplomat carrying on relations with a bloody killer of Russians, and they’d be right.  Yet, Russians have absolutely no problem with their own chief diplomat glad-handing terrorists.

And seemingly, it never occurs to them that such an action may send the wrong message to Russia’s own domestic terrorists.  They never pause to ask whether Hamas itself might be offering aid and comfort to Umarov, clearly a kindred spirit.

No, if the Russian government does it, then it’s just fine with the Russians. But if any other government dares to do the same, then it’s a shocking outrage and Russians are in the streets by the thousands.

How can Russians, we wonder, ask Americans to stop criticizing Russian policy in the Caucasus and make common cause against terrorists when their leaders are openly, proudly meeting with America’s most hated enemies and when Russian nuclear bombers routinely buzz the shores of Alaska?  Is Russia really a nation full of such addled, idiotic, ignorant, illiterate morons as to be unable to fathom the jaw-dropping hypocrisy and insanity their leaders are showing to the world?

Quite frankly, we are appalled at the behavior of the people of Russia. Out of one side of their mouths the ask the world to stand in solidarity with them against terrorism, and out of the other the bait and encourage and fund the worst terrorst regimes of the world, from Hugo Chavez to Hamas, and they hand power to the KGB and allow it to eradicate the pillars of democracy and foment a new cold war.  This repugnant duplicity must end if Russia ever to have any hope of winning the respect and support of civilized nations.  Until then, Russians can only expect more misery and suffering, more national collapse and catstrophe.

And, until then, they will deserve it.

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  1. i call it karma: russia supports vile and evil men like ahmadinejad and kadyrov—seriously—what do you expect?????

  2. This is a very good editorial, but is there anybody who is surprised? The rule of thumb: the more anti-Semitic and anti-American a world leader is, the more likely he is going to be warmly embraced by Russia.

    I do feel sympathy for innocent civilians who lost their lives in the latest Moscow bombing. I do feel the pain of their families.

    However, other to blame terrorists themselves, Russians have nobody else to blame but their leaders whose policies have been and are now to use the anti-Western and anti-Semitic fanatics to harm Israel and the United States. The Russian public have enthusiastically supported these idiotic policies for many years.

    As the old Biblical saying goes, when one lies down with dogs, one gets up with fleas.

    • “the more anti-Semitic and anti-American a world leader is, the more likely he is going to be warmly embraced by Russia”

      I don’t agree. Anti-Israel stance doesn’t mean anti-Semitic. Some important positions in upper echelons of Russian power were and are filled by Jews – like former PM under Putin, Frolov, or Gazprom head Miller.

      • That’s Fradkov.

      • Of course the modern anti-Semites don’t call for re-building of Auschwitz; they now mask their anti-Semitism as “criticism” of Israel. One particularly good friend of Russia carries his “criticism” to a point of calling for total annihilation of Israel.

        It’s the same old anti-Semitism in a new 9or not so new) disguise.

        Having one, two or three token Jews in the government does not fool anyone

        • RV,

          You are absolutely right. Just because a disproportionate number of Jews are in the Russian government, doesn’t mean that Jews carry any weight in Russia.

          Do you know that fewer than 95% of Russian oligarchs are Jewish? No more than 85% of TV journalists are Jews. Among political experts, Jews make up only 80%. Clearly, Russia is a country where Jews feel themselves persecuted. So much so that 100,000 of Israeli Jews have emigrated to Russia. Read these horrible statistics and tell me: isn’t Putin an anti-semite?


          Sources: Russia working to lure emigrants back from Israel

          By Anshel Pfeffer, Haaretz Correspondent

          The Russian Embassy in Tel Aviv is operating a branch of a government body, under the guise of a cultural center, whose goal is to persuade Russian emigrants to return, according to Israeli intelligence sources.

          The cultural center, which opened about two months ago, is headed by a Russian intellectual, who the intelligence sources believe worked for the Soviet secret service, the KGB. Senior government officials have reportedly expressed concerns recently over the development of “competition” between Russia and Israel over where former Russians choose to reside.

          The intelligence bodies are certain that the Russian cultural center that opened two months ago on Geula Street in Tel Aviv is a cover for the local branch of the Sons of the Homeland movement, established by Russian President Vladimir Putin to bring back Russians who emigrated to Israel.

