EDITORIAL: Russia’s Military Collapse


Russia’s Military Collapse

“So long as the Arabs fight tribe against tribe, so long will they be a little people, a silly people, greedy, barbarous and cruel.  As you are.”

— Peter O’Toole to Omar Sharif in “Laurence of Arabia”, 1962

Just last week, we editorialized about the shocking collapse of the Russian military.  We pointed out that, in being forced to purchase weapons from NATO countries that it cannot manufacture itself, Putin’s Russia was not only humiliating itself before the eyes of the world but exposing itself to grave danger:  Its ability to maintain these weapons would depend solely on the good will of countries Russia considers its enemies.  Russia is buying ships from France, armored vehicles from Italy and, if you can believe it, drone aircraft from Israel.

Now it’s time to tell the other side of the story, namely the truly devastating impact of the pathetic inability of the Russian Kremlin to make its own weapons on the national economy.  The always indispensable Paul Goble reports that even the Russians themselves recognize the horrifying consequences they face.

Goble notes that “the Italian deal represents an immediate threat to Russian workers who produce a similar piece of equipment.” Goble relates that Russian union leaders predict that because of the Italian deal “more workers at the Arzamas machine-building complex, one of Russia’s hard-hit company towns, will see their wage arrears increase or even see their jobs disappear entirely.”  The consequences are dire:  “As of January 2010, wage arrears in Russian firms had reached, according to official figures, 4.1 billion rubles (135 million US dollars), including unpaid back wages in the region where Arzamas is located of 152 million rubles (5 million US dollars).”

And it turns out that “the Italian company which would sell the armored vehicles to Russia is a shadow partner of another Russian firm, KamAZ, whose director in turn is friendly with the leadership of the defense ministry.”  So it’s not even clear that Russia can’t produce these vehicles, it may be that it’s not going to simply because of Russia’s rampant corruption.

Regardless of the cause, however, fundamental defects in Russian society are revealed and the results of the diversion of Russian resources to foreign countries are clear:  Unemployment and wage arrears for Russians.

Little wonder, then, that Russians took to the streets last weekend in a “day of rage” that saw dozens arrested on the streets, leaders arrested preemptively and the website that organized the protests shut down by the Kremlin.  Russians are outraged at the savage mismanagement of their economy by the crude clan of KGB thugs whom Vladimir Putin has brought to power.

But too few Russians have the courage to stand up for their country and their future.  The Kremlin is seriously undermining Russian national security by failing to address fundamental Russian backwardness and corruption, and it is pushing the economy to the brink of bankruptcy with its crazed KGB-fueled cold-war fantasies.  If more Russians do not take action soon, we will see yet another national collapse from Russia.

47 responses to “EDITORIAL: Russia’s Military Collapse

  1. I read about the banned protests yesterday (Saturday March 20), but does anyone know what the march was on Bolshoi Dorogomilovskaya today? There were plenty of police lining the streets and a couple of ambulances following the marchers, so it looks like it was a sanctioned action.

    Nashi? Any ideas?

  2. Nonsense.
    Russia is buying these weapons to improve relationships with seller countries.
    It’s stupid to say that Russia can’t manufacture armored vehicles?(look at BMP-3 for example)
    or ships or UAV’s
    All of this has been manufactured in Soviet union,and the technology or production facilities haven’t “evaporated”.
    Soviet weapons have see upgrades even in 90’s
    While Russia is starting the production of PAK-FA fighter,it’ doesn’t make sense that it can’t produce ships or APC’s
    It’s a political move.


    Your comment violates our posted guidelines because it makes factual assertions without providing source links. You are in danger if being banned as a commenter if you continue this misconduct. You have been warned.

    • She didn’t say that Russia can’t produce a real armored vehicle. She stated that the Russian elite is so corrupt that it will ignore Russia’s own industry just to take their share in passing lucrative deals with foreigners. And I agree with her.

      These deals have nothing to do with a cunning foreign policy, just with filling somebody’s pockets.

