EDITORIAL: Unwanted “Russians” head “Home”


Unwanted “Russians” head “Home”

A recent piece from Transitions Online highlights how hundreds of thousands of citizens of Kyrgyzstan who are ethnic “Russians” have fled to Russia since the collapse of the USSR.  It documents the complaints of locals about being ignored and neglected by the government of Russia and hated by the native people of Kyrgyzstan.  It documents a demographic nightmare.

But for this flow of unwanted Russians from abroad, the Russian population would already be in freefall since fare more Russians perish each year than are born due to the endless litany of horrific dangers, from murder to smoking, that plague Russia life expectancy, which does not rank in the top 130 nations of the world.

So the Russian government, of course, doesn’t want anyone to be comfortable abroad. It wants them to suffer as much as possible, the better to motivate them to return and help cover up the government’s utter failure to manage the national welfare.  For their part, the arrogant, insular ethnic “Russians” are totally unable to assimilate themselves into a foreign culture, and from Estonia to Kazakhstan they are reviled.

Russia, then, is a perverse opposite of the United States. Instead of attracted foreign people who see Russia as a better place, a place to make a new home, the only immigrants who seek out Russia are already Russians, rejected elsewhere and coming “home.”

Yet it’s not their home, and they bitterly resent their mistreatment and neglect while abroad by the Russian state. What kind of nation, then, will be built by such refugees?

It’s not a nation with a very bright future, to say the least.

And what happens when this flow of “immigrants” — just like the flow of oil — one day inevitably dries up?  Then the Russian population will enter freefall, and the nation will once again collapse.

11 responses to “EDITORIAL: Unwanted “Russians” head “Home”

  1. Sergey Shelukhin

    Funny. In fact, even legal migration to Russia is net positive, most of them coming from CIS states and being Russian speakers, not necessarily Russians:

    As for illegal immigrants from CIS they are in the millions:

    Moscow and other big cities are full of migrants – go to any market, construction site, ethnic restaurant, or try to find a worker crew to renovate your home, or an illegal cab, or a prostitute, or a maid, or look at the students.

    Another thing is that one of the most prominent groups you’d notice in Russia, aside from ppl from Middle Asia, are Georgians – guess that democratic-European state is not so democratic and European after all!


    You’re quite an ignorant jackass! Very impressive! You’ve just agreed with the point of this editorial without even realizing it. We KNOW immigration is net positive, you moron, THAT’S WHAT WE SAID. It’s net positive because NOBODY WANTS RUSSIANS so those who are there can’t leave and those who are elsewhere get sent home.

    Meanwhile, Russians HATE any non-Slavic immigrants and TORTURE AND KILL THEM ON SIGHT. And when the supply of Russians from abroad runs out? Then Russia’s population goes into freefall.

    Don’t drink and post, idiot. It makes Russia look like a nation of apes.

    • Really Sergey, stop being a liar.

      You say “Another thing is that one of the most prominent groups you’d notice in Russia, aside from ppl from Middle Asia, are Georgians – guess that democratic-European state is not so democratic and European after all!”

      What tosh, Georgians make up 0.14% of the population of Russia, compared to say 0.35% Ossetians, and 0.94% Chechens.

      Do try again idiot….


      Most Russians derive from the Eastern Slavic family of peoples, the origins of which very little is known.[23]
      The Russian Federation is home to as many as 160 different ethnic groups and indigenous peoples. As of the 2002 census, 79.83% of the population (115,889,107 people) is ethnically Russian, followed by (groups larger than one million):[24][25]
      3.83% Tatars (5,554,601)
      2.03% Ukrainians (2,942,961)
      1.15% Bashkirs (1,673,389)
      1.13% Chuvashs (1,637,094)
      0.94% Chechens (1,360,253)
      0.78% Armenians (1,130,491)
      Most smaller groups live compactly in their respective regions and can be categorized by language group The ethnic divisions used here are those of the official census, and may in some respects be controversial. The following lists all ethnicites resolved by the 2002 census, grouped by language:[24][25]

      Indo-European 122,687,275 (total 84.07%; 83.27% Slavs)
      Russians 115,889,107 (79.83%)
      Ukrainians 2,942,961 (2.03%)
      Armenians 1,130,491 (0.78%)
      Belarusians 807,970 (0.56%)
      Germans 597,212 (0.41%)
      Ossetians 514,875 (0.35%)
      Roma 182,766 (0.13%)
      Moldovans 172,330 (0.12%)
      Tajiks 120,136 (0.08%)
      Greeks 97,827 (0.07%)
      Poles 73,001 (0.05%)
      Iranians 50,242 (0.036%)
      Lithuanians 45,569 (0.03%)
      Bulgarians 31,965 (0.02%)
      Latvians 28,520 (0.02%)
      Tats 2,303 (0.00%)

