EDITORIAL: Solidarity or Solitarity?


Solidarity or Solitarity?

As reports in the Moscow Times and New York Times regarding the effort to hold a national “Day of Rage” in protest against the malignancy known as Vladimir Putin made clear, the efforts “fizzled” and “fell short” even by the rather pathetic standards of civil society in Russia.  Chatting with us on Twitter, opposition leader Oleg Kozlovsky explained that there were three reasons for the failure:   apathy, fear and ignorance.  Undoubtedly, though he’s too polite to say so, he meant these terms to apply as much to the benighted leadership of the “Solidarity” opposition movement as to those it calls to action, the people of Russia.

Perhaps the movement would be better named “Solitarity.”

The two main driving forces behind Solidarity,  Garry Kasparov and Boris Nemtsov, are great at explaining to the intelligentsia and to foreigners why the Putin regime is bankrupt.  Both have made invaluable contributions with their writings to our understanding of Putin’s pathetic failure across the board in developing policies to turn Russia into a modern, successful nation.  And Nemtsov has gone further, documenting with his series of white papers (translated into English by this blog) all the failings and corruptions of the Putin regime for any responsible Russian citizen to read.

But when it comes to galvanizing Russians on the street with the spoken word or with bold, inspirational actions, both fall hopelessly short. And what’s worse is that both seem unwilling to step aside in favor of other activists who might be better qualified in these areas, to say nothing of nuts-and-bolts issues like basic logistics and planning, much less to actively seek out and promote such persons.

Kozlovsky states in regard to the most recent protest action:    “I wouldn’t call it a failure. It’s thousands of people, dozens cities.”  Russia is a nation of tens of millions, a nation of people who blithely turned in their neighbors, or looked other way as others did, during the time of Stalin.  These are the standards Russia’s courageous opposition leaders are forced to adopt, and let’s be clear: They need more courage to face the “apathy, ignorance and fear” of their fellow citizens than they need to deal with the vicious thugs who call themselves police and government officials.  Kozlovsky himself was arrested and held for hours in Moscow when he tried to attend a peaceful demonstration against Putin in Pushkin Square.  He put his own safety and future on the line, and for what?  For a few hundred ordinary Russians to follow him?

But courage is not enough.  It may well be that, as has occurred so many times in the past, Russia’s fundamentally corrupt and incompetent government will destroy itself and the nation.  But unless Russians are willing to build a brand new type of government, and to make the sacrifices that requires, Russia will only go on repeating the mistakes of the past and collapse once again into dismal failure.  Russians must show that they are willing to defend their future from the malignant hoardes of Vladimir Putin, or else they cannot expect truly brilliant leaders, like a Gandhi or  King, to step forward and risk all on their behalf.


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  1. There is no reason for civics, when you are countered by cynicism and a beating, then ridiculed. Your neighbor would say only that, “he should have known better” what a fool, thinking he could improve things. He sure got what he deserved for wanting too much.

    Of course your body would have scars to remind you. The Japanese have a saying, “that the nail that stands up gets hammered”.

    Moscali pretend to be civilized while the Europeans pretend, that they really are. Savoks can’t be trusted but using their public’s money is another story.

    For change to take place, it will take another debacle, like an invasion of a foreign Power. The world would in the beginning welcome it, since Maskals never had or will have good relations with any of their neighbors, for some reason.

    “Significantly, the Chinese army has been conducting in recent years exercises that simply could not be interpreted otherwise than as a preparation for an aggression against Russia, and the scale of these exercises (the territorial extent and the number of troops involved) is constantly growing”…

    They only want the mineral resources in the East that RaSSiya is hoarding, but cannot develop because they are too drunk and nobody can trust them to keep a bargain without somebody getting killed or arrested.



  2. That about sums up Putin’s ruSSia. It reminds me of that old saying “None so blind as those that can see, but do not see.” Or the proverbial ostrich that sticks its head in the ground whenever danger approaches.

    • Bohdan, the English expression you are looking for is “bury one’s head in the sand”:


      “Bury your head in the sand” – to ignore or hide from obvious signs of danger. (Alludes to an ostrich, which is believed incorrectly to hide its head in a hole in the ground when it sees danger.)

      Stay well.

      • Actually it there is a Biblical quotation, referring to the behave of the Pharisees I think.

        It goes “There are none so blind as those who look, but cannot see”

  3. As always, I fail to see the relevance of your post to what I wrote, Andrew. Do you get paid for this? It seems that you reply to me out of an obligation not to leave a single post of mine without your follow-up. I usually ignore you, but this time I just wonder why you can’t let me talk without other adults without your infantile meddling.

    BTW, the grammar of phrases like “Actually it there is a Biblical quotation, referring to the behave of the Pharisees I think.” is not too becoming for a native English speaker, Andrew.

    • Now RTR, such a touch little chap aren’t you.

      Your “infantile meddling” is rather stunning itself.

      Try growing a brain RTR, you only make yourself look pathetic.

      See your inane criticism of the Georgian government awarding medals to the Georgian Rugby team for winning an international tournament, the European Cup of Nations.

