Putin’s War on Ukrainian Culture

Paul Goble reports:

Even as the Russian government proclaims “a new era” in relations with Kyiv thanks to the election of “pro-Russian” Viktor Yanukovich and even as the new Ukrainian president announces plans to build a bridge linking Crimea and Kuban, Moscow is seeking to suppress the Federal National Cultural Autonomy of Ukrainians in Russia. These various actions may seem contradictory to some, but in fact, they reflect a deeper and longstanding set of Russian attitudes, one that many in the West are loathe to admit or even share: the current Russian leadership and those in neighboring countries it can put pressure on do not view Ukrainians as a separate nation worthy of a separate state.

After the Soviet Union came apart, there were 11.4 million ethnic Russians living in Ukraine, something Moscow worked hard to ensure that the entire world knew and that the Russian government insisted the international community demand that Russian-language schools there be kept open. But at the same time, few people paid much attention to the equally important reality that there were three to five million ethnic Ukrainians living in the Russian Federation, for whom there were no Ukrainian-language schools or other native-language institutions and who even faced loss of work in the early 1990s if they sought to acquire Ukrainian citizenship.

Although they received little support from Kyiv and none from the international community, the ethnic Ukrainians in the Russian Federation took advantage of the freedoms of the 1990s to organize themselves not only in the heavily Ukrainian “Green Triangle” (“Zelenyi klin”) in the Far East but also in major industrial centers. By 1998, there were four ethnic Ukrainian national cultural autonomy organizations in the Russian Federation, and they came together to form the Federation of National Cultural Autonomies of Ukrainians (FNCAU) in the Russian Federation, a group that for the last 12 years has sought to protect their individual and collective rights under the Russian Constitution.

If Moscow often points to the existence of national cultural autonomy organizations of some very small ethnic groups as evidence of Russian support for nationalities, the central Russian powers that be have never been especially happy about NCAs representing larger groups or those uniting the nationalities of neighboring countries. In mid-2009, Glavred’s Aleksandr Mikhelson reported yesterday, the government of Vladimir Putin signaled that it intended to shut down the FNCAU.

Some Ukrainians expected that Moscow would reverse course following Yanukovich’s election, but instead, the Russian powers that be has “not slowed down.” Mikhelson documents Moscow’s persecution of the FNCAU over the last year. As a result of Russian government-required re-registration procedures, three of the nine regional organizations of the FNCAU were “excluded from the register of public organizations,” something one (in Krasnoyarsk) has now succeeded in overturning in court.

Because of these legal travails — which exacerbated the autonomy’s financial situation — the FNCAU was not able to hold a congress in 2009 and elect a new leadership, even though such actions were required by the organization’s own statute. And as soon as the old leadership’s term expired, Russian officials invoked that to move against the group as a whole. But Moscow’s complaints against the group have become more hyperbolic in recent months. On the one hand, Russian officials now complain that the group should be banned because it continues to have on its official seal the words, “the Ukrainians of Russia,” rather just the FNCAU.

And on the other, in early February of this year, the Russian justice ministry publicized a letter from a Moscow resident who demanded that the powers that be “take measures” against the FNCAU because its continued operation represented in his words “a threat to Russian statehood” because it is promoting “separatism.” Neither the author nor the justice ministry provided any evidence, but Russian officials don’t think any is needed, believing that “the Ukrainians of Russia don’t need Ukrainian language and culture”, Mikhelson notes, whatever they say for international consumption.

Hearings on the fate of the FNCAU are scheduled to take place at the end of this month, with the organization itself contesting what it says is the Russian justice ministry’s illegal action. So far, Mikhelson says, the Ukrainian government has not taken a position on this or joined the suit, a failure that may create political problems in Kyiv.

Members of the opposition, he says, are watching what Yanukovich will do. And at least one deputy in the Rada is calling for that body’s foreign affairs committee to hold a hearing on what the Russian powers that be are trying to do, clearing hoping to force the new Ukrainian government to act lest it give more credence to charges that it is “unpatriotic.”

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  1. Typical Russian hypocrisy.

    They stoke separatism in neighboring states in order to destabilize them, but god forbid anyone in Russia’s ethnic minorities having rights.