      Turkic 12,106,587 (total 8.36%)
      Tatars 5,554,601 (3.83%)
      Bashkirs 1,673,389 (1.15%)
      Chuvashs 1,637,094 (1.13%)
      Kazakhs 653,962 (0.45%)
      Azerbaijani 621,840 (0.43%)
      Yakuts 443,852 (0.31%)
      Kumyks 422,409 (0.29%)
      Tuvans 243,442 (0.17%)
      Karachays 192,182 (0.13%)
      Uzbeks 122,916 (0.08%)
      Balkars 108,426 (0.07%)
      Turks 95,672 (0.06%)
      Nogais 90,666 (0.06%)
      Khakas 75,622 (0.05%)
      Altay peoples 67,239 (0.05%)
      Turkmens 33,053 (0.02%)
      Kyrgyz 31,808 (0.02%)
      Shors 13,975 (0.01%)
      Gagauz 12,210 (0.01%)
      Dolgans 7,261 (0.01%)
      Crimean Tatars 4,131 (0.00%)
      Tofalar 837 (0.00%)

      Caucasian 4,822,600 (total 3.30%)
      Chechens 1,360,253 (0.94%)
      Avars 814,473 (0.56%)
      Kabardians 519,958 (0.36%)
      Dargins 510,156 (0.35%)
      Ingush 413,016 (0.28%)
      Lezgins 411,535 (0.28%)
      Georgians 197,934 (0.14%)
      Laks 156,545 (0.11%)
      Tabasarans 131,785 (0.09%)
      Adyghe 128,528 (0.09%)
      Circassians 60,517 (0.04%)
      Abazas 37,942 (0.03%)
      Rutuls 29,929 (0.02%)
      Aguls 28,297 (0.02%)
      Abkhaz 11,366 (0.01%)
      Tsakhurs 10,366 (0.01%)

      Finno-Ugric 2,709,357 (1.88%)
      Mordvins 843,350 (0.58%)
      Udmurts 636,906 (0.44%)
      Mari 604,298 (0.42%)
      Komi 293,406 (0.20%)
      Komi-Permyak 125,235 (0.09%)
      Karelians 93,344 (0.06%)
      Finns 34,050 (0.02%)
      Khanty 28,678 (0.02%)
      Estonians 28,113 (0.02%)
      Mansi 11,432 (0.01%)
      Veps 8,240 (0.01%)
      Sami 1,991 (0.00%)
      Izhorians 314 (0.00%)

      Samoyedic 48,131 (0.03%)
      Nenets 41,302 (0.03%)
      Selkups 4,249 (0.00%)
      Yukaghir 1,509 (0.00%)
      Nganasans 834 (0.00%)
      Enets 237 (0.00%)

      Mongols 619,171 (0.43%)
      Buryats 445,175 (0.31%)
      Kalmyks 173,996 (0.12%)

      Vietnamese 296,556 (0.20%)

      Semitic peoples 243,587 (0.17%)
      Jews 229,938 (0.16%)
      Assyrians 13,649 (0.01%)

      Koreans 148,556 (0.10%)

      Manchu-Tungus 72,927 (0.02%)
      Evenks 35,527 (0.02%)
      Evens 19,071 (0.01%)
      Nanais 12,160 (0.01%)
      Ulchs 2,913 (0.00%)
      Udege 1,657 (0.00%)
      Orochs 686 (0.00%)
      Negidals 567 (0.00%)
      Oroks 346 (0.00%)

      Chukotko-Kamchatkan 28,777 (0.02%)
      Chukchi 15,767 (0.01%)
      Koryak 8,743 (0.01%)
      Itelmeni 3,180 (0.00%)
      Chuvans 1,087 (0.00%)
      Nivkh 5,162 (0.00%)
      Eskimo-Aleut 2290 (0.00%)
      Eskimo 1,750 (0.00%)
      Aleut 540 (0.00%)
      Ket 1,494 (0.00%)

      • Sergey Shelukhin

        Who is this supposed to fool? Chechens and Ossetians in Russia happen to live, among other places, in CHECHNYA and OSSETIA! I realize it’s a surprise, but hey.
        It’s pretty damn obvious that there’s be large fraction of population.
        Georgian fraction is mostly migrants. Moreover, this is official figures, whereas if you noticed I was talking about millions of illegal migrants – in fact, last time I was in Moscow Georgian “bombila” (semi-legal cabbie) asked me to fasten my seatbelt (which I would have done anyway but which is not common in Russia) – “because if cops stop us they’ll find my status and I will be in tons of trouble”. I knew a whole bunch of people from Middle Asia on student visas to Russia who were working, and not planning to leave even though officially they are only on temporary visit.

        And LR again shows herself as a rabid moron who can’t read – go to Moscow and look – those are not mythical “unwanted Russians” – those are up to millions of people who are ethnic Azerbaijanis, Tajiks, Georgians, Armenians, etc, etc.
        Of course armchair expert without any knowledge of Russian or Russia, and probably having never been there, with reposting is the only skill on passable level, is bound to live in a kind of warped magical world.

  2. “For their part, the arrogant, insular ethnic “Russians” are totally unable to assimilate themselves into a foreign culture, and from Estonia to Kazakhstan they are reviled.”