          More than three million Russian-speaking Jews are living on five continents. After Putin was elected in 2000, he established the Sons of the Homeland to maintain communication between Russia and its emigres, and eventually Putin charged the group with bringing back as many Russians as possible

          Meanwhile, some Israelis have reported received tempting job offers in Russia. “I was offered a job in a research institute in Moscow for $15,000 a year,” said a leading academic in her field, who has been in contact with the cultural center. She mentioned additional incentives, such as an apartment.

          Israel and Russia are not the only countries seeking to court as many Russian Jews as possible; Germany is also encouraging Russian Jews to settle there

          According to Absorption Ministry statistics, more than 100,000 Jews who came to Israel from the CIS have returned to Russia and Ukraine, and an estimated 70,000 Israelis are currently living in Moscow.


          100,000 Former Soviet Jews In Israel
          Return To Russia
          By Michael Mainville
          The Toronto Star

          “It’s absolutely extraordinary how many people are returning,” says Lazar, who has been Russia’s chief rabbi since 2000.

          Last week also marked a turning point for Russian Jews with President Vladimir Putin’s historic visit to Israel, the first by a Russian or Soviet head of state. Asked if he thought five years ago that he would ever accompany a Russian president on a trip to Israel, Lazar laughs.

          “Honestly, I didn’t think two months ago that this would have been possible,” he says. “There has been a sincere change in the official attitude to Israel and the Jewish community in Russia.”

          During his visit, Putin paid tribute to the Jewish community’s contributions to Russia and spoke out against anti-Semitism while touring Jerusalem’s Holocaust History Museum.

          “Today, we must state clearly that there can be no place in the 21st century for xenophobia, anti-Semitism or any other manifestations of ethnic and religious intolerance,” said Putin.

          “This is not only our duty before the memory of the millions of people killed by bullets or in the gas chambers, it is also our obligation to future generations.”

          Lazar says the visit was a testament to how far Russia has come since the days when Jews were largely barred from public worship and faced open discrimination in jobs and education.

          Down the street, a $125 million complex – which will include Russia’s first Jewish museum, a medical centre and a school – is being built on land donated by the city of Moscow. Smaller centres, most featuring the first local Jewish schools in decades, are being built across the country.


          Israel faces Russian brain drain

          “But nobody here cares about your professional skills. Israelis just see Russians as people who have come over to clean their houses, look after old people or sweep the streets.” Now they are finding that Russia offers better opportunities for them.


          Jews Return from Israel to Russia

          Russia in the genes (“Wprost”, Poland)

          Under Vladimir Putin state anti-Semitism ended – say Russian Jews and return
          Grzegorz Sadowski, December 16, 2005

          The Soviet Union snubbed them, Putin’s Russia beckons – as the new promised land. In Israel, they were simply ‘Russian Jews’, but in Russia they will be well-paid professionals.

          Each year about 20 thousand Jews return to Russia. And not only from Israel but also from Germany, France, the United States. Today in Moscow, liver half a million Jews, throughout Russia – 2 million. This is 15 per cent of all Jews in the world.

          Over the past 10 years in Russia emerged 480 Jewish communities, were built 30 new synagogues, and 80 synagogues were restored. In Moscow, not far from the Choire Synagogues was built copy of the Wailing Wall. Ben Lazar, chief rabbi of Russia, does not hide his satisfaction: “The Jews in Russia entered a new era.” Jews are even returning to their region in the Far East. On the main street of Birobidzhan – Sholom Aleichem – is a new synagogue. It was built with the money of the Russian Ministry of Culture.

          Maybe Putin is indeed a special relationship to the Jews, but maybe they only element in his game with the West. Rumors say that in the Leningrad communal apartment, where Putin grew up, lived a Jewish family. Putin loved them, which influenced his attitude toward Jews in general. In 2002, the President first met with Rabbi Lazar. Three years later he first went to Israel. Earlier, at the the anniversary of the Soviet liberation of Auschwitz (Auschwitz), he condemned the Holocaust and anti-Semitic excesses in Russia.

          That’s how much Putin hates Jews! He is just like Hitler: Hitler wanted to get rid of Jews, and Putin wants to attract as many Jews as possible. What a monster!

          • But what do these 100,000 Russian-Israeli Jews know? Only what their and their relatives’ lives are like. Clearly, they should ask advice from RV who knows nothing about life in Russia and gets all his information about Russia from La Russophobe, Washington post, Wall Street Journal and other propaganda machines.

