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5 responses to “CARTOON

  1. Yulia, don’t smoke! It makes skin worse. You have many chances in future to become president or be an excellent opposition leader. Smoking is bad for your health! Even if it’s Vogue, it won’t make you more european! You already are.

  2. Alex,

    Please relax. Yulia doesn’t smoke. What you see here is not a photograph of Yulia. I know it is hard for you to understand, but it’s cartoon, a drawing by a cartoonist.

    And this is not a cartoon about Yulia smoking. It is about her smoke rings looking like her braid. It’s a joke. Дівчина з косою. Relax.

    • Why do you mention the word “relax” so often? Are you relaxed because of Yanokuvich victory? I guess so because it makes you feel more comfortable with someone who was convicted two times for bulgary and rape as the head of the state. It makes you feel more like home, more like Russia…

      But it’s far from Russia yet, where you have serial killers as heads of state. Blowing up apartments blocks, killing your fellow citizens when they sleep, killing civilians in Kavkaz and Blagoveshensk. Ukrain will never “achieve” your level of banditism and corruption.

      • Alex,

        Your reaction to a cute cartoon depicting a pretty Ukrainian woman blowing smoke rings in the shape of her braids is highly hysterical, to put it mildly:

        rape…serial killers … Blowing up apartments blocks, killing… killing… banditism … corruption

  3. Hello from Ukraine !

    Boys ? calm down please, you are BOTH correct, as for me.

    The recent victory of Yanokuvich may not have been the best way forward for our country, time will say us, in any case though he has got convictions from past, this not a good image for Ukraine around the world.

    And the foto IS just a cartoon, and amusing.


    Rivne [Rovno] Ukraine.

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