March 1, 2010 — Contents


(1)   EDITORIAL:  The Putin Economy in Shambles

(2)  EDITORIAL:  United Russia, Party of Murderers

(3)  Kasparov calls Europe to Arms on Russia

(4)  “Innovation City” nothing but Potemkin Fraud


NOTE:  Video on the life of an African in Moscow.

NOTE:  Our next issue will be a special one, devoted to coverage of Russia’s shocking collapse at the Winter Olympiad in Vancouver.  Don’t miss it!

19 responses to “March 1, 2010 — Contents

  1. I’m sure it will. It will, I’m sure, skirt any actual civil discourse on democracy, civil society, civilization and other such values which LR holds so dear to its heart. (insert sigh by angst teenage girl) It will, I’m sure, fail to present any sort of coherent or supportable narrative and will instead attempt to cling to the superficial and the wishful at the expense of the useful and fruitful dialogue. But then, could it actually do anything else ?

    • Thanks for being so fair and reading our content before commenting! You’re really a model that we can emmulate, aren’t you? We’ll try to be much more like you in the future!

    • What a jerk you are Nikita, obviously a KGB plant to spread Putin’s disinformation. I’m sure you will. You will, I’m sure, skirt any actual civil discourse on ‘Putler’s’ so called democracy that grows out of a gun barrel, as in its reborn soviet gangster society, its subdued citizens and other KGB values that you hold so dear to your KGB mafia indoctrinated heartless soul. It will, I’m positively sure, miserably fail to present any intelligent or supportable propaganda and will doubtlessly attempt to cling to such unbelievable fantasies and wishes at the expense of truth and meaningful dialogue. But then what do you expect from a regime that cannot do anything else! LOL!

      • Bohdan,

        Yep, I’m sure I’m a KGB plant. Which kind, by the way ? Are you thinking a tabletop potted azalea, or maybe a nice dwarf palm ? Once in a while, my Ukranian friend, it may do you well to take off your pink-tinted glasses and actually look at the world as it is. Now that an idea, isn’t it ? Unfortunately, m’boy, just because you would like Russia to conform to whatever demented and skewed vision that you craft in your little mind does not mean that it will. See, I’m a reasonable man, and I’m willing to entertain a great range of ideas. However, I am entirely unwilling to entertain your fantasies about evil Kremlin neo-stalinists, subdued citizens, and KGB values. And you know why ? 1- because I actually LIVE in Russia, and 2- becuse I tend to believe in things when they are supported by evidence. Wow, isn’t that strange ? If that makes me a part of the indocrtrinated KGB mafia, then whooptee-doo, I can only be happy.

        P.S. The KGB doesn’t exist any more. You, my sheltered and small-minded friend, need to crawl out of the 20-year-old hole you’ve been sitting in and get with the program. Deal with the business of reality. Who knows, you mights actually come up with something insightful.

        Then again , that might be to much to hope for. If it makes you feel better, than you can just keep on reading editorials about maria Sharapova and other superficial materials on a blog that claims to pursue a lofty goal.

        • Spoken like the true KGB jerk that you are. Sure I know that the KGB does not exist in that name anymore, it only has had another name change – one of many – to the FSB. So, big deal! But deep inside these scum still call each other/themselves “Chekists” from when it was originally formed and these gangsters still use methods of operation that are still brutal, murderous and lying like the mafia that it in fact is!

          You baboons are great at changing the topic of any subject discussed, to take the heat of your terrible modus operandi, so tell me what has “maria Sharapova” got to do with this blog? And what about “and other superficial materials on a blog that claims to pursue a lofty goal.” Care to explain these “other superficial materials” rather then just waffling on as per your usual, or better still explaining what “on a blog that claims to pursue a lofty goal.” actually means in your narrow, warped and surrealist mind. When in fact they actually tear with truth the terrible ruSSia, that you so adore, apart!

          It would not surprise me in the least if you actually moonlighted as an OMON thug to earn extra cash to fund your exotic love for flowers, and et al. In the meantime you should actually attend many, many more English classes as your English is rudimentary, not to mention your terrible spelling.