    • so, if that’ so important – replace “anti-Semitic” with “anti-Israel” in RV’s post. Any other smart-a$$ corrections?

      • Felix, if you are a gentile, I can tell you that “anti-semitic,” “anti-Jewish,” and “anti-Israel” are all the same thing, just under different sauces. If you are Jewish, I don’t have to tell you that, you already know it’s true

        • RV, I am Jewish, I am keenly aware that in 90 per cent cases anti-Israel really means anti-Semite. But dwelling on this distinction allowed RTR to pollute this thread with long irrelevant article about good life of Jews in Russia. I think this diversion is intentional (he uses it elsewhere as well) – but for the unbiased readers it is obvious that instead of discussing your point (that kissing with anti-American and anti-Israel terrorists leads to terrorism on Russian soil) he discusses completely different point (is there Antisemitism in Russia).

  3. Well, some Russians get it but because there is no democracy, they can’t do much about it. And there is no democracy probably because majority of Russians still live in medieval times.

    • I have an impression that their society at large doesn’t want democracy; that’s why they don’t have it. Nobody would make it for them and every democratic and free country has become such through the sweat, tears, labor and blood of its own citizens. There is just no other way.

      I can recall many examples when Russians openly mock and despise democracy and Western ways, or alternatively claim that they have already achieved everything the West has achieved. One typical reaction of theirs is to tell everybody how bad America is, as if that would make their lives better, even if it were true.

      If this is a case, there is no hope anything will improve in the foreseeable future.

      • RV,

        Aren’t you the one that has said on numerous occasions that he doesn’t speak Russian and doesn’t know much about Russia?

        If so – how can you have numerous experiences with average Russians?

        Oh, I know how: you read it in various Western agitprop mass media, which portray Russia more wrongly than the way the Soviet media portrayed the West in the 1970s.

        • One does not have to be a chicken to recognize an egg when he sees one. There were numerous comments by various Russian officials and others clearly demonstrating what Russia is all about. We have seen many such comments on this blog. On request of one of your fellow Russians, I posted here many statements full of anti-American hatred. So, if you are saying I am wrong and Russia is a democracy or at least wants to become one, prove it.

          I have never been in Iran or speak Persian, either, but that does not prevent me from knowing that your beloved friend Iran is a dictatorship too. I have never been to Venezuela or Nicaragua or North Korea, and the same applies to them.

          • RV,

            here were numerous comments by various Russian officials and others clearly demonstrating what Russia is all about.

            There are thousands of comments made each day by various “Russian officials and others”, covering the full spectrum of views from let to right to high to low to east to west to south to north to upside-down.

            Thus, you can select from these views a large set to fit any model that you want the reader to believe in. The Western mass media purposefully select anti-Western statements to perpetrate the myth of Russia intent on going to a new Cold War with the West.

            The reality is that the Russian attitude towards the West was warm in the 1990s, while the West’s attitude was hostile. And when somebody continues to be hostile towards you for many years, you eventually become hostile towards them in defence. That’s what happened to Russia. After the Invasion of Iraq, average Russians turned anti-American, almost as anti-American as Western Europeans became, while the Russian attitude towards West Europe remains extremely positive.

            With Obama coming to power, expect the Russians (and most other Europeans) to revert to good attitudes towards USA.

            • “There are thousands of comments made each day by various “Russian officials and others”, covering the full spectrum of views from let to right to high to low to east to west to south to north to upside-down.”

              Right – Putin’s right wing dictatorship views, left – Soviet nostalgia, south – South Ossetia and north – right to Arctic shelf? :DDD

            • What are you saying? That Russia is not anti-Western or that it is, but has justification?

              • I am saying that

                1. Russia loves Western Europe

                2. Like the entire World, Russia hated USA under Bush, but not as much as Western Europe hated USA under Bush.

                3. USA hates Russia and has hated Russia for 90 years. Thus, Russia fears what USA can do to Russia militarily. Obama has a long way to go to dissuade Russian fears.

                • Yes, and your point “we are not against America, we are against Bush” is well illustrated by the missile threat made by your so called “president” exactly a day after Obama was elected.

                  Many Russians, including some posting here, came out and said clearly: we don’t need democracy, we love Putin’s dictatorship, and we have nothing to learn from the West.

                  So, don’t give me this crap about Western Europe. To you Asiatics it is just as alien as America

                  • RV,

                    Please remind me what your brainwashing media have told about the alleged “threat” against American people that Medvedev made in January 2009.

