EDITORIAL: Georgia gives Russia a Pounding


Georgia gives Russia a Pounding

Last weekend, the national rugby team of Georgia gave its Russian counterparts a brutal thrashing and claimed the European Nations Championship.  Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili decorated the Georgian squad as national heroes.

We’re hard-pressed to decide which reminder triggered by the Georgian triumph was the more ghastly and humiliating for Russia, that of its shocking recent collapse at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, or that of its even more bitter failure to oust Saakashvili from power two years earlier, when world leaders stunned the Kremlin by rushing to Georgia’s side and universally refusing to recognize its annexation of Georgian territory.

But we find it even more perplexing to try to discern how the sheep-like denizens of Russia can ignore so blithely all this rancid public failure by their government.

In the last election, they permitted the last genuine democratic opposition party, Yabloko, to be utterly purged from all local government office even though they made clear with their votes that they are developing profound contempt for Vladimir Putin’s party of power, United Russia, which went down to defeat in a number of local races.

It’s truly psychotic.  The nation sees that its government is failing, and sees that it is doing everything it can to cover up that failure in the same way that the failed USSR always did.  The nation is angry, and yet it does not demand any real opposition parties be allowed to compete in elections and it does not even dream of holding Russia’s nearly omnipotent ruler, Vladimir Putin, responsible for any of the carnage he has caused.  They don’t hesitate to credit Putin personally for any perceived “success” by the government, yet they view him as being the innocent victim of any failure.

If Russia cannot defeat tiny, backwards Georgia, what would happen if Russia faced a confrontation with NATO?   There is only one answer:  Even more spectacular defeat. After all, the same fate met by the far more mighty and potent USSR.  Yet, Russia continues to behave as if it were a superpower, confronting and taunting and provoking the USA at every conceivable opportunity.

56 responses to “EDITORIAL: Georgia gives Russia a Pounding

  1. I’m really suprised that the Russians lost, considering how many excellent Hookers they have. (Sorry – rugby joke).

    • Georgians won because they greatly surpassed Russians in terms of Dummies. (Sorry – rugby joke)

      • But RTR, I thought you said Russians (including yourself) know nothing of Rugby.

        Oh well, caught in your usual web of falsehood and lies again we see.

        • Andrew wrote: “But RTR, I thought you said Russians (including yourself) know nothing of Rugby.

          Where did you get the idea that I live in Russia? I have watched the Rugby World Cup, the Aussie AFL and even the cricket World Cup on Fox Sports and Setanta Sports satellite TV channels here in USA.

      • BTW, were you referring to the “dummy switch” or “dummy pass” or “dummy cut”?

      • You are pathetic RTR! Whatever you do DON’T try comedy as per your normal crap, as this too will be an abject failure.

        What a beauty Andrew, he will not sleep tonight trying to work out an answer to your question! by the way do you want to take a bet that your question will be met by total silence on his part.

  2. We, Americans, don’t pay much attention to rugby, just as Russians don’t. I only watch the World Cup. So, I am familiar only with two dummies: you, Andrew, and the “dummy” where the player fakes a pass but instead runs the ball himself.

    BTW, congratulations to both Georgia and Russia for qualifying for the next World Cup finals. They are both improving.

    • But RTR, you constantly refer to yourself as a Russian, so which is it?

      Are you an American or a Russian, which country would you support when push comes to shove?

      Are you just one of those typical Russian parasites that loves to live in the west because of the higher standard of pretty much everything, while constantly undermining the country that has taken you in?

      • “Are you an American or a Russian, which country would you support when push comes to shove?”

        Andrew, dear retard, Russia and USA will never fight each other. Thus, to ask me your question is as pointless as asking you whom you will support when push comes to shove: New Zealand or Georgia.

        BTW, are you one of those New Zealand parasites that come to poor countries like Georgia, get high-paying jobs from unsuspecting local businessmen, and then spend your entire workday surfing the Web and enjoying themselves at their boss’ expense?

        • That should be: “enjoying yourselves at your boss’ expense”

        • Now RTR, Russia and the US are constantly at odds, and have fought each other in proxy wars for the last 60 years or so.

          Let us not forget all the mass murdering regimes created and supported by Russia, nor the valiant efforts of the US to stop the tide of Russian totalitarianism, which seemed to have been won in 1989, but alas (thanks in great part to vermin such as yourself) has risen again in Russia, the traditional birthplace of repressive regimes and mass murder.