  4. I must admit that KGB improved their expertise. I do not approve of these videos but I aslo don’t approve of Yashin and Fishman – this is pathetic how easily they were provoked by KGB. Especially the second part where Fishman takes some cocaine with two prostitutes. Yashin wrote in his blog today that he refused cocane but slept with prostitutes. This is so Stupid… if you go to politics you must be smart. They deserve to be humiliated by KGB.


  5. A Russian police officer, Dymovsky, about whom LR has posted previously, has been convicted of “slander” by a Russian court – for daring to point out corruption in the police ranks in Russia.

    He is required to pay $1800 to each of two police commanders whom he criticized in videos posted on You Tube.


  6. I think that thisis a very important comment and instead of bashing each other (as usual) we should discuss, who could do better in the role of an opposition leader and how these people could be supported.

    LR is right, today’s leaders such as Kasparov or Nemtsov are too intelectual and too far away from the daily life of ordinary Russians.

    The question is if people who are close to the daily life of ordinary Russians would be good opposition leaders.

    • As always, its difficult to understand what LR’s goal is, but — quite frankly — if all the posts at this blog were of this quality, she could achieve her stated objectives. Meanwhile, most of her posts here appear to be the usual feed for lunatics like Georg/Bohdan/Elmer (who are creepy if they are the same person and scary if they are actually different people) and the permanently traumatized Andrews.

      • AT, I cannot but laugh at you stupidity – your rather insulting comment “As always, its difficult to understand what LR’s goal is, but — quite frankly — if all the posts at this blog were of this quality, she could achieve her stated objectives.” Real stupid chum, yes real stupid as you have many, many bad points for LR and ONLY ONE good one. Classic ‘commo’ mentality in attempting to destroy a person’s character but leaving the door slightly ajar in the mistaken belief that he/she will be able to rehabilitate themselves by following the communist line in future more diligently.

        What a heap of ruSSian propaganda trash you spew, you useless hypocrite, it certainly shows you up for the ruSSian imbecile that you are. My suggestion is for you is not to trouble or worry your pea brain, so that there will be no pain in the long haul.

        Personally I have never found anything sane or sensible in the garbage that you spew ad nauseum, and neither do I expect this scenario to change. Brain damage is permanent, and no matter how much medication you take will alter this fact.

        In the meantime return to your desk at the creepy KGB’s “Nashi” office and impress your scary fellow baboons instead, as they will certainly love the permanently traumatized trash that you excel so much in!

        And another thing imbecile! and in this belief I’m sure that I’m not an orphan – LR puts out truthful and excellent information on ‘fuehrer’ Putler’s ruSSia and the downhill ride this jerk of all jerks is taking Russia, in his megalomania quest at world domination at the people’s expense. Hence I hope LR continues in this vein – so unlike your ‘PRAVDA’ indoctrinated brain washing – which only works on simpletons with simple brains!!

        • Wow, “Commo mentality”, “trash you spew”, “useless hypocrite”, “ruSSian imbecile”, “brain damage”, “creepy KGB Nashi office”, “PRAVDA” — does it make you happier/ high to type these offences. Is there a substance in your post except for you don’t share my opinion? Maybe it could be more useful for the “Cause” of this blog to explain why you disagree with me than to comment on the level of complexity of my brain? You even dont’ know what I do for living, how many degrees I have and where I live. All you can comment on is my opinion of the post. Maybe it would be better if you either (i) analyzed my comment and said what specifically is wrong or (ii) ignored it?

          • By the way, why do you bring up Communism? Do you think I am a Communist? Do you think Putin’s regime is Communist? Do you really believe Communism is not dead?

            • Communist utopian dogma is far from dead in the world today. The mindless nitwit’s keep popping up all over the place. Environmentalists, unions, etc, all anti-capitalists, anti-free markets, anti-American, anti-common sense, pretty much anti-anything that actually works on planet earth schmucks.

              • OK… that’s a pretty broad definition of Communism…”pretty much anti-anything that actually works on planet earth”. Having grown up in a society, which aspired to be communist, I find this funny. Is Devil a Communist? Is Bin Laden a Communist? What about Jesus — he was anti-capitalist?

                In any case, Bogdan and you can be assured I don’t fall in any of the categories listed above. But it looks like all world’s leaders are pretty much Communist. Oh gosh!

                • Wow AT, in true communist jargon you do not stick to the subject matter of this blogg, and as per usual your stupidity is beyond believe! as an example take your comment that “Having grown up in a society, which aspired to be communist, I find this funny. Is Devil a Communist? Is Bin Laden a Communist? What about Jesus — he was anti-capitalist?” just shows you up for the irrelevant and lying moron baboon that you are.

                  It is you that should reread your “works” of rubbish before you hit the ‘send’ button. I mean just look at “Is Bin Laden a Communist?”, a crass and grossly stupid remark if ever there was one! and personally I hope that that fanatical moslem does read these words of yours as it would not surprise me in the least if he sent one of his squads out to ‘permanently’ teach you what he really is.