                    • Well RV I suspect RV is talking about the Russian presidents threat to place IRBM’s (theater nuclear missiles) in Koenigsburg/Kalliningrad, and to adopt a preemptive strike policy against Poland and any US forces stationed there.

      • RV,
        here we go again – instead of discussing your point (that [Russian] society at large doesn’t want democracy) our dear RTR discusses you instead (how can you have numerous experiences with average Russians).

        Additionally, one has to be quite delusional to assert that “entire World … hated USA under Bush” and “With Obama coming to power, expect the Russians to revert to good attitudes towards USA”

        I don’t see any point in discussion with him…

    • Boy, oh, boy, one can tell that Alex has been to Russia, or rather, that he hasn’t becuse he still believes that Russians lives in Medieval times. climb out from under your rock.

      • Nikita,

        Alex has lived in Russia: he is one of those Ukrainian gastarbeiters who flock to Russia because the Russian economy is so strong.

        He is very upset with Russia because as an illegal worker, he makes less money than average Russians.

        • Russian economy is so strong, and then they have real pluralism, according to you (all kinds of opinions openly expressed). If everything is that good, why don’t you practice what you preach here and don’t go back to your beloved motherland.

          I understand that you prefer to live in America, notwithstanding all those wonderful advantages of modern Russia. Why is that?

          • Because

            1. I am an American. A real American. The kind that worries about America and wants to make America better

            2. My family and friends are here

            3. I have a succcessful business here in USA

            4. I hate cold climates

            5. NoYFB.

            6. Why aren’t you in Israel? What’s wrong with Israel? If you like Israel – why aren’t you living there? :-)

            • Well, you waffle on about being a Russian (ethnic) all the time, and you seem to have very little loyalty to the USA, seems to me you are the typical Russian emigre from the collapse of the USSR, determined to drag the rest of the world down into the hell of your own making….

              • You diagnosis is undoubtedly correct. When the war between us and them starts (and nobody can really exclude this possibility), I have no doubt about whose side he will be on

              • Andrew – I take issue with your “typical Russian emigre” assessment… I think I am much more typical. We saw what RTR’s delusions bring to the country – collapse! We were shocked to see so many useful idiots here in USA. As my friend put on her anti-Obamacare sign (racist astroturf, of course) – “If I wanted socialist healthcare, I would stay in the USSR”

                • Felix,

                  You are a very little man, resorting to the bottom of the barrel insults. You are not even man enough to tell what you think of me in my face. Instead, you choose to insult me in your addresses to third party persons, who share your political and intellectual views: Andrew and RV. Strength in numbers, eh?

                  Как сказал Окуджава, “дураки любят собираться в стаи, впереди главный во всей его красе.” У вас, правда – не главный, а главная: Ким. А сзади – придурки.

                  And your stupidity shows clearly in your healthcare remark. First of all, the term “useful idiot” means somebody who helped the Soviet Union/international communism gain World domination. Is that what this vote was about? Do countries with universal health care – Canada, England, rest of Europe, Israel, Australia and all other civilized nations – represent Communism? If so – then what countries don’t have socialized medicine and represent your desired political/social model? Pick from this map:


                  Where is your ideal land of “capitalism”: in Central Africa or in Papua-New Guinea?

                  Yes, I have seen your friend and her ilk on TV with their big signs depicting Obama with Hitler’s mustache, as if Canada and the rest of the civilized World live under Nazi rule. And her logic: “If I wanted socialist healthcare, I would stay in the USSR” is breathtaking. As if the reason why she had emigrated was “bad healthcare”.

                  Tell me who your friend is – and I will tell you who you are. In your case, your choice of allies – Andrew, RV, the hysterical woman with the sign – says volumes about your intellect, logic and the level of intellectual discourse.

                  • For your information, I support universal health care. That does not prevent me to despise your motherland as a country of unwashed barbarians. And please stop calling yourself an American. Even if you somehow managed to come here. You obviously have very divided loyalties, at the very least, as you seems to be an ardent supporter of the worst enemies of the United States. I am done talking to you

                  • Well, given the incredibly high death rate in the USSR, due to the shambolic and inefficient, and backward medical system, I suspect it played a part in the decision.

                • My apologies Felix, if you are a much more typical example I would be very happy indeed!

                  Unfortunately I have tended to run into the RTR type most often, just “lucky” I guess…..