      • Andrew,

        From LR archives, I can see that Georgia is not the first victim of your parasite behavior: you have also lived and worked in Russia.

        So, are you just one of those typical New Zealand parasites that worked in Russia because of the high pay standard for “engineers” from the West working in Russia, while constantly undermining the country that had taken you in?

        • No, RTR, I never claimed to be (or wanted to be) a Russian citizen.

          You however try to have it both ways.

          Remember, if you swore the oath of allegiance to the United States it is supposed to mean something.

          However, Russians have a long tradition of oath-breaking, seems being a backstabbing lying bastard is kind of a cultural requirement for you.

          • Andrew,

            I never said that you were a Russian citizen. I am talking not about the color of your passport but about you taking advantage of unsuspecting businessmen in Russia and Georgia, while badmouthing Russia in the process.

            As far as I am concerned, I assure you that I am a good American and contribute greatly to the well-being of my fellow Americans, provide employment to others, and pay huge taxes and make charitable contributions.

            You, on the other hand, are a foreign parasite who sucks the money out of your Russian and Georgian employers, who have no idea that you spend your entire workday arguing with me and hundreds others at this blog.

            • No RTR, I work hard, and pay huge taxes too.

              As for the amount of time I spend arguing with sub standard filth such as yourself, well be sure I always exceed my job requirements.

              Besides, you post far more than I do, and you post more rubbish.

              So RTR, go do whatever cleaning job it is that you do at 2 am in the morning California time, and remember to delete the browsing history, we wouldn’t want your hard working American employers to get annoyed at you slacking off on the night shift now would we…..

              • Andrew,

                Most people have their own personal computers these days.

                You too should try to buy one for your home. They start at about $500 or so, maybe even less. That way, you will be able to post to this blog not only from work but from home as well.

                Can you afford to spend $500 on a computer? If not – tell your boss that you are working so hard that you manage to post an average of 50,000 lines of text to the LR blog per week. I am sure he will give you a bonus for such “hard work”.

                • Oh I have a home PC, and a laptop, and my work PC RTR.

                  • My advice, Andrew: better mind your own business and stop sticking your nose into other people’s personal lives.

                    I assure you that you have more skeletons in your closet than anybody else here.

                    Tbilisi is a small city, there are not too many New Zealand expats named Andrew living in it and working for a construction company. It would take little effort to find your boss and to show him how you spend your workday. And firing you will greatly help the Georgian economy.

                    • Now RTR, just because you are unable to act as a decent human being (funny how that always seems to happen with scum like you), well personal threats are oh so typical of Russian scum such as yourself.

                      Never mind RTR, I work for a Latvian Georgian concern these days.

                      They would probably give me a pay rise…..

                      Never mind RTR, go and play with yourself.

                • Besides, it’s still very strange that you are so obsessive that you spend all night posting your drivel.

                  Whats the matter? No social life?

                  Not surprising considering your obvious lack of a normal human personality.

  3. http://www.civil.ge/eng/article.php?id=22109

    Both Georgia and Russia had already qualified for the next year’s World Cup in New Zealand even before Saturday’s match

    So, there wasn’t much at stake in that game? Congratulations to both teams on qualifying!

    President Saakashvili awarded on Sunday each member of Georgia’s rugby team with Order of Honor after beating Russia

    Giving out medals for a little victory in a game of rugby? Saakashvili is turning Georgia into the laughing stock of the entire world, worse than Iran or North Korea. I wonder if the Iranian rulers were laughable and pathetic enough to award medals to their soccer players fro beating USA in the World Cup:


    The “Great Satan” is going home in humiliation.

    Iran — where some have been chanting “Death to America!” for nearly two decades — killed off the U.S. soccer team from World Cup contention Sunday night, shocking the Americans 2-1 in a game sure to set off wild celebrations back in Tehran.

    The Americans spent almost the entire game showing they really are the gang who couldn’t shoot straight

    “It is a big victory for the Iranian nation,” coach Jalal Talebi said. “Not because it was the United States, but because it was Iran’s first World Cup win.”

    Before the game, both teams posed together… Iranians gave the U.S. players flowers, the Americans in turn gave them USSF pennants. Iran also presented U.S. captain Thomas Dooley with a silver-colored plate.

    • Oh I don’t know RTR, how about Medvedev/Putin awarding extra medals to the returning Russian winter olympians?

      Given their dismal performance, even more pathetic.

