EDITORIAL: Happy Birthday to LR!


Happy Birthday to LR!

Four years ago today, this blog was born.

We published three posts that day, April 2, 2006. One was an introduction to our blog, one was about Russia’s dismal performance at the World Figure Skating Championships that year, and one concerned the corrupt nexus between Vladimir Putin and former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder.  Both substantive topics proved to be themes to which we would return many times over the next four years.  Our seminal original post came out a few days later, and addressed “the felonious fraud that is Victor Yanukovich.”

Since then, this blog has grown from total obscurity to become one of the most potent sources of information about Vladimir Putin’s dictatorship in the world. We have been visited more than 2 million times as per our public visitation counter, and received more than 40,000 comments.  We’ve created over 7,500 web pages, and they’ve been viewed nearly 4 million times.  No other Russia politics blog on this planet can make those claims.

Our contribution to the understanding of Russia cannot be disputed.

Through the selfless efforts of a team of linguistic experts, we’ve published dozens and dozens of translations from the Russian press, including heroic bastions of democracy like Novaya Gazeta and Yezhedevny Zhurnal.  One of our translations, Boris Nemtsov’s anti-Putin manifesto, was cited by the prestigious New York Review of Books.  But for us, this material would never have seen the light of day in English.  Most recently, we translated a report from the Memorial human rights organization about the killing of civilians by Russian forces in Chechnya, only weeks before the rebels lashed out against Russia with bombings in Moscow and Dagestan that killed over 50 people.

We’ve watched as Russian patriots like Anna Politkovskaya, Stanislav Markelov, Alexander Litvinenko and Natalia Estemirova have been shot and killed for criticizing the Russian government.  We’ve played a crucial role in bringing to Western prominence other Russian patriots, like Oleg Kozlovsky and Roman Dobrokhotov.  But for us, Signourney Weaver might never have handed Kozlovsky a major human rights award, and his words might not have appeared on the vaunted op-ed pages of The Washington Post.

We’ve fearlessly confronted the malignant regime of Vladimir Putin with a wealth of original editorial material unmatched by any other Russia blog, and we’ve challenged Putin’s “Komissars of the Internet” wherever they’ve appeared in the blogosphere.

We’ve also republished a vast array of material from other publications, material which in many cases would have permanently disapeared behind archive walls but for our tireless efforts.

We’ve accepted no financial support from anyone to compensate us for our efforts, and we’ve accepted a barrage of hate mail and threats and libelous smears from the Russophile scum who scurry like cockroaches to attack us.

But as long as Vladimir Putin and his KGB cohorts remain in power in the Kremlin, all of that means little except that we must redouble our efforts to make the world understand how venal and dangerous that regime really is.  We cannot but express our deep gratitude to all those readers and contributors who have supported our efforts in the past, and we cannot but call upon them to redouble their efforts as well.

This fight has only just begun.

17 responses to “EDITORIAL: Happy Birthday to LR!

  1. Gilotsav dabadebis dges!!
    Happy birthday LR!!

  2. Z Dnem Narogennea Larussophobe! Nay panstva ta nasza meta bude zrealizovana i ostanni forposty tyraniyi w Sviti zdolani!
    You guys are doing great job keep on doing it!
    Down with putinism!
    God Bless America!

  3. Mnohaya Lita!

    God Grant You Many Years!

  4. Mnohaya Lita Kim

    Happy Birthday, and thanks for giving us this space for analysis. I think you are making a difference by focusing in, on the ex-Soviet Space.

  5. as neal young sings, ‘long may you run’

  6. La Russophobe, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. And please take care. KGB is dangerous.

  7. Happy Birthday, LR! And many,many more……

  8. It is a great blog. I would wish you many more years if it were not for the fact that that would mean many more years of struggle against dictatorship, corruption, and tyranny for you and the good Russian people.

  9. I would like to join others in wishing you the very best. It was just recently that you celebrated 1,000,000 visits, and I see it’s close to 1.8 million already. Outstanding job! Keep it up

  10. Happy 4th birthday to this remarkable blog,

    I use the term remarkable for good reason,

    Since the Moscow sub way attack LR’s original piece has generated well over 200 posts

    Russia Today the English language state propaganda channel with its $65 million budget, its bureau’s in Moscow, new York , Washington, its access to global TV satellite networks, its web site that streams live coverage, has only generated a pitiful 20 posts from its original piece.

    Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out who truly has a finger on the “pulse” when it comes to debating Russian issues.

  11. Happy, happy 4th birthday LR! Your honesty in reporting the truth is beyond reproach and extremely commendable. You are the classic example of the pen being mightier then the sword.

    May there be many, many more years to come.

    “Mnohaya, mnohaya lita.”

    Keep up the excellent work as it is appreciated by the majority of readers.

  12. Happy Birthday, LR!

    Quality shines and excellence shows – I am glad that you are here!

  13. Keep fighting the good fight!

    Where Russians Are Sent To Die
    Mother Russia needs a drink. Whether throwing themselves in the line of enemy fire, succumbing to radiation poisoning, or ending it all with a single shot in a dark room, the Russians have spent 1,000 years dying en masse. A tough, resilient people, Russians pride themselves on never having been conquered by anyone but Russians, who in turn have done everything in their power to wipe them out. Centuries of hardship have shaped the national character into a cold, feelingless lump of off-gray concrete. Though Russians rarely smile and can often seem closed-off, all it takes is a little patience, two liters of vodka, and an ice pick to get them to open up.”


  14. Yes, congratulations and a Happy 4th. Birthday to La Russophobe.
    Keep telling the world the full truth about currently KGB run Putin’s Russia.
    Most of the ‘free’ western news media, only parrots the Kremlin line of bull!
    If we are to believe all those distortions, the Kremlin is the innocent victim of those nasty/evil/ungrateful criminal Chechyans, and Moacow has done nothing to deserve such, ‘crimes’.
    Few western news sources, even mention the horrendous deaths and destruction visited upon those Caucasian peoples, by Moscow.

  15. This blog absolutely must be putting serious pressure on the Kremlin. They are not doing well.

  16. Happy Birthday from Germany.

  17. Happy Birthday LR! God bless you all. It is nearly a lonely battle, but I assure you. You do something that is very important. And one day Russia will become free thanks to people like you.

    God bless you!

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