    • RTR – I am done talking to you too. I mentioned several times that I work in a pharmaceutical companies, where scientists observe study subjects, but don’t discuss engage in medical discussions with them. I don’t see any reason to discuss politics with you – although it is sometimes fun to watch you…

      It makes me a very little man in your eyes – OK, I can live with that. I was called a despicable person by my high school assistant principal for ideology – and survived.

      • Felix – I have been done talking to you too. You are knee-jerk Fox News groupy with no ability to think for yourself and an irrational fear of “communists” everywhere. That’s why you don’t engage in deep discussions – you have no depth and no ability for critical thinking. The only good thing about you is that compared to the rest of the russophobes here, you look like an einstein.

  4. I like how LR tries to draw a parallel between Hamas, which is fighting a losing battle against a barbaric Israeli occupation of Palestine and is, incidently, the democratically elected authority put in power by a plurality of the Palestinian electorate, and terrorists acting in the Caucuses. It’s a very cohesive and logical example. Oh, I’m sorry, did I say that ? I meant it isn’t.


    So you are saying that if Shamil Basayaev was democratically elected, then the Kremlin could not complain much less kill him?

    Are you aware that Russia’s occupation of Chechnya been REPEATEDLY found by the European Court for Human Rights to be barbaric, including state-sponsored murder, torture and kidnapping?

    Are you QUITE sure that you get to decide who America can and cannot hate? The point of this article is that Russia is giving aid and comfort to American enemies yet asking America to stand in solidarity on the subway bombings. Did you READ this article, ape, before commenting?

    • Hamas is a terrorist organization and is recognized as such in every civilized country in the world. Hitler also came to power legally, which does not change his status. However, since Hamas is both anti-Semitic and anti-American, there are two reasons for it to be a great friend of Russia.

      • Then how do you explain that Russia and Israel have very good relations, with Putin being accused of “condoning” Israel President’s sexual misdeeds?

        • I don’t know that they have “very good relations.” I don’t know how you define that. But if they do, perhaps, one explanation is that Israel wants to ensure that Russia will allow remaining Russian Jews go when open anti-Semitism returns.

          • No. What Israel wants is that not all ex-Soviet Jews re-emigrate from Israel back to Russia. See my post above.

            • Hey RTR,

              Why is your username linked to a US doping scandal?

            • Even if the number of 100,000 is true, it’s only about 3 % of the total, and a large portion of that returned to Ukraine, not Russia. Yes, I see how Israel should be worried.

              When the oil prices start dropping and Putin is going to blame Jews, you’ll see what happens with all those returnees.

              • 1. No, 100,000 is 10% of the ex-Soviet Jews living in Israel.

                2. “a large portion of that returned to Ukraine, not Russia.

                No, most of these 100,000+ came to Russia. Mostly to Moscow. Can’t you read:

                “100,000 Former Soviet Jews In Israel
                Return To Russia”

                “an estimated 70,000 Israelis are currently living in Moscow. “

                • Stop lying, you omitted a part of the quote. I am sure that’s what they teach in the KGB academy’s department of propaganda. The full quote says:

                  “According to Absorption Ministry statistics, more than 100,000 Jews who came to Israel from the CIS have returned to Russia and Ukraine, and an estimated 70,000 Israelis are currently living in Moscow.”

                  Returned to Russia and UKRAINE

                  • RTR always lies, omits facts, and selectively edits.

                  • RV,

                    The phrase “more than 100,000 returned to Russia and Ukraine” does not mean that fewer than 100,000. It can be that 100,000 returned to Russia and some 10,000 returned to Ukraine, for example. And that’s what the other reference says:

                    100,000 Former Soviet Jews In Israel
                    Return To Russia

                    Which part of that simple sentence causes problems to your intellect?

                    Moreover, if you took math and reading in kindergarten, the phrase “70,000 Israelis are currently living in Moscow” would tell you that 70,000 Israelis are currently living in Moscow alone. And a brief geography class would tell you that Moscow is in Russia.

                    It is very hard to communicate with people whose mental age is below 5.

                    • That’s:

                      The phrase “more than 100,000 returned to Russia and Ukraine” does not mean that fewer than 100,000 returned to Russia.

    • Well, Chechnya had democratically elected authorities put in power by a plurality of the Chechenian electorate. But Russia killed them, so more radical islamic militants filled the resistence vacuum.