      Really RTR, your rank hypocrisy is becoming very amusing…..

      “Medvedev awards Russian 2010 Winter Olympic athletes

      Russian President Dmitry Medvedev awarded state decorations to Russian athletes on Monday for their achievements at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.
      The Vancouver Games were Russia’s worst since czarist times, with the team winning just three gold medals, five silver and seven bronze, and finishing 11th in the overall medals table. The Kremlin has been appalled by Russia’s “dismal” performance, calling on officials responsible for the preparation of Russia’s Olympic team to quit.
      Russian Olympic Committee head Leonid Tyagachev resigned on March 3, two days after Medvedev said senior sports officials should quit over the country’s poor showing at the Winter Olympics.
      “Many of our young athletes have shown that our Olympic team has a high potential,” Medvedev said at the state awards ceremony for the Russian Olympic team in Moscow.
      He also noted Russia’s surprising success in snowboard and skeleton.
      “This is very important to us. It was proven by snowboarder Yekaterina Ilyukhina who won Russia’s first ever silver Olympic medal in this kind of sport, and Alexander Tretyakov, who grabbed the bronze medal in skeleton,” Medvedev said.
      The Order of Friendship was awarded to skiers Nikita Kryukov, Evgeny Ustyugov and biathletes Svetlana Sleptsova, Anna Bogaliy-Titovets, Olga Medvedtseva and Olga Zaitseva, who grabbed the gold medals. Zaitseva also won silver in Biathlon women’s 12.5 km mass start.
      The Order of Merit for the Motherland was awarded to silver-winning figure skater Evgeni Plushenko, speed skater Ivan Skobrev, who took silver and bronze, and biathlete Ivan Cherezov, who grabbed the Olympic bronze.
      The Order of Merit for the Fatherland, second class, was awarded to the bobsleigh pair of Alexei Voevoda and Alexander Zubkov, who won bronze medals, figure skaters Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin, who took bronze, silver-winning snowboarder Yekaterina Ilyukhina, skiers Irina Khazova, Natalia Korosteleva, who grabbed the bronze, skiers Nikolay Morilov and Alexei Petukhov, who also took bronze medals, skier Alexander Panzhinsky, who won the silver medal, Alexander Tretyakov, who won bronze in skeleton, and biathletes Maxim Chudov and Anton Shipulin, who grabbed the Olympic bronze in the men’s 4×7.5km biathlon relay together with Ivan Cherezov and Evgeny Ustyugov.
      Medvedev signed the decree awarding state decorations to Russian athletes shortly after the end of the Olympics, in an effort to break away from tradition which saw the 2008 Beijing Olympics team receive their well-deserved awards only after almost a year delay.
      “I think that this is a reasonable decision that … all the decorations be awarded ten days after the end of the Olympic Games. This is proper because the memories are still fresh in our minds,” Medvedev said.
      “You went out and you did your best,” he added, addressing the athletes.
      The Russian government will pay the medalists a ruble equivalent of 100,000 euros for every gold medal, 60,000 euros for every silver medal, and 40,000 euros for every bronze medal. Each medalist will also receive an Audi car and Omega watch.

      MOSCOW, March 15 (RIA Novosti)”


      • There is little laughable in awarding medals to Olympic medalists, as do and did Russians and Soviets, or celebrating the first victory in the prestigious World Cup soccer final – as did Iranians.

        What is laughable is when a President awards medals for a victory in a meaningless match against a rugby team that is ranked 18th in the World, out of pure nationalistic hatred.

        The reason why the rugby players received their medals was not because they won some medals, but because they won a match against Russians.

        Sports are about achievement and honor, not about hatred. Saakashvili has much less class than even the Iranian mullahs.

        BTW, my google search tells me that this was hardly the first time Georgia defeated Russia in rugby: both teams have been winning some and losing some against each other for decades. But this is the first time that such victory was politicized. Clearly, faced with a political embarrassment on the battlefield, Saakashvili hopes to restore his popularity among the masses through achievements of rugby players.

        • Now RTR, actually the Georgians have won around the last 21 of the last 22 games against Russia.

          However, the game was also the final match of the European Cup of Nations, which Georgia won, and Russia came second.

          It was the decider.

          So wrong again RTR.

          • Andrew wrote:
            “Now RTR, actually the Georgians have won around the last 21 of the last 22 games against Russia.”

            If you say so. Being a New Zealander/Georgian, you know infinitely more about rugby than I.