    Look at the moronic posts by RTR for details…

  2. Russian hypocrisy seems to know no bounds, They constantly cry about the “rights” of Russian citizens living in foreign countries, they have made it clear in their military doctrine that they will go to war in defence of their beloved citizens, this of course is utter clap trap the Russian government couldn’t care less about the rights of the individual, it’s a rouse to try to exert pressure on the host nation and try to maintain some imaginary sphere of influence,

    To force these Ukrainian cultures centres to close, highlights their hypocrisy if this were Russian centres in Ukraine or Georgia being forced to close by the host government, my god all hell would break loose the ruling Russian elite would be squealing like pigs at feeding time,

    Russia under Putin has a long despicable history when it comes to this kind of behaviour, let me remind you the British council was subjected to a sustained attack by the Russian state backed by NASI or as some call it the Putin youth, workers were followed abused and some arrested and held for questioning all in an attempt to force the council to close its doors at two of the three centres in Russia, in the end they charged the council with tax evasion to force closure, these charges were latter thrown out in court, but the damage had already been done.

    • Nobody forced any ukrainian centres to close. It’d be just ridiculous.
      The problem was nobody wanted to visit these ‘centres’ or study in an ‘ukrainian’ schools.

      Otherwise Russia is a horrible Mordor with no democracy. Why don’t any new ‘civilized’ country like Estonia show us an example and treat russians with respect?

      • “Why don’t any new ‘civilized’ country like Estonia show us an example and treat russians with respect?”

        What are youtalking about? According to Geneva convention, its’ illegal to put colonists in oocupied teritory, so those Estonian Russians should be happy that they are not kicked out and have all conditions to learn Estonian language and to acquire Estonian citizenship. r

        • Do you mean ukrainians should be happy they are not kicked out of Russia?
          I don’t supprot such an extremism.

          • How would you feel if Ukrainians would be about 30 percent of Russian population and big number of them wouldnt learn Russian and wouldnt respect Russian statehood? You obviously would call them “extremists” and “separatists”. So why double standarts about Estonia? In Baltic states Russians live quite well, and in fact, are mistreated in Central Asia states. It angers me that Russian propaganda is silent about central Asia because of all the gas and is hysteric about Baltics.

            Second, yes, I think, Ukrainians should get the hell out of Russia if they are mistreated. If they are culturaly humilliated but they choose to stay because of the bite of sausage , they have no self-respect.

            • [It angers me that Russian propaganda is silent about central Asia]

              Silent? Not at all.
              At least i’m pretty much aware of what happens in Tajikistan or Kyrgizstan. Belive me, Russia is much more kind to Estonia than to Tajikistan.

              [Ukrainians should get the hell out of Russia if they are mistreated. ]

              But in fact scores of Ukrainians move to Russia. Maybe they’re not as mistreated as you belive? BTW did you hear of russians trying hard to move to Estonia?

              [How would you feel if Ukrainians would be about 30 percent of Russian population and big number of them wouldnt learn Russian and wouldnt respect Russian statehood]

              I would be fine with that. I’m not going to force anyone to use the language he prefers. So no double standards.

              • “I would be fine with that.”

                Even if we would believe you, that would mean nothing. Because that is not you who decides. And we all know all too good what happens to the people accused of “separatism” or “extremism” in Russia for the most ridiculous reasons.

            • [How would you feel if … wouldnt respect Russian statehood]

              It’d be different though if these ‘30%’ would dream to force me to always speak ukrainian, deprive me of proper work and preferably to send me out of the country. That would make me angry indeed.

              • But thats what the Russian diaspora tends to do in former Soviet republics. Russians in the Baltic republics tend to want to reincorporate those republics into the Russian empire.

                They forget that the native population has rights.

                • [Russians … tend to want to reincorporate those republics into the Russian empire.]

                  It’s their right, isn’t it?
                  Is there anything bad in the ‘reincorporation’ anyway?

                  [They forget that the native population has rights.]

                  Yes. It’s just the ‘native population’ has had all the power there, doing their best to oppress local russians and broke all ties with Russia. That already turned their countries into hopeless failed states.

                  • Well, I suggest if the Russian diaspora wants to be in Russia so much, they can always leave and go back to Russia.

                    If you want to live in somebody else’s country, it is considered polite to respect their culture and rights as the native population.

                    Funny, but for “failed states” the Baltic republics seem to have a much better standard of living than Russia.

                    Maybe thats why all those Russians don’t want to leave?

                    • [they can always leave and go back to Russia.]

                      Firstly i don’t really know what they want, and never told their wishes. ttc probably knows.
                      But tell me first why the Ukrainian and Georgian ‘diaspora’ don’t get out of Russia to their beloved countries?

                      [Baltic republics seem to have a much better standard of living than Russia.]

                      That’s just not so.
                      And russians (as well as native ‘baltics’) leave these in drowes.

                    • Andrew,

                      Don’t you find it quite ironic that you would write “If you want to live in somebody else’s country, it is considered polite to respect their culture and rights as the native population” in the discussion following-up LR’s story how Putin wants Ukrainians living in Russia to “respect Russians’ culture and rights as the native population” of Russia?

                    • the Baltic republics seem to have a much better standard of living than Russia.