                  And a(ss)T your blatant lying comment that “But it looks like all world’s leaders are pretty much Communist. Oh gosh!” is really believable for a person of such limited intelligence as yourself. Why not also mention that cows can fly! oops there goes a flying pig? No, no way, it’s not a flying pig it’s a(ss)T in person. LOL!

                  • Could not understand what you said. Obamayomama said that “anti-anything that actually works on planet earth schmucks” are Communist. Based on this Bin Laden is Communist. Obamayomama said that all “anti-capitalists” are Communists. Based on this Jesus is Communist. I do not share these views, by the way. Also, name at least one world leader who does not have an Environmental agenda or who is anti-union — in Obamayomama’s view, they are all Communist. Care to explain why my remarks are ” crass and grossly stupid”?

                    I any case, how is your whole post consistent with the subject matter of this blog (blogg?). Also, what’s the purpose of the insults? And who told you I am Communist? Actually, I consider myself quite the opposite. Even in Obamayomama world: I am not an environmentalist (frankly – I even don’t recycle), anti-union, all pro-capitalist, pro-free markets, pro-American, and pro-common sense, and — mainly — pretty much pro-anything that actually works on planet earth.

                • All the aforementioned entities use the same tactics as communists. I could also include the majority of the democratic party in the U.S. Their goal is to tear down the current institutions by any means possible and replace them with their utopian dream world, which will make everyone’s life much worse. Hope that simplifies my earlier statement.

            • I don’t intend to educate you, you brainless dodo AT, I mean just look at that brainless comment of yours “Do you really believe Communism is not dead?” and et al.

              • If you don’t intend to do something, don’t write about it. A blog is a place for discussing things, however. You treat it mainly as a place for insults. If you delete all the insults from your posts, nothing will be left. In fact, I am desperately trying to have a discussion on substance with you. But I am failing to find any in your comments.

  7. Ok, AT, thank you for this encouragement.

    My candidate would be Mikhail Kassyanov, because he is (was) quite popular and he is not seen as a pro Western intellectual. He is sophisticated enough to be a leader, but not too sophisticated to reach ordinary Russians.

    He has some experience as prime minister. His main shortcomings are that he is associated with the “family”, at least in the eyes of political observers and that he is said to be corrupt (nickname “Misha 3 percent”). The latter may not be a big issue, because a) Russians would suspect that non corrupt candidates are dangerous, mentally ill, perverted or something like that and b) the label of corruption was widely used by the Kremlin propagandists during the days when he was a potential candidate for presidency. This shows that they are afraid of him and doesn’t add credibility to these claims.

    Any other offers?

    • In my view, the current system cannot be changed by an outsider, and the corrupt Misha is no MLK. Change will come from (i) generation change (the main factor that led to the collapse of the previous system in my view); (ii) the current system’s need to respond to social tensions (to which it appears to be quite responsive). Meanwhile, I can neither see a significant number of people discontented by the current system nor the need for a leader who could head these people.

  8. I think that LR puts a lot of efforts, time and brain into this blog and it would be a pity if it would be just used by some lonely people for purposes like giving names to others, to make statements like “I hate Russia”, “you are a liar”, “Russophobes are Nazis” etc.

    • My point exactly. This blog appears to be an epitomy to why democracy has been discredited in Russia. LR’s style may generate traffic, but is this traffic that she needs? If her goals are the same as the stated objectives of this blog — hardly. Most people who comment here are the types who appear to get high from hating and insulting other people. Its a pity, as this could have been a real Novaya Gazeta in English where people like Kozlovsky (whether he is a leader or not) could come to discuss issues how to change Russia. Now, every other comment mentions Hitler, Stalin and the opponent’s sexual preferences all in once sentence. Not a good mix.

      • When you say that mentioning Hitler, Stalin, and the opponent’s sexual preference all in one sentence is not a good mix; I say you are so very right. Touche! I hope to read you on this blog again. LOL!

  9. Perhaps it is interesting to ask if the absence of certain developments could be a reason that the Russian society is as it is. For example the “age of enlightenment” changed societies in Europe fundamentally, in Russia only a few high ranking persons had a flirt with this movement, such as Emperess Katherina II. There wasn’t a movement in Russia which we call in Europe “the movement of 68”. I don’t share the leftist and anarchistic values of this movement, but I think that they gave a positive impulse by demonstrating to society that teachers, politicians, policemen and parents are not the ultimate power. There are always different options and ways to promote them. This understanding has still to grow in Russia; perhaps they will have something like a “Russian 68” in a few decades?

    • Well, I am not sure what you mean by “is as it is”. If you mean the lack of civil society, Russia is not the only country that lacks it — there is a vast array of historical reasons why civil society is the strongest in anglo-saxon societies, less developed but present in Latin and Germanic societies and generally is lacking in Slavic, Arabic and Oriental civilizations. I am not a historian, and I generally dislike history as a politicized science. The most interesting issue for me what will happen next.

