March 29, 2010 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Russia, for Sale

(2)  EDITORIAL:  That’s Right, Russians, Study up!

(3)  Obama is the New Bush on Russia

(4)  Putin’s Assault on Russian Ecology

(5)  The Anti-Putin Petition in English

One response to “March 29, 2010 — Contents

  1. In June 2009, Mikael Ohlsson’s predecessor Anders Dahlvig said Ikea had slashed 5,000 jobs to cope with the drop in demand brought about by the global economic crisis.

    “Strong cost controls are an important factor” Ohlsson told DI when asked to explain the stable profits.

    He also said the company’s results in Russia, where it faces corruption allegations, were below expectations.

    “It admittedly has not gone as well as we hoped for, but its crystal clear we are continuing in Russia,” he said.

    Ikea said last week it had fired two top managers over a bribery affair in the country.

    “There is in fact no proof that the bribes have been paid,” Ohlsson said, admitting however the affair would damage the brand’s image in Russia in the short run.

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