                      No, the same:


                      46 Estonia 18,051
                      47 Poland 17,989
                      50 Lithuania 15,803
                      51 Russia 15,039
                      54 Latvia 14,304


                      103 Swaziland 5,839
                      104 Bhutan 5,793
                      107 Samoa 5,446


                      112 Sri Lanka 4,763
                      113 Georgia 4,747

                  • Hehe, Ouch your poor little troll, so you agree that Russians in Estonia want to “reincorporate” it into the Russian empire (and yeah, they’re pretty blatant about that), yet you’re surprised that Estonia is cautious?

                    The Russian minority in Estonia is different from, say, the Ukrainian minority in Russia (or the Russian minority in Germany). Russians in Estonia are COLONISTS, therefore illegals. Estonia was overly nice to the Russians, it had legal ground to deport them all, yet they were nice enough to give them residence and a chance to get citizenship. So I think Russians should be grateful to Estonians, not many countries are that open to immigrants.

                    • [Ouch … so you agree that Russians in Estonia want to “reincorporate” it into the Russian empire]

                      No, you stinky Roma, i don’t agree with that.

              • It’d be different though if these ‘30%’ would dream to force me to always speak ukrainian, deprive me of proper work and preferably to send me out of the country. That would make me angry indeed.

                You perfectly described what Russians did in the Baltic states.

                They occupied the countries, they brought in the settlers, they made the local people speak a foreign language – the Russian, they often deprived locals of a job, because they (the locals) belonged to a “politically unreliable” people, they deported – sent out of the country – to Siberia thousands of families, where many died.

                You say that would make you angry?


                Because this made people from the Baltic states angry as hell too.

                But they still were civilized enough to allow the Russians to stay, after regaining the independence.

                Though it does not seem that the Russians in the Baltic states fell any gratitude for that. What they feel is a bitter sorrow for the lost Soviet Empire and the lost privileges and hatred to the local people who took it from them.

  3. They should also outlaw Medvedevs surname. Bears can attack people, so they are extremely danger to people, so, in fact, president Medvedev is promoting extremism. BAN IT!!!


  4. The Russian state forced two British council centres to close,so i agree with you OUCH Russia is a horrible Mordor with no democracy

    • Well, maybe they’re concerned that if kids learn English they’ll be able to access other media except Pravda.

    • Did you, poor boy, invest all your money in these centers? Otherwise i see no explanation why do you care about these centers more than us, local residents.
      Countries like France, Germany or USA live fine with a single BC office. I belive Russia does not need extra offices as well.

      • The right of the English people to spread their “culture” is in the paramount. Remember: the Sun must never set on the British Empire.

        Plus the Brits spread their “culture” out of the God-given responsibility to tell the “inferior races” what to do. The English call this “the White Man’s Burden”:


        “The White Man’s Burden”: Kipling’s Hymn to U.S. Imperialism

        In February 1899, British novelist and poet Rudyard Kipling wrote a poem entitled “The White Man’s Burden: The United States and The Philippine Islands.” In this poem, Kipling urged the U.S. to take up the “burden” of empire, as had Britain and other European nations. Published in the February, 1899 issue of McClure’s Magazine, the poem coincided with the beginning of the Philippine-American War and U.S. Senate ratification of the treaty that placed Puerto Rico, Guam, Cuba, and the Philippines under American control. Theodore Roosevelt, soon to become vice-president and then president, copied the poem and sent it to his friend, Senator Henry Cabot Lodge, commenting that it was “rather poor poetry, but good sense from the expansion point of view.” Not everyone was as favorably impressed as Roosevelt. The racialized notion of the “White Man’s burden” became a euphemism for imperialism, and many anti-imperialists couched their opposition in reaction to the phrase.

        Take up the White Man’s burden—
        …To serve your captives’ need

        On fluttered folk and wild—
        Your new-caught, sullen peoples,
        Half devil and half child

        Take up the White Man’s burden—
        And reap his old reward:
        The blame of those ye better
        The hate of those ye guard—

        In other words, the natives are half-devils and half-children. They are inferior to you. You should catch them, enslave them, squeeze the last drop of blood, sweat and tears out of them – all because you are a white English-speaking man (no Spaniards need apply) and you are superior to the colonized people, who are childish devils. Rule Britania!

        • Ouch, what does this prove? That everybody has the right to colonise others? That inhabitants of powerful countries tend to look down on those living in smaller ones? That’s not exactly new.

          And the Estonians will not feel better knowing that the British Empire also wasn’t always a gift of God.

        • And what do you think you did prove with your quote form this more than a century old book?

      • What kind of an answer is that?

        Let the British Council decide how many offices they want. It is their business, not yours. They can decide on it themselves.