      As I posted previously, for the last 10 years, Russians have continuously been growing more affluent and, despite the fact that they gave up some political freedoms, they are more free now than they have ever been. This is what has been supporting Russia’s current political system.

      The economic crisis slowed down wealth generation in Russia, while the uncheked and unbalanced political system is becoming increasingly corrupt and stops delivering basic social services. On the other hand, people’s demands and expectations from the system are growing (a policeman shooting people in the middle of the street in the early 1990s was more acceptable than now, and you accepted much more that you could die in a hospital in 1992 than you do in 2010). I think, these are the phenomena that need to be looked at to understand where the country is going.

  10. Gee whiz, you ruSSia apologists, AT, RTR, A., Max and Corey are just unbelievable.

    So in your twisted logic/world we ignore your hero’s bad points and only speak well of that jackal Putler and his ruSSia and all will be ‘hunky dory’. Now that is sick! admit the truth you are only paid apologists for that creep Putler. Or are you are either brain dead or brain washed to believe the twisted crap you regurgitate?

    If Putler is such a great guy, why does his “Chekists” buddies still permanently silence all reporters that have the ‘guts’ to write the truth about his ‘paradise’. Come on just answer this point, and I don’t mean the classic ‘commo’ ploy of answering a question by another and totally irrelevant question.

    Max? ever tried to enter politics? with your gab of the irrelevant you should make an excellent politician. As a suggestion, I recommend Putler’s Duma – who knows, today your far fetched crap on LR, tomorrow ruSSia’s Duma and the day after at Putler’s right hand!

    • Little Banderito, this is a SERIOUS discussion about the content of LR’s original post, in other words: you should keep out of it.

      • Big Banderito, when someone like you (and et al) spews so much RUBBISH (and don’t make me laugh by calling it “SERIOUS”) when discussing this topic, sane people are entitled to voice their free opinion.

        You chump are not in your beloved ruSSia now, where you can dictate to other people what they can do or what they can say, AND what they CANNOT do or say.

        Understand jerk?

        Besides what’s the matter? does the truth hurt in this instance.

    • Speaking respectively of your opponents maybe a good start, if you seek an interesting discussion. I recognize, there might be different reasons and combinations of those for posting here, including (i) a genuine concern for Russia; (ii) interest in what is going on there and trying to understand where the country is going; (iii) spewing hatred, insulting people you don’t know, just because they do not think like you do; (iv) the pure entertainment value of a discussion and communications with others and (v) the entertainmet value of watching emotionally unstable people like yourself and Andrew. Well, your post contains (i) allusions to Hitler and SS, (ii) the assertion that those who do not think in concert with you are “brain dead”; (iii) labels like “Putin apologists”. Most entertaining, of course is your theory that I am a “paid” apologist. If you know anyone who can pay me for posting in blogs, please send me the name of address. Frankly, I probably won’t turn down any offer to write pretty much anything for pretty much anyone for the right sum of money — with few important exceptions of course. But I would definitely turn into a rabid Ukrainian nationalist for $$$! …or become an adamant basher of Putin’s sexual preferences for even a smaller amount of money.

      • Meanwhile, I post mainly because of reason #(iv), not in the least because of reasons #(i) and (ii) and — mea culpa — reason #(v) as well. After all, although people like you prevent this blog from becoming something genuinely valuing, entertainment value is also important.

        • Well AT, I don’t always agree with your opinions, but I do enjoy your posts.

          • Thanks, Andrew. Same here. I really hope that Georgia and Russia will become good neighbors in a couple of decades, and I will be able to use my Russian passport to visit Tbilisi. I am personally working on making the city better as part of my job by the way. Realistically, however, this generation of the politicians won’t be able to resolve the tension between the countries.

            • On either side unfortunately.

              The Russian government simply has to understand that it no longer rules Georgia, while Georgian politicians need to understand that pointlessly needling the Russian government is not too wise.

              Actually you can use your Russian passport to visit Georgia, several of my wifes Russian relatives have visited last year, they just couldn’t make direct flights.

              • I know I can use my Russian passport in Georgia, but I don’t want to. I fully agree with your post. The problem of post-imperial relations, however, can only be resolved as generations change. I think, in 20 years, teenagers in Russia won’t care much that Georgia was part of Russia once, and teenagers in Georgia won’t care much Georgia was not independent once. Both will take the fact that Georgia is Georgia and Russia is Russia for granted.

                • I sincerely hope so too.

                  To be honest, I intensely dislike the current Russian government, and despair of the attitudes of many of the current generation of Russians (see RTR for details, or OUCH).

                  However there are many good Russians, and if more thought like you, Russia would be a vastly better place, and a much more valued neighbor.

                  Next time you are in Tbilisi I would be happy to have a drink with you.

                  • Well, note that very few Russians, including those you mentioned, would directly say they want the USSR or some sort of an Emprie back. Very few people are emotional about Central Asia, Azerbayjan. There are many emotions about Georgia, Ukraine, and — at times — the Baltics, i.e. countries that appear to be willing to pick fights, mainly about obscure (and not so obscure) things in the past. In my view, not “poking” Russia and leaving some things for later generations to decide could be a better pragmatic approach for the whole region.

