EDITORIAL: Russia is a Nation of Barbarians


Russia is a Nation of Barbarians

In our comments section below, a YouTube video is displayed.  Take care before you view it, it isn’t for the squeamish.

In it, a Russian driver in the city of Irkutsk plows into a group of pedestrians, seriously injuring them.

The driver’s airbags deploy and the driver is uninjured, while the car is heavily damaged.

The driver gets out of the car . . . and the only thing she’s interested in doing is checking out the damage to her precious vehicle.

No other drivers stop to help.

Pedestrians walk right by.  None of them stop to help either.

No criminal charges were filed against the driver.

Russia is a nation of barbarians.

9 responses to “EDITORIAL: Russia is a Nation of Barbarians

  1. Nobody bothers to check the victims, how Russian of them.

  2. Ouch! Incredible…

  3. She drove with high speed, she knocked down two sisters one of whom died, another became disabled, and yes, the person she called first was probably her mum who was a leader of the election commission of the oblast’ (district) of Irkutsk (a trusted member of Putin’s party or so), that’s why rumors got spread that she’s not gonna get punished and go to the court as an “eyewittness” to tell some fishy wrong story instead of the real one.

  4. http://www.grani.ru/Events/m.175148.html

    [the link to an article in Russian]

  5. Probably got her driving license with bribes too.

  6. I can actually understand/imagine, why nobody stopped to see or help. People may fear one another in Russia. They don’t usually involve themselves into troubles of other people they don’t know anymore (they did much more often in Soviet times), because they expect a bad outcome much more than a good outcome. They don’t expect that they’ll actually succeed to help someone, but that they’ll be harmed (for getting involved) by some malicious person themselves.
    I guess, somebody called police and ambulance, but without approaching the scene of the events.

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  8. Miksei sivu löyty enää?

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