        You sound just like some old Soviet bureaucrat.

  5. The Russians in Estonia live quite comfortable with their “grey passports”. They can go to Russia and to EU countries without visa. They don’t have to serve in the Armies, neither in Estonian nor in Russian one (which is much more valuable for them).

    I have seen myslef how Russians live in Estonia, its much better than they would in Russia.

    The Russian government allows ethnic Russians to come home, but those living in Estonia don’t want to, they prefer to stay in the country which treats them so cruelly.

    And indeed, Russians claim that the Baltic states still “belong” to their Empire. They despise the people living there, but as a matter of prestige, they don’t want to let them go.

    • Well, your last paragraph encapsulates the reason for all this talk of “persecution”. Ouch, one of the resident trolls on this blog, confirmed this, when he was talking about how Russians have a “right” to want to “reincorporate” the Baltic states. Slavic colonists in the Baltics want to force the majority population to speak Russian like in the good old Soviet days, and dream of the Baltics becoming part of the Russian empire again.

    • Right.

      Scorn and hatred.

      Take a Russian newspaper from a stand in Latvia and quickly run your eyes across the articles.

      You can almost see a blinding hatred dripping off the pages of the newspaper as a venom would off the wiper’s fangs.

  6. RTR/OUCH you comments are pathetic this is the 21st century not the 19th the British councils main function in Russia is to assist Russians gain student visas to come to Britain to study, this is beneficial to both the student and the state, after all English is the international language of business, that’s why so many rich Russians send their children to English public schools, ultimately this benefits the Russian economy, now all these applicants have to travel vast distances to Moscow.

    Its dinosaurs like you with your 19th century thinking that holds Russia back, this isolationist point of view is crippling Russia. And you RTR have the audacity to promote this when you don’t even live there…. Disgraceful.

    Both you isolationist dinosaurs will be happy to learn the British council has no interest in re-opening offices in Russia,

    • [ isolationist point of view is crippling Russia ]
      Oh my.
      I’m all for the wider international relations and lesser borders. It’s Estonians here who dream of ethnical cleansings (they call it decolonisation) and protecting their precious language. Save your loud words for them.

      • Name a country that gives illegal immigrants the same rights that Estonia does with illegal Russian immigrants, otherwise shut up, imbecile.

        It’s interesting that Russians who’ve been living for a few years in, let’s say, Germany, can speak reasonable German, while Russians who are born anywhere in the former USSR can’t speak a word of the local languages. This shows that it’s not that Russians are collectively stupid or incapable of learning foreign languages, it’s just the imperial mentality that keeps the colonists from adapting.

      • You lie like hell. In fact, Estonians speak very well foreign languages, much better English than RuSSians (mostly because of their high education and foreign tv-channels), Finnish and Swedish. Also German is widely spoken in Estonia.

        More and more tourists and foreign investors go to Estonia. Their economy has been growing every year since Estonia liberated from the uSSr. Also many RuSSian-speaking Estonians are very proud of Estonia and want to stay there. Your lies are very typical Putler-propaganda. You RuSSian barbarians are really losers.

        • Where exactly do i lie?
          I didn’t say esties know no languages.

          [More and more tourists and foreign investors go to Estonia. Their economy has been growing every year since Estonia liberated from the uSSr.]

          You were badly mistaken.
          Check last two years:
          Economy is contracting
          GDP – real growth rate:
          -13.7% (2009 est.)
          -3.6% (2008 est.)

          Public debt is growing:
          7.5% of GDP (2009 est.)
          4.8% of GDP (2008 est.)

          Investments are shrinking.
          Stock of direct foreign investment – at home:
          $16.76 billion (31 December 2009 est.)
          $18.62 billion (31 December 2008 est.)

          And note one thing – Russians liberated Estonia.
          Didn’t they deserve the equality at least?

          • Exports in Estonia contracted in 2008-09 because of very serious economic crisis in RuSSia. In 2010 Estonian economy is growing again and there are more and more tourists and foreign investments again.

            When RuSSian vodka-drinking fascists occupied Estonia in 1939 and again in 1944 RuSSians killed many Estonian civilians, they were deported to Siberia and Estonia lost its independence for the next 50 years. You insane fascists call that “liberating” ! Fortunately, Estonia is free again, its economy is growing and Estonia is one of the EU and NATO-countries.

            RuSSian immigrants in Estonia are free to leave Estonia and go back to SS-RuSSia. But they don’t want to leave. Why is it so ???

            • Though in 1991 Russians set Estonians free again.
              Those deported mostly were ordinary criminals or nazi-collaborants.

              • Estonia got back its independence in 1991 when the biggest cancer of the 20th century, the uSSr, collapsed. The USA and the West, thank God, won the cold war.

