EDITORIAL: United Russia, Party of Murderers


United Russia, Party of Murderers

In our last issue, we publicized a horrific motor vehicle assault, captured on YouTube, in which a Russian driver in the city of Irkutsk mowed down two defenseless pedestrians and then ignored their plight, worrying only about placing a phone call and inspecting her car for damage.  No other drivers stopped their cars to help, and pedestrians also ignored the victims.  Yelena Pyatakova, 34, died later in hospital while her 27-year-old sister, Yulia, suffered serious injuries.  No action was taken by the police agains the driver.  It was Russian barbarism laid bare, and we did not dare imagine it could get worse.

But worse it did get.

It soon became apparent that the driver, 28-year-old Anna Shavenkova, was a high-ranking official in the Kremlin’s party of power, United Russia, and her mother was Irkutsk region’s election committee chairman.  Suddenly, the reason that the driver was not being prosecuted began to look more like political patronage than mere Russian incompetence.  A lawyer for the family stated that there were serious flaws in the police investigation of the incident, such that much evidence had gone missing:  ”It’s worrying that not only has the investigator allowed illegal actions or simple inaction regarding this case, but a large number of serious mistakes have been made which could be accidental or could be deliberate.”

Massive Internet pressure appears to have forced the local authorities to begin at least a nominal investigation, but there is no telling where it will lead.  From all appearances, Shavenkova’s phone call at the scene was made to powerful friends in United Russia, friends who then immediately short-circuited the police investigation.

But just because there’s an investigation doesn’t mean anything serious will happen to Shavenkova, and it certainly doesn’t mean that anything fundamental will change in Russia.  Russians won’t start stopping when they see a fellow Russian in trouble. They’ll go on with their furious hostility towards foreigners even as they abuse themselves far worse than any foreigner ever could. They’ll go on destroying themselves with such misconduct until, once again, their nation collapses.

Maybe the next time will be the last time.

6 responses to “EDITORIAL: United Russia, Party of Murderers


    This is what happens – some people are more equal than others.

    Everything is for the state, and the state owns everything.

    People are not important – the state is important.

    People who run the state are more important than people.

    There are no “fellow Russians.”

    There are only HOMO SOVIETICUS – twisted, schizoid, amoral animals.

    The state is everything. The “power vertical” is everything.

    People are nothing. Cars are more important than people, especially if they belong to BITCH Daughters of IMPORTANT PEOPLE. BITCH Daughters of IMPORTANT PEOPLE who drive cars are more important than people.

    Stalin is more important than people.

    Putler is more important than people.

    The state has all rights.

    People who run the state have all rights.

    People have no rights.

    People are not important.

  2. well,one would hope so;but no such chance i’m afraid. while almost everyone is currently falling over themselves to be on good terms with that vampire in the kremlin (yes,obama too,shame-fully), the killings continue unabated. starting with that “little incident” of the blown-up apartment blocks couple of years back,which brought the vampire to power,the list of atrocities grows by the day. i said at the time that the whole thing reminded me of the burning down of the german “reichstag” by the nazis,that the vampire had organised it etc.,but few people listened. ah, (un-)well,people like to believe lies,as we all know from history. or do we?denying the holocaust,stalins criminality and so forth sells high again on the highstreet-“don’t confuse me with the facts!!!” is the logo of the day. instead,as quite rightly pointed out,”we”(because,let’s face it the same is currently splattered about in other parts of europe)blame every wrong on the “foreigners” and let ourselves be lulled into the VERY SAME false sense of unrighteous indignation as was the case in the 1920’s and 30’s. soon,it will be too late(unless a miracle happens),and don’t hope for an easy way out.we sit back and ignore this at our peril-hoping the vampire will start playing nice is a DELUSION. he wants power,more power -and then more power still.”history will teach us nothing”-sting got that one right,for sure. i am still horified when talking to people,who often appear to think the vampire is “good for russia!”. after all, he gives russians their “national pride” back,goes the argument. well, as the good book says”pride comes before the fall!”(if one could only get the vampires neck broken-hhm,and then proceed with the whole spike,burying and cementing over the gravesite thingy…).anyway,keep up the good work,i only came across this website today,via an article about khodorkovsky’s trial . so,everybody out there,don’t say you haven’t been warned,the “signs are written on the subway walls”(and anywhere else,for that matter!!!)

  3. Considering how much police get away with in the USA, you make it look like Russia in unique in this matter. American Politicians get away with the exact same crap. While there is no question it is easier to accomplish in Russia, a few thousand dollars goes a long way, America suffers from the exact same affliction.

    Protect your own.

    • Are blind or just stupid? No one helped. This is criminal. There is a thing called a Good Samaritan. Look it up.

      You also out to be concerned that it took the ambulance 15 minutes to arrive on the scene. That time gap may have caused that woman her life. What if you were in a similar situation?

      This is not so much a Russian problem as it is a societal problem created by a Big State Government which assumes responsibility over everything. The citizen no longer takes responsibility for himself or anyone else. As you can see the result is an apathetic attitude towards such tragedies. That is why in a free society such a response to a tragedy would almost never happen.

  4. I suggest that everybody here ignore any attempts of Sovki to redirect away from this blog’s purpose – to discuss Russia and its problems – by using the age-old “and you lynch the blacks” trick.


    • Yes Kaktus, ‘Zhann’ has problems, real problems in differentiating between government sponsored gangsterism operating in his beloved ‘ruSSia’; and American politicians who are answerable to criminal charges should they transgress.

      Yes, the Sovki excel at using the age-old “and you lynch the blacks” trick. While they themselves out do all other nations at beating, stabbing or shooting blacks, because they – in their sick mentality – are “chorna zhopa”.

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