    • Well Dino,

      The BMP-3 is not really all you think it is, what with magnesium based armor, and the rear doors forming the fuel tanks, well what Chechen fighters regularly do to them should give you an idea, Russian soldiers find it safer to sit on top than ride inside.

      As for the PAK-FA, well its only just flown and is a couple of decades behind Aircraft the USA is already testing such as the F-35.

      Never mind little one, your education is obviously lacking in this department too.

    • ….” It’s a political move.”

      What planet are you from/on, brain dead vino drinking, Dino! the unfounded rubbish that you come up/make up and spew forth is just unbelievable.

      Did you for one moment, one tiny, little moment give any thought to the following paragraph? i.e. the third one, that “Goble notes that “the Italian deal represents an immediate threat to Russian workers who produce a similar piece of equipment.” Goble relates that Russian union leaders predict that because of the Italian deal “more workers at the Arzamas machine-building complex, one of Russia’s hard-hit company towns, will see their wage arrears increase or even see their jobs disappear entirely.” The consequences are dire: ” ”

      And you dare call this a “political move.” Now that is not stupidity, it is just plain gross stupidity, chum!

      Furthermore chum, you have not answered just one of the many points raised after the above paragraph, in this blog. A classic method used by brain dead soviet or communist baboons to steer the matter of the subject to other (i.e. totally irrelevant) topics.

      • It’s a political move…If you weren’t so limited you would have understood that.
        Russia’s policies are determined not by the interest s of Russia,but by interests of the ruling elite.
        Considering Berlusconi’s gangster-governed Italy,it makes perfect sense.

        • Me limited? another one of your countless lies, you baboon! if you want to see a classical case of someone who really is limited, look in a mirror the next time you go past one.

          You are that type of idiot that if words could be translated into figures, than 2 + 2 would equal anything but 4.

          Stick to the subject matter, chum, as I am already aware and therefore don’t need to know about “Berlusconi’s gangster -governed Italy,” I’m more interested in how ruSSian decisions, under Putin’s stupid guidance, will effect Russia and more importantly its citizens.

          Capish that simple point, Mr Simpleton.

  3. I’ve been to Arzamas. It’s a sad sight.

  4. A major Italian deal has been denied by the Defence Ministry, though several external models have been purchased for testing.

    Regardless of political purchases like Minstral and stop-gaps like Searcher. Many nations by requirement find it constructive to participate in mutual/individual programs at the cost of local protectionism. For example the UAC may enter the Il-96 in the USAF’s new tanker aquisition if EDAS/Northrop withdraw and the US will welcome the competition.

    As for worker arrears, the wider issue of car sales and the global economic downturn is the issue here, rather than the fraction of purchases the Russian MoD would make.

  5. Why are you such a totalitarian freak, Mrs. LaRussophobe? You threaten to ban anyone who deviates one centimeter from your viewpoint.


    You’re simply lying. We have clearly posted guidelines and anyone who violates them gets banned. We always warn before we ban. This blog is FULL of harsh negative attacks on us. Your dishonesty and ignorance is criminal in its dimensions, characteristic of the depths to which the defenders of Vladimir Putin must sink to distract attention from his failure.

    Calling your host a “freak” is also very rude and idiotic. You hardly set a good example.

    • 390842? hey what’s with the number? is that your nashi serial number? or is it your Ka Ge Be number? as most people don’t hide their real name UNLESS they have something to hide. So Putler stooge, stick to the facts, as your comment of “You threaten to ban anyone who deviates one centimeter from your viewpoint.” just shows you up as a lying piece of “Putlerite” fascist faeces.

      Besides if you and Dino see eye to eye? well then you too have real problems with reality, you moron, but quite understandable seeing your preference in using serial numbers rather than a real name.

  6. 390842:

    Dino has been an irritating jerk for some time now. The rest of us are trying to find out what is going on and Dino interfers with that process.

    • Ron,

      You can learn to ignore him, just as I try to ignore stupid pests like Andrew and LES/Georg/Bohdan/voroBey/elmer/etc.

      • Fair enough, most of us ignore ignorant pests such as yourself RTR

        • RTR my feeling towards brainless Putlerite jerks like you is more then mutual! Believe me I try hard to ignore morons like you, but sometimes it’s just not possible, especially when you open your mouth and there’s no brain attached it (as per usual)!