                Those deported and killed in Estonia were ONLY civilians, vodka-drinkers separated families, raped some of them and sent them to Siberia. Many were killed. You insane vodka-drinking fascists call these murderers “the great defenders of RuSSia”. How typical RuSSian behaviour. You are barbarians.

              • “Though in 1991 Russians set Estonians free again.” – They, the “ever good Russians”, did not set anyone free. Estonians (and Latvians, and Lithuanians) made themselves free and the Russians could not do anything about it. Though not as if they would not had tried, as in Riga 1991 and Vilnius 1991 (video), killing innocent people in the process.

                “Those deported mostly were ordinary criminals or nazi-collaborants.” – You are a jerk. Do you know that? I am so sorry the Baltic countries do not have laws similar to the Holocaust denial laws of Germany and Austria. You are a bright example of why such laws are necessary.

          • 1) Have you ever heard of the global crisis?

            2) Have you ever heard of Russian town of Pikalevo which almost ceased to exist because basically all of its economy just failed? Have you heard of Russian military unable to pay salaries? Hello? Nothing like this happens anywhere in the Baltics.

            3) :)) Again the old BS about the “liberation”!

            Some “liberation”. One slave keeper grabs a person from the other slave keeper and calls it a “liberation”.

            Germans in June 1941 liberated Baltic states exactly the same way, by expelling the Soviets who had occupied the three countries in June 1940.

            Soviet “liberation” was not a liberation at all. It was a change of occupation regime.

          • “Didn’t they deserve the equality at least?”

            Russians are granted all the equality they can handle.

            There is no any division between Baltic citizens of Russian or non-Russian origin.

            Your mumbling about implied “inequality” is rabid nonsense.

  7. No OUCH my words are for you because you’re a typical Russian chauvinist dinosaur, Estonia is a progressive nation with an international view, they are a welcome addition to the EU and are flourishing nation.

    Britain has been learning from our Estonian friends; a few of years we introduced a test for those who wish to be British citizens, it is very reasonable to expect those that choose to live in your nation to know the national language, laws, forms of governance, history and culture.

    The problem is; if these ethnic Russian who live in Estonia want to give up their Russian citizenship and fully integrate with the host nation, they face intimidation from the Russian authorities. I know several people who attended an interview at the Russian embassy and were bullied into keeping their Russian citizenship, they were told they would have to write directly to the president and would have to wait at least 6 months for a reply.

    Russian wants “their” citizens in the host nation so they can constantly interfere and apply political pressure. Estonia’s policy is absolutely correct. They just want is to get this monkey in the Kremlin off their back.

    • Estonia doesn’t allow their citizens another citizenship AFAIK. Russia does.
      Who’s the ‘dinosaur’ here?

      The ‘Kremlin pressure’ part of your message i just can’t understand. A man can just can send his russian passport via snail mail along with the letter explaining he wants russian citizenship no more.

      [They just want is to get this monkey in the Kremlin off their back.]

      Civilized people rather cooperate with neighbours, not try to get rid of them.
      I know Estonians posess no history neither culture, but they could at least learn from developed european nations.

      • “Estonia doesn’t allow their citizens another citizenship AFAIK. Russia does. Who’s the ‘dinosaur’ here?”

        And why having dual citizenship should be considered progressive?

        My personal view is that it is complete nonsense.

        You can not have two mothers. You can not be equally loyal to two, sometimes very different countries, especially, as it is with Estonia and Russia, if they are potential military opponents. Enemies.

        Why Russia is doing it?

        Because it lets them to have a leverage to disrupt the interior affairs and life of the other countries, up to annexing them fully or partially, as we saw it happen in 2008 in Georgia.

      • “Estonians posess no history neither culture”

        Ohhh, what a lousy arrogant chauvinist bastard!

        Estonians have a rich culture with ancient roots and equally rich and ancient history, only you, like many of your Rooshun type here in Baltics, are too dumb and your head too stuck up your chauvinist ass to notice it.

    • Dear John,

      I fully agree that Mr. Ouch is a “Russian chauvinist”, though I am afraid that you are wrong in respect of him being a “dinosaur”.

      Actually, Mr. Ouch is a typical sample of the young generation of Russians from the Baltic states (hopefully not all of them).

      The young pricks indeed believe all this nonsense they are saying. We must thank their Soviet parents and Russian chauvinist/Soviet apologist parties (like PCTVL in Latvia) for feeding them this crap.

      I would say it is a clear and present danger for these countries.

  8. OUCH amost every nation contracted in 2008/9 Russia by 16%, your “evidence” is drival try again

    • Ari talked about Estonia, so did I.

