On the back of the uniform is the word: "POLICE."

Source:  Ellustrator.

18 responses to “CARTOON

  1. It’s this “werewolves in uniform” thing.

    One Russian interior minister once admitted that some of his men are in fact corrupt – “werewolves” – and now he’s SO going to fire them. (I guess with silver bullets)

  2. This is a strange cartoon, and one which seems to have a subtle meaning. My first take on it, and I may be all wet, is this:
    The ‘miletsia’ (police) officer, is so hungry himself, that he is trying to figure out, some way, to reach that, green Moon (made of green cheeze, or so the ancient beliefs stated), so he can eat it. He imagines himself, jumping up to it.
    I think it refers to the fact that so many of the military and police, are not getting their pay on time or at all, the cost of living including food prices are so high, that….many such employees of Putin, are starving and getting more desperate, etc. WATCH OUT PUTIN! -when your armed protectors abandon you. You had better start paying/feeding them, OR ELSE!
    But, this may be a wrong take. At any rate, the author of this, wishes to be subtle, not overly direct, probably for his own welfare.

    • It’s a little more simple. He’s a wolf howling at the moon.

    • It’s just this “werevolves in uniform” thing (aka “werewolves in/with epaulettes”).

      It was coined in 2003 by then Interior Minister Gryzlov to convince people only some cops are bad cops and now he’s going to totally rid of them.

  3. He should be cocking his leg too, urinating on the constitution…

    I’ve dealt with these animals before a few times. They are utter scum.

    • Wal,

      Are you a Russian?

      • I’m as Russian as patriarch Kirill’s watch.

        • Well, if you are Swiss, then how come you say that you “’have dealt” with the Russian police “before a few times”? Were you attacked a few times by Russian-speaking policemen in Switzerland?

          • Artie, you communist jerk, your mentality and powers of deduction are just unreal. If the ruSSian mafia regime has to scrape the bottom of the barrel to get the likes of you to represent their brand of communistic propaganda than their demise is not far from occurring. They are headed the way of the dodo for sure, for sure!

            • Bohdan,

              You are a very perceptive, polite and mentally balanced man; a man of great integrity and brilliant intelligence.

              And I deeply appreciate your calling me a “communist”. This is quite witty and funny.

              Keep it up. The more witty, polite and reasoned you are – the more people will respect your views.

              • Gee Artie, you communist jerk, so now you speak for “more people”? How interesting you, of all people, talking for other people, my, my what a megalomaniac you are; or is it all the numerous voices inside your mind talking to you simultaneously, which will help to explain your confused state of mind.

                PS And by the way calling someone a communist is not “quite witty and funny” it is quite offensive and insulting as the communists and their murderous, lying and enslaving regimes murdered their citizens in their millions. One only has look to at the Soviet communists – in their tens of millions, the Sino communists – again in their tens of millions and the Cambodian Khmer Rouge in their millions, not to mention numerous others that paled in comparison to the above three.

                And you “deeply appreciate your calling me a “communist”.” Any sane and normal citizen would be ashamed and offended to be lumped or compared with these oppressive, stealing, lying and murdering regimes.

                Now that’s a worry, you wasted space. Keep on trucking, comrade!

                Take a break chum,

  4. Might be something a bit more subtle. Could the policeman in the cartoon represent Alexei Dymovsky, the Russian policeman who attempted to expose the level of corruption and was summarily dismissed and charged with a crime.

    In other words, he is barking at the moon if he thinks any real reform will occur within the ranks of the Russian police.

    • Robert and LR are correct here: It’s the “werewolves in uniform” thing. What’s so hard to understand?

      • What’s so hard to understand is why Russian police would be werewolves rather than defenders of the law and why Russian people would allow them to be more corrupt and dangerous than the criminal class. Perhaps you could explain?

        • The driving force behind police corruption is money.

          • That’s a brilliant observation that the driving force behind corruption is money, nobody here has realized that, but thanks to you we now know. Now, do you care explain why the Swedish or Dutch police is honest and the Russian police is corrupt. I guess they don’t need any money in Sweden or Holland

  5. Arthur,

    Just to help you understand…

    I am as Russian as Kirill’s watch.

    You are as smart as his hat.


    I am not Russian.

    You are not smart.

    Enjoy America you vacuous piece of human excrement.

    • Thank you, Wal, for swearing and thus proving again that you are scumbag.

      And too bad you are so dumb that you couldn’t even understand my simple joke about Kirill’s watch being Swiss.

      I know that you are not a Russian. Thus, when you complained about the police: “I’ve dealt with these animals before a few times. They are utter scum.” – you were talking not about the Russian police but the police in your own country. Last night our TV network ABC showed a segment on how the police are trying to keep child molesters away from children and how these molesters swear at the police.

      Is this the reason why you are so upset at the police – “I’ve dealt with these animals before a few times. They are utter scum.”? Are they preventing you from molesting children?

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