          I ask why hide behind initials like RTR? does it actually stand for – as I believe – Russia Today pRopaganda?

          Besides talking about pests it is you that broached this subject first, I dare to venture, on account of you being the Daddy Pest of all time and certainly knowing all about this subject.

          Also please be good enough to explain; why you always write so highly about communism and or Putler and his ruSSia? without any evidence to support your waffle, and DO NOT have the welfare of the average Russian, suffering under the yoke of that proud KGB spy master Putin and his ‘banda’ of Ka Ge Bists?

          • Another thing RTR, learn to read and understand the English language, peasant.

            Why I say this is because you addressed your reply to “Ron”, when IN FACT it should have been to 390842. “Ponjall tovarish”.

          • Ron,

            Do you see my point about Bohdan?

          • Ron wrote: “ The rest of us are trying to find out what is going on and Dino interfers with that process.

            This is a very puzzling statement: “The rest of us are trying to find out what is going on“. Going on where? Do you mean that you guys are trying to to find out what is going on with the alleged ” Russia’s Military Collapse”? How exactly are you “trying to find our”?

            And in what way is this Dino guy “interfering” with your efforts? Surely, you aren’t implying that he has cut off your cable and telephone lines or that he sent the police to raid your homes. So, how are his posts preventing you from finding out whatever you want to find out?

            I know that like all xenophobias, russophobia is a form of paranoia; but still I find your fear of Dino and his invisible powers to be a bit too paranoid even for an average xenophobe.

            • That’s “out” not “our”.

            • Well RTR, Dino’s constant dribble about the joys of communism is pretty sick wouldn’t you agree?

              Considering that communist governments were the biggest mass murderers in the history of the planet…..

              • No,Capitalist were the biggest mass-murderers.

                There were socialist states! A Communist state is an oxymoron.
                GOddamn,learn the bloody definitions.
                USSR WASN’T COMMUNIST!

                THat proves how much of an propaganda-poisoned ignorant you are Andrew

                • There were many attempts to reach communism in the past, and all of them failed. Do you think you will succed this time, or any time?

                  • I don’t know whether it will happen in my lifetime.Probably not.
                    But with each year since the Great October Communist movement grows stronger,because each year we have new theories and new ideas.
                    The movement deepens with every new communist,every new philosopher etc.
                    It’s a necessity of further human development.

                    • “But with each year since the Great October Communist movement grows stronger,because each year we have new theories and new ideas.”

                      Growing stronger?

                      New therories – new ideas?

                      I would say that one of the biggest problems of communism is that its the same old people whit the same old ideas as when Marx wrote his books.

                      Things have changed meanwhile and communists can’t understand today’s world.

                      They still glorify “workers” and believe that the most uneducated, most limted class will make a revolution and lead mankind into paradise…

    • Ah Ron! must say I like your reply to, damn what’s his number again?, oh yes that’s it ‘123XYZ’.

    • NO
      I’m a critic,trying to disrupt your internet-orgy of lying masturbatory russophobia.
      If you have counter arguments,state them here.
      Most of the Previous ones were quite lame or outright retarded.

  7. Comming back to arms manufacturing. There was a funny report in the WSJ this weekend, that Russia would bind for the US tanker competition. Meanwhile, the Russian aircraft manufacturer UAC denied:


    Would be interesting to see Russian manufacturers bidding in the US…

  8. It would be interesting indeed. If they can offer something good for a fair price, why wouldn’t Americans buy it? But they’re probably afraid of Americans stealing their “superior” technology…

  9. I think they are more afraid that the could not meet the requirements and the deadline.

    But on the other hand, to bid would allow them to ask their government to allocate a nice budget which could than be distibuted between the UAC top management.