          • Boghdan, my slippery Ukranian friend, you never cease to amaze me. You talk about how I am changing the topic, and yet, you seem not to realize that the references to Maria Sharapova and “other superficial materials” were an intergral part of the topic I was talking about when making my original post. If you had bothered to actually read what I had written, you may have discovered that the crux of my comment was that LR claims to pursue the lofty goal of providing a forum for the discussion of Russian democracy and civil society, but instead spends it’s time hyperventilating about Olympic competitions, the latest success or misfortune of Maria Sharapova, or $1,000 sports coats. (see here:

            I hope I have eulicidated for you the narrow, warped and surrealist of this blog, and the utter ludicrousness of your attempting to fight political battles on it. It fails miserably at pursing a lofty goal but doggedly continues saying that.

            By the way, you really are a connoisseur of fine arguments, my friend. Yoy are so utterly unable to challenge the content of my posting that you resort to attacking my spelling. Talk about CHANGING THE SUBJECT. If you don’t mind, I’d love you to cite examples of my rudimentary English or terrible spelling….if, indeed, said examples are present. Thank you for your advice about taking many more English classes, but see, I have rather alot of faith in my secondary schooling, which taught me how to speak and write English with proficiency, nay fluency, so if you don’t mind, I think I’ll pass.

            • It is you of all people that does not stick to the topic of this single blog, you lying moron. Besides it’s a fact of life that the truth always hurt, especially people of your nature.

              You should ask for a refund of your school fees as the teacher earned his money under false pretenses – and as I am not your teacher, I do not intend to show you where you made your mistakes, find and correct them yourself – a good start would be looking up each word in a reputable dictionary, or if you cannot bother, go and crawl back to the hole you originated from. Besides your latest comment again has several spelling errors, so its definitely back to primary school for you chum.

              Besides ruSSian KGB stooge boy, you should wipe the froth of your mouth, it makes you look raving mad – if I may say so – very unprofessional, though natural for you.

              Tell me, and I quote you “I think I’ll pass.” What are you really trying to convey with those words? ‘I’ll pass’, pass what? Not wind I hope? Yuk, how uncultured.

  2. i beg you pardon, but the video is junk trash. the immigrant’s poor life – ghana or whatever else – is common reality for any country in this world. as well as racial attacks.

    • We beg your pardon, but you’re a lying bastard. Russia has a FAR higher incidence of murdering and terrorizing dark-skinned foreigners than any other industrial nation in the world.

    • Good point, fish. I have yet to see the place in Europe where an immigrant from Africa or elsewhere in the “global South” lives in boundless luxury. LR loves to talk about hoe hard immigrants have it in Russia and how that is evidence of barbaric apehood, yet does not mention the dirty and run down tenements, poor living conditions, and substandard jobs of immigrants in Paris, London, Berlin, or any of the other paragons of civilization.

  3. Non-Combat Deaths Plague Russian Army

    The Defense Ministry estimated that on average, up to 500 recruits die from non-combat-related causes every year in Russia.

    But human rights groups contest official statistics and claim the actual number is at least twice as high. Worse still, human rights groups insist hazing cases are often reported as accidental deaths.

    The St. Petersburg Soldiers’ Mothers human rights organization said recruits are driven to suicide by hazing, violence and physical abuse. Some of the letters kept at the organization’s headquarters were written by recruits who later committed suicide.

    These letters are sometimes brought to the pressure group by desperate parents wishing to sue the military authorities.

    “Every month, deserters and their relatives flock to us with absolutely chilling stories of torture, forced prostitution and slave labor,” said Ella Polyakova, head of Soldiers’ Mothers.

    Investigations into suicides and alleged abuses typically lead nowhere.

    • “But human rights groups contest official statistics and claim the actual number is at least twice as high.”

      One of the most important points that can be made about Russia. The Kremlins is ruled by the professional liars at the KGB, and they simpy would not report the full extent of their failure. Hence, their stats are nothing but the tip of the rotten Russian iceberg.

  4. Well Nikita it looks like Bohdan has “rattled your cage” enough for you expose yourself as the lying “rat” I always thought you were.

    Nikita you entered this forum telling us that you were a 17 year old girl, you have spun a “cock and bull” tale, first you explained that you were in your final year in college and gave us details of your parents work, you stated that you moved to the US when you were young, lived there for 5 years, but your parents moved back as they felt the future was bright in Russia. Well let’s expose you for the lying troll you really are.