  11. Nutters, Max and AT have had their distraction from the topic.

    LR has so diligently brought this article before us, maybe we could get back to it, and be on topic.

    I used to like this place a lot more, before the “Spammers” were allowed to run rampant and get an unlimited amount of posts in on a single topic that they do their best to hijack.

    @AT has just written. “This blog appears to be an epitomy to why democracy has been discredited in Russia. LR’s style may generate traffic, but is this traffic that she needs?

    LaRussophobe is not the topic here, and is the host that pays the bills. Neither are Rabid Ukrainian Nationalists a part of the present topic. This is a Russia Politics blog. The topic is why “The Protest efforts fizzled and fell short.

    To my understanding this is the crux of the matter:

    “Bureaucrats have the most expensive cars and mansions. And above all, the sense of impunity.”

    “That extends to police, who, to cover their activities, are said to regularly fabricate or set up crimes rather than investigating actual crimes. Police are also believed to spend much of their time falsifying statistics to meet Soviet-era quotas for cases they’re required to solve — sometimes by framing innocent people.

    Earlier this month, a police major in southern Russia came to national attention after posting YouTube videos describing a culture of massive corruption. Aleksei Dymovsky criticized his superiors for ordering him to arrest innocent people or be punished by being required to work overtime without pay.

    Dymovsky appealed to officers to confront their superiors about corrupt behavior. He was suspended and is now under investigation.

    Another whistleblower investigating corruption in the Far East port of Vladivostok recently fared even worse. Police Colonel Aleksandr Astafyev was arrested last summer before he was due to release an officially sanctioned report about criminal takeovers of businesses with the help of corrupt officials. He was charged with illegally accepting a gift of three air conditioners and a computer, and is now awaiting trial.

    Law Against ‘Extremists’

    Kabanov, of the National Anticorruption Committee, carries a pistol to work. Investigating corruption is like “going to war,” he says. But abuses of office can be traced only so high in the official hierarchy, he says, because “any further and it’s seen as harming the interests of the state.”

    Rather the state is harmed when cancer is removed. If too much is removed the State would die according to the Rooshan man in the street. That would be the worst disaster a Mascal would face, as a lowly peon. The interruption in corruption would be devastating to inbred savoks.


    • Well, care to contribute, for example to our discussion with Max about civil society or lack thereof in Russia and prospects for the opposition for example? The distraction comes from you. I would not have had to write about your boorish behavior here if the number of insults in your posts did not exceed all the limits. What is YOUR goal here? Try to delete all the “Mascals”, “inbred savoks”, “nutters” from your topic, replace the lengthy quotes with links and lead a sane discussion of, say corruption in Russia or the lack of civil society there. Otherwise, why bother even typing your lengthy, insult-infested messages? What is the gist? Russia is hell, Putin is Devil, they are all doomed? — This is one line. You can repeat it again and again, if you do not want to contribute more. If you want to make a reference, a link will be enough.

      • Just the analysis of Georg’s post — you tell me who is the distraction here. I would LOVE to see a good interesting idea exchange on this blog.

        So in your twisted logic/world we ignore your hero’s bad points and only speak well of that jackal Putler and his ruSSia and all will be ‘hunky dory’ [NO, NOT REALLY – WHAT ARE YOU REFERRING TO?]. Now that is sick! [THAT WOULD BE IF THE PREVIOUS STATEMENT WAS RIGHT] admit the truth you are only paid apologists for that creep Putler [WHY DO YOU THINK THIS? PARANOIA OR YOU HAVE ANY EVIDENCE?]. Or are you are either brain dead or brain washed to believe the twisted crap you regurgitate? [IF I CARE TO WRITE SOMETHING, I BELIEVE IN IT, UNLESS I WANT TO LIE – WHY WOULD I LIE HERE?]
        If Putler is such a great guy [I DON’T THINK HE IS], why does his “Chekists” buddies still permanently silence [I HAVE NO EVIDENCE OF THIS, BUT THERE IS A HUGE PROBLEM WITH VIOLENCE AGAINST JOURNALISTS IN RUSSIA – THE SYSTEM DOES LITTLE TO PREVENT IT – WE COULD DISCUSS THIS HERE] all [ALL, REALLY] reporters that [REPLACE BY “WHO”] have the ‘guts’ to write the truth about his ‘paradise’ [WHO SAYS RUSSIA IS “PARADISE”?]. Come on just answer this point [A LOADED QUESTION – MEANS YOUR STATEMENT THAT MR. P AND HIS BUDDIES KILL THE REPORTERS IS TRUE – I DO NOT AGREE WITH THIS, FOR EXAMPLE], and I don’t mean the classic ‘commo’ ploy of answering a question by another and totally irrelevant question [YOU DID THIS YOURSELF MORE THAN ONCE].
        Max? ever tried to enter politics? with your gab of the irrelevant you should make an excellent politician. As a suggestion, I recommend Putler’s Duma – who knows, today your far fetched crap on LR, tomorrow ruSSia’s Duma and the day after at Putler’s right hand! [HOW IS THIS RELEVANT?]