  5. I seem to recall reading an article on Kavkazcenter just after the Second Chechen War started and during the time of the Palestinian uprising against Israeli terror; that Russian soldiers were being transported to Israel and treated in Israeli hospitals. Both share the same opinion about Muslims so I find myself laughing at the ignorance of those who cry for Chechnya (when the West does the exact opposite) and applaud Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.

  6. sascha_hero Germany

    Dokka Umarov-statement in english

  7. The election in Gazza of a Hamas government was in my view a “prostituting of the democratic process”. Come on folks let’s call a spade a spade, Hamas is a terrorist organisation and when the foolish people of Gazza voted them in they knew what this “bargain with the devil” would lead too.

    Hamas when elected by the people of Gazza immediately embarked on a ruthless campaign to either eliminate or drive out the more moderate Fatah ex-leadership, they; in short order turned Gazza into a terrorist enclave, now Hamas appointed police officers who by day direct traffic creep out at night too launch rockets into the suburbs of Israel.

    Israel is facing a sworn enemy hell bent on the destruction of this small embattled state, a foe given a wafer thin veneer of democracy by a large section of its radicalised population. They seem to be so consumed with revenge and violence that they pay little or no regard to the future of the generations to come.

    Now contrast Gazza with the Fatah led west bank, there is no Israeli troops on the ground the people have been given a large amount of autonomy. I will admit there are problems to overcome but at least there is dialog and progress to build on.

    Ultimately it is up to the people of Gazza if they truly want peace; a future for their children in a viable Palestinian state, then the onus is on them to elect a government that can deliver this, one that seeks peace not confrontation.

    Now the Russian perspective;

    Almost all world leaders recognise that Hamas is a terrorist organisation, and as such will not engage with them, these are people who cannot be reasoned with they are driven by a perverse ideology. Of course the Russian state is an exception to the rule, they are happy to welcome Hamas leaders into the Kremlin, they have no problem with helping Iran (sponsors of Hamas) with its nuclear programme. Russia seems to have embarked on a policy of gathering up the worlds scum, o well as the old saying goes… “Birds of a feather flock together.”

    • Exactly, and the flock they are garnering around themselves now comprises such luminaries as Iranian ayatollahs, Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists, Syrian strongman, and Venezuelan and Nicaraguan commandantes. I wonder if I forgot somebody, perhaps, Islamic jihad or Zimbabwe; it’s also unclear how they stand with North Korea.

  8. a glowing dithyramb dedicated to my oppressed Chechen brothers:

    Черный чурка-исламист.
    Бей его скорей расист!
    С ишаком в чечне живет,
    И аллах акбар орет!

    Весь заросший бородой,
    Черный, грязный, и тупой,
    Зад песком он вытирает,
    Букв и чисел он не знает.

    Дорогой пиджак Армани
    Носит он со спортштанами
    И с возлюбленной ослицей
    Он спешит скорей в столицу!!

    • “Весь заросший бородой,
      Черный, грязный, и тупой,
      Зад песком он вытирает,
      Букв и чисел он не знает.”

      Срет в штаны, коран долбит,
      мерзкий, грязный ваххабит.

  9. Роберт Меркулов

    The Chechens knew it was not in their interests to carry out any terrorist attacks. Public opinion was on their side, and public opinion, both Russian and international, was more valuable to them than two or three hundred lives abruptly cut short. That was why the Chechens could not have been behind the terrorist attacks of September 1999. And the Chechens must be given credit for always denying their involvement in these bombings. Here is what Ilyas Akhmadov, minister of foreign affairs in Aslan Maskhadov’s government, had to say on that point:

    Question: In France you talk as though everybody knows that the terrorist attacks in Moscow and Volgodonsk were set up by the Russian secret services… Do you have any proof?

    Answer: “Of course. Throughout the last war, we never showed the slightest inclination for that sort of thing. But if it had been organized by Basaev or Khattab, I can assure you that they wouldn’t have been shy about admitting it to Russia. What’s more, everybody knows that the failed bombing in Ryazan was organized by the FSB…I myself served in the army as a demolition officer at a military proving ground, and I know perfectly well what a great difference there is between an explosive and sugar.”