    The first post you made on this thread you wrote to La-Russophobe… (insert sigh by angst teenage girl)…,So nothing appears wrong there, but on a later post to Bohdan you posted… See, I’m a reasonable man,

    So Nikita what are you an angst teenaged girl or a reasonable man, I always knew you were a fake, you use language that teenaged girls just don’t use for example you said to Bohdan..M’boy.. now that’s the kind of expression an old man uses I’m in my forties and I would not use this expression as it would make me appear older than my years.

    It is obvious to me you are an old “fart” sitting in some poky office in Moscow spreading disinformation, Maybe you are a bit of a “perv” who likes to dress up in a school girls uniform and that’s why you tried to portray yourself as a teenage girl, what ever sort of low life you are doesn’t matter you have tripped over your lying tongue.

    If you can’t be honest about yourself how can anyone trust or take seriously anything you have ever posted on this blog. I suggest you crawl back under your stone and leave us honest folk in peace.

    No doubt after a tongue lashing from your paymasters you will return under another alias,

    • Good stuff, R John,

      You again display your shocking inability to read or interpret written material, which in and of itself is not particularly surprising, but which is horrfying when percieved in context with your continued insistence on commenting about democracy and other such platitudes that you clearly know nothing about. If you had bothered to read what I had written in the original post adressed to LR, you would have seen that the angsty teenage girl comment was juxtaposed with the reference to LR’s faux concern about democracy, civil rights, and other such values, and intended to satirize the hilarity of LR attempting to editorialize about issues if international significance while hyperventilating about maria Sharapova, LIKE A TEENAGE GIRL. I hope I made that clear for you.
      As for me using the phrase “reasonable man,” I am now an 18-year old in my first year of college. What did you expect I would call myself ? A prepubescent infant ?
      As for using expressions like m’boy. See here, I do a lot or reading. I enjoy contemporary French and Spanish literature, but I am also quite partial to the occasional english language book. It so happens that the expression m’boy is often used by old and graying father figure types, who have seen some of the world and can teach the ignorant and sheltered a thing or two.
      Those sort of characters appeal to me. And as long as I am addressing an ignorant loon who accuses me of collusion with the KGB, there’s no harm in using that literary device, is there ?

      I hope I cleared up the difficulties you were having with interpreting the text I had written. Sorry if it’s a little bit above you, but I don’t intend to dumb myself down just for your sake.

      • As an 18 year old, you really are too ignorant of reality to have an opinion on any matter child.

        Unlike most of those who post here, you have no knowledge or experience of the evil that Russia has done historically, and currently.

        You are in short, a spoiled little brat.

        Not to mention gender confused….

  5. So Nitita you realy are an 18 year old little snot whos father works as an anesthesiologist at the Sklifosovsky Medical Center,Sorry for my error.

  6. Andrew again your comments are bang-on, this Nikita comes across as a little “dick head”, this 18 year old twerp has no life experience yet has the audacity too post its Nasi inspired propaganda,
    The little “snot” who lives at home with mummy and daddy and has never ventured out on its own into the real world, wait until he or she has to find employment and finds the degree it clutches in its sweaty hand counts for nothing as lesser qualified people get the job because they have the right “connections”,
    It’s easy to be a rabid nationalist when mummy and daddy are paying all the bills

  7. R John and Andrew, Gentlemen! Thank you for your support.

    Your honest, factual, spot on and excellent comments about our mutual ‘fiend’ (the letter ‘r’ has been omitted on purpose) will hit a raw nerve and again send him berserk.

    The old saying that “a little knowledge is dangerous” fits this grossly immature ” Richard Cranium” i.e. “dick head” down to a “T”! I just cannot wait until he goes for his first job interview, boy will that be a rude shock or in other words ‘kick in the guts’ for him. But he will richly deserve it.

    Anyway guys keep up your excellent work! I certainly read and enjoy all of your comments!

    Without sounding too moralistic, I would like to add that I am a firm believer in the old saying that “all that it needs for evil to succeed, is that good men do nothing”. Hence I find it inexcusable when brainless maggots overlook the crimes of Stalin, or for that matter his great admirer that murdering gangster Putin.

  8. Bohdan you are very welcome, this young twit posts garbage, he/she thinks its very clever, using flowery effeminate language to say what amounts to nothing of substance. He/she probably sees itself as a modern day “Oscar wilde” when really all its does is “sniff its own rear end”.

    Keep up the good work my friend.

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