    That is true only of Russians living in former USSR states. There are plenty of Russian immigrants in the US, Germany, Sweden etc and on the whole they are able to learn the local language and adapt to the host culture. The problem with Russian immigrants in ex-Soviet states is not that they are unable to adapt, they are UNWILLING to adapt. In Soviet times they enjoyed social and economic privileges, and they were taught that they were superior to the locals, whom they were taught to hate and despise. So it doesn’t have to do with an inability to learn foreign languages, but with a highly chauvinistic, imperialist mentality. For example, I’ve met Russians from countries like Latvia who speak several languages (English, German etc) but can’t speak a word of Latvian.

  3. Kyrgyzstan are ethnically Chinese, but mostly (70%) Muslim. This was also the Eastern most part of Turkmenistan; hence Turkish influence in business and language is visible. About 4.5milion people live here. Except in summer most of the country hibernates under cold, snow drinking vodka.

    The Kirghiz did a fine job of Playing the Russians, for a 0.5% loan to start being payed off in 2026.
    Kyrgyz authorities decided to make money out of that money.”

    Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin reportedly made the Kremlin’s unhappiness with Bishkek apparent at a November meeting in Yalta with his Kyrgyz counterpart, Daniyar Usenov. Putin told Usenov: “I’ve heard there is family business going on in Kyrgyzstan at the state level. Why is Russian money to Kyrgyzstan going straight to commercial banks?” Just lent the money out at real interest.

    To please Putin they Changed the name of the US Air Force base to a Transit Base. Rasha was even more annoyed when they started doing business and getting loan money from China.

    Mascali lie, and say that they are leaving because their economy is so good, back home.

    Really the Kirghiz Population hates Rasha, and is Kicking their butts out of the country.
    Encouraging others to leave till they bleed.

    I don’t wonder why Moscals are so hated. Maybe for colonizing Kyrgyzstan for over 2oo years and ripping them off for the resources.

    • Georg, I must disagree with you in a number of things. First, the Kyrgyz are not ethnic Chinese. They were a Turkic tribe from the very begining, ever since they migrated from the ancient Turkic homeland in Mongolia and Siberia.

      And second, the Kyrgyz Republic is one of the poorest and most corrupt countries in the world (compare Kyrgyz GDP per capita and Corruption Perceptions Index with Russia and Ukraine). For the people living there, Russia is like a promised land. Just like poor China is promised land for dirt poor North Koreans.

      So, people are leaving Kyrgyzia really because it is dirt poor, not because the Kyrgyz gov’t is throwing people out.

      • The Kyrgyz are even trying to keep the Russians in, for how would you explain that Russian is an official language in a country where ethnic Russians make up less than 10% of the population?

        • Can’t you read the article?

          “Many ethnic Russians say that under cover of a language law which requires officials to speak Kyrgyz, Kyrgyz authorities have started forcing ethnic Russians from state bodies.”

  4. http://www.rferl.org/content/Moscow_Chills_Relations_With_Kyrgyzstan/1966393.html

    Rasha is not playing this game very well at all.
    Kyrgyz nomads suffered especially from confiscation of their land for Russian settlements. Russian taxation, forced labor, and price policies all targeted the indigenous population and raised discontent and regional tension.

    The Kyrgyz in Semirech’ye Province suffered especially from land appropriation. The bloody rebellion of the summer of 1916 began in Uzbekistan, then spread into Kyrgyzstan and elsewhere. Kazaks, Turkmen, Uzbeks, and Kyrgyz participated. An estimated 2,000 Slavic settlers and even more local people were killed, and the harsh Russian reprisals drove one-third of the Kyrgyz population into China.

  5. Russia tries to portray the relationship it now has with its former colonies in the east as stable, friendly and strong, this is far from the truth.

    In Kyrgyzstan the ethnic Russians who were raised to believe they are superior to the indigenous population have no desire to assimilate, obviously this has led to tension and resentment on both sides, so I’m not surprised ethnic Russians are leaving in droves,

    Russia has tried everything in its power to hold together its now bankrupt rotten empire, first we have the CIS (commonwealth of independent states) which has only ever agreed to disagree.

    Then we have the CSTO Russia’s pathetic answer to NATO, another worthless institution with no teeth, for example Kyrgyzstan joined this military block to appease its former masters, but didn’t want to damage its relations with new partners, so they put an amendment in their constitution which stops their armed forces acting outside their own boarders, in one move they became a threat to no one. And their membership to CSTO is meaningless; pure tokenism.

    Now we see Russia trying to form an economic block which they call a custom union the plan is to eventually turn this into a political union based on the EU model, again Russia is trying to suck poor old Kyrgyzstan into this pathetic orginisation, Russia wants them to re-negotiated their WTO membership so they can join this daft customs union, whose three members can’t even agree on tariff payments for oil.

    I bet the people of Kyrgyzstan are counting the days until the last Russian imperialist leaves their small country for good.

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