      Anyway, Russia

      GDP – real growth rate:
      -7.9% (2009 est.)
      5.6% (2008)

      loors better.

  9. After Estonia moved away from socialism in the late 1980s and became an independent capitalist economy in 1991, Estonia emerged as a pioneer in global economy. In 1994, Estonia became one of the first countries in the world to adopt a flat tax, with a uniform rate of 26% regardless of personal income. In January 2005 the personal income tax rate was reduced to 24%. A subsequent reduction to 23% followed in January 2006. In 2007 the tax rate was lowered to 22% and in 2008 to 21%. The rate was frozen in 2009. Estonia received more foreign investment per capita in the second half of the 1990s than any other country in Central and Eastern Europe.Estonia has been fast catching up with the EU top 15, having grown GDP per capita from 34.8% of the EU top 15 average in 1996 to 65% in 2007, Estonia is already rated a high income country by the World Bank. .

    Estonia is ranked 12th of 162 countries in the Index of Economic Freedom (2008), the best of any ex-communist country.

  10. Russia have been the same country since foundation of the first state there – Kievan Rus (found in 880 with capital in Kiev). Kiev was capital of Russia for centuries, Moscow was only found as a city around 1147. Russia did not even exist 1000 years ago.

    It was not until the second half of the 13th century that the forerunner of Russia, Muscovy, came into existence! The formulation of the Russian nation came within the boundaries of Muscovy during the time of Peter 1st, who ordered that the term “Muscovite” be replaced by the term “Russian”.

    Even the English-language “Outline of the History of the USSR” published in 1960 in Moscow, states ” The Russian nation began to take form in the 17th century.”

    It is an on-going Russian Disinformation Campaign to falsify Ukrainian history. Mascals stole Ukrainian culture and even stole Ukraine’s ancient name “Rus” as evidenced by the 1713 order of Peter the First.

    Exiling Tartars from the Crimea, exiling Ukrainians to Siberia, the deliberate starvation of over 7,000,000 Ukrainian people during the Holodomor (famine), THEN all along Russia deliberatly repopulating Ukraine with ethnic Mascals, into their comfortable homes. Mascali methodically imprisoned Ukrainians that knew, and defended the truth of their country’s history with Psych Wards and Concentration camps/Gulags.

    Ukraine’s east/west Divide still plays out today with the last falsifed election, and trashing of the Constitution. The same pigs are put in charge. (Azarov as Prime Minister) Mascali used economic sabotage and mafia elements and a military base with an open border.

    Read “Animal Farm” to see how Russia operates. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Animal_Farm

    Time Magazine chose this book as one of the 100 best English-language novels (1923 to 2005);[3] it also places at number 31 on the Modern Library List of Best 20th-Century Novels

    • Right!

      Kievan Rus’ basically has very little to do with the Russia.

      Mongol Empire probably has to do more.

        • So that’s it.

          • Ouch is the typical Nashi member, I can just see him cheering the Soviet-Nazi alliance in the late 30’s with gusto because Pravda lauded it.

            • He reminds me of a typical Nazi on 1930-ies. I can imagine him in a brown shirt shouting out “Death to inferior races!” with the same enthusiasm as he is cursing Latvians and Estonians here.

              Seams that his insane hatred for the Baltic peoples has blown away the last remains of his feeble mind.

  11. Ukraine’s new pro-Russia prime minister, Mykola Azarov, who refuses to speak a word of Ukrainian in a country he is in charge of the government, has enraged feminist groups by suggesting that women are unsuitable for high political office, and incapable of carrying out reforms.

    Women’s groups in Ukraine have angrily reported Azarov – who presides over an all-male cabinet – to the country’s ombudsman following his remarks last week. They accuse him of gender discrimination and holding Neanderthal views.

    Speaking on Friday, Azarov said Ukraine’s economic problems were too difficult for any woman to handle.


  12. I was amused to see here Mr. Ouch rattling about how “failed” the Baltic states are and how terrible it is to live there.

    I was also a bit amused by Mr. RTR , comparing GDP per capita of the little Latvia and the huge, energy and resources rich Russia, to prove that the living standard in the two countries is equal.

    I would suggest that you better compare the UNDP Human Development Index, as it gives better understanding of the standard of living:
    #48 Latvia
    #71 Russia .

    You know what local Russians in Latvia told to Russia when Mr. Puttin issued his “call home” in scope of repatriation program? They asked to be settled in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Because they consider only those two places, doing extremely much better than the rest of the Russia, comparable in living standard with the Baltics.

    Mr. Ouch was right in one thing – indeed economically active locals from Latvia are migrating to the better-off countries in the EU to work, and sometimes, to stay there. But there is no logical argument why this somehow would mean that the life there is worse than in Russia. It just means that life in some better organized countries of EU is better. And nobody possibly ever doubted that.

