March 22, 2010 — CONTENTS


(1)  EDITORIAL:  The Sochi Madness Must End Now!

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Russian kids Smoke themselves into the Grave

(3)  Toxic Russia, destroying itself and the World

(4)  Russia’s Sochi builders, Starving and living in Swill

(5)  Postcard from the State of Insanity

NOTE:  Today, a special issue devoted to the madness that is the proposed 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia

15 responses to “March 22, 2010 — CONTENTS

  1. UK troops will march in Red Square for the first time at a military parade, the British embassy in Moscow has said.

    • Bastards! How about Americans?

      • Americans and French too. I think the idea is that if you are very nice with Russian authorities, they will slowly change. Sort of “let’s treat them as europeans and maybe they will become closer to us”.

        I think this is mistake.

      • Saved Europe? Well, in a way raping murderers also save their victims from a possible rape murder at a later time.

        There were indeed more than 20m deaths in Russia in the war years between 1939 (when Russia began attacking Finland, Poland, Romania and the Baltic States) and 1945. However, most of the deaths were not caused by enemy armies but by NKVD and the Red Army.

        • Archi you should really do some research.

          i personally would really like to see a History books for schools in Russia. Anyone has some links or websites to that information?

        • Archie,

          That’s just not true. The people who died in concentration camps were primarily Jews and Roma/Gypsies. Slavs were treated as slaves. But the rest were labeled mostly as “Aryans” and were treated OK by the Nazis. In fact, many became Nazis themselves. Add on top of that that many countries – Hungary, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria – voluntarily chose pro-Nazi dictatorships, and some attacked USSR together with their “big German Nazi brothers”. Finland too chose to ally with Nazi Germany and thus avoided German occupation.

          • Well RTR, the Finns chose a loose alliance with Germany primarily because of the completely unprovoked Russian invasion of Finland during the 39-40 winter war.

          • “i personally would really like to see a History books for schools in Russia. Anyone has some links or websites to that information?”

            Russians learn about this war not only from the history books but also from their family histories, as in nearly every Russian family, there are victims of that war. Unfortunately, many western history books have a ridiculously wrong interpretation of that war. For example, the only right answer to the question who won the WWII in Canadian schools is “Canada”. I don’t know if this is the case in the US, but I guess so. Is this not ridiculous? Just compare the WWII MILITARY deaths (from Wikipedia, for brevity):

            Russia: 8,800,000 to 10,700,000;
            Germany: 5,533,000;
            Canada: 45,300;
            USA: 416,800.

            “The people who died in concentration camps were primarily Jews and Roma/Gypsies.”

            Totally wrong, as the “population” of concentration camps was international (there were even Germans there). Also, your claim sounds as not a very good news if you are Jew or Gypsy, or just if you have a Jewish grandmother.

            “Slavs were treated as slaves.” Come on, what about over 4 Mio civilian Poles killed by Nazi? That was a part of German plan to increase their “Lebensraum” (leaving space) by cleaning up most of Eastern Europe. It is a common trend nowadays to equalize the crimes of Stalin and and Hitler, but it is a very dangerous and wrong path. Fascism is much worse than stalinism.

            • Well AG, Russians fought stupid.

              One of the reasons for their massive casualties was things like NKVD barrage battalions, there to “encourage” soldiers to advance by the mantra “The Germans might kill you if you advance, but we will most certainly kill you if you don’t”

              Then there are the appallingly pathetic and simplistic tactics of the Red Army that were also a major contributor.

              Even at great “victories” like Stalingrad and Kursk, the Red Army suffered an average of 5 looses for every German (or German ally) killed.

              Sorry boyo, but Nazism and Communism were both foul doctrines, and mostly because of socialist BS.

              • “Well AG, Russians fought stupid.”

                They fought very well, thanks to Zhukov (not Stalin) — just look at German military victims count. It is really stupid by all means to deny obvious things (which can be easily found in internet), but this is a common feature of this blog full of hatred to all Russian to interpret all facts in one way.

                FYI, NKVD barrage battalions were only used to “encourage”, as you say, “shtrafnye roty”, if you know what it is. Any Russian WWII veteran would laugh hearing your stories, quite honestly.

                “Even at great “victories” like Stalingrad and Kursk, the Red Army suffered an average of 5 looses for every German (or German ally) killed.”

                Regarding the total victims from the Soviet side — they were 1.5 to 2 times more than from the German side (not 5 times as you claim) and it is clear why — Germans were much better equipped. According to,
                in the Stanlingrad battle, together with the losses of their Romanian and Italian allies, the German side lost about 300,000 soldiers. The Russians lost 500,000 soldiers and civilians. Where do you see 1:5 proportion that you claim.

                One advice: don’t watch Georgian TV.

                • No AG, the Russians fought stupid, one of the great fallacies from Stalingrad is that all German/Axis casualties in the theatre were counted (including those in a vast area around the city) while the Russians only counted losses in city itself.

                  In reality the Russians suffered over 1,100,000 casualties during the course of the overall operation.

                  The ratio was even worse at Kursk.

                  The Germans lost the following in the two stages:

                  Operation Zitadelle:
                  54,182 men
                  323 destroyed tanks and assault guns
                  159 aircraft
                  ~500 guns
                  Battle of Kursk:
                  170,000 men
                  720 tanks and assault guns
                  681 aircraft
                  Guns unknown

                  Total 234,182 men.

                  Meanwhile the Red Army lost:

                  Operation Zitadelle:
                  1,614 – 1,956 tanks and assault guns
                  >459 – 1,961 aircraft
                  3,929 guns
                  Battle of Kursk:
                  863,303 casualties
                  6,064 tanks and assault guns
                  1,626 – 4,209 aircraft
                  5,244 guns

                  Around 1,041,150 men

                  A ratio of 4.45 to 1 in favour of the Germans.

                  And remember this was a battle on ground of Zhukovs choosing, where he had had months to prepare.

                  The Red Army won as Russian armies always won, through sheer weight of numbers and unnecessary sacrifice.

        • Archi Gulag,

          You might remember that the glorious victory parade on Moscow’s Red Square had a sequal; after the ceremony all those heroes marched DIRECTLY to the gulags, praising and warshiping Stalin – most of them were slaughtered in the name of that barbaric idiocy called Russian/Soviet empire.

  2. Nice fresh book:

    Putin’s Oil investigates the complex world of Kremlin politics, including conspiracies and conspiracy theories, allegations that Roman Abramovitch plotted with Putin to destroy Khodorkovsky, suspicions of betrayal and double agents in the Kremlin and in Yukos, murder charges against Khodorkovsky’s partners, and the KGB defector who claims they were carried out by Kremlin agents. After the mysterious death in a helicopter crash of the Englishman who had taken over Yukos, the company’s war against the Kremlin is now being waged by a troika of mild mannered Britons, pursued by Interpol arrest warrants and Moscow’s fury.

  3. Hey La Rusophobe; try this news story, just came out.

    Hope the link works, if not, just skip over to it and do what you need to do to bring it up here. I’m not very computer saavy, sorry.

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