  10. Wrong Max.
    Marx’s ideas are eternal,it’s science,and different Communists have different ideas.
    Just look how many Communist theories there are(Trotskysm,Marxism-Leninism,etc…)
    Marxism enables understanding of the society,and since it’s a science,it’s always open to new ideas,theories,etc…
    We understand today’s world,but many people don’t ’cause they’ve been “silenced” by the watering of the classes(you may have good standard and work little for much money,but it’s only because there are hundreds of millions of Chinese being exploited)
    Try to understand that.
    They can’t rebel(’cause their reactionary “communist” party crushes any opposition to inhuman tyranny ),and you are being “given a candy” of social welfare to shut your mouth up..

    • “Marx’s ideas are eternal,it’s science”


      That’s exactly the problem. Like any other theory, the theory of communism is far from being “eternal”, “scientific”, “true” etc. The Nazis also claimed that their racist views are founded by the theories of Darwin and others. Theories about social life are just theories, the help to explain certain aspects of reality, but they are not equal to reality.

      But as communists claim that they know the ultimate truth, they feel themselves entitled to kill for the sake of progress.

      And for the same reason, they are not “open” to “new theories”, but ready to butcher everyone who goes away one inch from the official party line.

      All the different schools you mention claimed that they are preaching “true” communism and the others are traitors who deserve death. Remember what happened to Trotzky?

      And why do communists always say that all efforts to build up communism where not “real”, all communist parties are “degenerated” and “corrupt”, but, believe me, “real” communism will come, in the very near future…

      USSR, China, Cuba, Albania, did they fail to build up communism because of unlucky circumstances, or because communism is not possible? Think about that.

      An, yes, life is hard and unfair, and one has to struggle for justice. And, ok, Marx had a few things to say about that. But whenever his theories were used as an instruction to build a new society, the result was a bloody revolution first and later a society with a low standard of living, a corrupt party, nepotism, constant observation, danger to be imprisoned and the obligation to praise party, government, big brother USSR and to participate in stupid activities such as parades, rallies, open letters etc.

  11. Guess what folks? Pravda has twice as many members on its Facebook fan page than this rag!

  12. Oh, and speaking of rags, Kim Zigfeld is definitely always on one!

  13. You claiming that Russia has media censorship? Well, you have that as well. Deleting nearly every critical comment.

  14. Well, mine has just been deleted.

  15. Maturion, try writing something sensible, instead of crude, vulgar, propaganda rubbish.

    The average person is not that stupid, or of Dino’s or RTR’s vulgar and limited mentality.

  16. Marx’s ideas are eternal,it’s science

    If the Marxists were true scientists, they would have first tried out their social ideas on rats or monkeys. Instead, they experimented with human beings, which is anti-scientific.

  17. @Bohdan: I am not spreading propaganda. I am only criticizing that you ONLY take the negative sides of Russia and make it look worse than it actually is. Of course, democracy is lacking a bit in Russia, but every county has is its advantages and its downsides. Russia is not that bad as you describe it here, and even oh so bad Putin did some good things for his country. By the way, Sakashvili/Georgia isn’t much more democratic than Putin/Russia is, but you fail to report on that.

    I am not spreading vulgar propaganda rubbish, I just wanted to speak against biased coverage of Russia here.

    Greetings from Germany

  18. Here is another good example of Maskal Pootin policies on how to succeed in business.

    BP to sell its share in Siberian gas field
    Today at 20:09 | Associated Press
    MOSCOW — Oil company PB PLC plans to sell its share in a huge Siberian gas field to state-owned Rosneftegaz after years of official pressure, the co-owner of BP’s Russian joint venture told a Russian news agency Tuesday.

    Viktor Vekselberg told RIA-Novosti that TNK-BP will sell its share in the Kovykta field for up to $900 million, and the deal could be finalized by late 2010.

    “No emergent steps will be taken, so the general tension is over,” Vekselberg was quoted as saying.

    As the Kremlin launched a barrage of probes against TNK-BP in recent years, ranging from labor checks to tax claims, BP accused the Russian owners, including Vekselberg, of using corporate raider tactics to try and wrest control of the joint venture.


    No wonder that Ukraine has problems with gas transit. The EU and Rasha playing “Good Cop, Bad Cop”.

    Looks like the Nord Stream may not be built if this continues. If a company like BP is not respected, what about other investors?

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