        • Could the same be expressed as:

          “AT, RTR, A., Max and Corey, I disagree with your statements that [XX]. In my view one of the reasons why [XX] is that [OK-you can insert an insult] Putin’s regime permanently silences all reporters that have the ‘guts’ to write the truth about their ‘paradise’. Would you care to comment on the recent killings of [XX] and how this affects [XX]??” — MUCH SHORTER, UP TO THE POINT AND MORE CIVIL. SO WHO IS THE DISTRACTION???

  12. @AT, you have produced another lengthy filibuster to get away from the Topic at Hand.
    Which I reminded you is the Lack of Solidarity in Russia with the Protestors.

    As far as I can see, the most widely discussed topic in the Russian society over the past one year – and increasingly so in 2010, has been that of the police situation. There’s grief, there’s concern, there’s outrage – now felt perhaps at the very top. Every week, or even every day brings new of another police brutality from various corners of the Russian Federation, and the “video confessions” seem to have become a genre in its own right. In response to the MVD (Ministry Interior) statement that the instances of police britality and lawlessness are “isolated incidents”, the Russian edition of the Esquire, now aggregates daily (!) reports of such incidents into a monthly calendar:


    • Ha, the filibuster worked! Georg is reforming! Well, in my view the police brutality is the reflection of the corruption of the unchecked and unbalanced political system. With the population’s growing access to the Internet, the cases of police brutality are more and more difficult to hide. Cases of police brutality affect people of different economic strata in different region. Importantly, the system does not appear to be able to do anything about them. As such, police brutality could be focus issue for an opposition movement, which could lead to a change. It remains to be seen if Kozlovskys, Kasparovs and other “leaders” want to dedicate less time to political tourism and writing for WSJ and more time trying to consolidate people around this issue for example.

      • @AT, You just got scarred that LaRussophobe would ban you for violating the rules for posting.

        But you will be back soon enough to trashing this site with Gibberish, and hijacking the topic.

        The same people who control the police will only mute their behavior temporarily, till the “Swinesnessness ” like AT’s behavior will overflow once more. Causing the same problem.

        • Sure, try to return to your previous “practices”, and you will get another filibuster. Despite the fact that I do not share LR’s views, I should admit, that — to her full credit — she consistently warns before she bans, so your argument is not convincing. And whatever I did, your last two posts are insult-free. I welcome this development.

          On substance, however, I did not quite understand your post: “The same people who control the police will only mute their behavior temporarily, till the “Swinesnessness ” like AT’s behavior will overflow once more. Causing the same problem”. Do you say, authorities will resolve the police brutality problem, but only temporarily? Why don’t they resolve it permanently if they can do it “temporarily”? Or is — in your view — police brutality somehow deliberately encouraged by the system? I think, if the goverment could do police less corrupt, they would do this. Corruption, however, can be addressed through (i) transparency and (ii) checks and balances, which the system currently lacks. Thus, the system will either not be able to curb police brutality or will have to introduce transparency and checks and balances.

          • And what exactly is Swinesnessness? and why it is like my behaviour? And what will it overflow??

            • A “Swinesnessness” (damn, that’s difficult to pronounce) is also known as a “Savok” or a “secular uncivilized barbarian.”

  13. Draga Devla! :))))) Georg, that was totally irrelevant, but really HILARIOUS!! ROFL! Sometimes you are fun…
    If not to be serious and to take it just as a joke, thatwas really cool, but sharing your scorn of Sovdepia and its accomplishments I really believe their spave program was a real breakthrough, and since Sergey Koroliov was a Ukrainian born Sovet engineer having made the biggest contribution to it I guess it’s also something to be respected. But I have a sense of humor and fully appreciate your joke.
    But as to the “Swinesnessness ”, the coinage is reaally really beastly with the double “ness” not making any sense. I just don’t get it man, your English is miles ahead of mine and you use such a nonsensical word. at least there is quite lame English word swinishness, but it seems to apply mostly to table manners and poor personal hygiene. But why not to use beautiful French “cochonerie” using French whenever the situation is to sensitive to formulate it in your mother tongue in the best traditions of European nobility. It sounds less lame and can even be adopte in Ukrainian or used for calque-making, I for instance love to use “svyneria”))))

  14. Damien,
    It was late at night and I only realized it, after I hit the “Submit” button. So I made a joke of it, knowing that the “A”‘s would torture me, if I just left it. So I remembered the saying in English “When Pigs Fly I will believe it”.

    The Russian Boar (or razorback in the US as it is called) already invaded and is making a mess of things, the population is estimated at 2 million! Russian/Eurasian Pigs known to be tough, and eat anything. They also have a vicious temperament. That was Yanukovich’s nickname in Prison. They called him The Boar.

    I make a policy of never using French when English is sufficient, and see no reason to advertise France.