            If so – what is so special about this, 21st victory?

          • However, the game was also the final match of the European Cup of Nations, which Georgia won, and Russia came second.

            So, they went one-two in the European Cup of Nations? And both qualified for the World Cup finals next year?

            Isn’t it the very first time that Russia has qualified for the World Cup finals? Sounds like not only Georgians, but Russians too should be celebrating. Maybe this World Cup appearance next year will popularize rugby among average sports fans in Russia?

            • Oh I hope so, yes I agree Russians should be celebrating.

              By the way RTR, I was watching the game with Georgians and Russians, and there was no animosity, the Presidential award was the same as that given the last time the Georgians won it, and the time before that.

              • I am sure there was indeed no animosity among athletes. It is Saakashvili who oozes hatred.

                BTW, would you care to substantiate your claim that the Georgian rugby players received the same awards in the previous two victories of the Cup? Did they indeed get the Order of Honor?

        • Actually there is a lot that is laughable about awarding Olympic medal winners, especially with huge cash grants in a country that cannot pay pensioners a decent pension, which has millions in poverty etc.

          Besides, it is just more Russian hubris, what was that petulant figure skaters name again?

          Oh well, maybe he got a “platinum” medal from Putin….

  4. See your inane criticism of the Georgian government awarding medals to the Georgian Rugby team for winning an international tournament, the European Cup of Nations.

    1. The European Cup of Nations is a second-rate tournament for 2nd and 3rd tier teams, and the best 6 rugby teams in Europe don’t want to play in it:


    The European Nations Cup (also known as ENC or sometimes as Six Nations B) is the European Championship for tier 2 and tier 3 rugby union nations.

    2. Georgia has won 3 out of the last 6 European Cups of Nations, so what’s the big deal?

    3. In his speech, Saakashvili bragged not of winning the Cup but of defeating the Russian team:


    Speaking at a meeting with players from the national team in the presidential palace, Saakashvili thanked the team for dedicating the match against Russia to the memory of fallen Georgian soldiers.

    “I do not want to politicize sport and we should not have any hate for sportsmen and we don’t have any; sport is about friendship [LOL!]; but not a single Russian television station reported about your victory,” Saakashvili said.

    “Georgians have called the yesterday’s match ‘a match of honor’; I want to award the entire team with Order of Honor,” he said.

    And, BTW, Saakashvili is such a compulsive liar that he even had to lie about rugby: this Georgia-Russia match was not only reported on Russian TV, but it was shown in its entirety on the major national channel Rossiya-Sport on 21 March 2010 at 00:50. In fact, you can re-watch its archive at Etvnet.ca for about 60 cents per hour:


    21 Мар 2010 00:50
    Регби. Кубок Европейских наций.
    Грузия – Россия
    91 мин.

    • Of course, RTR simply oozes hatred of Georgia and Georgians.

      “The European Cup of Nations is a second-rate tournament for 2nd and 3rd tier teams, and the best 6 rugby teams in Europe don’t want to play in it”

      I bet he would not be saying that if Russia had won it this year…..

      Never mind RTR, once again you leave yourself looking petty.

      • No, I wouldn’t say it any differently even if Russia won it.

        Let’s face it: rugby is not popular in Russia at all, and not too popular in Goergia, afaik.

        Thus, when Russia and Georgia face the top 8 rugby powers, they lose big time. Of course, so does USA.

        • But let me tell you: if Georgia becomes a world power in rugby, I will root for it to win the World Cup, especially over your New Zealand.

          • By the way, so would I as I live in Georgia, and have permanent residency here.

            Unlike you, I know how to be loyal to the place I am living in.

        • Really RTR, I have sat in a stadium with 65,000 Georgians watching Rugby.

          As usual you know very little.

          • You have, Andrew? 65,000 Georgians? Really?

            Please name me the rugby game at which this happened. Who was playing whom? On what date? In what stadium?

            I doubt if there exists any stadium in Georgia that can hold 65,000 people.

            • Well dickhead, shows what you know.

              Ever heard of the Dinamo Tbilisi stadium? It has a capacity of 78,000.

              And it was a Russia Georgia game I was taken to see by my (at the time) future brother in law, in 2002.

              So RTR, try again, you know little about Georgians, except the drivel your Russian media tells you.

        • One other thing, Georgia only lost to Ireland by 1 point at the last world cup, and were ahead on tries.

          They are quite capable of footing it with the big 8 on a good day.