    Here is the opinion of another interested party with whom it is hard to disagree, the Chechen minister of defense and commander of the presidential guard, Magomed Khambiev:

    “Now for the explosions in Moscow. Why are the Chechens not committing acts of terrorism now, when our people are being annihilated? Why did the Russian authorities pay no attention to the hexogene incident in Ryazan, when the police had detained a member of the secret services with this explosive? There’s not a single piece of evidence for the so-called Chechen connection in these bombings. And the bombings were least of all in the interest of the Chechens. But what is hidden will certainly be revealed. I assure you that the perpetrators and planners of the bombings in Moscow will become known, when there’s a change of political regime in the Kremlin. Because those who ordered the bombings should be sought in the corridors of the Kremlin. These bombings were necessary in order to start the war, in order to distract the attention of Russians and the whole world from the scandals and dirty intrigues going on in the Kremlin.”

    Suspicions arose that the bombings were being carried out by people attempting to force the government to declare a state of emergency and cancel the elections. A number of politicians rejected the idea: “I don’t agree with the statements of certain analysts who connect this series of terrorist attacks with somebody’s intentions to declare a state of emergency in Russia and cancel the elections to the State Duma,”declared former Russian minister of the interior Kulikov in an interview with Nezavisimaya Gazeta on September 11. The Chechens could not have had any interest in presidential elections or the declaration of a state of emergency in Russia. In 1996, it was the Korzhakov-Barsukov-Soskovets group and the secret services standing behind them that supported the cancellation of the election. So who was attempting to provoke the declaration of a state of emergency in 1999?
    – Alexander Litvinenko, Blowing up Russia, pp. 87-88.

  10. Well just listen to this Russian Bidlo what he says about US:


  11. While I deplore Russian leaders meeting with Khalid Mishaal, let me remind you that Russia is not an official ally of USA.

    What is much more deplorable is that America’s closest allies meet with Khalid Mishaal all the times, and nobody cares! I am not talking just about Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Kuwait, whom USA calls its “close friends and allies”. But even USA’s closest NATO ally Turkey, the country so instrumental in the behind-the-scenes preparation for the rape of Yugoslavia:


    Hamas leader in surprise Turkey visit

    Thursday 16 February 2006, 17:19 Makka Time, 14:19 GMT

    Mishaal is on tour of Muslim states looking for support

    A senior Hamas leader is on a surprise visit to Ankara for talks with Turkish diplomats.

    The talks are likely to upset Turkey’s allies, the United States and Israel, both of which are seeking to maintain the group’s international isolation.


    Khaled Mashal: First of all, our visit to Turkey was a part of our visit to the Arabian and Islam countries.

    As a matter of fact an invitation came from Turkey and we accepted it…. It is very important for Turkey to stand by the Palestinian people during their new experience.

    The authorities in Turkey gave us a kind reception despite a lot of pressure and reactions coming from outside and inside. The USA, Israel and some states oppressed the government from outside and some interior powers from inside. In conclusion, we can say that it was a successful meeting for us.

    This visit was a part of our foreign visits. We say that no matter which government helps to Palestine, we are open to this aid.

    Kudusyolu: So would you like to visit Turkey again?

    Khaled Mashal: Sure. We expect support from each Arabian and Islam country. This connection provides our strategic depth in the region. We need the Islamic peopleís support.

    ìChechen people is our honourî

    Kudusyolu: Especially our Chechen brothers holding the first place, some circles felt indisposed about your meeting with Russia at first.

    Khaled Mashal: Russia is a powerful country in th region and it has a relation with the Palestine issue. Naturally we had to visit them too.

    This visit does not mean that we are against the ideal of the Chechen people or that we have forgotten our brothers. The Chechen people is a Muslim people, we appreciat the Chechen people and see them as our honour. We do not ignore the ideal of the Chechen people! We are on the side of all Muslimsí issues. However we have to do our best in order to take support in the internetional arena against the tyranny we meet in the Palestinian lands.

    • @But even USA’s closest NATO ally Turkey, the country so instrumental in the behind-the-scenes preparation for the rape of Yugoslavia

      So, it was Turkey who helped the Serbs to set the rape camps, such as Vilina Vlas spa for the women and girls of Visegrad, or the Partizan Sports Hall for those of Foca?

      I must say this claim is very interesting, tell me more please.

  12. And how about shaking hands with Russian warlord Vladimir Putin? Talking about “Russia’s own domestic terrorists”.

    ‘Evidence’ In Moscow Subway Bombings Doesn’t Add Up

    The Moscow Bombings: A Prelude to Russia’s Invasion of Georgia?

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