    I am one of those that really do not care for the a Culture “that thinks the Eye of the World is upon them”. (Mark Twain compared the Civilization of the French to the Comanche Indians and the French lost )

    Frenchies were against Ukraine, helping the Poles after the war with equipment. Those same (“Syphilitic Alphonse’s that had to learn what Bistro means from Kozaks”) being mislead to believe that Ukrainians were Commies, and supplied Poles slaughtering Ukrainians to change the population makeup in regions.

    (I can speak Polish well enough if I have to, and Married one) My wife’s Father had a Ukrainian last name and comes from Volodymyr Volyn.

    Their family also wound up in Siberia, because the Grandfather had a government job as a Gamekeeper on a Polish Estate. The Grandfather spoke Ukrainian as well as Polish, but liked Polaks better. We got along anyway.

    Their Family wound up in Valdivostok, then Africa, London and finally in New Jersey. Which is now also looking a bit shady lately.

    The Russian Court first spoke Polish, and then Moscali decided that French was more impressive sounding. Maybe because the Russian Language has the fewest words of any language in Europe. RaSSiyan sounds like a mouth full of dung to me. I had a couple of years of it in college, along with Ukrainian, since the same teachers thought both. It was easy credits. Did not like the grammar stuff though.

    My mother was a linguist and was some help. As she had honorary degrees from Moscow. When the Germans were coming, the Mascals killed all the students that they arrested. It took my mother 2 weeks to bury her classmates.

    In the end the Mascals were planning to kill her as well, but the Germans found the papers. Nazis thought that my mother was Volks Deutch. The Nazis showed her the death warrant all typed up for her by the Commies. (All she had to do was to refuse to march in a commie parade).

    Nazis told her to get out, when they do. She took the last train out as the Allies tried to bomb it. We wound up in a Displaced Persons camp in Germany. There were also Jews, who decided that they had a better chance with the Germans than being trapped with Russians.

    The Jews said that they wanted our Camp for themselves since Ukrainians were on the opposing side, and we had to go to a worse camp because of Americans. So my parents changed camps and I was born there.

    • Oh God, he is an insalvageable 60+ year old. I thought he was a teenager based on his manners and language. Ok — you story convinced me not to comment on your posts anymore. All people of your convictions do sound to me like their mouth full are of dung, no matter what language you speak.

    • Georg wrote: “the “A”’s would torture me,….. Frenchies were against Ukraine, …. supplied Poles slaughtering Ukrainians….. She took the last train out as the Allies tried to bomb it… The Jews said that they wanted our Camp for themselves… and we had to go to a worse camp because of Americans.

      What a typical horror story of the suffering an Aryan-looking woman at the hands of all those nasty Jews, Americans, Russians, Poles, Frenchmen in World War 2. Plus the Romanian guy named “A”.

      There were only one good kind of people, the people whom your mother served in World War 2: the German Nazis:

      The Germans found the papers. Nazis thought that my mother was Volks Deutch. The Nazis showed her the death warrant by the Commies. Nazis told her to get out, when they do.”

      Poor Georg: his side lost in WW2.

  15. RTR, You are offspring of a fat incestuous rashan swamp dweller, who lives with pigs for warmth.
    No need for an indoor toilet as that means even more warmth from fermentation. You RTR have this odor in your genes, of abused livestock when suckled by a rat eating pig, and the smell is already genetic.

    Obviously you see nothing wrong with mass murders of talented youth, and scholars of neighboring countries. Never mind killing of high minded, selfless and honorable individuals in your own Rashan Bedlam. You work for the killers of those precious individuals that cannot descend to your level. Human Russians are being used up, and exterminated by RTR’s mangy kind, who gang up with PutMed’s approval.

    No normal business relations can be conducted with RaSSiyan incestouse vodka swilling scum because they do the dirty deeds.

    North Korea is the model for a future Mascovia, since there is complete control of society. So much so, that North Koreans jam a large stone in your mouth before they shoot you so that you cannot shout and curse them out with your last breath.

    This will eventually be your undoing since everybody hates your kind of country, and some are blowing themselves up, just to take out more of your filth in the Caucuses and inside of Rasha. Alcohol poisoning is very acceptable for Rashan scum and they even brag.

    RaSSiya has no allies that it can even bribe to look good. Already RTR your ilk is loosing two time zones, in the East. When the oil runs out then what?

    London’s Anglo Saxon Limp Wristed system of justice will finally go into action, and confiscate the ill gotten fortunes of crime lords, once there is no more to be gained. The protection will be gone. The Chinese have always been easier to deal with and have a real culture and work ethic.

  16. RTR, Your advice is no more sought after than your idiotic presence, on this site, as a token Nashi Neo Bolshevik stooge. This pays huge dividends for vilifying Rashan Government till it collapses. I can not thank you enough for this target of opportunity. I love to hear of RaSSiyski troubles and especially when the freedom fighters take your lives.

    Remember the lead stories are always the shortcomings of being Neo Savok in Pootin’s Rasha.

    Your help and general ignorance displayed by your manner and attitude really shows your country.

    General Morons without a point continue, so it will get even bigger, and even better expose Rashan Bonehead logic.