          Once again your posts reek of stupidity.

          • Please, Andrew, you are such a retard that you know nothing even about New Zealand’s national sport – rugby – and are too stupid to consult Wikipedia to check your dimple facts.

            Georgia only lost to Ireland by 1 point at the last world cup

            No, they didn’t. They lost by 3 points. Plus they lost to France by 57 points. And to Argentina by 30 points, even though Argentina is not in the top 8.

            “and were ahead on tries

            They lost to Ireland on tries 1-2.


            My god, what a waste of time you are, Andrew. You habitually lie even about such apolitical things as rugby scores and attendances.

            Everything that you say without citation are lies. Every single word.

            That’s why I have always tried avoiding debate with you.

            • Oh boo hoo, so I was wrong? It was a few years ago.

              They were one try behind, not too bad really.

              Never mind, its only a game.

              However, you lie deliberately all the time, even going so far as to selectively edit the information you post (V Abayev’s quotes spring to mind).

              For example, your worship of Russian imperialism, your worship of Serbian war criminals, and your strange belief that Russians like Jews are all a little weird.

              • The problem is not that you were “wrong”. The problem is that you blabber lie after lie after lie. The first thing that comes to your mind that you think will strengthen your argument:

                “My father-in-law received an engineering degree from Moscow University which awards no engineering degrees!”

                “My father-in-law was appointed to the post of The Number One Graduating Engineering Student in the Entire USSR!”

                “The Ukrainian Foreign Minister denounced the award of PhD to David Duke!”

                “Hitler killed fewer Jews than Stalin!”

                “Yagoda was an ethnic Jew”

                “Yagoda was an ethnic Russian”

                “Yagoda was a godless atheist”

                “Yagoda was a deeply religious Jew”

                etc, etc

                • “The Ukrainian Foreign Minister denounced the award of PhD to David Duke!”

                  “In September 2005, Duke received a Ph.D. title in History from the Ukrainian Interregional Academy of Personnel Management (MAUP). His doctoral thesis was titled “Zionism as a Form of Ethnic Supremacism”. MAUP is a large university, with over 50,000 students, which is accredited by Ukraine’s Ministry of Education, and is where Duke had previously received an honorary doctorate. It is regarded by its critics as the main source of anti-Semitic activity and publishing in Ukraine, and its “anti-Semitic actions” were “strongly condemned” by Foreign Minister of Ukraine Borys Tarasyuk and various Jewish interest and anti-racist organizations. Duke has been allowed to teach an international relations and a history course at MAUP.”


                • Oh, and your recent lie from this very thread : “the Presidential award was the same as that given the last time the Georgians won it, and the time before that.

                  I am still waiting for your reference. Provide it – or be banned. :-)

                  • Now RTR, go and play with your friends, oh thats right……..

                  • BTW, how many times have you been banned for lying Ms. RTR/Michael Tal/Phobophobe/Ostap Bender etc etc etc?

                    At least when I make a mistake I apologise, of course, it is very hard for Russians such as yourself to understand the principle of correcting ones understanding, but never mind…..

                    • I don’t know what you are talking about. I have never been banned for lying. Not even by LR, who bans her critics left and right by falsely accusing them of lying.

                    • Awfully funny, that you write in exactly the same style (poor) as Michael Tal/Phobophobe/Ostap Bender, all of whom also claimed to be highly paid Russians living in California.

            • Ireland escape biggest World Cup shock

              By Rupert Bates
              Published: 12:01AM BST 16 Sep 2007
              This was one of the most dramatic nights in the history of World Cup rugby as Georgia so nearly – and how it would have been deserved – produced the sport’s greatest ever upset, losing narrowly 14-10 to Ireland in Bordeaux and having countless chances to win it.

              Georgia, the former Soviet Republic, has Europe’s highest point, Mount Elbrus, and they climbed the highest mountain yesterday. A win for Georgia – and they should have, could have won – would have sent shock waves not just through rugby but through the sporting world. These things are not meant to happen in a power game where the giants tend to monopolise possession and overpower and overrun the smaller rugby nations. Georgia are, or now we have to say ‘were’, one of the game’s minnows and have never won a World Cup match and in the last World Cup in Australia conceded 28 tries in their four games, including heavy defeats to England and South Africa.