    • I’m not going to answer all you’ve posted here. Just will note one thing you started to realise yourself.
      Soviet Union is dead (i’m quite happy about it). So nobody there to support filthy baltic ‘cultures’ and ‘languages’. Nobody will brainwash our kids about ‘educated european’ Latvians, Estonians or Georgians. The truth become apparent at last – they are only useless, backward and cruel tribes.
      You already called me jerk, want to force me to be silent(remembered your commi grandpa?). The truth hurts, doesn’t it? You’d better get used to it – you’re going to hear much more as free younger generations come.

      • Wow! I hear a Russian Nazi speaking. ;)

        Wanna me to comment on your BS?

        The truth does not hurt. The truth is the truth. Whatever there is, it is there.

        The BS you produce here creates different reaction – disgust and ridicule.

        There were times when it cause anger in me, but thanks to getting to know your kind better, I see that you actually operate with a rather limited set of stereotypes and factoids in a very limited intellectual space.

        Actually you must be pitied. Like all those feeble minds in these enlightened times.

        Which does not mean that you can not be dangerous.

        After all, both Nazis and, even to greater extend, Bolsheviks thrived on ignorance, hatred and stereotypes of poorly educated masses.

    • 40% of Latvia speak Russian.
      In Riga there’s virtually nothing built by Latvians. Germans and Russians built the city. (Well Latvians built one bridge with EU money to be honest).

      So i belive Russians deserved the official status for their language.

      • “40% of Latvia speak Russian” – well, maybe less, but never mind. Anyway – we all know the reason for that, don’t we? Soviet occupation with following illegal immigration and colonization.

        “In Riga there’s virtually nothing built by Latvians.” – Riga did not grow out of a blue air. There never were more than 6% of the Germans in Latvia. Yes, they made the ruling elite, which is not a secret, but all that was there actually was built by Latvian hands. If you disagree, I will point out that the Emperor of Russia was not exactly a pure Russian and Rastrelly, who designed and built the palaces in Russia was not a Russian either. So we can equally say, that there was nothing built by Russians in Russia too.

        “…Russians built the city” – Ha ha!! Yes, indeed! They did. I just wonder how many decades it will take us to get rid of those gray spotty cheap leaky concrete boxes inhabited mainly by poorly educated Russian post-war immigrants.

        Seems that you are not familiar with the architecture of the 1920-1930-ies in Riga. But that is just a small detail in your ocean of ignorance.

        “So i belive Russians deserved the official status for their language” – No doubt you believe so. Unfortunately nobody else does. ;)

        • I write “… poorly educated Russian post-war immigrants”.

          I could call them “colonists” or “illegal settlers” instead of “immigrants”, if you prefer. That, possibly, would be more Politically Correct. ;)

    • [And we all know all too good what happens to the people accused of “separatism” or “extremism” in Russia.]

      A couple of Hizb-Ut-Tackir members sentenced to jail. Is that what you mean?

  13. Britain has never shut down any Russian cultural centres, don’t need to we are a confident nation open to others, unlike Russia where a mix of chauvinism and paranoia appears to be the prevailing national characteristic.

  14. So is this not the RaSSiyan way of suffocating countries? Especially on their border.

    Now in Ukraine, more going on with the Moscow hand picked “Education Minister”.

    Tymoshenko fears reprisals from the regime as she has no deputy immunity from prosecution, political expert Oleksandr Palij told ZIK March 26.

    Due to political reprisals against her supporters under way, Yulia Tymoshenko is lying low.

    “Political reprisals begin when individuals are persecuted for their political views”.

    In Ukraine, students who participated in the anti-Tabachnyk campaign have been intimidated by their deans and police,”

    Palij said. Simultaneously, Tymoshenko is waiting for more mistakes of the regime.
    “We can witness a large number of mistakes and petty revenges against groups of Ukrainians, especially in the course of purges going on in the country…


    So now that Ukraine is being neutralized there will be a war this spring so Rasha can finish off Georgia.

  15. Putin’s Rasha gets help from Eurocrats against Ukraine. Georgia is screwed because NATO makes excuses for Russia. Being on the wrong side of the Politics of Convenience for the EU.

    One could easily argue that, when President Jacques Chirac conferred the Grand
    Cross of the Legion of Honor on (Putin) Russia’s president, on September 23, 2006, he effectively rehabilitated one of the twentieth century’s bloodiest secret police
    organizations and dishonored the millions who died in Soviet concentration camps.
    After all, Vladimir Putin not only quashed democracy in Russia, but he is also proud
    of having served in the KGB, which together with its predecessors terrorized,
    tortured, killed, and imprisoned millions in the Gulag. While this kind of association
    should have raised eyebrows, European policy makers, scholars, and journalists
    accepted Putin’s choice as if it were merely a career move. German Chancellor
    Gerhard Schröder even went so far as to call Putin a “real democrat” at the height of
    Ukraine’s Orange Revolution in late 2004.