    • This pays huge dividends for vilifying Rashan Government till it collapses.

      Unfortunately, Georg, judging form your tone and content, you will collapse long before the “Rashan Government” does.

  17. I give RaSSiya less then 18 months and I am in great shape. Just came back from a mile swim with my young wife.

    You are just a “computer operator ” Neo Nazi Fanatic who is not fit to bring any dog water.

    You, RTR however, will go down much faster since you cannot see your filthy breed has already lost in the East.

    Even if you won’t admit it, Russians that know things are saying it.
    Alexander Khramchikhin, a Deputy Director of the Moscow-based Institute for Political and Military Analysis, says: if there will ever be a large-scale military aggression in the “classical” form against Russia, with 95% probability (if not 99.99%) the aggressor would be China.


    Don’t you just love those movies on this site where Mujaheddin are killing you? Imagine how your ilk is surrounded with people that your kind has messed with, and all they want is to finish RaSSiya. I would be ashamed if all my neighbors had joined a hate group like NATO because of me.

    “The tremendous overpopulation of China together with its rapid economic growth creates a complexity of issues for this country. China is objectively a non-viable in its current borders.

    China must be a lot more if it does not want to be much less. It can not survive without expansion abroad to capture the resources and territories, this is a reality.

    No need to explain that the main direction of China’s expansion will be the South-Eastern Asia. I has a small territory and insignificant resources, with a lot of local people.

    The opposite direction with a lot of territory, huge resources and few people are Kazakhstan and the Asian part of Russia. And it is there where China’s expansion will go. Moreover, the Trans-Ural area of Russia is considered to be Chinese in China…

    There was a time when Khrushchev propositioned Kennedy saying the if there is another world war all that would be left is them. Meaning Africans and Asians. So Khrushchev made the proposition to “Nuke the Gook” not exactly in those words, but that was the point.

    Khruschev really did not like Kennedy for rejecting the idea. Worse yet he let it get out. Then Chinese found out! Things were never the same since the time when Mao proposed to “unite our peoples”. Khrushchev knew Chinese outnumber even then, and will dominate Rasha and it was his last chance to wipe them out.

    • Georg // March 27, 2010 at 5:01 am
      I give RaSSiya less then 18 months and I am in great shape. Just came back from a mile swim with my young wife.

      Georg, as I can see, the blog’s time 5:01 am corresponds to New Jersey’s 1:01 am. You swim laps at 1 o’clock in the morning?!

  18. Kyrgyzstan is being flooded with Chinese Students and China is sometimes Paying for it!

    A visit to a Bishkek bazaar, overflowing with products stamped with elaborate Chinese characters, offers a stark illustration of China’s growing economic clout in Kyrgyzstan. But the Kyrgyz capital is not only proving a magnet for Chinese goods, it is drawing an increasing number of Han Chinese students of Russian.

    The young, foreign scholars are not always welcome. Many Kyrgyz are concerned about their giant neighbor’s intentions, joking nervously about how their nation’s whole population could fit into a few Beijing hotels. Local rumors likewise swirl around Bishkek that the Chinese are intent on gaining influence in the country via immigration.

    Despite these fears, neither the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which issues visas to foreigners, nor the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which registers foreigners’ passports on arrival, nor the State Statistics Committee can say how many Chinese citizens are currently in Kyrgyzstan.

    Thanks to the proximity of the large Russian and Kazakhstani economies, Russian is a popular language among merchants and entrepreneurs in western China’s Xinjiang Province. Most Chinese students in Bishkek come from Xinjiang, as the western Chinese hub of Urumqi is less than two hours’ flying time away. Instruction in Bishkek costs approximately the same as in Urumqi, students say, but is better.

    “Kyrgyzstan is often showed on television in Xinjiang. Here in Kyrgyzstan, the quality of education is high,” said Urumqi-native Su Deen, a student at the Kyrgyz National University’s Center of Languages. “After I graduate I would like to work as a translator of Russian in China,” he added. Like most students, Su Deen, 25, has taken a local Russified name: Sergei.

    “I’ve been here for five years,” said Gu Teng Yao, 19, or Oleg. “Now I am a fourth year student in the International Relations Department. I was so bored for the first two years. I didn’t know the language and local life well and I didn’t have many friends. Now, I go to the movies a lot. I have lots of local friends,” he said.

    “The number of people studying here is not a lot for China, but it is many for Kyrgyzstan,” he added.

    Privately, the Chinese students grumble about racial profiling and police harassment. One said he was asked for a bribe merely for having a faded photograph on his student identification card.

    A Russian-language teacher who has worked with Chinese students for 10 years said his students were often targeted for harassment. “My students call me and tell me the police don’t believe [the authenticity of their] documents and want 200 som [about $5]. Many students are afraid to go out,” the teacher said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

    Some Chinese students are also denied visa renewals without explanation, and forced to leave the country in the middle of their studies, the teacher added.

    Though most students pay their own way, a Chinese government program also sponsors some nationals to teach Chinese in local schools.


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