              “We had 70 per cent of possession against Ireland. At the end of the game we thought we would score the winning try. We have regrets that we did not win, but I am so proud of my players. We must continue to develop the infrastructure of Georgian rugby,” said Georgian captain and lock Ilia Zedginidze.
              The vast majority of the Georgia squad play their rugby in the French second division. Yesterday in Bordeaux, in one mighty leap, the country bounded into Europe’s first division. Having fought valiantly in defeat to Argentina in their first pool match, yesterday they were magnificent throughout – their forwards roughing up a desperately sluggish Ireland pack and their backs showing wit, pace, invention and an excellent kicking game behind.
              Star of the show in a team of stars was wing Giorgi Shkinin, who scored a breathtaking breakaway try early in the seond half, intercepting Ireland scrum-half Peter Stringer’s pass meant for Brian O’Driscoll and racing over from 75 metres and the chants of ‘Georgie’, referring both to the team and the try-scorer, rang round the stadium.
              “I hope in Georgia rugby will become the No1 sport. That is our aim. We can become as strong as the French and the English,” said Zedginidze.
              “I’ve played over 70 Test matches and that was as physical as playing the top sides. Georgia deserve great credit,” said Ireland captain Brian O’Driscoll.
              There is talk of letting Argentina into a Seven Nations tournament. Why not make it eight and extend the invitation to Georgia? This was an utterly compelling spectacle. We waited for Georgia to blow up or Ireland to remember how to play rugby but neither happened.
              Near the end, with Georgia trailing by four points, they hammered away at the Irish, showing great stamina and fitness levels and astonishing character and effort. They tried drop goals; they drove Ireland back in the maul and they drove over the line. English referee Wayne Barnes went to the video referee and the reputation of Irish rugby held its collective breath, before the ball was ruled to have been held up.
              But Ireland will be buried for this lament able performance, following their appalling display against Namibia. It has been an awful weekend for the home nations. It is the southern hemisphere sides who have threatened to monopolise this tournament, but one country stood tall for Europe and the northern hemisphere last night.


              It was a great game, and my incorrect remembrance of the scores takes nothing away from them.

              So RTR, go indulge in some russian culture of abusing immigrants or whatever it is that bottom dwelling filth such as yourself do.

              You just prove what Ukrainians, Latvians, Georgians, Poles, Chechens, Daghesh, Afghans, in fact any people that have suffered from Russia say.

              Russians are a cancer.

  5. Andrew wrote:”Oh boo hoo, so I was wrong?… Russians are a cancer.

    So, now it is Russia’s fault that you have been caught lying again?

    • @RTR,
      Your cause is Dishonorable! Remember that the world is NOT on your side. No real country accepted the new borders, even when offered blood money. All the Serious countries resisted Rashas dishonorable genocide in the Caucuses. Still a little country kicked Mascal Butt again.

      Andrew should not be tricked to overeact to $ucking curs like you RTR, who are here just to provoke, then lead discussions astray from the topic we are learning about.
      Some Mascal degenerates like having fun and taunt, while Practicing English at our expense.

      Rasha could very well start a war and call martial law, when the domestic situation gets even more wobbly. “Rasha is a very special enemy” said Winston Churchill.

      Ukraine will handle Rashan Abuse for now, because of its location and size, they cannot wipe her out without destroying themselves. Georgia is the most important country in Europe right now.

      We all really know too much about NeoBolshevik fantasy. I wonder how many Nashi Scum use the same computer to spam LR around the clock.

      NATO is nothing without USA, and Europe knows this. RaSSiya will never be able to join this alliance, because of its Feudal Government. Maskwa wants to create a European Defense Initiative. Rashan todey in Ukriane, President Yanikowych is pushing it on Brussels just for laughs. Why would anyone want to sleep with bedbugs, like Moscali.

      RTR, your sense of values and honor, is that of a cur dog, which fights only when he is on top. He will bite the hand that feeds it. Causing him to be put down.

  6. Hmm, I think RTG and Andrew can´t wich each other.

  7. Pardon, I mean RTR.

  8. I fully agree with LR stand, but
    from other side-
    Too many ppl in the all parts of former ussr are engaged in the nationalistic racist and antisemitic hysteria …
    Ppl from east-block (regardless they are russians, polacks, estonians or armenians..etc)
    have even very backward misogynist mentality

    All of them have very long way to go before they get a real western democracy …

    I think its the result of 80 /60 years of living under totalitarian dictature and the Iron Curtain..
    “Who keeps company with the wolves, will learn to howl”

    Sad but true

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