    In condemning Bandera’s Hero of Ukraine status the European Parliament injected
    itself into contemporary Ukrainian politics in a way that has thus far had primarily
    unfortunate consequences. Many nationally conscious Ukrainians—who represent
    the core of Ukraine’s civil society and democratic movement—resent being singled
    out for their views of their heroes and point to double standards and European
    hypocrisy. In turn, the anti-democratic forces—who generally support sanitized
    Soviet versions of the past and tend to align with the Kremlin’s authoritarian
    project—have used the resolution to promote their anti-democratic and anti-
    Ukrainian agendas. Ironically, if unintentionally, the European Parliament has
    effectively joined forces with the anti-democrats and chauvinists and served to
    undermine Ukrainian democracy…

    Click to access Alexander_J_Motyl_UKRAINE_EUROPE_AND_BANDERA.pdf

  16. Отче наш, що єси на небесах! Нехай святиться Ім’я Твоє,

    10нехай прийде Царство Твоє, нехай буде воля Твоя, як на небі, так і на землі.

    11Хліба нашого насущного дай нам сьогодні.

    12І прости нам довги наші, як і ми прощаємо винуватцям нашим.

    13І не введи нас у випробовування, але визволи нас від лукавого. Бо Твоє є царство, і сила, і слава навіки. Амінь.

  17. Putin’s war on anyone not of the White Aryan Race:
    Russian skinheads we are here
    slava russi

    Fascist Russia- neo-Nazi gangs in Moscow

    ruSSian army. War crimes in Chechnya.
    Movie about ruSSian war crimes.

    Putin is such a brilliant politician! He absolutely hates Barak Obama, but will sit down at the table with him to discuss peace, after murderring all the kike black Georgians! I would put Barak in jail if he came anywhere near Russia’s borders!

  18. The Kremlin’s Nightmare Scenario
    Allow me to flesh out Thomas Lifson’s very perceptive point about the de—population of Siberia, and Russia’s growing concerns about hanging onto its oil:

    Russia covers one—sixth of the earth’s land surface, and its birth rate is so low that by 2050, the population of Russia will be smaller than the population of Yemen. How you maintain control of a country as large as Russia with a population that small is hard to imagine.

    Meanwhile, next door in China — whose thirst for oil is growing rapidly — so many female fetuses have been aborted that the normal human ratio of 103 boys for every 100 girls has shifted to 118 boys for every 100 girls in China. In some provinces today it’s 128 boys for every 100 girls. What this means in real numbers is that today there are 70 million boys growing up in China — yes, 70 million — who will never be able to find wives. This is unprecedented in history. [ed. — see also this article]

    It’s a human tragedy, of course — and one the women’s movement in the West has not bothered to notice — but it’s also a political issue. To put it bluntly, 70 million unmarried men on Saturday night is big trouble. It’s likely that the Chinese government will try to cope, at least partly, by drafting many of these men into its army.

    So, you have a gigantic Chinese army in a country thirsty for oil, with a neighboring country rich in oil but without sufficient manpower to protect its territory.

    This is the Kremlin’s nightmare scenario, and no one has the slightest idea how it will play out

  19. Power to Russian White Supremacy! Power to Angella Merkell, and Putin and Hitler:
    Raw Video: Pope Knocked Down at Christmas Mass
    1 min 53 sec – Dec 24, 2009
    Make those niggers in Crimea burn more textbooks! They can’t read them anyways! Then hand them all over to the FSB, or send them to Auschwitz! Time to burn something other then the textbooks!
    Power to the RussianNaziOrganization!

  20. America should go and make Samuel L. Jackson the president and US Commander and Chief to deal with all of Moscow’s Cockroach scumbag Cokehoars, instead of tiptoeing through the tulips when dealing with these Russian Neo-Nazi White Supremacist Heroine Prostitutes!

  21. Russians love Nazzism so much, they take all the Jews serving the KGB, and half of them, they brainwash into murderring and torturing Checcnyan children, and the other half they brainwash into dressing up like Checcnyans and commiting suicide on the subway, just to get a few janitors to come and clean the vadka drunken Russian Sailors off the sidewalks in Moscow, and Beerlingburg, and to scare the Russian people out of protesting the loss of civil rights in Russia, and the ballot cheating that Putin’s party performed to secure election results, for him and Medvedev!

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